Is Plexus safe? Is it worth your money and will it help you lose weight? Find out below in an unbiased review of Plexus!

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An unbiased review of Plexus 

Back when I wrote this original review, Plexus was using incredibly dangerous stimulants linked to serious side effects. And while they still sort of are, the ingredient list has admittedly improved a bit. 

Don’t get me wrong – I still do not support or recommend these products. But I am at least thankful that the company has cleaned up the ingredient list. 

What concerns me about products like Plexus is how far we have come from real, natural food. We don’t eat whole foods anymore, and now we turn to supplements with sketchy ingredients designed to squash our hunger signals? This is not health. This is not sustainable. 

First off, what is Plexus all about? 

So what is Plexus? Plexus sells weight loss supplements manufactured by the network marketing company Plexus Worldwide Inc.

Guys, it is just another MLM (like Herbalife, ItWorks!, Arbonne, etc.) who markets supplements as the key to overall fitness, beauty and wellness.

Especially popular, Plexus Slim ( the so-called pink drink), a product for those who think that some powder/shake/magif pill will help them lose weight.

It is clearly targeted at people who frustrated with their (probably unsustainable) diet program, on the lookout for an “easy fix”.

Let’s look at the ingredients used in Plexus products: 

Green Coffee Bean Extract

While Green Coffee Bean Extract (GCBE) is not inherently unhealthy, it is not something anyone should be taking regularly or long-term. This is not how to effectively, safely lose weight. It’s essentially diet pills.

Side effects of GCFBE include:

  • Anxiety
  • Headache
  • Heart palpitations
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Increased heart rate
  • Upset stomach or worsened irritable bowel syndrome

Garcinia Cambogia

GC is said to block fat and decrease appetite. Let me make something very clear: hunger is normal. In fact, hunger is GOOD. Hunger is the body’s way of signaling to the brain that it needs more nutrients. When we block this pathway, we are setting ourselves up for nutrient deficiencies, gut issues, hormone imbalances, a weakened immune system and so much more.

In fact, garcinia cambogia contains hydroxycitric acid, an ingredients banned by the FDA in 2009 for causing liver failure. In 2017 the FDA warned the public to stop using a popular product containing garcinia cambogia due to it causing liver complications.

Garcinia cambogia, even without obvious side effects like liver failure, may still cause negative effects on the body and liver in particular, such as elevated liver enzymes.

Garcinia cambogia is not recommended for anyone with liver issues, pregnant, breastfeeding, on certain pain or psychiatric medications.

Natural Flavors

I take issue with anything listed as “natural flavors.” Because chances are, it’s not all that natural. Hell, even monosodium glutamate (MSG) can be masquerading as a natural flavor. The labeling is loosely regulated. In Food Rules: A Doctor’s Guide To Healthy Eating, Dr. Shanahan discusses a study in which 95% of ingredients listed as “natural flavor” contained MSG.

As for “natural” flavor, it could even be secretions from a beaver’s butt. Beavers secrete castoreum, which smells and tastes remarkably similar to vanilla.

Castoreum is a chemical compound that mostly comes from a beaver’s castor sacs, which are located between the pelvis and the base of the tail. Because of its close proximity to the anal glands, castoreum is often a combination of castor gland secretions, anal gland secretions, and urine…Still concerned you’re chowing down on beaver-bum goop? Because of its FDA label, in some cases, manufacturers don’t have to list castoreum on the ingredient list and may instead refer to it as “natural flavoring.” Yum. Source

I’m not saying Plexus definitely uses beaver butt, but without transparency in labeling…there’s really no way to know.

Whey protein that is not organic or grass-fed

So what’s the problem with whey that isn’t organic or grass-fed?

For starters – it’s not healthy. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of whey protein. You can check out the protein shake I make using it here. The majority of whey protein (and I’m assuming what Plexus uses in their products) comes from concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs).

 These animals are not on pasture, eating grass as they were meant to. Cows are meant to eat grass, the bovine consumption of corn and soy – which are two of the highest genetically modified crops – causes infections in the cow and raises the omega-6 content while lowering the omega-3 content (making the whey much more inflammatory).

In fact, this study demonstrated how organic dairy contains 62% more omega-3s and 25% less omega-6 fatty acids than inorganic dairy. Vitamins, particularly A, E, D, and K are also higher in grass-fed dairy.

I’m actually almost impressed by what an absolute rip-off the whey and collagen protein are. They whey costs $35 for 14 servings and only contains 15 grams of protein! That is INSANE.

Let’s break down why this is so absolutely ridiculous.

First, they whey used in Plexus products is not even grass-fed or organic, meaning it’s the bottom of the barrel, cheap stuff. This whey costs the company next to nothing, yet they charge top dollar for it. It is not high quality whey, but you’re definitely pay high quality prices.

Second, there is only 15 grams of protein per serving. It should, at the very least, be 20 grams to make this an adequate serving of protein. Closer to 25g for women and 30g for men.

So not only are you paying top dollar for cheap protein, you’re not even getting an adequate amount of protein!

Plexus MegaX Review

I wanted to touch on the Plexus omega-3 supplement because I’ve done a lot of research on omega-3s and I would never waste my money on this product for one big reason: plant based omega-3s are not nearly as healthy, effective or useful as animal-based omega-3s.

This is because plant based omega-3s are in the form of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), not docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) or eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA).

ALA converts very poorly to EPA and DHA; you can read more about that here and here.

ALA does not provide the anti-inflammatory, cardiovascular or brain benefits that EPA and DHA do. You’re better off using the fish oil I recommend. Using an ALA based omega-3 is basically a huge waste of money.

Let’s sum up this Plexus review: 

Whatever happened to eating real food? Have we become so lackadaisical and disconnected as a society that we constantly search for quick fixes – even at the cost of health?

I understand the need and desire to lose weight, but it is not worth the cost of your health. It is not worth filling your body with dangerous stimulants and appetite suppressants. It’s not worth drinking mystery whey. Know what you’re eating and where it comes from.

There’s a simpler and cheaper way to lose weight: eat real food. Eat unprocessed, whole, organic foods. Wouldn’t it be nice to not just eat healthy food, but enjoy it? It’s possible and it’s the healthiest thing you can do for your body. But this, these products, this is not healthy.

Got a comment on this plexus review? 

  • If you’d like me to review a product, directly link to the product’s ingredient list. I will delete your comment without this piece.
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  • If you disagree with my review, awesome. I love a good debate. But I don’t it when people insult me because they have no better argument against me.
  • Intelligent, thought-provoking comments good. Insulting, rude, idiotic comments bad.
  • Be respectful of one another.
  • Use critical thinking skills.

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Are Plexus products safe?

Most are not. Many contain Green Coffee Bean Extract and Garcinia Cambogia, which has been linked to liver issues.

Do Plexus products help you lose weight?

Many Plexus products contain Green Coffee Bean Extract and Garcinia Cambogia which are essentially the ingredients in diet pills. They both have been linked to serious health complications.

Is Plexus good for gut health?

No. The Plexus products are extremely expensive for what they are and while the gut health products aren’t terrible, there are several better options that are more affordable.

Are Plexus products gluten-free?

Some are, some are not. The collagen protein contains wheat yet says it’s gluten-free. As a person with celiac disease, this is not something recommended for celiac sufferers or those with gluten intolerance.

Can Plexus products cause liver issues?

Yes, ingredients in Plexus products have been linked to hepatoxicity, liver failure and elevated liver enzymes.

Is Plexus safe? Is it worth your money and will it help you lose weight? Find out in this honest Plexus review which covers its most popular products and their ingredients! #review #pinkdrink #plexus #weightloss #fitness

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  1. I haven’t heard of Plexus, but I have a ton of people on my Facebook feed who sell “It Works”…you know, “that crazy wrap thing”. I am always astounded that as soon as people join up to be distributors for these companies, they use the same words/phrases about the results to appeal to the masses. It makes me laugh, because some people on my feed have barely used the products enough to truly know how the affect them over time. How do I know? They announce they’ve just signed up as a “distributor” and are on the road to “financial freedom”. I just don’t get it. I would be so curious to see how these programs last over the long term. It truly seems to be a bandwagon a whole lot of people are jumping on to blindly.

    Honestly, I’ve thought about trying the advocare, it works, isagenix products at some point because it seems to good to be true. My deciding factor, besides that it is a complete science experiment with your body (IMO), is that we do NOT know long term effects of any of these products. If I don’t know what it is going to do to my body over time, NO THANK YOU.

    • To the reviewer:

      My daughter has struggled with digestive issues specifically fistula For over 3 years and finally found relief with these products after trying many things including surgery.

      Your review of the products which you have probably never tried is biased and opinionated and my company does millions of dollars a year in business in another company.

      I suggest you try the products first then give pros& cons before coming across as some expert. Anyone can find negative research about ingredients then destroy the efficacy of a product that may have those ingredients.

      Your review is terrible and nasty especially referring to the beaver. Let’s be more unbiased as you claim to be.

      • dani Reply

        It’s not nasty, it’s science. You are having an emotional response because you are emotionally invested in the products, not because of me.

    • Hi! A friend of my daughter has tried getting me to try Plexus and I just happened to stumble on your review. My question is this though. Do you have a recipe/product you WOULD suggest for a vegan? I have anaphylaxis allergy to red meats, dairy, whey… actually all derivatives from an animal on a hoof…it’s called Alpha-gal Allergy and it is the result of a tick bite. We actually raise grass fed beef but since contracting this allergy, my diet has changed drastically and I am looking for a way to help my digestive system. I’ve had multiple spine surgeries so am unable to get a good workout, and yet I need to keep my weight down for my joints.

