Read this holistic nutritionist’s Herbalife review and learn whether Herbalife products and shakes really help you with weight loss. 

Herbalife Review: This is what I, as a holistic nutritionist, think of Herbalife products for weight loss!

While recently surfin’ Instagram I came across this hashtag: #herbalife.

So I decided to check out their website and what Herbalife products were all about. It’s shocking.

Are people consuming this stuff thinking they’re making a good move for their health and weight loss goals?

People are selling this and calling it healthy? Disgusting. So here is my unbiased review of Herbalife products.

Herbalife is a scam disguised as healthy living.

According to their website,

Our Mission is to change people’s lives by providing the best business opportunity in direct selling and the best nutrition and weight-management products in the world.

Unfortunately, Herbalife by no means sell the best nutrition products – not even close.

Here is the ingredient list for their Herbalife protein drink mix:

ingredient list for Herbalife Protein Mix Drink

Here’s the ingredient list for the Formula 1 shake, which is labeled as healthy but is basically cancer in a can.

Ingredient list for Herbalife formula-1 drink

And the peanut butter protein bars:
ingredient list of Herbalife peanut butter protein bar

The creamy chicken soup, with a side of MSG and hydrogenated oils!
ingredient list for Herbalife chicken soup

*I wrote this article years ago and have since discovered that Herbalife has changed the ingredients in the chicken soup to be slightly less horrible. I’d link to a picture, but it’s very blurry. Find updated ingredients here.

Let’s examine the ingredients of those Herbalife products further.

I wish I could explain to you the full scope of the several horrible ingredients Herbalife uses, but I don’t have ten hours for this Herbalife review. And you likely don’t have the time to read a 20-page blog post.

Soy Protein Isolate

This isolate is the very first ingredient.

In my opinion, soy isn’t even food. You can read more about how much I hate soy here.

Soy is rich in phytic acid, which blocks mineral absorption. It’s rich in goitrogens, which negatively impact the thyroid.

It’s rich in phytoestrogens. These substances mimic estrogen in the body and boast links to cancer.

If you’re looking for a non-denatured protein with recognizable ingredients from grass-fed cows, I buy this protein powder for Scott.


These products contain the artificial sweetener, sucralose, also known as Splenda. From the mouth of the beast,


Sucralose is made through a  patented, multi-step process that starts with sugar and selectively replaces  three hydrogen-oxygen groups on the sugar molecule with three chlorine  atoms.  The result is an exceptionally  stable sweetener that tastes like sugar, but without sugar’s calories.

That’s right, it’s chlorinated. Sucralose destroys beneficial gut flora, thus impairing immune function and promoting obesity.

As for the food recommended by Herbalife, they miss the mark again.

While it’s nice that they advocate fruit and vegetable consumption (I mean, who doesn’t?) they also advocate highly processed low-fat foods that are devoid of nutrients.

Yet again, processed soy rears its ugly head in their breakfast burrito recipe. They do make their own food that people can buy. Like their creamy chicken soup:

Canola Oil

Canola is one of the largest GMO crops and is likely genetically modified in Herbalife products. It is a rancid industrial oil that undergoes an unbelievable amount of processing.

It is extracted with hexane, a neurotoxin, then bleached, deodorized and a slew of other disgusting techniques. Find out more and see how it’s produced in the video below!


Monosodium glutamate can be tricky because it masquerades under so many different names. Any of the following can contain it: yeast extract, natural flavors, artificial flavors, maltodextrin, corn syrup.

If you’re not concerned with MSG, you should be. The body does not process glutamate the same as naturally occurring glutamic acid. MSG is an excitotoxin and can cause overeating.


Carrageenan is a processed food additive from seaweed. Experiments reveal ties to cancer in lab rats, colitis, ulcers, and overall terrible consequences for the gut and digestive tract.

Let’s sum up this Herbalife review: 

If you need tips on healthy eating and healthy weight loss, click here, because Herbalife products are not only unhealthy but promote disease.

 I mean really, I can’t even count the ingredients in the Herbalife junk above. These include hydrogenated soy, canola and cottonseed oils, margarine, autolyzed yeast extract (also known as MSG), artificial flavors, wheat protein, and corn syrup.

Is Herbalife good for weight loss?

