Planning on starting the Isagenix diet? Read this unbiased Isagenix review, in which I take a close look at the Isagenix diet, its side effects and ingredients, and learn whether it’s a safe way to lose weight or just another fad diet.

This Isagenix Review was UPDATED IN DECEMBER 2017 – and it’s even worse than I previously thought

After my post on Herbalife and how unhealthy their products are, I got a lot of questions about Isagenix and whether I could write an Isagenix review. So here we go.

Before it’s asked, this is the protein I use and recommend. I couldn’t find one good enough on the market, so I made my own. Grass-fed collagen with six organic superfoods: kale, spirulina, wheatgrass, broccoli, spinach and turmeric. I drink it in my daily smoothies and it gives me LIFE. Aka a healthy gut, glowing skin, strong digestion and energy for DAYS. Use code 10OFF for 10% off!

What is Isagenix and what does it promise?

The Isagenix diet is a popular weight loss program based on meal replacements. It’s used by dieters worldwide who are looking to drop pounds quickly.

Isagenix’s products promise to help you achieve a healthy weight, be able to train harder and recover faster, age more gracefully and boost overall wellness.

What are the ingredients of Isagenix?

Below are common ingredients found in Isagenix products:

  • rancid vegetable oils
  • gluten
  • soy
  • agave syrup
  • isolated fructose
  • additives
  • corn
  • synthetic vitamins linked to cancer

Below is the ingredient list for the Peanut butter FiberSnack:


Below is the ingredient list for the Slim Cake:

The ingredients in the Isalean chocolate bar:

The ingredients in the Isalean shake:


There are numerous synthetic vitamins in these Isagenix products but the most disturbing is the use of folic acid. I reached out to Isagenix directly and was told,

“Isagenix uses folic acid when it is a supplement or fortified food. When it is a whole food, you will see it listed as folate. Both are derived from natural processes. Please note that we use folic acid, not methylfolate in our products.”

This is false. Folic acid is made in a lab while folate is naturally occurring and found in food. There is a significant and dangerous difference between the two.

Folic acid is incredibly dangerous, especially for those who carry the MTHFR gene mutation – which estimates have shown 50% of the popular carry. People who carry this mutation are entirely unable to convert folic acid to folate (whereas the rest of us are just mostly unable to make this conversion).

In the Journal of the American Medical Association — suggesting that all the extra folic acid might increase your odds of developing cancer. “The more we learn about folic acid, the more it’s clear that giving it to everyone has very real risks,” says folic acid researcher David Smith, Ph.D., a professor of pharmacology at the University of Oxford in England.

Another study out of Chile linked folic acid supplementation with an increased risk of colon cancer.

And yet another study out of Norway linked folic acid supplementation with a 21% increase in lung cancer.

Folic acid and B12 supplementation was associated with a 21% increased risk for cancer, a 38% increased risk for dying from the disease, and an 18% increase in deaths from all causes.

While folate is a necessary part of a balanced diet, folic acid has actually been linked to increased rates of cancer (another source for ya).


Canola oil is one of the most damaging oils on the market today. It is found in most junk foods and is normally used as a frying oil due to its high smoke point. Not only is the majority of canola in the US genetically modified, it is extremely high in omega-6 fatty acids. This causes severe inflammation, especially if ingested regularly.

Here is a video about how this rancid oil is made. This video is ridiculous in so many ways. It starts out by saying that canola oil is the healthiest oil because it contains the lowest amount of saturated fat and has omega-3s, which is wildly untrue.

Then goes on to show how it’s processed – which is absolutely disgusting. I will never be able to understand how anyone thinks that a product (not a food) undergoes this amount of processing and is healthy.

To summarize the video:

The rapeseeds are firstly highly pressurized, forcing out the oil. To extract the remainder of the oil, the canola cakes undergo a 70-minute wash with a “chemical solvent.” This chemical solvent, my friends, is hexane. A neurotoxin.

Then the oil enters the refining phase, in which the oil is washed with sodium hydroxide, aka lye. After this, the oil is clearer but still contains waxes. Then the oil is cooled to 41 degrees to filter out the wax – which is used for vegetable shortening.

After this, the oil is bleached to remove the color, then “sue a steam injection heating process to remove the odor.” It’s heated to extremely high temperatures because the oil is literally rank and smells terrible.

This is a highly refined, rancid product that causes rampant inflammation in the body. You can read more about canola oil from my post on the subject HERE.


This study from Harvard found that men consuming the equivalent of one cup of soy milk per day had 50% lower sperm count than men who did not consume soy (even accounting for other factors like age, caffeine and alcohol intake, etc.).

From the study,

There was an inverse association between soy food intake and sperm concentration that remained significant after accounting for age, abstinence time, body mass index, caffeine and alcohol intake and smoking. In the multivariate-adjusted analyses, men in the highest category of soy food intake had 41 million sperm/ml less than men who did not consume soy foods.

Several studies have also linked soy to cancer.

…this pilot study indicates that prolonged consumption of soy protein isolate has a stimulatory effect on the premenopausal female breast, characterized by increased secretion of breast fluid, the appearance of hyperplastic epithelial cells, and elevated levels of plasma estradiol. Source

as well as,

We have demonstrated that the isoflavone, genistein, stimulates growth of estrogen-dependent human breast cancer (MCF-7) cells in vivo…Here we present new information that soy protein isolates containing increasing concentrations of genistein stimulate the growth of estrogen-dependent breast cancer cells in vivo in a dose-dependent manner. Source


From Butter Believer’s article on skim milk,

Before processing, skim milk has a very unappetizing blueish color, a chalky taste, and watery texture that doesn’t resemble natural milk at all. So, to whiten, thicken, and make it taste a little more normal, powdered milk solids are often mixed into the milk.

What’s so bad about powdered milk? Well, in the manufacturing process, liquid milk is forced through tiny holes at very high pressure, which causes the cholesterol in the milk to oxidize, and toxic nitrates to form.

Oxidized cholesterol contributes to the buildup of plaque in the arteries, while unoxidized cholesterol from unprocessed foods is actually an antioxidant to help fight inflammation in the body. The proteins found in powdered milk are so denatured that they are unrecognizable by the body and contribute to inflammation.


I take issue with anything listed as “natural flavors.” Because chances are, it’s not all that natural. Hell, even monosodium glutamate (MSG) can be masquerading as a natural flavor. The labelling is loosely regulated. In Food Rules: A Doctor’s Guide To Healthy Eating, Dr. Shanahan discusses a study in which 95% of ingredients listed as “natural flavor” contained MSG.

As for “natural” flavor, it could even be secretions from a beaver’s butt. Beavers secrete castoreum, which smells and tastes remarkably similar to vanilla.

Castoreum is a chemical compound that mostly comes from a beaver’s castor sacs, which are located between the pelvis and the base of the tail. Because of its close proximity to the anal glands, castoreum is often a combination of castor gland secretions, anal gland secretions, and urine…Still concerned you’re chowing down on beaver-bum goop? Because of its FDA label, in some cases, manufacturers don’t have to list castoreum on the ingredient list and may instead refer to it as “natural flavoring.” Yum. Source


I am not a fan of fructose. I don’t eat or recommend eating an excess of fruit, and therefore fructose isn’t problematic. Only the liver metabolizes fructose.

Too much fructose is toxic to the liver, and there is generally an abundance of fructose in most diets (especially the Standard American Diet). An excess of fructose raises triglycerides and increases fat production.

From Dr. Mercola,

When you consume fructose, 100 percent of it goes directly to your liver to be metabolized; this is why it can be extremely hepatotoxic when it overloads your liver, just like alcohol.


Keeping a balanced omega-3 to omega-6 ratio is extremely important. An abundance of omega-6 fatty acids cause inflammation and wreak havoc on the body. Unfortunately, sunflower oil is extremely high in polyunsaturated fat and per one cup has 436 mg of omega-3 fatty acids and 86776 mg of omega-6 fatty acids. This is a highly inflammatory oil.


Maltodextrin is a processed food additive, generally derived from corn. Isagenix will not say whether they do or do not use genetically modified corn.

In conclusion:

Let’s sum up my Isagenix review: While not as bad as Herbalife, Isagenix still uses several ingredients that I find highly questionable. Lasting health and healthy weight loss do not come from a shake, a bar, or a “SlimCake.”

Like Herbalife, Isagenix may be an effective weight loss tool. So is anorexia. Does that make Isagenix products healthy? Does that mean a person should use them to lose weight? No.

We need to stop looking for health in a pill, in a shake, or in any other quick fix. The only way to truly be healthy is to eat well, to eat real, whole, unprocessed food. I will teach you exactly how to do this in my 21 Day Lifestyle Transformation.