  2. Kurt Smith Reply

    Thank you for your observations and insight. My ex-wife is a Plexus ambassador and driving me nuts. Claiming Plexus products can fix; brain injury, my blood sugars related to my accident destroyed pancreas, MS for God’s sake. I wish you would review all Plexus products and expose them for the incredibly overpriced scam that they are. Thanks again.

      • 4 stars
        Have you reviewed their gut health products at all? I haven’t had anyone recommend their diet products, but I have had someone recommend their gut health products and I’m wondering whether it’s worth the money.

        • 4 stars
          This is what I was hoping to find too. The Gut Health products from PLEXUS.

        • I’ve been taking their Vitalbiome but doesn’t seem to have helped all that much. It’s supposed to help with anxiety. My stress is bad and this hasn’t seemed to have done much. Was thinking about trying other products but now not so sure.

    • Thanks for the review,
      I knew not that much about the product line and was really inspired by a friend that is loving it….
      I have been studying health and healing for over 25-years and so have seen these systems and MLM’s come and go.
      Seeing that much of the time it’s all about weight loss and money making as a result….. most Americans always thinking they “need to loose weight” when most of them are actually totally undernourished
      (which is an individualistic reality from body to body and not that easy to :”figure out”)
      it is a challenging when people just want to feel better.
      The deeper health reality in any human body takes time and real understanding to realize.
      More often than not the placebo effect in products like this is HUGE! Add to that a bunch of stimulants and there you go, your feeling better while your adrenals are being fatigued even more deeply.
      ….So I agree that the low quality whey isolates and the GMO-Reality is a big deal and can generally be found in many of these products in this design-realm.
      Ultimately systems like this, while giving short term results do possible long-term damage.
      Thanks again for being on of the true supporters of Health and Well being in the world of being a human in the planet.

    • Good read! Found this information while discussing kids being labeled and medicated… A mom mentioned this so I sought to find out what it is..

  3. I think it seems that people who cannot spell or pronounce many of the ingredients, this should be a red flag from the “All Natural” ingredients that it claims. Shame on the FDA to allow such a product on the market. But I do suppose that they allow fruity candies and gummy candies on the market and say they are healthy also. Thank you for your post. I appreciate your honesty and candor.

      • 1 star
        Multiple issues with this review. First, the sensationalized part about beavers. The products obviously are in no way related to beavers’ anything but it is implied in your persuasive writing. Yes hunger is a natural feeling but many people for various reasons, including sensory processing issues, feel hunger too often. A drink with prebiotic fiber and other supportive ingredients can be beneficial in preventing overeating. There is a serious obesity problem and I’m sure you are aware of the related health problems. The folic acid in the products is methylated. There are no artificial dyes. Plexus is not FDA approved because the FDA does not approve vitamins/supplements. I have personally benefited from the products in a number of ways.

    • The FDA doesn’t review this stuff…..supplements AND vitamins alike are NOT subject to the rigorous and drawn out phases of research that medications/devices are.
      (From someone in clinical research for 10 years)

      • dianne iorio Reply

        I’m curious and could not not ask you how the FDA approved Sweet n Low, Spenda, etc?

      • Cathy O'Connor Reply

        I was put on a benzodiazapine 20 years ago. All benzos are approved by the FDA. It is a class of extremely addictive drugs that should never be casually prescribed by a Dr. for more than a week or two. The FDA also thinks mercury amalgam dental fillings are safe. My dentist’s dental group has stopped using mercury and is safely removing mercury from the teeth of its patients. Everything the FDA approves is not necessarily safe. You might possibly know this if you are in research.

    • Kana Overman Reply

      Can you offer suggestion for the best Omega 3 supplement? Trying desperately to help my 16 year old autistic granddaughter.
      Thank you in advance.

  4. Just wanted to add that citric acid as an added ingredient is never from citrus (that I’ve ever found). It’s made from corn or beets which are GMO unless otherwise stated.

    • The FDA is hardly the place where you want to place your trust. How many products and pharmaceuticals have they approved as safe only to find out later the products are deadly and were known to be deadly. As a Graduate of Bastyr University, I urge you to consider the amount of political lobbying done by mega million and billion dollar pharmaceutical companies that allow their drugs to be dispersed into the medical marketplace. Often natural products are not accepted by the FDA to undergo “research.”

  5. Andrea Ratkovic Reply

    I love the “all-natural” argument and those idiots who compare companies who AREN’T multi-level marketing companies to those who are by saying, effectively, that the CEO and upper management are “recruiting” you to make money. LMAO! I feel sorry for those who use this spiel b/c they clearly don’t understand what sets an MLM apart from a corporation or any other form of business; they are all different which is why they are called different names. Duh!
    Anyway, oleander leaves are all-natural too…you’re not going to catch me making a tea out of them.

      • 5 stars
        I know this post is 5 years old but plexus is still incredibly popular and I’m really just wondering about the probiotics. Possible to do an updated review?

  6. Are you saying Folate will provide the B vitamin and B12 is not needed?

  7. Piikea McVey Reply

    Have you reviewed the other two main products they use? ProBio5 and BioCleanse? They say to support gut health and oxygenate the body. I know most take those two and the slim before trying anything else.

    • I am currently using plexus slim package- I’m not seeing a difference and it’s been two months. They say it takes time and consistency. Well lately for the past three weeks I’ve been getting horrible headaches and migraines and nausea!! And in the past few days—add on nerve spasms, faster breathing so I’m sure my heart rate is up…and I have liver disease!! I did not know this stuff was bad for liver! Omg!! I spent $140 this month and last. Wow. With how I’m feeling now which is like absolute crap-and not wanting me to have liver failure I’m quitting!

  8. Quick question: I know you said supplementing with folic acid is bad. How about methylfolate? plus all the methyl-variaties of folate. I can’t remember their specific names, but I thought the methylated versions were ok, at appropriate doses.

  9. Kerry Trumble Reply

    thank you, thank you! for this review…..i have bounced back and forth between “should i or shouldn’t i”……i am 57 and really seeking and desiring more products that are organic and non-gmo……i was leary of plexus from the get-go but more and more of my own friends are claiming the goodness of plexus and i was perPLEXed……thank you for clearing it up in my mind to NOT pursue this product……

    • Exactly my delemia, pressure to join, and be cured and rich, who could pass that up? Old saying, if it sounds to good, etc. Thank you

    • dianne iorio Reply

      I’m a little late in responding but my Isotonix is non-gmo, organic and isotonic delivery. My daughter
      was healed of advanced adrenal fatigue as per her doctor. Email me if you ever see this message. This
      product has changed my family’s life.

    • That’s why I’m googling this right now (and found this article ;).) I’ve seen so many people claiming that plexus has changed their life, healed their gut, etc. As a GAPS intro, multiple time drop out, the idea of gut health is incredibly important to me. However, the ease of taking a pill to ‘scrub my gut’ really seems all too gimmicky to me. And I cannot express how obnoxious mlm sellers are. Glad I found this article.

    • the statements made here are unfounded, as new evidence shows this >> However, studies looking at groups of people over time have found that people who take folic acid supplements do not have a higher risk of developing cancer, including colon cancer. On the positive side, they may have a reduced risk of a specific type of skin cancer, melanoma.

  10. I know several folks who are taking this and others who sell it. One person had his cholesterol cut in half, others have given up allergy meds. Lots have lost weight. It is very confusing when you hear these results from people who are using it and then hear this bad report on the ingredients! I am afraid if I share this, people will just say that person doesn’t know what they are talking about or they are from another company similar to Plexus and just want to cut them down. What a dilemma!

    • dani Reply

      The people who say those things benefit financially if you buy the product…so I’m wary of their actual results when taking these products.

      • Anyone who sells anything benefits financially when you buy it. But no one should sell something they don’t believe in.

        • Jenny Dennis Reply

          I have many personal friends who I have watched gotten better. Allergies, anxiety, weight lost, ezcema, etc. When I actually see results – something tells me its a good thing. I have not tried it yet but going to try their probiotics and vitamins

          • Have you reviewed these products lately? Wondering if maybe they have gotten better?

          • As have I Jenny, and I have to say that it is arrogance for people to dismiss it all as placebo effect. I have seen these supplements improve the lives of such a broad spectrum of people, including children with autism! It makes complete sense when these products are about but health and absorbtion… Heal the but if you wish to heal the body…

      • No… not everyone who has these results are benefiting financially. My mom doesn’t make money at all and keeps telling people what it has done for her and her stoma alone. My aunt who I found out was using it before I knew about it, did/is not benefiting financially either. Not everything is for everybody but you are putting out some ‘worst case scenarios’ without talking about what benefits they may have. There is under educated Ambassadors out there as well and say things they should not… I’ve seen that. It is not perfect and the personal saying that it is ‘all natural’ is an idiot. Plant based is the right word they are not all natural. There is 2% of the population that these products are not for and I understand that BUT… my mother is allergic to FISH and MegaX (not mega3) is finally a good option for her. I am not going into all that it has helped me physically because I’m thinking it a mute point here. You did bring up good points but a lot of it is ‘could’ ‘might’ ‘can’… well, there is a lot of other products that I saw you recommended that had ‘could’ ‘might’ ‘can’ issues with as well. That is just my point. I like that you gave your opinion but I wish you would have said absolutely ANYTHING positive for me to KNOW it was unbiased since you recommend a company to buy from. I joined as an Ambassador first to get the discount and now that it has helped me soooo much I am sharing it… but I do tell them every body is different. Thank you.