While Herbalife may be an effective weight loss tool, it is not a safe or healthy nutrition regimen.

There are better ways to lose weight and you should not sacrifice your health to accomplish that. In the same regard, it is also not the ideal product to put on muscle or use for bulking.

There are healthier options, starting with eating real, unrefined food grown locally, organically and sustainably. If you would like a healthy nutrition program, I highly suggest starting with my 21 Day Lifestyle Transformation.

Here is the recipe for the protein shake I make, it is unprocessed and actually good for you.

*I do not recommend most protein shakes and meal replacements, excluding the organic, grass-fed protein powder I linked to in this article. If you have a question about a particular brand of protein shakes and/or meal replacements, please provide a link to the product so I can more efficiently answer your question.



Herbalife Review - Read this holistic nutritionist's Herbalife review and learn whether Herbalife products and shakes really help you with weight loss.  #herbalife, #weightloss
Read this holistic nutritionist's Herbalife review and learn whether Herbalife products and shakes really help you with weight loss. #healthyliving #weightloss


      • Ok so it contains isolated soy no the best but a better alternative to a McDonald’s cheeseburger or the bacon you say you love in your other article …it’s pretty difficult for average person to get a hold of GMOs free products or learn the vast knowledge of unhealthy foods you got to learn from
        Schooling or the internet so you can sit there and explain how bad it is but I can do the same with the eggs you used for your food dishes those eggs could have came from chickens that were Gmo fed I didn’t see you write organic home raised chicken eggs next to your ingridients and for someone promoting healthy living and bashing other companies why do you have a brownie recepie?? I don’t care how healthy u make it a brownie is a brownie girl. (They have chocolate=sugar). I keep reading about FDA on some comments well the FDA also approves Kraft cheese twinkies and soda all which is bad for you. As for the shake once your at your ideal weight you don’t have to keep drinking shakes as long as you eat healthy your good. and as for the distributor part which I am I don’t sit behind a computer all day bashing and criticizing others I get up invite people for hikes gym excersice bootcamps so we don’t just promote and teach healthy eating we actually help people encourage them to excersice change their eating habits (direct talking not off my blog). And the satisfaction you get from physically helping someone is amazing or hearing how their borderline diabetic anymore or helped with their cancer I love what i do.Instead of being anti herbalife why aren’t you write about being pro organic growing and tell us how you went out and idk started farming/gardening your own food and actually did something to positively impact people’s lives. like us herbafreaks since we’re just out there spreading venom I hope you actually help people with this blog rather than confuse them now back to your brownie you go 😉

        • dani stout Reply

          You and so many other Herbalife pushers say, “Well it’s better than fast food.” REALLY? Is that the standard? No. It’s like saying, “A heroin addict is healthier than an alcoholic.” Well, no…not really. They’re just different and they’re both still unhealthy.

          I get pastured, organic bacon from my local farm. It IS healthy. Healthier than Herbalife, that’s a fact.

          Aaron, you’re really grasping at straws. Just because I didn’t write “gmo-free” eggs doesn’t mean I don’t use GMO-free eggs. I buy majority of my food from the local, organic farmers market. Including my eggs, which are raised on pasture and supplemented with organic feed! Also, my brownie recipe has less than 1 tbsp of sugar from sugar cane. These comments are ridiculous. Yes, I have a brownie recipe, a gluten-free-refined-sugar-free-organic-coconut-oil-rich brownie recipe. I have a lot of other healthy dessert recipes, you should probably check those out as well.

          You’re asking me why I don’t help others? I’m a health coach, bro! That’s exactly what I do.

          Herbalife does not help anyone with cancer, the ingredients in Herbalife are CARCINOGENIC. This is a fact. It’s terrible that this horrible product is pushed on so many unsuspecting people who think they’re doing something healthy.

          • Have you looked into Arbonne’s health and wellness products?? They’re awesome!

          • dani stout

            I just googled Arbonne’s protein powder ingredients, which are actually really bad for you.

          • Nick Howe

            Looking at the ingredients I would rather eat fast food, it’s cheaper than your over priced trash and not much worse. While you can make an impact going out and helping exposing what is not helping can help too, bad companies deserve to be dismantled and boycotted by the people, I would not mind this one, but they tell people they are making them healthy while destroying them, that is not right. Cheap gmo free food is completely available at the store btw, you may have to boil your own rice but the idea that it is hard to get/expensive is complete bullshit.