I wrote this Isagenix review because I do not want you to fall for meal replacement shakes, for protein bars, or otherwise gimmicky foods. These companies produce cheap, toxic products and push them off on people as healthy alternatives (to what exactly I’m not sure). Instead, watch my video on how to make a protein shake that is not only unprocessed but actually good for you.

As of November 2014, there are over 800 comments on this Isagenix review.

I will  now automatically delete comments that include or are similar to the following:

  • comments that are offensive in any way
  • name calling  (this tells me you have no better argument against me by the way)
  • calling me a liar – scroll down, I linked to my sources as well as directly to the ingredients on the Isagenix website
  • commenters that try to argue by providing “research” directly from Isagenix
  • commenters that accuse me of downing an MLM company just for being MLM, I never did this
  • and in general, uneducated comments that do not promote the discussion surrounding Isagenix and the ingredients found in Isagenix products

*It’s come to my attention that an external website that sells Isagenix says the whey they use is from grass-fed cows and that they do not use GMOs. I am suspicious of this for several reasons.

  • The first being that this information is from a website whose intention is to sell this very product. They are no GMO-free verified and nowhere do they label their products as GMO-free.
  • But even if all of the products in Isagenix were 100% organic, the ingredients are still toxic. Soybean oil, gluten, fructose, non-fat dry milk, corn bran, etc. are not healthy.

**While Isagenix is not verified GMO-free in the US, it is in Australia and New Zealand. They do say they do not use any GMO products. Though considering they do use soy, corn, and canola, which are over 90% genetically modified, I am suspicious. Consider that there isn’t even approval for GM wheat and it was found growing in Oregon, then consider that over 90% of these crops are GM and often cross-contaminated with non-GM crops.

An unbiased Isagenix Review (2017)

Additional Sources


  1. Tanya Hicks Reply

    i am sorry – but this whole article is totally inaccurate. And what is your credentials as a nutritional specialist?

    Fact: Food does not have the same nutritional value in it any more, and does not meed the needs of our society.

    Fact: our bodies are not set up to remove the amount of toxins that are put into it from many different sources.

    If you are going to set up a blog you better know what you are talking about and do ACCURATE research.

    I will be ensuring that i circulate this blog to all of the health professionals i know to ensure that you are exposed for giving inaccurate information.

    You are the one that is very dangerous.

    • dani stout Reply

      What exactly is inaccurate about this article?

      This information was pulled directly from the Isagenix website. How can you even try to dispute that?

      I agree, our soil is depleted and therefore our food does not have the same nutritional content in general. This is why I buy local and organic food exclusively, and encourage others to do the same.

      We do experience a higher toxic load than any generation in history, which is why I also encourage safe and effective detoxification methods.

      I do know what I’m talking about and this information is accurate. Did you not clearly understand that this information is pulled directly from

      Please do circulate this to all of the health professionals you know. Any health professional that has the slightest grasp of nutritional knowledge will look at these ingredients and know that these products are toxic.

      Again, this information is not inaccurate, it’s directly from the Isagenix website and it’s what’s in their products, which most people neglect to read.

      If encouraging people to eat whole, unprocessed, organic, local and sustainably raised food is dangerous, then yes, I’m extremely dangerous.

      • Wonderful reply Dani!

        I have several friends on this crap and also Herbalife that I am trying to reform to eating real wholesome foods instead. So far their reason for “eating” this junk is that they are lazy and unmotivated to take the time to cook real wholesome food. Very sad but I will keep trying.

        My one friend “sells” Isagenix and is very gung ho and ra ra about their products and keeps asking me to meet with him to just try it. My answer is always No thank you I do not consume those type of “food” supplements. I get all I need from the real food I eat.

        But don’t you want more energy and be able to burn fat to lose weight? That is his typical question to me each time I say No. My response is I have more energy than I know what to do with and I am losing weight just fine on my work out routine and with the foods I choose to put in my body.

        Thanks again, I shared this with all of them!

        • Tara McNally Reply

          I agree with you wholeheartedly. I love making my own protein shakes with pure natural ingredients from my own raw milk and pastured eggs. Isagenix is awesome for people used to a McDonald’s diet and fast food. I consider Isagenix a stepping stone to health for these people, however I cannot promote it as I was raised by parents who taught me the pillars to health came from our foods. Most Americans did not have this foundation so I commend Isagenix as a starting point, it is much better than fast food.

        • Her response is below. I responded to her as you did with your friend tried with you. But this was not a friend I know in my own life. This was just someone that requested to be my friend on FB. She saw that we had a lot in common. She reached out back in November to have me call her and at least try to skype when I had some time. She had something to tell/talk to me about. I avoid it; because I knew/felt that wasn’t about being new friends…but to sell me on something. Shelah, I agree with you. Dani…you keep going with this. Just because Organic/GMO free is used on packaging/products…doesn’t mean it is any better for you. Will smoking organic cigarette be better for you? NOT!!!!

          ” Hi Hanh, Yes, I am with Isagenix. I understand how you feel that way about shakes also. I was glad I took the time to speak with the formulator. He’s an amazing person and he really understands how to put whole food nutrition into a shake. He explained to me how our body has to actually liquefy the food we eat and break it down into it’s most basic components. He decided to put together a shake that already had all the nutrients our body needs, broken down so our body does not have to do the arduous task of digestion. It tastes really good and I think that if you looked into it very closely you would find that like me, you would be very pleased. If you know anyone who would be interested in something like this and you referred them to me, I would truly be grateful.
          That link is the science with professional articles. It is not a diet but rather a whole body nutritional cleansing and replenishing program.
          It is organic, non-GMO, very high quality, taking toxins out, rather than putting them in. Best to you!!”

          • “the arduous task of digestion” is something our bodies is meant to do. Digestion is part of your metabolism, which keeps your cells happy.

          • Stephen Scott

            Why do we have molar teeth, maybe not to chew as a carnivore but when extremely needed is handy. And oh yes, that leaves grains and seeds to chew so that they naturally digest in our, oh yes, digestinal tract. If you want to be like an invalid old person and be on fluidized food for the rest of your life, ok then, and oh what are tastebuds for?

          • If you really must consume shakes to help your body digest it’s food then get a blender and make Green Smoothies.
            You could buy a Vitamix and as many organic Fruit and Veggies you liked and it would still be cheaper than Isogenix.

          • Hi Hanh
            Im looking into Isagenix & have a few friends enjoying it with what seems to be great results….. Is there any evidence Isagenix is Organic Non-GMO??
            Kind Regards

      • Leisa Roder Reply

        You have listed the ‘common ingredients’ which you are objecting to but most of them aren’t even in the ingredient list of the products you pasted up… wow.. and like Tanya said, what are you credentials? You have said you know what you are talking about but you don’t back that with any credentials or evidence. Isagenix is very carefully formulated by scientists and doctors and careful research is conducted. It looks to me like you clearly have some info about eating whole foods which is great, but you are just against shakes… and I totally agree, I think shake diets are very bad as they lack nutrients and are filled with rubbish but personally and professionally, isagenix has been clinically proven and it works and the research shows this clearly if you look harder and people look into it themselves thoroughly, not just go off a comment that anyone can make. Whole foods are great, but why are we putting on weight on whole foods if they are so good for us and you said yourself the soil is depleted. I wish you well in your journey and hope you are able to look further into this with an open mind.

        • dani stout Reply

          Please see my updated article. I further explain the issue with the ingredients.

          Please explain how soybean oil, fructose, agave, maltodextrin, Isomaltooligosaccharide, corn, tricalcium phosphate, etc are nutritionally beneficial?

          Also, my credentials are directly listed on my “About” page.

          The ingredients I object to are directly on their ingredient list, so I’m not sure what you’re talking about.

          • Kyle Baker

            I am guessing Tonya Hicks and Leisa are distributors. I am personally a fan of supplements but there are so few that are actually decent.





            Is THIS enough proof for you? I have researched for a year now the food I eat and the nutrients I was not getting that were leaving me feeling bloated all the time, fatigued, full of inflammation. Isagenix was a life saver to me!! Don’t bash anything you have not tried or experienced. Just sayin……..

          • dani stout

            I think this is about the 73rd time I’ve said this to an Isagenix supporter – using articles from Isagenix to back up your argument is illogical, biased and ridiculous. You know Monsanto has a ton of reading and studies on why GMOs are healthy. It’s in the best interest of the company to promote their products, not provide actual scientific information.

            I highly doubt that you have researched food for a year, if this were true then you’d likely have even the slightest grasp on nutrition.

            I don’t need to smoke crack to know it ain’t good for me.

          • Well done Dani. A great article. I love all the “where are your credentials” talk because that’s the goto for people who are underqualified to give people nutritional advice but are pushing shit products.