      • I take plexus and have done so for 2 years. I can tell you without a doubt I have fixed so many ailments including IBS, anxiety, joint pain and seasonal allergies! I take zero medications now! I am an ambassador fir plexus but I am not active in selling it! I signed up for the discounts! I do have several friends as well as both my parents taking several orudycts! My dad has diabeties 2 and plexus slim has helped him stabilize his blood sugar as well as lose 18lbs!! For you to say people that claim that ailments are cured are making money is unfair..I hardly make money at all as I do not do anything to market it other than share wit my friends how much it helped me! I do go to trade shows, fairs or try to recruit others to sell under me! I do not get into mlm organizations at all which is why I hesitated even buying plexus! But I can say I am very grateful I did as I have never felt better! I am a healthy person as I eat organic, Whole Foods etc. I do not like all plexus orudycts either as I just take a few of the products but for me it was life changing!

      • Hi Dani, I have to share th at I am a plexus user. I have been taking the multivitamin Xfactor Plus along with the probio5, vitalbiome, Ease and Nerve. I am a 44 year old retired nurse, retired with disability. I have been on over 15 prescriptions for over a decade and was a user of massive amounts of Tylenol, medical cannabis and ibuprofen. I am type 2 diabetic and suffer with herniated discs the entire length of my spine. I also have crohn’s disease, fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis and have suffered with anxiety, panic and depression. I had my large intestine removed at 24. I choose not to use plexus as a business, so this is not money motivated. I have searched for half my life for vitamins I could absorb because everything shot straight through. I have gained weight over the years, becoming very efficient at storing calories because I was chronically nutrient deprived. I had reached the point where I was in bed most of every day, the pain and fatigue keeping me down. I survived, and that was all. For the 9 short weeks I have been taking these products I have dropped 5 prescriptions and reduced almost every other one by half. I take very little ibuprofen, Tylenol or cannabis. I have been able to be up and moderately active, changing the life of myself and my family. My doctor is aware and cheering me on. My labs are dramatically improved. I would venture to guess that most of us have tried the gimmicks and fads, many of which were later shown to be dangerous, and having tried and failed my whole life, I now have something that has made my life infinitely better. I was seriously hoping for death. The FDA approved medications were a bandaid on a hemmhorage, and I was dying. I admit that there needs to be more research. The diet products seem to generate the most questions. But honestly, I don’t trust big pharma or modern medicine as they are about making money and have failed me entirely. My 81 year old mother’s neuropathy in her foot, which her doctor said wasn’t fixable, has reduced by 90% in ONE month of using Nerve. I implore you to be careful in dismissing all plexus products.

    • Also, just because something gives you good results for a short time does not mean it’s good for you long term. Loosing weight period can change all those other things.

    • Jeniver Boyer Reply

      I got off Allergy meds eating a modified paleo diet and working to heal my gut. I also lost weight and sleep better. The ingredients in Plexus concerned me so never tried it. I have found that nuts and more than 24 hour old leftovers make me itch. No nuts and no old leftovers and I don’t need Allergy meds…just my 2 cents worth.

    • Cherie Crettol Reply

      There is a YouTube video of a man by the name of Dave Brown who created it and said it was created for Type 2 Diabetics!! And they have had products banned on Amazon. Ugh

    • There have also been plenty of testimonials (which sound more credible if you ask me) that the products did nothing besides produce a whole host of health issues, from diarrhea, headaches, liver and kidney dysfunction, and others. I question any personal testimonial that comes out of the mouth of someone with a financial incentive to make a claim, ESPECIALLY multi-level marketing reps. I highly doubt that person came off of allergy meds by taking Plexus. I mean, seriously? And also I have seen reps on Youtube flat out claim that the product can “treat” cancer. No lie. Stay away from this product. You don’t need it.

    • A poor reviewer at best. A negative nanny that knows little about balanced nutritional products and I don’t consume plexus! Lighten up

  11. Most of the people saying they are losing weight are not only taking the pills but also starting dieting, drinking more water, and exercising. Even without the pills, if you make all the other changes, you will lose weight. I have done weight watchers and lose about 2 pounds a week or so. I tried plexus and started weight watchers and exercising and lost the same amount of weight but also an aditional $164 a month. I didn’t get any extra benifit from doing the plexus vs just weight watchers.

  12. Great information. The claims that these ambassadors are now making seems to be ‘gut health’ not weightless. I am not sure what , if anything, changed in the products but I believe it was just a strategic shift in marketing. They are staying weight loss is just a side effect of the gut health. It’s not called Pleaus Gut Health. The claims some of the ambassadors make are dangerous but anuthing for a buck!

    They also just released a new product or two….edge, which looks like simply a stimulant.

    Thank you for all your efforts to educate.

    • That proves one more time how Plexus is LEGIT. Plexus is constantly improving, switching from weight loss to gut health was not a strategic shift in marketing. Who would let go the market of weight loss?? Educate people on Gut health is waaay harder. They did that because that’s what some of their product do, and because gut health is key to true health and in consequence weight loss. Everyone wants the magic pill, Plexus DO NOT promise that. In fact Plexus LOST a lot of ambassadors and business because of this shift. They want to focus in Health first, not weight loss, again because they know you can’t make people lose weight with pill, health is the way. Unfortunately there are some Ambassador they will say anything to make a buck, and Plexus kick them out when they insist in doing, did you know that? They are in total alignment with the FDA and constantly checking false claims. Is Plexus harmful? NO WAY, take any Plexus product to your Doctor and see what he will say. Will Plexus work for everyone? No, but is definitely safe for anyone to try, and if someone is sick or in not “normal” conditions they should ALWAYS consult their Doctor first.
      By the way the product Edge is FANTASTIC for any coffee drinker that wants to ditch that nasty black liquid that surely irritates any intestines, yes is caffeine plus two other ingredients that give you alertness but no jitteriness. FYI All the coffee that people drink is stale and horrible for your health. Coffee has to be organic, fresh, roasted, grinded and consumed immediately so one can get the promised benefits of coffee.

      • I’m a physician. Here is my advice. Don’t take plexus. Eat well and exercise. I have crazy Plexus sales people trying to convince breastfeeding mothers that Plexus slim is great for breastfeeding and that the “good stuff” gets into their milk and benefits the baby. Just so everyone knows the main ingredients like green coffee bean are contraindicated in breastfeeding. Why would anyone want to give a growing 6 month old baby a weight loss supplement. This is the type of crazy manipulation these plexus sales people will say. I have sent multiple people to the ER because of severe tachycardia, severely elevated blood pressures, resulting in mini strokes because they were taking Plexus Edge and other plexus supplements.

      • Sorry but doctors suck ass!! They are ran by big pharma and all they do is wanna our you on a drug. Unless it’s a holistic doctor. If plexus wasn’t a scam then everyone would have great gut health. But it’s a pyramid scheme and isn’t all natural. Get gut health by eating the right foods.

  13. I wish I had seen this review last year. Unfortunately, I was sucked into taking Plexus and still have lingering effects of the product. I took it for several months, before I started having problems and various pains. I did go to the doctor and after many tests determined the problem. I have no proof that Plexus brought on my symptoms, but I firmly believe it did. My doctor said to quit taking Plexus immediately.

  14. Have you had a chance to review any of their other products? I’m considering Nerve and Ease to help with post-herpetic neuralgia (in my 4th year), but haven’t purchased it yet. Still researching myself but can’t find anything but corporate sponsored info. I took myself off all other drugs (the list is extremely long) my doc tried to control this, but I’m staying with Norco (hydrocodone) for pain until I can find something that works. Anyway, a friend selling this talked to me about it and she’s calling contacts at the company for info specifically for this neuralgia. I’m also allergic to some ingredients she has to check on. If you reviewed it or looked into it, I’d love to know. Thanks!

    • dani Reply

      I haven’t looked into that product – unfortunately there are just too many products in the Plexus line for me to review them all.

    • Hi Mer Haugh — I just wanted to say one thing that works AMAZING for nerve pain is Hypericum 30C. You can buy it for like $6 on Amazon, I use the Boiron brand, it is homeopathic. I have had a gazillion shingles outbreaks and still suffer from post herpetic neuralgia, and this has been a life saver for me.

      Good luck!

    • Hi! Thanks for an awesome article! I’m going to research your website for more information but I’m hoping you’re able to answer this for me – what is a good vegan Omega supplement for lowering cholesterol?
      Also, the form of folate in Plexus products is methylated. For people like me, with the CT mthr allele mutation, this is a tricky yet critical requirement. However, plexus supplements are far too expensive, there are cheaper ways to get it.

      • dani Reply

        The best omega supplement would be fish oil, I recommend Nordic Naturals or Rosita. I don’t recommend a vegan omega. The folic acid in Plexus is not methylated and yes, therefore unsafe for those with the MTHFR SNP.

        • XFactor Plus by plexus contains L-methylfolate that allows patients with the mutated gene to metabolize it.

        • It actually is methylated – maybe this is a change since you posted, but I reviewed the products today

  15. Wonderful, unbiased review. Thank you!
    If you could review some of their other products, that would be awesome. I know there are quite a few different products, however, Plexus is really starting to integrate into Canada and it’s driving me insane.
    Two of my SIL’s are ambassadors and it’s really starting to drive a wedge through my husbands side of the family. Between the ridiculous claims and their total dishonesty about how their sales pitches are based on profit, not actual concern for people’s health (it IS an MLM company), I am actually concerned for their clients (mostly family members) who are duped into buying this expensive junk. Claiming to balance blood sugars, solve issues with diabetes, MS, autism, thyroids, ADHD and many other ailments; all the while pushing the unproven conditions of leaky gut and candida….my eyes couldn’t roll further back into my head.
    Having good, unbiased reviews of the ingredients would certainly help counter their glowing, cult-driven reviews and promotions of their products.
    I totally support healthy living and eating. I also understand that some bodies need extra boosts via supplements or probiotics. However, with all this unregulated hype, I refuse to consume any product distributed under the Plexus name.

