I’ve written about Herbalife.

I’ve also written about Isagenix.

Ditto with Advocare.

I get at least one email a day asking me to review a new protein/meal replacement shake, one that promises it’s all natural (which means nothing), one that promises it will finally give you the body you want, one that promises it’s the best protein source for your body.

And without fail, every single one has been just another protein shake with fifty thousand ingredients that are meant to sit on your shelf for months at a time and not decompose. Ever heard the saying

If it spoils, eat it. If it doesn’t, don’t?

For the most part, that’s a pretty good rule of thumb. You know would happen if you left my version of protein shake in your cupboard for weeks or months?

Nothin’ good.

Because it’s from real food. Because it’s from fresh ingredients that the body thrives on and easily absorbs. Not some powdery variation of something that once resembled food, or was made in a lab.

It’s full of food-based multivitamins that the body will actually absorb because they’re not synthetic. This protein source is rich in gelatin to protect and restore joints, heal gut lining (and reduce cellulite!). It’s full of probiotics to boost the immune system and increase nutrient absorption. This smoothie is rich in amino acids only present in animal products. It’s full of omega-3s (the ones you need – EPA and DHA, not ALA which is a plant-based based foods). And lastly, it’s full of grass-fed, undenatured whey protein.

What you will not find in my protein shake:

  • soy
  • GMOs
  • conventional, denatured dairy
  • synthetic vitamins
  • rancid vegetable oils
  • fructose
  • agave nectar
  • gluten
  • corn
  • other whack shit


Simply combine everything and drink post-workout. Or if you need a snack. Or if you are in a hurry and have no time for breakfast.

This video is old, the recipe above is what I now use an recommend. But you can still watch the video to see how I make it.



  1. thank you! i’ve been wondering about this and wanting something to give me a non crappy protein boost!

  2. Sounds lime a healthy protein shake, but I wouldn’t recommend it as a post-workout shake; at least not without a couple modifications. You really shouldn’t have fat right after a workout. It slows down absorption, so your muscles don’t get the nutrients right away. Stick to protein and carbs directly following exercise. Sorry, if this comment is unwanted info. Love your site!

    • dani stout Reply

      I’ve heard people say this but I’ve never seen any actual evidence to prove it. Fat slows the absorption of glucose, but I’m not convinced it slows the absorption of nutrients.

      Thank you!

  3. Thank you for this recipe. I have been wanting something like this as well. We have been drinking the Muscle Milk, but I wanted something more organic/natural. I wonder if you were to use raw milk whey, what would be the equivalent to the powder. Do you have a rough estimate? 1 cup maybe?

    I have also been looking for a homemade Clif bar like recipe on Pinterest, but haven’t found anything so far. A healthy snack for mid day kind of thing. Don’t know if you have put anything like that on your blog. Plus, it would be cheaper!

    Thanks and great information on your blog!

    • dani stout Reply

      Not sure about the liquid whey conversion.

      I recommend Epic bars!

  4. Hi Dani! I’m confused – is this shake not cold processed? It’s my understanding that in order for it to not be denatured, it has to be cross flow, cold processed ion exchanged. Even with low heat, the protein is denatured to some degree. Right?
    Thanks for your insight!

  5. Hi having a look over your blog and very impressed well done. Has anyone ever asked you to review juice plus?! I know it contains soy (which is not GMO) but not a fan of yours however I am still looking to see if there are other negatives. Great shake idea but I can’t do as i’m intolerant to eggs but thanks so much for all of your info LOVE IT! xxx

    • dani stout Reply

      Could you provide a link to it? Still though – i’ll never recommend anything with soy.

  6. Nicole Tozier Reply

    Where do you get raw Kefir? And does it pose the same risks as raw milk? I thought about trying raw milk if I can ever afford to, but the risks of salmonella and other things kind of turned me off! I already have health problems, things like that scare me!

    • dani stout Reply

      The risk of salmonella in raw dairy is VERY, VERY slim. I’ve been drinking raw dairy for about five years and have never had a problem. You just need to find a grass-fed farmer that treats his animals well and has good farming practices. Try realmilk.com

    • dani stout Reply

      Uncooked egg white has some inflammatory issues and it GROSSES ME OUT. I hate egg whites! I’m nauseous thinking about them.

  7. Where can I buy raw Kefir? Is that the same as Raw milk? What is a good substitute if I cannot find it? I just bought everything else. I LOVE IT! THANK YOU! I just need the Kefir.

      • I checked out realmilk.com and tried it and NOT a fan. Can I just use Almond milk or Cashew milk? If not, what do you suggest?

  8. Hi Dani, I’d love to try out this recipe but I’m lactose intolerant, what do you suggest I use instead of kefir? 🙂

  9. Been drinking non-gmo cold processed soy protein for 40 years! It’s the raw material and processing that creates the total value of the end product! There’s only one company that does this! People are mislead about soy! I challenge you on becoming better informed!

  10. Am so confused but am happy I found your site,am overweight was thinking about herbalife but when I read the ingredients I was turned off then shakeology isnt any better I need help

  11. Hey Danny it’s been a little while since you posted this I was wondering if there any modifications to your protein shake

    • dani Reply

      Yes! Quite a few. I now recommend Rosita cod liver oil. I’ll do an updated recipe soon.

  12. Also, Is the Perfect Hydrolyzed Collagen just as good as the Great Lakes brand posted here?
    Is there an update on this recipe?
    Thanks for such great information!

    • dani Reply

      Perfect Supplements is also grass-fed so it is a good option.

  13. Just found and love your page. Have you made a non-diary protein shake? I eat eggs, but avoid dairy and meat. Thanks in advance! Also…do you have a regular newsletter that I can subscribe to?

    • dani Reply

      You can try adding beans to your smoothie. Non-dairy milks are a good base, though of course low on protein. White beans have a mild flavor, especially when you are adding fruits and veggies on top of it.

      Signing up for a freebie such as this one will get you on my list. Thanks! https://ancestral-nutrition.com/other-freebies/

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