            Dani doesn’t need credentials to read a label Leisa and if you weren’t so brainwashed by the whole “we’re a family that want to be free and healthy and live life crap” then you would realise this too. Recently my girlfriend who works as a physiotherapist at a top clinic in Melbourne and knows a fair bit about Nutrition was pushed samples of these products by one of probably 10,000 ‘unique’ sellers in Australia . She mentioned she had fructose intolerance as diagnosed through thorough testing and the seller said “oh you’ll be fine there’s no fructose in these” she didn’t even know what was in her own products. Stop being little passengers in a world where you can create your own path and get some thoughts of your own Leisha and crew. Its a shit product on the same lines as progenex and herbalife.

            In regards to Lorraines comments, sorry Lorraine your obviously new to the internet as those websites are set up by isagenix. To combat people who’ve can think for themselves. Hence the website url addresses.

            “oh look at me! Im a manager and my own boss!, yay I get additional income and I can work from home, selling shit products to people and feel like im helping them”

            Get a life people, create your own products and businesses, and actually help people if that’s what you want to do

          • Dani, if you would take time to actually read the Isagenix articles you would discover that each article (I am not referring to the marketing material) is fully backed by highly acclaimed and respected scientific, medical and nutritional research and professional publications. Isagenix did not appear from nowhere based on a whim or fancy. It is proven, tested by third party, and has reputable, fully backed by respected doctors and others in all fields of medicine.

          • lol ok after reading your about page, this article all of a sudden became A BIASED review of Isagenix

          • I’ve never tried isagenix, but this is ridiculous.

            Would you eat something that included dihydrochalcone glycosides as an ingredient? Or cholorogenic acid? Or p-coumaric acid? How about phenylalanine?

            If you’re eating apples or oranges, you’re eating those ingredients.

            (And how are corn and agave NOT nutritionally beneficial? They’re both plants.)

          • dani stout

            Did you not read the article or were you not able to comprehend it?

            The ingredients I have an issue with are not the scientific names for naturally occurring components – I have an issue with the synthetic ingredients. I made this abundantly clear.

            I also think I pretty clearly outlined how corn and agave are not healthy. But using your logic – poison ivy is a plant too, it must be nutritionally beneficial!

          • Im new to Isagenix. Im 20 days into the 30 day cleanse.
            Im away from home for 13 hours a day with work (on an island which I have to catch a ferry to and from), I have a dog who deserves some of my time daily, like to keep a clean house, have clean clothes every day, get some exercise daily if I can, and I don’t have a wife to cook for me like most of my work mates do. So far with the cleanse, I initially dropped 4kg and 3 belt sizes, (1st time under 110kg in 10 years), am sleeping better, given up coffee, thinking clearer, no more inflammation in my joints, and I now have the energy to: work out more often (I’ve put 1kg of lean muscle back on bringing weight loss back down to 3kg), give my dog more exercise, and most importantly, I now have the energy and the drive to plan my main meal for the day with the absolute focus on the very REAL and natural nutrition you imply from organic produce. I’ve known about good nutrition at least at a basic to intermediate level for some time because I care about my health and I realise that only I am the authority with which my life and health depend. Intimately. But that doesn’t mean that I am immune from the pressures of life, long hours at work, bills to pay, adventures to plan and pay for, etc. I am human. And so we all are. All so very different in our experiences and subsequent characters, yet so very much the same in our inherent nature.
            I found myself about 25 days ago, being faced with the choice of trying Isagenix. I looked into it. I did some research. I was discerning. And given that those who introduced me to it were close family and I had been watching their results closely and was actually impressed, I decided to give it a go. But lets be clear about something: I owned that decision completely. It was not sold, because I will not be sold to. Now, 20 days in, so many of my hopes and dreams are back in gear and the adventures I’ve been hoping and praying to be part of are within my conscious control. Isagenix didn’t do that. I did. I saw Isagenix as a tool and I realised that my application of that tool would be paramount to the success or failure of the venture. Sure, I understand and appreciate that some of the ingredients are suspect. But so is the fluoride added to water supplies that is still mandatory in most provinces and states of New Zealand and Australia where I’ve spent the majority of my 39 years. And we know what that stuff does to our pineal gland… right? And what the pineal gland does for us and how important latest neurological studies are suggesting it is to our overall experience as “living systems?” I really hope thats a bandwagon those of you with “credentials” are on. I don’t mean that disrespectfully, I sincerely mean that.
            We have so many toxins, processed food like products, chemicals for this, chemicals for that…
            Heres a statement for you: We are NOT what we eat. We are what we ABSORB.
            I am nobody. I have NO “credentials”. Simple as that. I am nobody. No degree, no diploma, no “reputation”.
            But when I consciously choose to travel to far away countries, be accepted by the indigenous people and accept them in return, who hold ancient knowledge and wisdom for the future betterment and evolution of our species, do service to a community, to be part of a combined and soul felt movement for love, understanding, acceptance and peace, then I am SOMEBODY.
            Isagenix plays no part in that previous paragraph, other than it has proven to be a useful tool which has directed my gaze back towards the sun and all its vibrance.
            I am alive again. I feel it again.
            I wont use this tool forever, but I may use it again on occasion.
            Lets not forget, that we are talking about life here. Not just mine. Not just yours. Not just nutrition. We are what we ABSORB. Psychologically, emotionally, spiritually, AND nutritionally. And those things are all inherently interrelated. Our spirituality can dictate our emotion. Our emotion can dictate our brain chemistry. Our brain chemistry can dictate our body chemistry which in turn can dictate what nutrition we absorb. And ALL of those can dictate our psychology. And round and round we go…
            This isn’t so much about “life” as it is about LIVING. And living is a movement. Not a set of static states dictated by those with “credentials”, or by a scientist who “specialises” in one of those static states that bares no awareness or observation to the whole living system.
            If we are going to talk organic, why just nutrition? Why not address the organics (or lack of) of the most influential environmental variable there is: Our thoughts?
            If I listen to him… believe her, am I not stepping away from the true organics of original thought? Do my thoughts not then become a merry-go-round of “what somebody else said?”
            I am not evolved. You are not evolved. “WE” are not evolved. “WE” are nobody. I am nobody. And who I am is not important to YOUR experience. If you are curious about who I am, then its only a matter of interest isn’t it? Like if you are hungry and you go to a restaurant, standing at the window and watching me eat won’t ease your hunger. Will it? You must go “within” and partake.
            So I wonder how long we carry on with all these kinds of “comparisons” of each other. I am this… you are that…
            At the end of the day, does it really matter to the individual who is thinking organically in a morally inorganic world how many people signed up for Isagenix today???
            Are there not more pressing issues in the world today that deserve our upmost attention??? Our organic thought and acceptance that there is only, has only ever been, and will only ever be ONE authority on these things? The authority that ONE has in regards to the ONLY relationship that ONE ever has? The ONE relationship with the entirety of the earth and every form of life upon it?
            So, I am going to finish my 30 day Isagenix cleanse (with questionable ingredients), apply intent towards this “tool” being a useful ally towards the transition to a healthier, happier, and more heartfelt lifestyle. And this coming November when Im sitting on Mother Earths bare and natural surface in the Ecuadorian Amazon under the “Eyebrows of the Andes” with the Secoya Elders, learning and experiencing true rainforest medicine and ancient wisdom in a place where the word “organic” does not exist, while the smoke and destruction of industry that threatens the survival of our very race grows ever closer decimating all in its path, I will think. Organically.
            And I guarantee you this: Not one iota of an “erg” will be energetically transferred towards wondering if signing up for a 30 day cleanse with Isagenix was a good move or not. I may make use of it again. In fact, I will likely continue with SOME of the products for a while. Might even sign a few people to get my adventure fund up. What do you know… Better health, better lifestyle, AND wealth creation…
            All depends on how you look at it now doesn’t it?
            Hmmm… The Elders are getting pretty old. I think they are having trouble rowing up river these days to fish for their dinner… I wonder if I can afford to buy them a small outboard motor? Maybe I can. Maybe.
            With love and respect to BOTH sides of this debate,
            Tim Edge
            FB: Timothy Turtle (Edgey)

          • I dunno even know where you pulled the ingredients list from! It’s so inaccurate. So what if you are a holistic coach it doesn’t mean anything. First of, your source is not accurate. I am into supplements and truly believe in whole food and clean eating. However, Isagenix is by far the safest when comes to Herbalife, Shakeology, Nuskin, Usana and Unicity when comes to toxicity and percentage of chemical compounds. Like you mentioned, US soil is depleted so where else do you get the nutrients; plants, fruits? LOL

          • dani stout

            I linked directly to the website where I got the ingredients from. You really should at least be familiar with the ingredients in the products you’re peddling.

            And yeah, it’s completely CRAZY to think you can get vitamins and minerals from actual food!