  16. I have a friend who started taking a couple Plexus products, and she says she feels better. She says she trusts her friend and has seen that it “works” for her. When asked about scientific evidence or testing, she hadn’t seen anything. She says she is gluten intolerant, allergic to dairy, and something else. I saw all the information you provided and am concerned. Not sure how to approach her further.

    • Crazy, what they get away with, and more crazy that people just buy into it! Come on everyone, do some research… don’t be bullied into ruining your health for another’s profit. Remember, the ambassadors are NOT doctors.
      As for helping thyroids, I read a few complaints about how plexus messed up thyroid levels quite dangerously. As someone who struggles with thyroid issues I know it’s not a fun thing to live with. How dare the ambassadors claim it helps thyroids… ugh… I can hear the Plexus scammer now “Sorry about your thyroid, we can maybe discuss another plexus product to fix it after I get back from my free trip to California, which I got from selling you my cra… uh, plexus! Remember, I care about you!”…. as the plane takes off.

  17. Wow, I can’t believe the nerve you have. Plexus products are awesome and I proudly support them. I use them myself and have had great results. I will continue to use them for the long haul. They are proven in clinical studies to work. Get your facts straight lady.

  18. I was thinking of taking the plexus nerve for fibromyalgia but after reading this I’m a little worried.

  19. OMG! That was the most intellectual review of the “MLM SCAM PLEXUS” I have ever read. It is like the crowned “Ambassadors” in the Plexus cult, look so ignorant, it is truly embarrassing. How can supposed educated people lie to their friends and families regarding serious medical conditions the Plexus is a cure all. It makes me sick. Thank you for all your information. I believe even if 1 person will stand up for what is honest, that is he beginning of change!

  20. I personally have Gastroparesis brought on by a flu vaccination. I have been suffering for 13 years until I tried Plexus. Everyone has their own opinion about everything. That doesn’t mean it is right. By the way, Plexus doesn’t claim to be all natural. They say they are plant based. People hear what they want to hear I guess

    • Science is not opinion. Facts are not opinion. Plexus completely lies – lemme give an example they claim their prebiotic works because they can grow gut bacteria in a series of tubes containing plexus slim ingredients that they call a “in vitro gut simulation” in a lab. that does NOT mean that it grows in the HUMAN gut as they claim. They do this because they know most people are undereducated in scientific methods and scientific reasoning and can’t tell scientific fact from opinion. For example There is a common error of reasoning that timing equals causality. just because you started to have symptoms of gastroparesis after your flu shot does not mean it caused it. The most common causes are diabetes, obesity, ischemia, and poor overall lifestyle.

  21. The product that everyone around me is currently pushing is Thrive. My understanding is that people feel so full of energy because they are pumping themselves full of caffeine all day. I’m afraid that this product will come with some serious negative long term effects. Have you written anything on this product try?

    • I took Thrive for about 2 wks. I didn’t do my due diligence on it and it made me very ill.
      I’m not sure if that is why I now have intentional issues or not but around that time I had a colonoscopy and the Dr said everything was perfect. But after that I was having explosive D and severe cramping. I have continued to have this issue where I go 3 to 4 days being fine and then BAM. It only stops with 2 extra strength Imodium AD. My other issue is that I have a clotting disorder and I read after the fact that if
      you do have a clotting disorder (mine is Von Willebrands) you shouldn’t take their supplements at all.
      After being on them for 2 wks I became very dizzy and had such a rapid heart I ended up in the Cardiologists office.

      I had 4 rounds of chemo 21 years ago and have never felt truly well since then. I saw a vitamin person, I don’t remember what the training was called but he had me hold jars of different supplements and resist when he pushed on my arm. He told me I had liver damage and my metabolism wasn’t working well at all, plus several other issues. I also had a Reiki massage therapist tell me my liver wasn’t functioning well either. Some may think it is all vodo, I don’t know.

      I am scheduled to tune in to a 15 min video chat tomorrow evening.. I will have to have a complete list of ingredients before I buy anything.

      • dani Reply

        I’m so sorry this happened to you. It is likely that you may be having liver issues, or a sluggish liver at least. This isn’t uncommon. I recommend seeing a functional medicine doctor, you can find one at

  22. I think it is very dangerous to tell people that Plexus can cure them of illness and disease. Yes, they do claim to be all natural….not just plant based. I’ve heard that claim many times.

  23. Tammy Armstrong Reply

    I’ve been on Plexus Slim, Accelerator and Bio Cleanse for 7 days! The key is to take the Slim and the Accelerator together and drink half of your body weight in ounces of water each day, AND change your eating habits. It has been hard to change my eating habits, but I am doing it. The 125 ounces of water a day is very easily done. I know I have only been on Plexus for 1 week, but this is what it has done for me…………… I use to take a 3 hour nap on a daily basis, because I had no energy! I have not had a nap in 7 days. I do NOT feel jittery nor have I had any side effects. I have never in my life been regular with bowel movements, the Bio Cleanse has gotten me on a normal schedule of having a daily bowel movement in 7 days. I know longer feel bloated, due to not being able to use the bathroom. I now have the energy to get up and do things, that I would not normally do, like working in the yard, keeping my house a lot cleaner, because I now have energy!!! I’m looking forward to the changes that I will see during the next several months. With Plexus, you lose inches, before you lose weight. I feel like a lot of people order Plexus, they don’t drink the water, they don’t change their eating habits, therefore they do not see results. My cousin lost 70lbs in 1 year, my friend lost 60lbs in 9 months. Drinking the water and changing your eating lifestyle along with Plexus and you will see results. Remember, you will lose inches, before weight.

  24. I have used plexus a little over 2 years now feeling great. Had terrible period cramps until I used plexus for 7 month’s period cramps are gone. I was sick and had the flu about five times a year now I don’t have it that many times probably one time a year so I think my immune system is stronger now than it was before. So what wood you say just stop using plexus.

  25. Vickie Perry Reply

    I take plexus ease and it helps me very well. I do not sell this product so I don’t have any reason to say this. I just ordered the nerve and hoping it helps also.

  26. Wonderful review-very insightful and helpful. Thank you!! Can you come live with my family for a month?!?! We could use the daily education!! Lol ?

  27. Glenda Watson Reply

    Have you researched a product called: Frezzor omega 3. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your information concerning the plexus.

  28. Thank you! I have kidney stones and gout and three people have come to me on trying plexus. I was having some issues figuring out how this product would help my issues so I was researching ingredients. And I found you!!!

    • dani Reply

      I would definitely not take these products to improve gout. Best of luck Jamie!!

  29. So happy to have found this review! I am currently 36 weeks pregnant and have been having hormonal issues and well as a lot of fatigue and I was told how amazing plexus would be for my gut health and how with a proper gut health everything else will balance out! I REALLY wanted to get a few different products but decided to wait, SO glad I did and seen this review. This is not stuff I need to be taking especially while pregnant!!

  30. I’m not sure how to link you to Pruvit info. Have you heard of this “keto” inspired powered drink, Dani? Friend has lost 30 some odd pounds & her hubby about 38, believe. Say bp, cholesterol, trigylcerides & all are great. She sells this and I’m contemplating using. Need to lose for bp, health & at 63yo very difficult to lose. Thank you, Deb

  31. Thank you for your thorough research and review! As Plexus has suddenly become a recurring subject in my Facebook feed, along with the claims of astounding results, I went searching for “real” information. Not testimonials. I’m glad I found you! In recent months I’ve come firmly to believe that most health problems are rooted in “hand to mouth” disease. Using your hands to put the wrong foods in your mouth. (I would put “LOL” here, but it’s not really funny. It’s devastating.) Again, thank you!

  32. It’s funny because you talk about the Plexus 96 being possibly GMO because of the soy but you failed to post the rest of the labels on these products which specifically say NON GMO

    • dani Reply

      Actually that was my point. Majority of soy is GMO so if the other labels say “non-GMO” and the one with soy doesn’t, you can almost guarantee it’s genetically modified soy.

      • And what negative effects would there be from genetically modified soy versus non-GMO??

  33. I started Plexus on Sunday (Vital Biome & X Factor Plus) I had a severe anxiety attack Tuesday, my breasts are so swollen and tender (extreme PMS symptoms when mid cycle), constipated for 3 days which is not normal. Insane mood swings. I have written 2 ambassadors in regards to my symptoms wondering if I’m detoxing or what is going on. I have yet to receive a response. And when I posted on a post in the Gut, Health & Happiness group on FB my comment was immediately deleted. I said nothing bad about the product. I was merely stating what I was experiencing and asking for some insight. If they stood by their products they should not be scared of a question and delete anything that isn’t fluff! I will not support this company now seeing how they treat people who aren’t all on the Placebo effect!

    • dani Reply

      Those are not detox symptoms. That is an adverse reaction to the products. It infuriates me that you’re being treated this way and that people recommended these products to you and are ignoring you because you’re having a bad reaction. That is NOT okay. This is how this organization operates. I wish I could say I’m surprised that they deleted your comment. These people don’t care about the health or safety of others, it’s all about making money.

