What To Do If You’re Bitten By a Tick

A couple weeks ago my nine month-old son woke up with a tick behind his ear. We were playing in the backyard the night before and I guessed we missed it. I went into full panic mode. I am terrified of Lyme disease and living in Maryland, though less than a mile from DC, there’s still a decent amount of Lyme infested ticks. If you live in a state with a low population of Lyme infested ticks, you may not have to take these precautions. But if you live in the Northeast/Mid Atlantic, it’s worth covering your bases. I researched thoroughly and contacted two different doctors, one who specializes in Lyme. Here is the protocol I came up with. Remove the tick very carefully. I took a good pair of tweezer and clamped down as close to my son’s skin as possible. Then I firmly and swiftly removed the tick…

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