          • Francisco

            For those of us who are open minded and have been through the ropes on the MLM world, and are willing to do the research it takes to understand how health is achieved, you don’t need to state your credentials. Irregardless of them, you are stating your opinion based on the ingredients listed on the label. So don’t you worry about telling me who you are.
            You’ve done and beautiful job at breaking down the label in a way than nobody can dispute. They can argue. But never dispute because is in the label.
            Thank you

          • A friend of mine forwarded me this article… and I have to say… Kudos to you for writing this ….many of my thoughts, exactly. I don’t care if you were an art teacher, writing in your spare time… Your information is very accurate.

            Good luck to you, I appreciate your candid-ness…

            Dr. Ashley

          • A certified nutrition consultant that doesn’t understand that isomaltooligosaccharide is simply a complex carb that is a probiotic? If a probiotic is not beneficial…
            Isomaltooligosaccharide (IMO) is a mixture of short-chain carbohydrates which has a digestion-resistant property. IMO is found naturally in some foods
            Isomalto-Oligosaccharide is a naturally occurring plant-based dietary fiber. It is prebiotic, soluble, and low-glycemic.


            1. PDRNS. 2001. Prebiotics. in: PDR for Nutritional Supplements (1st Ed.). Physicians’ Desk Reference (PDR); Demoines, Iowa/Medical Economics Data Production Company; Montvale, New Jersey, pp. 372-375.

            2. Tungland, B.C.; Meyer, D. 2002. Nondigestible oligo-and polysaccharides (dietary fiber): Their physiology and role in human health and food. Compr Rev Food Sci Food Safety 3:73-92.

            3. Dietary Reference Intakes Proposed Definition of Dietary Fiber. A report of the panel of the Definitionn of Dietary Fiber and the Standing Committee of the Scientific Evaluation of Dietary Reference Intakes. Food and Nutrition Board. Institute of Medicinae. National Academy Press, Washington, D.C. 2001.

            4. Chow J. Probiotics and Prebiotics. A brief overview. J. Ren. Nutrition. 2002; 12(2): 76-86.

            Dani, if you want to claim that you have accurate knowledge, PLEASE have accurate knowledge 😉

        • Geoff Finch Reply

          Hey Leisa,
          Just because scientists and doctors research and back a product, does this make that product safe for consumption? How does business effect their input and work on synthesizing and endorsing certain ingredients? Do you think it’s possible they could be PAID to create a COST EFFECTIVE product which may APPEAR to be healthy to the lay man? How does a magician perform a “trick?” It is likely they are “tricking” the audience into believing the “magic” they perform is real. The fact that it is a TRICK, as in not a real magical event, does not make the field any less marketable and profitable. Here is a great little read about a product likely created by scientists, and quite possibly endorsed by doctors at some point:

          This case is a highly unfortunate example of a person who believed in a supplement, and at no fault of his own, fell victim to the health detriments it caused. Do you think he would have been better off if he had an un-credentialed friend who recommended he stay away from the product, or maybe even recommend he eat whole foods and unprocessed foods instead? I think so.

          • Geoff Finch

            Oh yea,
            Before I forget, I think Dani IS certified. By Blue Heron. Since 2012. Her about page can be a valuable resource in these trying times…


          • Exactly! Remember that doctors used to promote smoking cigarettes too.

          • I love when they say it’s backed by Dr.’s or Scientists. So neither have ever been paid off to make it appear different. Isagenix is now a multi-billion dollar business and can pay well. I believe Michael Jackson paid a Dr. to do things for him as well….how did that work out for him?

          • Very well said Tim Edge. Opinions and even some form of clinical information is fine, but at the end of the day what gives anyone the right to chastise others for choosing to walk a certain path in life? Oh and yes, medical practitioners can support, research, recommend and endorse all they like, that didn’t help the sufferers of thalidomide did it?

        • Do you people even listen to yourselves?? “This stuff is formulated by scientist and doctors”. ” Our bodies are made to get rid of the toxins put into the foods we eat”. There couldn’t be a more ignorant statement made. The doctors, government, and scientist are all in this together with the pharmaceutical companies and food industries. This is one way they control the population and make money in the process. Don’t y’all watch the drug commercials. All of the synthetic crap they make is what’s causing heart disease, diabetes, cancer and more. They all make money off the drugs that they sale. More people should listen to bloggers like this on eating healthy organic whole foods. You’d spend a lot less time at the doctor if you did. Our government does not care about “We The People”. The last 7 years should have proven that much. All they are out for is the all mighty dollar.

        • Carefully researched to discover that….what exactly? And for whom are these scientists and researchers working? Oh, and the FDA doesn’t support any studies done on supplements. At all. Completely unregulated industry.

        • Scientists who develop many of the drugs that are causing serious side effects, including death, are making claims of the safety of the drugs they develop…they even once claimed that cigarettes were “safe”. Point is, just because it’s stated by scientist doesn’t mean it’s true.

        • Most people gain weight because they consume more calories than they burn. Change the ratio and you loose weight. Though I am over 66 with a lower speed of metabolism than ever, I continue to eat who le foods and simply increase my output to sustain my desired weight. I do not wait until I am overweight by 5 pounds. I adjust by burning of calories to balance out the previous day input. If I eat a brownie, I ride my bike longer the next day. This saves tons of money. Tons of time looking in the mirror wishing I could loose weight.

          Fiber is really important. Shakes usually have little fiber. How about Isagenix. The bars probably have fiber.
          I am just doing my research on this product for a friend.
          Lucky we all have a choice how we spend our $ and time.

      • Dear Dani,
        ALthough I appreciate a well written article with information about good and bad clean healthy eating, I have to disagree with your blog. I’m not too sure which isagenix website you visited but your information is inaccurate, and you do not have a referenace to and actual isagenix website in your resources. Isagenix is SOY FREE, and GLUTEN FREE. I just think if you are going to give people advice on health and wellness then you should do your true due diligence in your research. If you did get this information straight from i would like to know where? I just searched their website and could find nothing that said they use soy or gluten. I also read this on their website as a straight descritpion copy and pasted “Available in Creamy Dutch Chocolate, Creamy French Vanilla and Black Sesame, our shakes are also low in saturated fat, sodium and cholesterol with added enzymes that break down carbohydrates, proteins and fats to maximize the absorption of key nutrients. What’s more, IsaLean Shakes contain 24 grams of high-quality undenatured protein from New Zealand dairy cows that exceed USDA organic standards. Best of all, at only 240 calories, 6 grams of fat and less than $3 a meal, an IsaLean Shake is the perfect, well-balanced meal, no matter your lifestyle.

        NEW IsaLean Shake in Black Sesame can be enjoyed hot or cold. This savory, flavorful shake is a terrific gluten-free complete meal in a glass (or cup).
        Myo–IsaLean Complex is an undenatured protein blend sourced exclusively from grass-fed dairy cows not treated with hormones or antibiotics and raised on the pristine pastures of New Zealand. Minimally processed and the purest you can find, our proprietary, cheerful cow certified protein blend features:

        A higher whey-to-milk-protein ratio comparable to the nutritional value of human breast milk and clinically shown to help you stay fuller longer, support muscle growth and maintenance and healthy blood sugar levels
        A milk protein concentrate vs. calcium caseinate as a source of protein, which increases the concentration of branched-chain amino acids to fuel muscle growth and create lean body mass
        Increased amounts of lactase make it easy to digest” (Source )
        It also clearly states on their website that their products are SOY and GLUTEN FREE.
        you can find more scientific research and ingredient breakdowns here
        Although I do not believe everything I read online, I feel that if you have a large following of readers you should really be providing them with true facts. I did like the info your wrote about Fructose, and I understand you are trying to promote clean healthy eating of real food without the use of meal replacement. I myself am an organic, all natural food lover. I am an isagenix user also though. Their company provides me with the latest information of GMO labeling News, Organic food choices, and healthy alternatives to feed my family. It’s not just about the shakes I want to make that clear, we learn how to eat clean, think clean, and COOK clean. I am not a diet fad girl, this is truly the only thing I’ve ever tried for weight loose and it definitely works, but it’s been so much more than that for me.
        As I said, your article was informative, but inaccurate and I would really encourage you to revisit your sources and revisit the ingredients your wrote about.

        Have a great day,

        • dani stout Reply

          I suggest doing more research on Isagenix products, that maybe doesn’t come directly from Isagenix themselves. Of course they’re going to promote their product to the fullest extent; therefore linking to Isagenix to prove your point, doesn’t really prove your point.

          Furthermore, Isagenix DOES use gluten and soy, so you should definitely be more aware of these products.

          The ingredients I listed in the article were pulled directly from the site. See here:

          *FYI – things like non-fat milk, which is contained in the above, IS a denatured protein. This also contains soy.

          *contains wheat and soy as well as rancid vegetable oils

          As I said, my article is 100% factual and you actually need to check the facts. These are the ingredients that are listed directly on the site.