      I’m not even saying this as a health professional but as a decent human being – please stop taking those products. It sounds like they could be dangerous for you.

  34. I was sucked into trying Plexus a couple years ago when it seemed new. I wish I would have read this article first. I ended up with severe stomach pains after only taking it a couple weeks. Ended up wasting lots of time at the doctor and even had to have a scope done! He concluded that everything looked normal, but said my natural stomach acids were probably messed up from the Plexus and it would take several months to get back to normal.
    I wish I didn’t listen to the person who sold me the Plexus! She told me the pain was the die off from bad bacteria. She does not have a medical degree! Yikes! Anyway! I feel much better after all of this time off Plexus and I want to warn people so they don’t make the same mistake I did!!! Also, I never received my money back guarantee and they make it almost impossible to cancel your auto ship! I was on hold for at least an hour trying to cancel it! Beware people!!

  35. I have fibromyalgia and am in several online support groups. It seems that there is an Ambassador in every group who claims to no longer have symptoms of Fibromyomyalgia and are off of medical drugs because of Plexis. I am beginning to wonder, after reading your article, if Ambassadors are joining the groups because they know that we are desperate for answers. I feel that I need to put a link to this article every time I see this happen.

    • dani Reply

      Be forewarned – every time someone shares this article in a Plexus group, the “ambassadors” just bash me and ignore the plethora of legitimate information I provide in the article. Plexus, I’ve found, is one of the worst MLMs in terms of cult mentality, making money off of people and playing off of their health issues. Many people have emailed me to tell me their “ambassador” started ignoring them after they had bad reactions to the products. Be aware of anyone saying they cured something while trying to sell to you.

      • Dani, I hope you also make articles talking about the “SCAM” of strawberries, nuts, milk, meat, shrimp, etc. because that are people that literally died eating those foods and many others. Plexus doesn’t claim their products will work for everyone, that’s why they have 60 days money back. 60!!! You can costume the whole bottle and get your money back!! Try to do that at a GNC or you Whole Foods, good luck. No other supplement company does that. By the way their return rate is only at 1%. Plexus is not a scam, far away from it is a LEGIT supplement company and Network Marketing business. By the way, DETOX SYMPTOMS are NO JOKE. From withdrawals to poisoning yourself from your own toxins that you are now releasing, it feels terrible sometimes. If you ever do a REAL detox you will feel like shit for a while trust me.

        • dani Reply

          The difference is that strawberries, nuts, milk, meat, shrimp, etc. are all nature-made foods, not man-made, overly processed, cheap ingredients. Also not sure you want to compare your products to someone dying from eating contaminated food…

          • I’m not talking about contaminated foods, I’m talking clean Natural foods that caused bad reactions in people. Not everything nature-made is good for everyone, and some are not good for anyone, by the way. UNFORTUNATELY, because of farming bad practices and market competition plus greed, our food is ALL messed up and lacking all the nutrients we need. Is nearly impossible to get all the nutrients we should be getting from foods alone, no matter how natural, because the big corporations are ruining everything, even if you get from local farming, our soil is not the same anymore. If you are a meat eater, OMG, good luck, if humans are not getting good food what do you think they are feeding 19 Billions stock animals? :0 I HATE to say this, but nowadays we need supplements to get everything we need to try to thrive. Nothing can beat Natural Foods, but Until we fix this mess you better get some good quality supplements. Plexus is trying to do it’s best to deliver high quality supplements, they are constantly improving and opted to use Network Marking method instead of usual marketing.

          • dani

            There are better supplements than ones that contain folic acid (which has been linked to cancer), stimulants, soy, cheap omegas and GMO whey. For example, I take organic, 100% food-based supplements with nothing synthetic and no fillers.

          • I agree with Dani, most people if they have died from strawberries nuts, milk, meat, shrimp, etc maybe due to an allergy, not from a dietary supplement. Beside that everyone has different reactions to ingredients. What can be a miracle pill for one person can be a nightmare for the next.

          • Luis Quintero

            I’m sorry Dani, I know one of your “Comment Rules” is to be respectful of one another, but I strongly believed in these products and after reading your review of Plexus, I started researching each individual ingredient and pretty much verified all of your claims so thank you for that. That being said, this Eduardo guy, based off his level of literacy or lack thereof, seems to me like an uneducated individual, for lack of better words, just going along with Plexus’s “cult mentality” as you stated earlier in one of your other replies!

        • Your comment is hilarious. Supplements for healthy people have never proven to have long term benefit on mortality nor morbidity. Cochrane library just did a meta analysis of all available QUALITY studies regarding supplements and health and confirmed this.

      • Dani, for being “unbiased” you certainly have a very biased viewpoint. Anyone can join as a member of any supplemental MLM…. that doesn’t make them a health professional. Perhaps they themselves were new and didn’t know how to help the person that was going through detox. And you yourself sell supplements of a brand that you prefer, so this really is NOT an “unbiased” view….

  36. Great article! Very appreciative of your research! I found this link because I just received a Facebook text from someone I don’t remember friending. It was like an advertisement. She asked if I have ever tried plexus and what did I think about trying it. I asked her who she was and where did I know her from. She didn’t answer. She only replied, You friended me back in June. Nothing other than that. I was at the store today and they had different brands of plexus on sale. Because of all the hype about it I’ve been considering trying it. Since I received This Woman’s text I decided to research it more. I found your article and am very grateful. I suffer from many physical illnesses and I’m on disability at this point. A couple of the main issues I deal with are an equilibrium d/o, immune deficiency, gastroperis, osteoarthritis, chronic pain, etc. I Wasn’t looking for a cure for all of that, I actually just wanted to lose some weight and help my stomach issues. I’m grateful I found your article. Again thank you. I’m going to send this woman who text me your link. And on my Facebook page.

    • dani Reply

      You can type “GMO” in the search bar of my site, I’ve written numerous articles and linked to countless independent and scientific studies providing that information.

    • Kaylee Little Reply

      They aren’t. It’s just a scare tactic. They are, however, bad for the environment, and for bees. But to each his own. There are no documented health risks to GMO foods, and there is really no reason to think that they need to be “proven” to be safe.

  37. A.J. Burton Reply

    Hi, I just want to clarify something to any of your readers who may not be very familiar with dairy farms. 1st of all, though, thanks so much for your extremely helpful article Danni ! Also, I am a major supporter of Grass fed & organic, very natural etc ways of farming, I grew up & worked on the family farm most of my life, & wish my parents would have gone into organic & (more, they do some) pastured/grazing. But things I want to clarify : OG is only recently starting to require a certain amount of time out on grass, I you’re certified. Many people who are “doing”OG also believed in pasture anyways or were smaller, family farms who hadn’t gotten away from I in the 1st place, but many weren’t. Now, EITHER WAY, they typically would be fed a similar amount of grain (corn, soy & maybe oats or barley) per day. In place of the pasture they’d get fed harvested & stored hay products. Some even do get the equivalent of pasture most of the summer, as the farmer “green chops” into their feed wagon, fresh daily & they stand out in there exercise yard or pasture & eat from it. So, if OG, the corn & soy is Non GMO & not sprayed with un-OG approved toxic chemical pesticides etc. But if you are trying to get away from so much soy in your diet, even coming thru animals in your meat & milk, then you need to buy directly from a farmer that doesn’t feed them. There are some! There’s one near Menomonie, WI, the Brunners. Also, just because a farmer is not OG, does NOT mean they don’t pasture, use GMO, or feed intense amounts of grain. A lot of little family farms I know of, didn’t even feed much or any soybean until very recently. (The high protein amount in soy supports a cows max milk production ability, & it seems to B pushed on farmers by their nutritionists, when good alfalfa & oats can be just as effective.) Thanks, again, A.J.

  38. Thank you for you efforts, this is what I’ve thought all along. Recently many of the people I know selling Plexus have been advertising that the company has improved their products: things like our supplements are the only ones out there that are methylated for those with MTHFR or now labeling all products non-GMO. My question is do you know if they have truly changed the ingredients to be better: more whole food sourced etc. Have you been able to do an updated review? Thanks

  39. Nightmopper Reply

    I would happily share this post but there are too many spelling errors. No one that I know will take it seriously with spelling errors!

  40. Wow, Thanks for trying to get to the truth, but there is a loooot of information on your article that you are unsure and assuming and you got no source of anything you affirm is true. Its obvious that your article is NOT unbiased. Anyway… I take Plexus XFactor Plus, Omega oils, Probiotic and Bio Cleanse. These products are FANTASTIC. I’ve been taking them over a year now regularly. I HIGHLY recommend them. I’m all about the truth, I research a lot as well. Plexus is definitely NOT a scam. Its so sad to see article like yours that is basically full of hatred. I say, eaaasy there Girl… I know a loot of people (not Ambassadors) that are having Amazing results with Plexus. By the way, WHEY PROTEIN is a HUUUGGE Scam, WHEY is horrible for human bodies and you support it??? Looks like you have to do a better research about Whey Protein. Plexus is LEGIT and they are constantly improving and truly want to bring the best products out to the market. And by the way how about you show us a multi vitamin better then Plexus XFactor Plus, or a better Probiotic then Vital Biome, because if you can prove us that, I’ll stop taking Plexus and switch to that brand.

  41. Lori Peters Reply

    I found this informative; however, will still choose to use plexus. Proof is in the pudding and it has really helped A LOT of people I know in many problematic health issues. I would never say it is a cure for certain types of disease. But it has helped me with some key health issues that were becoming problematic…IBS, lack of energy, headaches, aches and pains etc. I do not use their protein supplements nor would I consider it. Overpriced. LOL.

