I drank celery juice for two weeks. Here’s what happened.

Nothing. Nothing happened. I expected something to happen, at least clearer skin from all the juice I drank first thing in the morning. But after drinking celery juice for two weeks and having high hopes, to be honest, I noticed no benefit. SO HERE’S WHAT HAPPENED. I asked for a juice for Christmas for this reason in particular: I was hopping on the celery juice train. I’d heard so many stories about it, how it cured everything from anxiety to eczema to psoriasis (to Epstein Barr and Strep??). I had so many people asking me about it – I decided I needed to give it a solid go for myself. So January came, and I did what I do every January. I gave up booze, sugar, dairy, processed food and now – I was adding in the miracle celery juice. And you guys, I WANTED it to work. I wanted…

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