          You have a great day too,

          PS- some other quick points:
          It is literally a fact that fructose is toxic to the liver, it’s fine in small doses that are naturally occurring, like fruit.
          Isagenix is not a certified GM-free product, definitely not in the US.

          • You are incorrect, Dani, in some of your conclusions regarding Isagenix. However you are entitled to your opinion, as long as you disqualify your statements as your opinion and not a statement of fact.

            There is only one Isagenix product with gluten which is the SlimCakes. Gluten is not toxic and only a problem with people who have an allergy to gluten. SlimCakes are not really a part of any system, just offered as a healthy snack alternative.
            There is absolutely no Soy protein. They use soy lecithin as an emulsifier…Lecithins are oily substances that are naturally found in plants (soybeans) and animals (egg yolks). It is extracted for use as an emulsifier in many prepackaged foods such as ice cream, milk shakes and chocolates. As an emulsifier, it helps keep fats and water from separating and produces smoothness in our IsaLean Shakes and IsaDelight Plus dark chocolates.

            Far from being a “toxic sludge” as suggested around the internet, the phospholipid is an important part of all cell membranes. It plays a role as a component of bile in the small intestine and is a major source of choline in the diet, which is vital for proper metabolism of fats in the liver. It’s also a precursor for acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter in the brain. For these reasons, you may see lecithin available as a supplement in natural health stores.

            The non-GMO soy lecithin found in IsaLean Shake is ultra-purified so it’s free of any proteins or contaminants. Soy lecithin doesn’t contribute any amount of soy protein (so it is hypoallergenic) and it doesn’t contribute any soy isoflavones (which are phytoestrogens). These are eliminated through purification and should not present a concern to those needing to avoid them.
            I did get my info from Isagenix, but they do like to clarify why some ingredients are included. Here the complete article….

          • dani stout

            Gluten is toxic to all people, especially modern-day gluten. You need to do actual research on gluten.

            I never said there was any soy protein, there is soy lecithin. Soy lecithin is still a processed ingredients, and soy is still processed using hexane, A NEUROTOXIN.

            You’re right about fat, roughly half of cell membranes are made up of SATURATED FATS, not rancid polyunsaturated fats from vegetable oils.

            I’m not sure who sold all of you guys on the “soy lecithin is purified not processed” BS, but it’s seriously ridiculous.

            Like I’ve said before, using Isagenix articles to support Isagenix is not legit.

          • There is a difference between soy lecithin and soybean. I’d suggest you research, and not all soy is bad for you some of the time. I disagree with your fructose assumption, as you give no better alternative especially since the only alternatives on the market are much worse for you. I think you should do further checking beyond reading a label. The company holds regular universities in which you can personally meet the scientists and physicians leading the way in bringing better healthy choices to our world. Reading a website really only gives you a glimpse. There is much, much more. That’s why you need a coach, or someone who has taken time to further their understanding. The very things you mention, are exactly what Isagenix is not. It is too bad that you are keeping other people from experiencing something that could change their lifestyle from bad to good.

          • dani stout

            Did I say there wasn’t a difference between soy lecithin and soybean oil?

            It’s not a fructose “assumption,” it’s a fact. I also clearly say that raw, local honey is a better alternative.

          • fyi – it is NOT ‘literally a fact’ that fructose is toxic to the liver – unless you mean in the same way that anything and everything is toxic to any tissue (in excess). So to single out fructose as a bad ingredient is quite misleading and inflammatory.

            Fructose is metabolized in the liver (as is nearly everything you put in your body), but a multitude of metabolic enzymes modify the sugar (as in any metabolic pathway) to trioses identical to those found in the glycolytic pathway (see ‘glucose’).

            Credentials: PhD Biochemist.

          • dani stout

            Yes it is literally a fact that fructose is toxic to the liver in excess, it can even be toxic in moderate to limited amounts for certain people.

            Glucose and fructose are metabolized differently, anyone who argues otherwise clearly has no idea what they are talking about. Glucose is used by every cell in the body, while fructose is metabolized only by the liver; the process of which produces free radicals and triglycerides.

          • I somehow or another got sucked into the isagenix cult by some people that I know and trust. It worked for them and they looked great. I am now sending this garbage back. I don’t care what anyone says it is just that…garbage. There are 4 cleanse days where you drink all this stuff and pop pills and don’t eat. This left me sick to my stomach. This is not a lifestyle that anyone can maintain nor should they even try. I am on day 5 of stomach cramps, bowel problems, nausea, vomiting, headaches, joint pain, aches, etc. I don’t feel cleansed I feel sick. I am going back to my whole foods diet as that has never made me sick…ever! If you ask any isa supporter they’ll tell you that it’s just my body clearing toxins…well I was on an all organic whole food diet before..I can’t imagine I was chalked full of toxins. I have lost 10 pounds…but I don’t feel great. Good luck to anyone that gives it a try. It was not for me!

          • Hi Dani – I just stumbled across this. I am a Veterinarian who has done some Med School post-grad in human nutrition and disease, and I absolutely back your take on Isagenix.

            I fail to see how the harm it will do to people could outweigh any modest, temporary (there is enough literature to show that these types of weight loss plans are invariably temporary) weight loss.

            I see that NZ (where I live) dairy is being lauded as some sort of milky panacea. Unfortunately our marketing far outweighs our commitment to environmental stewardship. It is worth watching Dr Mike Joy’s “100% pure delusion” talk to learn more about this misconception. He is the senior lecturer in Ecology & Zoology at Massey University.

            And even if NZ dairy were all it was cracked up to be – that wouldn’t be enough to redeem this junky product.

            It has been two decades since we first began to learn of the potential harm from synthetic vitamins in the ATBC and CARET trials. I would recommend these as required reading for anyone considering Isagenix or similar supplements.


          • dani stout

            Very interesting. Thanks for your comment, Anna!

          • Brooke Raymond

            Keep going Dani! I love that people are trying to justify putting toxins in their bodies because our digestion system should remove those toxins!? WTF – maybe I should do a line of coke and hope my body can process that toxin out of my body. People want the quick fixes. I’m locking my arms with you and the people that understand nutrition are locking arms with you too. KEEP IT UP!!!

          • dani

            Thank you! Haha, solidarity sister!

          • Hi

            Off the subject of Isagenix but asking a question about a statement you made…
            I am not a fan of fructose. Yes, it is found in fruit and that’s okay. I don’t eat or recommend eating an excess of fruit, and therefore fructose isn’t problematic. While glucose is used by every cell in the body, fructose is only metabolized by the liver. Too much fructose is toxic to the liver, and there is generally an abundance of fructose in most diets (especially the Standard American Diet). An excess of fructose raises triglycerides and increases fat production.

            If fructose is only metabolized in the liver does that include cancer? Would you say cancer does not metabolize and utilize fructose? Thanks for your reply.

          • Dani, I admire your passion and commitment! I’d like to share my passion for a company I love. We are a 62 year old company backed by 100 years of science. The philosophy begins with being Beyond Organic, and in harmony with nature. I’d love to talk. Karen

        • Dear Megan, Leisa, Dani and any other interest parties,

          I have started isagenix and now at day 8 of a 30 day cleanse. I am doing to give it a try as a my personal trainer mentioned it to me. I can only concur with Dani about the ingredients list as I have all the products she has mentioned which are the ones you mention Megan too and they have the ingredients that Dani has published on her blog. THEREFORE isagenix does is gluten, contains fructose, maltodextrin etc. So someone really needs to read the back of the packaging! As I said I am giving it a go as a template to regulate eating habits and to see what are the benefits as was looking for more energy. Australian farmers are the most efficient producers of food we need to eat everyday. Lets just buy fresh food and then we would all be a lot healthier!

        • ISAGENIX was not found gluten free.

          I tried it and I am gluten intolerant and have anaphylactic reactions to any form of gluten, traces or anything small.

          My life was at serious threat from consuming an isagenix shake. I would never do it again.

          • Michelle

            Wow that’s interesting I have my kids doing it ATM and they got it off their friend whom is selling it and she is a celiac ! Really thought I was right in that! I don’t think they even know any of this info ,but they don’t listen anyway!

        • Absolute lies Megan – go check out their ingredients and you’ll find they contain soy, wheat, and traces of nuts !! LIAR!!!! To prove this:

          AND :

          no get back on your high horse and leave this honest reviewer alone…
          At the beginning of the Isagenix “Are you Toxic” Video on their home page, their is also a disclaimer saying none of their research is backed by official scientific evidence!!!! It comes up so fast and dissappears as quickly but i paused it and presto!!! So really Dani is right, do your research !!!!! You dont need to buy her 21 day plan to talk about products in a blog you fool!!! You are the one who is mistaken about ingredients…

          • Interesting that you say this about the disclaimer.. It reads that it hasn’t been evaluated by the FDA, for those who know the FDA only reviews and controls products that could be harmful to health. No food products or supplements are monitored or approved by the FDA, it’s mainly for prescriptions and drugs. No where does the disclaimer say there is no scientific research, it states a study that was performed by a University. Where did you get this information?