  42. Kaylee Little Reply

    Dani, what supplements or methods can you recommend for gut health?

  43. I have been on Plexus for 3 months and I feel way better. My ulcers are gone, more energy, better moods and more. It worked for me! And worth every penny.

  44. Dana Holley Reply

    I was a Plexus ambassador for a VERY short time. It didn’t take long for me ro figure out that it was at best a placebo effect these people were experiencing. I got a lot of hate from people when I started questioning things and particularly when I suggested any results people were seeing were either a figment of imagination, or came from all of the water people on Plexus are required to drink in order for the product to ‘work’. I do not support Plexus and I never will again. This article validated my suspicions. Thank you.

  45. This review is over 2 years old? Plexus had made lots of changes since then. I’d love to see a review of all 18 products now. Yes there are weight loss products, but I’d rather take a natural option if that’s what I choose. I eat a healthy balanced diet most of the time, I eat when I’m hungry, I workout regularly and I my body wasn’t changing. I started Plexus and my gut health improved. I craved sugar less and can no make better choices. Out of 30 people that I’ve helped start Plexus, 2 have quit. You’re right it may not work for everyone, or they may not have the patience to let it work. Sorry I didn’t mean to get side tracked. I’d like an *updated* unbiased review. One in which you don’t recommend other products, cause that feels a little biased in my opinion. Thank you!

  46. Thank you for you hard work and knowledge that you share .. what would be a good omega 3-6-9 + brand to take ? I know fish/animal base is better .. but I belive I would rather stay with plant base .. So much contaminants in our seas/waterways now. I was taking Plexus .. lol, but you talked me out of that. Again,
    thank you .. Gary

  47. They try and get you to sign up as an Ambassador for an annual fee so you get wholesale pricing on product. Tried it for a month and here I am responding to this post at 1 a.m. because of serious disturbed sleep cycles. They’ll blame any adverse symptom on “Candida die off” and tell you to drink more water. They also tell you to say FDA compliant things online, such as “yeast overgrowth” or “less pain” but when you talk to people you can say that it’s helped people with cancer, fibro, MS, diabetes, etc. There are lots if FB claims from people that have supposedly been helped by consuming Plexus, but it’s the gut health products, not the weight loss ones. It’s true, their big push now is healing leaky gut, which in turn reduces inflammation and helps cure inflammatory diseases. Leaky gut is a severe epidemic and not something to be taken lightly. Does Plexus cure it and all other manner of ills? Methinks not. The push to “share” (a.k.a sign up a ton of people so my “uplines” could move further up the ladder from my efforts was so ridiculous…I still get several messages daily from 2-3 private FB groups and 3 FB joint chats. They use a marketing algorithm to get their free FB advertising in….3 posts per day, one about Plexus, comment on as many other pages as possible so you end up in people’s news feeds and they subsequently hear all about your happy guts several times per week. Top dogs have it made, making over $300 million per year in 2014 (found in an article), no advertising, no brick n mortar stores, no selling it themselves. Stay tuned, apparently the company is having its products tested. Definitely interested in those results. Thank you for your insights into the Plexus MLM and products.

  48. Just a note that this blog regarding Plexus products is no longer accurate. The new formulation of some of these products do not even have these same ingredients.

  49. “Plexus Slim that it has an unknown quantity of ALA (listed in their 531mg per serving proprietary blend as the 4th active ingredient) and therefore should be avoided by anyone with mercury exposure (dental amalgams, vaccines with thimerosal, high fish diet, environmental factors, etc.), as it can stir up mercury and move it to the brain (ALA is a mercury chelator and crosses the blood brain barrier, therefore when taken outside a specific protocol can make a person feel redistribution symptoms and delayed health decline since mercury does not leave the body without proper chelation and is accumulative. Look up Andrew Hall Cutler Chelation on for more information.”

  50. Can’t wait til the Monet Cults start sending you letters they are taking you to court.

  51. Joanna N/A Bair Reply

    I took Plexus Xfactor vitamins for four days and each day got more and more depressed. The fourth day I was so irritated I was stomping around the house. I felt insane. My friend who sold it to me said it was probably detoxing and my naturopath said it was probably the candida. She put me on a kids probiotic which I have been ok on for about a month. I keep debating trying another one-cuz i still have the bottle, cuz my stomach pain was gone in those four days, as was my acid reflux which I’d been struggling for months with. My friend has taken Plexus products for two years and is now off asthma meds and can swallow after being told she’d have to eat pureed food for the rest of her life, now she doesn’t have to. So it’s neat that they’ve seen results, and I really hoped it would help me. But that mood swing scared me.

  52. Thank you for your honest and informative review. My husband is Native American and has finally gotten me to study up on true natural remedies. The plants and herbs all around us can do wonders if used correctly. As one reads, one gets the sense that each ingredient may help one ailment or another. Mixed they may be harmful. My recent uses of essential oils and herbs have proved very helpful. I choose not to take the easy way out and use my time to make my own truly natural remedies. Thank you once again and I will continue to read your reviews.

  53. Jenny James Reply

    Hey! I love your review! It’s rare to find unbiased reviews. Could you please review D?TERRA’s lifelong vitality pack supplements? Here is the link to the pdf that has their ingredients-

    Also if you wouldn’t mind looking at their probiotic? It claims to be a really good product and I just would like your opinion. Here is the info for it-

    Ok and one more please that is mitrochondrial repair called motor 2 max it’s for energy and stamina –

    Thank you so much for all the beneficial info your putting out there for people!
    I would absolutely love to talk to you about how you got to where you are and any advice on somewhat following in your footsteps some day!
    Again thank you!

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  55. Thank you so much for your detailed review, I was almost sucked in to the pitch until I read this review and everything you have researched and pointed out is true. Most of the vendors can’t even pronounce the products and one even compared something to cockroach shell lining. Whatever that means…one vendor even compared the pink drink it to Crystal lite. I feel like they want to sell you this dream about a perfect vision of how you should feel, how you should live and the underlining note is money. This to me was so tasteless, she made me feel like because the product sells it self I was going to make x figures leading to happy life. I’m going to be honest, I could like check in check not have a Gucci purse and wear the same warn out shoes and still live a happy life without the use of a product with shady ingredients. Thank you so much for the review!

  56. I would love to see an updated review on these products.Specifically the XfactorPlus, ProBio5, Vitalbiome, and Lean. I struggled with IBS and IBD for years. It didn’t matter what I did or what supplements I took. Nothing helped. Until Plexus. I have been in remission for over a year now. I have found that Plexus didn’t start out completely clean, but the changes they have made over the past year or so have been really impressive. I would love your thoughts!

    All ingredients to the above are available right on their website. Let me know if you want me to supply you with direct links, but they are super easy to find.

  57. Kelly Beniek Reply

    I appreciate your background, informational opinion of products. It is so hard to wade through the ones that want to just share the truth. You seem to be that kind. Thank you! please keep up the good work!

  58. The ingredients have been changed since this article was posted! They are very transparent about the natural flavoring and specify their products are non GMO. Also Folic acid is now vitamin B9 L-methylfolate, 5 MTFHR
    Will you update? Or review again? Plexus heard the concerns and responded by reformulating and being more transparent/specific
    Thank you!

  59. Polydextrose is not a natural ingredient! False advertising/claims. How do they get away with that?
    I tried once then researched all the ingredients. DO NOT TAKE THIS

  60. Phoebe Pierce Reply

    Really appreciate the candid review. I’ve had an ambassador contact me and I was curious since I have celiac and suffer from chronic anemia and exhaustion. I was already feeling a little cautious after the approach of the ambassador, so I’m thankful for some good, solid insight. I don’t need anymore toxins in my body.
    Excited to have found your site!

  61. Latrisha Pickens Jones Reply

    Wonderful review thank you!Please please review Optivia/medifast. Here’s the ingredients from one of their fuelings. It’s the chicken and rice soup. So many people around here are doing it, and it’s so disgusting to me.

    Soy protein concentrate, soy protein isolate, long grain white rice, cellulose, wild rice, carrots, chicory root inulin, yeast extract, peas, white meat chicken, shiitake mushrooms, salt, canola oil, xanthan gum, celery, onion powder, onions, maltodextrin, natural flavors, silica, soy lecithin, sunflower oil, black pepper, garlic powder, parsley, Bacillus coagulans GBI-30 6086.

    Vitamins & Minerals: Calcium phosphate, potassium chloride, magnesium oxide, ascorbic acid (vitamin C), niacinamide (vitamin B3), ferric orthophosphate (iron), zinc oxide, calcium pantothenate (pantothenic acid), vitamin A palmitate, pyridoxine hydrochloride (vitamin B6), copper sulfate, manganese sulfate, riboflavin (vitamin B2), thiamine mononitrate (vitamin B1), folic acid, biotin, potassium iodide, chromium chloride, phytonadione (vitamin K), sodium molybdate, sodium selenite, vitamin E acetate, cholecalciferol (vitamin D3), cyanocobalamin (vitamin B12).

  62. Thanks for the review on Plexus. Have you ever reviewed Zipfizz? I am curious if this is in fact an energy boosting product and is it safe?

  63. Just wondering if you could share what are your organic food based non-gmo supplements? Many of us are seeking that type of product.

  64. Plexus claims to give you a healthy gut and cleanses the colon of impurities. What do you know about “colon cleanses”? Pooping doesnt “clean out your colob?” ?

  65. Plexus does not use Folic Acid… they use Folate. Also, they do not use synthetic sweeteners. I encourage you to look up the ingredients once again, as your information may be outdated.

