7 Day Detox

My seven day detox doesn’t include restriction, fad diets, juice cleanses or deprivation. It’s about eating REAL food. No processed sugar or carbohydrates, no refined vegetable oils, no junk.

The body naturally detoxes on its own everyday, but this detox is about giving our bodies a little extra help. It’s a lot easier to detox when you’re not ingesting toxins or slathering them on your body.  Here’s what the 7 Day Detox can do:

  • support and improve digestion
  • reduce bloating
  • help clear acne
  • improve sleep
  • increase energy
  • balance your mood
  • support healthy weight loss
  • get glowing skin

It includes:

  • 25+ healthy, delicious recipes
  • mini guides on healthy fats, proteins and carbohydrates
  • non-toxic skincare and makeup
  • my favorite supplements for daily use and detoxification
  • a sample daily schedule of when to eat, journal, meditate, workout
  • healthy snacks and sweets so you don’t feel deprived

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