            2 things about this article – firstly this blog clearly states that Dani is paid by products to endorse their products which means she is a paid blogger, who gets paid to write about products or write against them. I know because I hire bloggers for a living, it’s a great way to make money but it doesn’t mean they know everything about the nutrition side.

            Secondly, I find it interesting that it is mentioned several times about the gluten and soy – the shakes don’t have soy in them. There are a few products now that have gluten however the shakes don’t. I am gluten intolerant as well and have major reactions when even a bread crumb touches something i eat. I have been using the product for about 8 months after being on a completely organic diet where my body could only eat sweet potatoes, avocado and organic vegetable soup. I was anorexic, malnutritioned and exhausted all the time. I wanted to give up before I was introduced to the isagenix product line. I had done so much damage to my body that even my brain was affected. I had a hard time holding conversations and my focus was gone.

            Isagenix saved my health, in my opinion. I have never felt this good, in my entire life. I finally have focus, mental clarity, I feel like I am getting the nutrients my body needs to function daily. I thank GOD EVERY DAY that I found this product, because before it i was extremely sick on an “organic”, “whole food” diet.

            i respect your opinions in this article but no where in the links you listed for the shakes does it contain gluten or soy… There are a couple of products that do and they list those on their allergen list and clearly state it on the packaging, so those with allergies can stay away. I too have researched several products on the market, but I mainly go off of how healthy I feel. I used to have migraines 2 to 3 times a week.. they are gone now. Be careful what you read, this company has 2 published studies by Universities and more to come – these studies aren’t just put out by the company they are listed with the universities as well as in other well known and respected publications. I challenge you to research John Anderson the master formulator.. you’ll find his background in science is pretty impeccable.

            It’s important to be well educated about products on the market. It’s also important to know the source. Dani I commend you for the way you have chosen to earn a living by writing a blog and reviewing products, and being compensated for it. I’m sure if Isagenix were into paying people to write blogs on them, the tone would change. Several other shakes on the market do not have research behind them, are soy based protein which is bad for you and isn’t even considered to be a full meal replacement due to the amount of protein in it.

            There is plenty of information out there, I personally went through the ingredients and researched each ingredient and feel very comfortable that I am consuming good product, my body also tells me it is good. I also eat whole natural food when I’m not eating Isagenix, I believe the American food system is broken and needs a reform. Even organic crops sit next to regular crops and unfortunately get the mist of pesticides. It’s scary where our food system is when so many other countries like Mexico, New Zealand and Australia and several others have reformed not allowing companies like Monsanto to exist. If the product is not good then why would a scientist in retirement who has 2000 patents and plenty of money come out of retirement to help people feel better? It’s clearly not about the money – he was already rich, so why then would he come out of enjoying his life of retirement to work if it weren’t to make great products and help people feel healthy? that you can research too off of the isagenix website… Wishing everyone health across the world! It’s all we have!!!

          • dani stout

            “2 things about this article – firstly this blog clearly states that Dani is paid by products to endorse their products which means she is a paid blogger, who gets paid to write about products or write against them. I know because I hire bloggers for a living, it’s a great way to make money but it doesn’t mean they know everything about the nutrition side.”

            I actually don’t get paid to write posts as I don’t accept sponsored posts. And if you actually “hire bloggers for a living” which I’m not even sure what that means, you would know that bloggers rarely, if ever (I’ve never known a blogger to get paid for this and I know a lot of bloggers) get paid to write against products. I’ve never been paid to write an article actually. The disclaimer is for my affiliation with companies like Amazon, doTERRA and Perfect Supplements.

            I never said the shakes contain gluten – other products do. And containing soy lecithin means that the products contain soy.

            This article doesn’t contain my opinions. It contains facts.

            Please don’t assume to know how I earn a living. I’m not compensated for these reviews. I write them for people who are sucked into spending their hard earned money on a subpar product. It’s insulting to insinuate that the only reason I wrote this article is because I was paid to do so. I wasn’t. I write what I want and it’s important that people know the ingredients in these products. Health doesn’t come in a can.

        • Anonymous V Reply

          Wow, you people really don’t know how to turn off the sale pitch, do you? Every discussion turns into an opportunity to SELL SELL SELL.

          • yes there are some products that have soy, nuts and gluten in them with the slim cakes being the only product in Isa AUS that contains gluten. The shakes are 99% dairy free and the why is produced by grass fed cows in NZ and they only use the most Undenatured produce.

            The fact that Isagenix is actually helping people both financially and physically is a huge thing and the results don’t lie. The products are even endorsed as an Organic product. THis is one of the first terrible reviews I have read on the product and am slightly amused by this. THANKS FOR MAKING MY FRIDAY AMAZING!

            Of course every discussion is an opurtunity to sell as they are obviously interested in the product and if they go ahead and share their success with the product they to can “sell sell sell” and earn some money back. Everyone is entitled to think what they want but I have never felt better and there is no better feeling than helping others achie
            ve their goals!

          • dani stout

            You’re very welcome for making your Friday amazing. I aim to please.

          • Anonymous N

            They can’t turn it off because they go through sessions and sessions of training on how to pitch their sales and become millionaires. LOL

        • Hi Megan,

          I take Isagenix vitamins and it says that they DO CONTAIN SOY right on the box. I still like the product and am going to continue taking it, but just thought you may want to know since you said they do not contain soy. Thanks.

        • You wanted 3rd party research……Well here it is. This was posted in a NUTRITIONAL journal. From the University of Chicago.

          There are more then just that article. It pretty sad that your all for one product and not for another. Pick one and stick to it, right? They all have bad and they all have good. I would LOVE to see the thrid party research on your beloved product. Have universities (more then one) done research on your product? Did your product score higher the 46%+ on ALL categories tested, when compared to the heart healthy diet. Or what doctors around this hemisphere recommend to people. Guess what more and more are recommending Isa because it has the research to back it up.

          I really dont care that your not FOR isa. Or that you prefer one product over another. Its sad you think that just eating organic is preventing you from taking in toxins. Evidence shows that even eating organic you are eating 1/2 a liter of pesticides every year! What about the stuff you drink or bath in……skin is the biggest organ we have. Its impossible to get away from them.

          Sad also you have to bash a product when hundreds of thousands are getting GREAT results…..with a 96% success rate with people KEEPING IT OFF and feeling great its hard to deny its a good product. I would LOVE to see the results for your product. 96% I doubt its that much! thanks for coming out though. I also find it funny that you said you didn’t want to click on the page that EXPLAINS all the things you said were bad, JUST because it was from isa. SO you wont even let the company defend it self and SHOW YOU that really your dont know what your talking about. Like so many else have said……what are your credentials? This product was refereed to me by MY DOCTOR. who HAS done WAY more research on this stuff then EITHER of us has. She said she wouldn’t have put her name behind it if it wasn’t amazing stuff. So who am I going to believe…..someone that just looks at words and makes ASSUMPTIONS or my doctor who has all to loose if this product was a giant FLOP?

          • dani stout

            Perhaps you did not properly read my article or the subsequent hundreds of comments I’ve left reiterating what I’m about to say to you – or perhaps you were simply unable to properly comprehend the info.

            Here goes again.

            I readily acknowledge that Isagenix, especially combined with IF (which I’m a fan of and practice myself) can help people lose weight. OF COURSE eating a liquid diet for two meals out of the day and eating a 200-400 calorie dinner is going to help obese women lose weight. DUH.

            Does this mean it’s a healthy product? NO. Smoking crack helps people lose weight too. A man recently went on a potato diet for four months and lost weight and improved his cholesterol. Does this mean we should all adhere to a potato diet? Does it mean he wasn’t doing his body damage in other ways?

            I implore you to use your brain, think critically and employ some common sense.

            Are all of you that ask for my credentials unable to read, or could you not come up with the genius idea to simply check out my About page and see where they are CLEARLY listed? I am a Certified Nutrition Consultant.

            Also, majority of doctors know nothing about nutrition by the way – they’re not even required to study it in medical school. My doctor tells me I need to switch to vegetable oil and start eating gluten despite my amazing health status.

          • Laura, did you read right to the very end? In particular,

            Competing interests: Krista Varady has a consulting relationship with the sponsor of the research,
            lsagenix, LLC.


            Funding source: This study was funded by Isagenix LLC., Chandler, AZ

            … most definitely not third party, independent research.