    Also, any claims that Plexus is a Placebo is not true. They ran a double blind clinical trial and the results don’t lie. (A double blind test means that the scientists did not know the name of the product being tested, they did not know who was paying for the test, or what results they were supposed to be looking for) The results were that over 80% of people who took the Plexus over an eight week time period saw weight loss and blood sugar balance, while the test subjects taking the Placebo did not.

    I encourage folks to do their research on this deeper, instead of basing their opinion off of just one website.

    To the author: I should suggest removing the words “in-biased” from the top of your review, as I see at the bottom that you are also promoting a weight loss plan of your own. I know you would not want to be Mis-leading. ?

    Again, no ill will at all!! Just putting in my two cents! ?

  66. I do not create a great deal of comments, however i did some searching and wound up here An Unbiased Review of Plexus – Ancestral
    Nutrition. And I do have some questions for you if it’s allright.
    Is it simply me or does it appear like some of the responses look
    as if they are left by brain dead visitors? 😛 And, if
    you are writing at other social sites, I’d like to keep up with anything fresh you have to post.
    Would you list of the complete urls of your public sites like your Facebook page, twitter feed,
    or linkedin profile?

  67. Christina Prevatt Reply

    I am studying for nutrition and know many nurses, nutritionists, and even DOCTORS that are behind and support these products! I will NEVER stop taking these products because of everything it has helped me and my children with health wise. And, of ALL the testimonies behind these products by “human beings”, how can you say they haven’t been tested. The Plexus testimony page has over 100,000 members just talking about how it changed their life and how thankful they are. The page is only for members so their not trying to sell you on it, just sharing their excitement. Most vitamins are not FDA approved OR BABY FORMULA either.
    Whats wrong with just eating healthy food you ask. Well, first of all there is not many places you can get it these days especially if your a busy person on the run, second, the food you buy from the store are not grown in the same soil we grew up with not to mention not knowing the amount of hormones that are injected in them. There is nothing wrong with taking supplement that help fill the void of nutrition from your diet. These products focus on gut health, NOT weight loss. It just so happens when you get the right nutrition, good gut health, you lose weight! With any change in your diet you have to give your body time to adjust! For example, if you’ve been smoking the majority of your life and decide to quit. You will go through detoxes. Everyone’s body is different. You will go through different detoxes. You will have to figure how to adjust to what you and your body can handle.

  68. Can you please name products that you have done positive reviews on? I’ve been thinking about using your skincare line, but every review I see of yours is negative despite many people I know having great success with this product. Some people don’t want all natural. Also did you ever think that maybe people have tried to lose weight the healthy way and it doesn’t work?! Cause it doesn’t for me. I was on Contrave which is so much more dangerous than this product. I started Plexus months ago and I feel GREAT! I am not an ambassador. I just buy the products online for the more expensive cost. Contrave had horrible side effects and ruined my stomach. I could hardly walk. Was having labor pains without being pregnant or giving birth. Now I feel healthy and I look forward to my Plexus drink every day. I’ve lost 70 lbs in 6 months!! And I DO NOT WORK OUT! Also everything with my blood work has improved greatly. My doctor says Plexus is a safe product that works. As for folic acid, isn’t it really good for you if you’re trying to conceive? I’m very interested in what products you think are healthy and have given them good reviews. I think everyone’s bodies are different and react differently to different products. I’m allergic to caffeine and cannot take any stimulants or uppers. Plexus does not make me sick ever! I’m in no way putting your review down. I’m still learning about a lot of products, but if seems you’re against anything unless it’s all natural, therefore you MAY BE biased! Almost everything besides whole foods can cause cancer, even the air we breath.

  69. Interesting that Dani herself has a shop where she sells supplements. I’ve taken Plexus for 3 yrs and left better than I had in a long time. Not one bad side effect.

  70. Proof Positive AB Reply

    Thank you for your review of Plexus. While I agree with your ending comment that it would be nice to simply feel better by eating organic foods, I can tell you that eating organic is not enough – at least in my case, as I cannot speak for others. There are several reasons for this, but there isn’t space to go into that here. I suffered from severe adrenal fatigue. I spent literally THOUSANDS of dollars on traditional medical tests that only resulted in the prescription of drugs to hide the symptoms (as you know, modern medicine does not “cure” you). Then I worked with a holistic, functional doctor for a couple of years and became very healthy through an organic diet he developed for me and by taking therapeutic-grade supplements, but I got to a point where it just didn’t heal my gut.

    Because of my health issues and those of my sons, for at least the past 10 years I have researched the impact of gut health on BODY and MIND health. Countless reputable doctors and psychiatrists now understand the importance of gut microbiome on overall health (yes, I do have sources). I’m not going to argue with you about whether your opinion is biased. As an editor, writer and researcher by trade, it was very easy for me to see your position within the first paragraph of your review. I do appreciate you citing your information sources. I wonder if you contacted Plexus Corporate and asked them to provide you with the ingredients list and ingredient-source information to know exactly where the ingredients originated. That truly is important. I will be researching into the substances you claim are harmful, as I hope everyone does their own homework and makes decisions for themselves.

    For two years I watched my friends make fantastic claims about Plexus and how it helped their health. I dismissed it. Then I decided to research it for myself. Do you know what I found? Everything I researched about gut microbiome health was what Plexus TriPlex offers. It was originally developed by doctors to help their patients thrive nutritionally while undergoing chemotherapy for breast cancer. It is backed by science. I then thought I would try it to debunk the excited claims of good health. I was wrong – my body has responded well and I am now able to do things I haven’t been able to do in literally YEARS. I do not know everything about ALL of their products because I am more interested in restoring gut health and thus far haven’t yet researched those. And, by the way, I KNOW my restored health is as a result of Plexus TriPlex because not only have I become much healthier, but after 10 years of NO help (medicinally and dietary) for my son who was diagnosed with anxiety and depression, he is FINALLY feeling better after using the Plexus TriPlex.

    Regardless of your review, I know this stuff works – I have the proof, and so do many others in the form of not ‘wild claims’ posted on social media, but in documented proof from doctors’ lab test results on cholesterol, blood pressure, glucose levels, etc. – Including my own. By the way, the weight loss occurs IF your body needs it, and occurs as a result of your digestive system being able to function correctly again. (My son, for example needed to GAIN weight, as he was dangerously thin. His appetite FINALLY returned after starting on Plexus TriPlex. Also, he is finally sleeping well after suffering from insomnia since he was 12 years old.)

    Achieving such health results is explained in the sources referenced in the company’s resource information on their website; science-backed white papers by several sources* you may recognize: the National Institute of Health, the CDC, the Mayo Clinic, Harvard, and many others. *I am in no way stating that these sources endorse or back Plexus products specifically. Additionally, the cost of the products compare to therapeutic-grade products, not those purchased from discount centers – those are a waste of money. I know, I tried them, too.

    I respectfully disagree with your review. I hope others do their own homework as well – while the products certainly may not restore an accident-injured pancreas as one person commented previously, it may help the man’s body function to the best of its ability – because of restored gut microbiome. As with any product, people tend make claims that – while well-intentioned because of excitement – are not supported by the particular company’s claims. Dear Reader, this is like everything else: don’t just take someone’s word for it (or several someones), you have a brain in your head, use it. I’m sure glad I did. My son may well be alive because of it, and I am thankful for my restored health.

    (Note: I did not enter the “TM” after Plexus TriPlex for readability. I did not know if the superscript would translate to this platform.) Thank you.

  71. My previous neighbor is selling Plexus and making a ton of money off this product. I have lost weight the right way of eating right, cut down on sweets and exercise and have kept my weight off (40-50 lbs) for more than 3 years. I journal my food so I remember what I have eaten. She tried to get me to take Plexus and I said NO, first considering the cost, $50+ for a 30 day supply, but it’s just not one purchase, you need to purchase 5-6 items to make the system work ?? That doesn’t sound right. No one should have to take a pill to lose weight. Cut down on bread and other carbs and get off the couch… Take the dog for a walk.. Just like Fen-Fen, I’m afraid something bad is going to come out of this product and hurt a lot of people… In the mean time, making their Ambassadors very rich at the publics expense.

  72. Plexus helped me a lot with my skin disease and autoimmune issues when nothing else would. I also sleeping better now when I had been battling insomnia for years. Not every product is the right fit for each person but they do plenty of testing on their products and their team will answer any questions you may have. People bashing MLMs but if you read financial journals you will see that MLMs are not all bad and are a good way to make a good income in today’s world. Just something to think about. And my dr approved all the products I was taking because everyone should be taking a good multivitamin, probiotic and omegas and said the plant based ones were a good choice as well. My dr looked through the ingredients and approved.

  73. Thank you, Dani, for your insightful and valuable research that you have already done on some of the Plexus products. I have been asked (from a second friend) to think about getting these products. Your findings are spot on and really give a lot to think about before ingesting any man-made product. Thank you.

  74. This was an interesting read. Obviously there are two sides to every story. Just be careful not to bash someone else’s success to sell what you think is better. There will always be something “better”.It isn’t fair to disregard people’s renewed health and so forth. Just saying.

  75. So, I was kind of curious about the Folic acid comment that was made saying that folic acid is linked to cancer onset. I was curious about this because I work with Rheumatologists at one of the best clinics in the world. All of our Rheumatologists prescribe their patients Folic acid at high doses and for long duration. I was curious about that remark and asked a few of them if they knew of a link between Folic Acid and cancer. They all said definitely not and they would not be prescribing their patients Folic Acid if it causes cancer.