          • Big Pete

            Great blog and well done for spreading the word about this Herbalife scam….What an absolute Joke ,I am surprised that intelligent people believe this shit,but then again people still have imaginary friends too.
            Herbalife is an absolutely poison in a pretty package like Mcdeath..If you truly believe in better health you should read “The China study ” by Colin Cambell and then you wont want to eat bacon organic or not…. any more..
            Oh and I have Nothing to gain from this endorsement ,obviously unlike Aaron.

          • Reading the comment from the person,who seems to be for Herbalife, and reading Dani Stout comments,myself just recently doing a trial run with Herbalife products, where they are setting up a shop in a neighbor hood near you and advertising as Wellness Clubs….So as I did a small venture for a couple of weeks trying a shake here and there , a tea , so I started asking questions,does your product have GMO’s , could not get a straight answer, so I figured no need to ask about herbicides and if they used them or not,since the question’s about GMO’s,was a hard question to answer.Well the internet is a field of information and with any commonsense after finding many many sites pertaining to Herbalife, here’s a question to ask could this product pass a GMO stamp of approval of not having none, does it carry a stamp of organic approval, as far as I have seen on all of there labels ,none of these appear on any of there products. The thing I found most of all the people selling the product do not pry around and investigate the product and they have become indebted to the product….when the warning labeling comes out and is enforced on products Herbalife and products similar to them,they will not be known as heath products. In the 21 Century we have all the tools to search and check out products,there is no excuse to buy into misleading products now a days……Give the stamp of approval,the stamp of organic and NO GMO is stronger than words, can they do it.

          • Great post, I have lots of friends who use it against my advice, I will pass this on & well done on the witty replies 🙂

          • Thaddeus

            Well said. Shake diets are not sustainable, healthy, safe, smart, etc…It’s a shame that people don’t realize these facts. They just fall victim to the excuse of “Eating Healthy is to Expensive” or “I don’t have enough time to eat healthy”. People just need to educate themselves more about what is & what isn’t healthy. It’s not that hard to eat healthy. The crazy thing is that healthy food taste better also. Eating healthy makes your mind & body stronger as well. Not rocket science just common sense.

          • Girl, you are so righttttt.
            I sold herbalife in college thinking it was a good product when its crazy expensive shit…shit. Most People, excuse me… 99% of people know nothing about nutritional biochemitry so they think organic, nitrate free, organic fed bacon is bad for you. Correctly sourced saturated fat synthesizes youre vitamind d, creates your sex and stress hormones, makes up a large quantity of your brain and your cell membranes. Also a brownie is not a brownie, that was the funniest thing Ive ever read, I guess you dont understand the different between clean ingredients and man made ingredients that get stuck on your arterial wall (Hyrodgenated soybean shit oil). Oh wait you dont because you defend herbalife. Herbalife is liver hell. haha read a nutrition chemistry book I beg of you.

          • Just have to say I LOVE your response to aaron above making the ridiculous and ignorant comment about healthy foods.

            I have a real personal issue with Herbalife. It is a TERRIBLE company and the business model is a pyramid scheme and the products are so far from health foods crazy. Currently there are about 15 people popping up on my facebook newsfeed touting Herbalife and their supposedly amazing transformative powers and I’m angry that these people, my friends, have fallen for this fraudulent company. This quote, “99.92 percent of Herbalife participants lose money, and of that only 0.825 percent of participants make more than $13,028 per year, less than a living wage in virtually every corner of the United States,” comes from this article-

            Herbalife is currently going to Washington DC to explain their business model to congress.


          • I think you are so right about what you said that the ingredients in Herbalife are CARCINOGENIC.

            I myself follow a non- GMO diet. I also agree that soy of any kind is bad for you. I eat a soy free diet as well. I lost 100 lbs. the healthy way.

            Sadly lots of people don’t take the time to research about GMOs and how bad they are for you.

          • dani stout

            100 lbs? That’s amazing, congrats!

          • Deanne Morin

            Great post, keep it up people need to know about the snake oil salesmen out there and they are actually confusing a lot of unsuspecting people into thinking it is healthy. One of the biggest scams out there. Keep up the good work Dani!