          • Sorry Laura but Isagenix funded that study how is that 3 rd party? I am a Isagenix distributor.I say thanks for the article Dani. Trying to counter Dani’s articles with Isagenix articles is embarrassing. Right now you can go to Hight or whatever and they’ll tell you it’s great. If folks want to continue using and selling Isa then go ahead. Just don’t bash Dani’s work. It’s obvious she is bringing 100% facts to the table. The person earlier that called Dani a fool, once again embarrassing. I will most likely continue using Isa for now. Thanks Dani for some eye opening information.

          • I’m very curious who all these people think should be paying to fund studies of these products? Pharmaceutical companies pay to have their drugs studied, and even then only a small percentage of the drugs they come up with make it to market.

            This was a study actually performed by a third party which found positive results, and keep in mind that Isagenix may have payed for the study but the University of Illinois at Chicago has its name and reputation on it. It seems to have been a well carried out study and is thorough in both it’s criticisms and possible improvements as well as its conclusions.

            Although as someone who has studied a great deal of chemistry and engineering I find the “Whole foods/Organic foods” movement to be completely absurd. Being anti GMO is even more ridiculous as we’ve been modifying organisms for as long as we’ve been farming ~10,000 years, and horizontal gene transfer has been occurring for a long time more than that! We can just do it more accurately and safely now.

            I was genuinely curious about Isagenix and its ingredients when I discovered your website as my wife has been using it for a few years now, thanks for the reminder that people justify eating whole foods don’t actually use any science to back up that belief. Word to the wise, any vitamins your body doesn’t use are excreted which at worst gives you expensive urine.

          • dani stout

            Literally everything you said has been completely discredited.

            People have been hybridizing, which is COMPLETELY different from genetically modifying. Genetically modifying involves altering plant genes using the genes of animals, viruses, bacteria, etc. This can only be done in a lab and has proven to be carcinogenic. Do you think that 10,000 years ago people had labs in which they figured out how to genetically combine fish genes and tomatoes?

            Eating whole foods isn’t backed by science? IS THIS A JOKE? Like really, are you pullin’ my chain here?

            You realize you’re bashing vitamins, and Isagenix uses synthetic vitamins, right? AKA the worst kind of vitamins that aren’t absorbed by the body?

            Word to the wise: you need to do some reading on very basic nutrition. Seriously.

          • In all fairness, the Irish were the healthiest of all peasants in the 1800s, thanks to their diet of only potatoes. As a single source of nutrition; potatoes are close to as good as gets. As a nutritionist I’d think you’d know that.

            As far as fructose goes, like someone else pointed out, a number of items start to become toxic after you consume too much. To act like this is news, much less horrible, is absurd. And since you keep asking for non-isa sources, here you go:


            You need about 50 grams of fructose before it starts to become a real danger. If someone is following the diet, even at two shakes a day, they won’t consume anywhere near 50 grams of fructose a day.

            I don’t care if you don’t like IsaGenix, I don’t sell it. I don’t care if no one on this board likes IsaGenix. My Mom doesn’t like IsaGenix and I care about her opinion a heck of a lot more than any of yours.

            What I DO care about is the use of the word “unbiased” in your title. Just because you use facts does not make an opinion “unbiased.” Facts can easily be twisted to suit your needs, see the above paragraph about fructose…. So you don’t eat fruit, ever, right? Because of the horrid fructose? Or do you eat some, in reasonable doses? My guess is the latter. How horrible for all of those people who died from eating too much fruit. Except that you said you recommend honey as a viable sugar alternative, and honey contains fructose. You shouldn’t eat honey, it contains fructose and fructose is toxic.

            Your article is nothing short of fear-mongering. You prey on uneducated people who fail to research information for themselves and instead want to rely on you because you are a Certified Nutrition Consultant. If you want to use your title to help people, then do it, but lose the fear-mongering. Some of us don’t believe people just because of the title on their articles, or even the credentials they carry. A bit of research that barely took 30 minutes and 1 visit to the isagenix website solely to see that there are 11 grams of sugar in the shake (only part of which is fructose.)

          • dani stout

            As a single source of nutrition potatoes are as good as it gets? Not quite. I’d go with eggs – protein, healthy fats and a multitude of vitamins and minerals. Ya know, most of which are lacking in a potato. Although I do like potatoes…

            Re: fructose – 50 grams is very high. Not to mention PaleoLeap says “for healthy people.” Most people who resort to Isagenix aren’t the healthiest and do so because of health and weight problems. I eat less than 10 grams of fructose per day. Dr. Mercola recommends under 25 ( and

            Most of the shakes contain around 11 grams of sugar. If we assume half of that is fructose and people are consuming two shakes a day, plus one of the snack bars, like this one: which contains fructose and a whopping 16 grams of sugar – a person would be consuming at a minimum 20 grams of fructose per day – not even including any they’re consuming from actual food! And it’s worth mentioning that PaleoLeap is including naturally occurring fructose, ya know, from an unprocessed, whole food. Not from an overly processed shake or “IsaLean bar.” For someone who likely already has issues with blood sugar, insulin, liver function, etc – they should be consuming nowhere near this much fructose.

            There’s a big difference between small amount of naturally occurring fructose in whole foods that I recommend. There’s also a big difference between “fear mongering” and educating people who are otherwise spending their hard earned money on overly processed food byproducts that are being peddled ad health. I find lately that using facts and science to evaluate things is labeled as fear mongering. It used to just be called critical thinking.

        • Yes, I just love how you copy and pasted information from Isagenix. This is an advertisement for exactly what is being exposed here as unhealthy! This isn’t research, this is marketing material.

          • Heidi Bauer

            The Chocolate Decadence Bar is a meal replacement bar, not a snack… Just saying.

        • New Zealand diary farming is anything but pristine!
          New Zealand diary farms use huge amounts of nitrogen in order to grow more grass for the cows to eat. These cows eat this grass! Detrimental to both milk quality (definitely not organic) and huge negative implications for the environment.
          Get your facts straight!
          PS i’m from NZ.

          • Thanks for the info Mesh- yeah they make it sound so pristine with the dairy cows in NZ. Someone posted that the shakes are dairy free. Well the second ingredient is skim milk. Um how does that make it dairy free? Also whey comes from milk and I have friends who are allergic to dairy and react to whey.
            Just silly.

        • How many different Isagenis websites are there Megan? Do they NEED more than one? What’s up with that?

        • Hi, I just copied this off the Isagenix site, clearly it does contain soy!!!:
          IsaLean® Bar Chocolate Peanut Crunch
          Ingredients: Protein blend [whey protein isolate,
          calcium caseinate, whey protein crisps (whey
          protein concentrate, rice flour)] evaporated cane
          juice syrup, chocolate coating (sugar, chocolate
          liquor, cocoa butter, milk fat, soy lecithin, natural
          flavor), maltitol, peanut butter (peanuts, sea salt),
          glycerin, peanut flour, sunflower oil, natural flavors,
          vitamin and mineral blend [dipotassium phosphate,
          dicalcium phosphate, magnesium oxide, ascorbic
          acid, zinc oxide, niacinamide, d-alpha-tocopheryl
          acetate, potassium iodide, vitamin A (palmitate),
          manganese sulfate, biotin, copper gluconate,
          electrolytic iron, riboflavin, sodium molybdate,
          pantothenic acid, sodium selenite, thiamin
          mononitrate, folic acid, pyridoxine hydrochloride,
          cholecalciferol, cyanocobalamin, chromium amino
          acid chelate]
          Contains milk, peanut, and soy ingredients.
          Processed on equipment that also processes eggs
          and tree nuts.

          • And look at all those synthetic vitamins. They are not coming from food, otherwise the food would be listed not they vitamin.

        • I’m looking at an isagenix is a delight package right now, the 4th item on the ingredient list is … You guessed ! SOY LECITHIN !

          Your paycheck must be like alcohol to a drunk, it cancels out any sense of mendacity?

          Otherwise, you wouldn’t have lied in your obvious sales pitch

        • dani stout Reply

          “In addition, Isagenix customers in Australia and New Zealand should be assured that all Isagenix products and their labels adhere to GM food labeling requirements and are in accordance with the Food Standards Code. All products can be claimed as “non-GM” or “GM free” in accordance with Australia and New Zealand regulations that prohibit representations about food that are false, misleading or deceptive.”

          Not certified GM free in the US, which is where majority of genetically modified crops are grown.

          • I can’t believe the grief people are giving you Dani! This is your blog no one has to read it! I believe everything you have said is true. It is interesting that isogenix website does not list any ingredients. The only way to get more info is to buy the product! Total gimmick! Everyone who is using it that have commented on this say they feel great and feel better than they ever had! Talk to us in a few years let us know how good you are still feeling! I doubt anyone will still be taking the products! I agree that nothing is better for you than eating a balanced diet of whole foods and regular exercise that includes strength training, cardiovascular training and flex ability training! One more thing Dani never said all products contained gluten or that they did not contain ingredients that can be beneficial. She more pointed out that the overall idea of this consumer product is not the healthiest choice for weight loss or cleansing. Cleansing can also be dangerous to your health and should only be done with the advice of a physician! Another thing to ensure health is to eliminate name calling from your diets it definitely creates low energy! Good day!