    I do not sell Plexus and I have not had any pushy speech from those who do. So this is not in any motivation to sway peoples opinions.

    These Doctors do not just follow blindly the opinions of others either, they are very educated.

    • dani Reply

      The terms folic acid and folate are used often interchangeably. But the fact is that folic acid is incredibly problematic because it is synthetic and not bioavailable. Numerous studies (some of which I provided) back this up. It’s fairly well known. You may want to ask your rheumatologist to clarify – or get a new one.

    • Why didn’t you provide your name and contact details to verify your claims? Surely the organisation you claim to represent would be happy to be associated with such a glowing review.

      What is the name of the clinic you represent?

      Surely you’d know the difference between folate and folic acid, working “at one of the best clinics in the world” and all that, so why would you deny the clear scientific evidence of the link between folic acid and cancer?

      You don’t sell Plexus, really? Hmmm. I wouldn’t put it past a Plexus “ambassador” to submit such a post and say such things for financial gain. The love of money is the root of all evil … 1 Timothy 6:10

  76. AMEN is all I have to say. I was recently diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and j keep getting bombarded how these products will “cure” it, because “this one guys this one time on a Facebook message board posted.” ALL of the ingredients jn these products are ABSOLUTELY DETRIMENTAL TO MULTIPLE SCLEROSIS and this is coming from hours and hours and weeks of research in to nutrition and autoimmune disease from pubmed, talking to doctors, and published books. I hate hate hate how people fancy themselves doctors all because “this one guy said.”

    • dani Reply

      It is INSANE to me that anyone would claim these products cure MS. Like you said, these products are completely detrimental for MS; for any autoimmune disease. People are just chugging the kool aid.

    • LaChelle Acosta Reply

      I have taken Plexus for the past 3 months in hopes that it would help my myriad of autoimmune issues and help with maintaining my weight. After 3 months, I’ve gained at least 25 lbs, had my EoE flare up multiple times, been super constipated, feel exhausted all the time and at a recent check up found out that my blood pressure is for the first time ever in the high range. I eat a diet that avoids most inflammatory triggers (no gluten, dairy and very little corn) and work out (weights, cardio and yoga) 5-6 days a week, so the only change was in taking the drink, bio cleanse and ProBio 5.

    • Plexus doesn’t claim to cure anything! It can’t do that! I know someone who has MS and will always have MS, but she has very little to no MS symptoms like she did before Plexus. She still takes one MS drug (That costs almost $8,000/month mind you), but she is off her other meds for MS since starting Plexus. She also has lost weight. This review is so old. People really need to research on their own. A Plexus Ambassador who says any of these products will CURE a disease are in the wrong for sure. We are not allowed to do that. But they do help people. And if they don’t? 60-day money-back guarantee. By the way.. I see the ads all over this page for other supplements. Don’t think this woman isn’t making money on her “honest review” of other products. She definitely is. If in doubt.. we always suggest bringing the product labels to your doctor. Lots of doctors are actually prescribing Plexus products now. And to give a review on only 3 products when there are so many wonderful ones…. tisk, tisk, Dani. You are the scam artist.

  77. I am trying to research. A friend has been bombarding me with Plexus info since she found out I have ( mostly well controlled) Hashimoto thyroiditis and am of perimenopausal age ( 52)….which in the big scheme of things I don’t have many ‘symptoms’. I am thinking I will pass, and just stick to my grain, dairy, crap free diet. Maybe the products are great, maybe they are equal to some lower priced vitamins, or maybe they are total garbage. There seems to be no end to thoughts and opinions.

  78. Thank you Dani. I’m so glad I found your article. Like many, I too feel overwhelmed and tired most of the time. Busy schedule, household, kids… I don’t believe in miracles as “take this pill and you will loose weight/have incredible amount of energy/your skin will look like when you were 16…. But I did think buying from one place everything together to get the probiotics and vitamins would save me time.
    After reading your article I’m going back to my local store to get some good multivitamins, minerals and all the good things that I know my body craves and loves. Make time for some workouts and me time will be beneficial too. 🙂
    Thank you again. I’m bookmarking your page and going to read through. I have a feeling I will find lots of interesting things to read.

  79. Great blog! It was a definite red flag when I asked my Facebook friend who sells Plexus if all the products are 100% natural, certified organic and lab tested to ensure the absence of heavy metals, to which she responded with an enthusiastic “yes!”, but all information found on the products proves otherwise. There’s not even a single organic ingredient, let alone whole products certified organic. I noticed you have your own protein powder, but the collagen is not organic… Are there any plans to make a certified organic protein powder that contains organic collagen? In a world where pesticides are everywhere, organic certification is essential. If I’m eating beef or beef products, I need to know the grass they are eating wasn’t contaminated with pesticides.

  80. I didn’t read all the comments but I read quite a few, I think with anything there are people saying the opposite of what you wanna hear with everything. I have been on plexus for just over 90 days and I don’t want to sell it to anyone first off I will tell you I only started because my best friend started using it a year ago and she is not over weight in any way it help her with other issue she was having. I can tell you at 30 days I didn’t feel lighter actually felt heavier didn’t really see anything change but I kept taking it so just before my 60 day free trail was coming to a end I actually started feeling it weight starting to coming off, of course I have changed my diet when I started the plexus and drinking 128onces of water a day so attribute the weight loss to that if you like however I saw another huge thing to me I had a toenail fungas for years and years hated taking off my socks in front of anyone but today 90 days into my toe nails are not embarrassing anymore each day they get better and better, and I tried the topical help the doctors have nothing worked, the pill that heals from the inside out side effects are way to risky way more riskier then anything plexus puts out. I know youre just reviewing the product by whats in the ingredients so my lengthy comment is saying it worked for me and feel great and surprised results actually, so I think if anybody wants to try plexus don’t be afraid of whats in it be afraid of reviews that are only actually giving you half of a review.

  81. Dani, thank you for your insight. I should’ve read yours and others reviews before I became a Plexus Ambassador. But since I trusted my friend and his wife to be intelligent and honorable who had thoroughly researched this company and products I went along. I’m an active 50+-year-old, who is trying to lose extra weight from too many beers and eating good food, without taking into consideration a slower metabolism. Thus I’m paying the price for it now. Any observations on Noom?
    Thanks again. Now to detangle myself from this commitment.

  82. Hello,
    Thank you for the review and information! I have debilitating endometriosis and horrible focus and energy problems. I eat a healthy diet focusing on making my own… Everything! I eat a very whole foods kind of diet because I just feel better when I do, but the plexus helped with my energy, focus and Endo symptoms. Any suggestions for safe supplements/vitamins that won’t kill me that will help?

  83. I hust started taking Plexus 2 months ago. I just started feeling swelling in my joints and fingers and ankles and legs. Everywhere! Ive always felt good before for a 62 year old still working as a teller at a bank. I started researching to see if it could possibly be the plexus and found this. Thank u.

  84. Your review of Plexus confirmed my suspicions. My mother recently made a purchase after being approached by a family member (this exploitation infuriates me–not the point) under the claim that it would work well with the current medication she’s taking to manage her pre-diabetes, and eventually stabilize her hormones altogether. I am here to ask you: 1) if you believe Plexus has changed any of their products for the better since your review? and 2) what would you say to someone in order to dissuade them from purchasing and then ingesting these products when the ingredients list is not threatening enough?

    Thank you,

  85. 5 stars
    Great post! I like the way you broke down the ingredients and, as mentioned in the post title, provided an unbiased and factual explanation of how the products “work.” Thank you for your post. I wonder if you’d be inclined to do an updated review though what motivation would Plexus have to actually stop poisoning their customers. Enough ranting. I’m here to ask: what do you recommend to say to someone who is about to embark on this Plexus journey and didn’t run for the hills after reading the ingredients list.

  86. Michele Oliveto-Hill Reply

    This is a great review! Have you or could you provide a review of the Mannatech products, specifically Ambrotose Life?

  87. Can you please do a review on Pruvit products? Especially their NAT products.

    Thank you ?

  88. You should do an updated review bc this is a bunch of outdated info. I’m looking into plexus myself and see nowhere that they have these ingredients. The fact that you think that it is a magic pill is false. Lol
    Scientists, Doctors, nurses, and nutritionist all recommend it. My friend who is a nutritionist has looked into it herself and gone over it with me. She highly recommends it.

  89. Do you have a supplement you would suggest in place of? Pre and pro biotics? I really need a good one ??

  90. I came here for the Plexus review and ended up on your products page. I’m just wondering how you’re negatively commenting on “natural flavors” as an ingredient in this post and also selling a collagen product with “natural flavors”?

    • dani Reply

      As I have disclosed, my flavors are extractives of vanilla and coconut. From actual food.

    • I came here for the same reason when searching Plexus Collagen’s review. I am wondering how Dani can offer “unbiased” reviews of these different supplement companies when she is selling her own product line. That doesn’t seem unbiased at all. I read the review (of Plexus and a bit of Juice+) and appreciate her pointing out certain ingredients and questioning them. But I do have to say it comes across a bit like, “these products aren’t the best for you, so try mine” I couldn’t afford her products.

      • dani Reply

        So I shouldn’t sell my own products or have a business to run or offer a professional opinion?

        I am a mother, I have a mortgage, I need to feed my kids. I literally cannot stand comments like this – as if to be honest you have to be living under a rock and not making money.

  91. Can you investigate plexus MetaBurn . I think I reacted badly to it after just s as few doses .

  92. I currently use the Plexus bio clense, slim, and prebiotic. What’s your thoughts on these?

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