          • dani stout

            Thank you for the great comment!

          • Dani,you need to remember Isagenix is just the new Amway. It`s Multi Level Marketing..just another cult scam like the numerous ones before it.

          • dani stout

            I’m not familiar with their business plan. I know not all MLMs are bad.

          • Hey dani, i just want to say everyone has an oppinion. there is always the bad and the good. i play defense in the nhl. i do not sell this product as i did it to lose a few pounds and cleanse my body in attempt to gain more energy and tone my body. isagenix did just that, i dont feel ill and i have been using for past year. this product has also been certified by the nsf which certifies that athletes in pro settings can eat or use without worrying about toxic ingredients that are banned from us using

          • dani stout

            Someone who plays defense in the NHL has commented on my website, I have officially made it in life!

            I’m not being sarcastic (well, not really). I love hockey. Who are you? I watch hockey, I wanna know! Also if you’re lying about this I’m going to be so disappointed.

            I don’t doubt that Isagenix helped you lose some weight and tone up, I’m just saying there are better ways to do that. Without synthetic ingredients.

      • Considering your course at Blue Heron Academy included herbal and chinese medicine you failed to review the high level of quality western herbal, chinese herbal and ayurvedic ingredients within the Isagenix products.

        You also keep refering to it as a diet which it is not. Perhaps you could do some research into Nutritional Cleansing and it’s purpose in detoxifying the body and again report a “whole” view rather than a fractioned one which appears to serve no other purpose than to direct people to purchase your 21 day program.

        • dani stout Reply

          What herbal and Ayurvedic ingredients?

          And even if Isagenix’s goal is to cleanse – it’s impossible to cleanse via or while consuming ingredients like sunflower oil, soy, denatured proteins, vegetable oils, etc.

          • With your qualifications you should understand how things work in synergy in the correct balance. You are still picking out what you deem negatives and if you had reviewed the Isagenix products in full you would be able to cite the herbal/Ayurvedic ingredients for yourself. Evidently you haven’t so I’ll give you a few to get you going with some further research.

            Flax Seed, alfalfa leaf, wild yam, cinnamon, milk thistle, tumeric, red raspberry, black tea, green tea, horny goat weed, wolfberry, pomegranate, cayenne, ginseng, hyssop and peppermint leaf.

            Many naturopaths and dieticians highly recommend these products to their clients.
            Your opion is extremely flawed and shows your unprofessionalism. You clearly only want to discredit as many products as possible to try and make money off your own. Integrity Dani, integrity.

          • dani stout

            Toxic ingredients that pollute the body do not work synergistically with detoxifying ingredients. Eating detoxifying foods does not somehow make it okay to eat complete garbage.

            I am a health coach, it is literally my job to sell my services.

            Common sense, Mary, common sense.

          • Thanks for your below response Dani, yes it common sense to sell ones own products however not professionaly ethical bad mouthing other products to do it hence it displays you lack intregrity.

            You didn’t really address any of the direct questions I asked you in order for you to present a more intelligent whole view of the debate.

            It is always easy to pick out negatives in things and life, it is being wise enough to determine if the positives outweigh the negatives.

            You have taken that choice away from your readers by presenting on aspect which is more your personal opionion rather than an objective professional one.

            Critisism is a great thing as it allows for change to occur, if it is not seen in this light then it is nothing more than judgment.

          • dani stout

            This is a review, it’s not bad mouthing, I didn’t make anything up. I highlighted toxic ingredients that are unhealthy. It’s a fact that some of the ingredients are unhealthy. I can’t change that. I also clearly stated that I received a significant amount of requests from readers to review Isagenix, so I did. Am I supposed to keep my mouth shut because people like you disagree with me? THAT would be a lack of integrity.

            So let me get this straight, you acknowledge that Isagenix uses toxic ingredients, and that they also use healthy ingredients, so the positives outweigh the negatives? That’s not how nutrition works. You can’t be healthy by eating garbage, then taking supplements or detox products to expunge the effects of a poor diet. A poor diet is a poor diet.

            I’m not presenting an opinion. I’m presenting facts. That’s what all of you Isagenix supporters seem to not understand. It is a fact that the shakes contain denatured proteins. It is a fact that they use inflammatory oils. It is a fact that they use processed ingredients. So what exactly is my opinion in this? That these ingredients are unhealthy? Yes, because science says they are, and science does not lie.

          • dani stout

            Did you read this article? I never once mentioned Cleanse For Life and it has absolutely nothing to do with what I wrote. I clearly listed which products’ ingredients I reviewed and I provided the links.

          • Integrity is remaining resolute in the face of adversity. Tell me Mary, do you have your own integrity, or do you just coast by on ‘tick of approval’ bandwagons. I mean, why bother questioning things when you can just keep believeing what you first thought. Idiosyncracy is the easy way i guess…just like shakes.

            Oh, wait…that’s right. Criticism!! I hear it’s great for change! Something else you may not know, is that we’re free to criticise and change ourselves, after all, our belief paradigm is almost entirely from environmental influences.

            As for Isagenix, do you believe they have no integrity after questioning the quality of farmed foods (whether it be soil nutrient deficiency, pesticides etc)? (Also just FYI, the question mark is rhetorical, but they are swell to use for asking actual questions).
            But what i haven’t heard them say is that it is far more healthy than a balanced whole food diet. Good old marketing integrity, it’s all about lying without actually saying it.

            I would also be interested to know your method of quantifying positive vs negative wisdom decisions. My guess is it looks something complex as such;

            + ÷ – x ?W
            Please advise…

            The calibre of many pro Isagenix in this feed are reminiscent of parrots. Once they have their wings clipped and learn some words, you won’t hear the end of it and they just won’t f**k off.

            Although, there does seem to be a slight case of the ‘Chinese whispers’ through the promotion of Isagenix. Marketing interpretations lead to assumed implications and many false merits, which is then further propagated by an ignorant clientel, meanwhile Isagenix sit back and reap the profits of a misrepresented product without the accountability for product misinformation. Gullability is great for business. Get your positively, happy, youthful energetic lifestyle shake powder today! Purge your old lifestyle out your colon with out Creamy Dutch Rudder Chocolate shake!

            As for the life changes some have experienced (Weight loss, drive, community etc), if you believe something will make your life better, it will. “Perception is reality”, and belief is so profoundly powerful, that it defines
            ones attitude and behavior, regardless of the validity of the belief.

            Ye of little faith of self, tend to put their faith in other peoples beliefs. Trusting people is a positive social construct, but many institutions take advantage of this. Now back to you Mary for the wisdom calculation. Should people keep trusting everything they hear first, or remain open to reason?

        • Mary, there is nowhere that states the quality of their ingredients anywhere on there site, or proves where they are sourced from so top stating fact without proof! It is a meal replacement system meant to be taken with excercise and normal food!!! Dont pick words – look up the dictionary definition of diet before you split hairs you troll.
          I saw no attempt from this lady to sell her program to you. utter rubbish ….

        • Thanks for the info. A friend has presented this product to me. Before I went ahead and tried it, I thought it would be a good idea to look for various views of this product.

          First off, I’d like to thank everyone for their views. But, I don’t see the purpose in slamming a particular person or their educational back ground based on the fact that you may disagree with you. Commenting and or slamming Dani’s view based on her educational background then proceeding to share your thoughts, when you dont have any kimd of educational background in the matter is totally hypocritical. Second, one person mentioned that this IS… stuff is not a diet. I dont think you realize what diet means. A diet refers to the food choices you make through out the course of your life. Indivuals who eat a lot of chips and icecream can be said to have a diet of that which contains chips and icecream. So, yes this product is considered as part of a indivuals diet. And if this is all the person consumed, the IS… stuff would be their diet. It would be much more benifitial if people would stop slamming one another and actually just presented various facts. Maybe I didn’t read far enough down the list on these comments, but I didn’t see too much information solidly explaining the contraction of the product or how the ingredients that Dani listed from the toxic product list were of any kind of benefit for the IS… products.

          Sorry for all spelling andon’t Grammer errors. typing on my cell phone is rather wonky on this site.

          • Chauncey

            I agree with your comment. It is interesting how the very emotionally distraught supporters are unable to engage in educational banter. They are also either not skilled in providing the unbiased researched facts or there are none available. If I remember correctly, Communist countries are the ones who support a one way communication channel.
            If you are supportive of anything, be honest and say you really don’t know. Then do your research.
            Here is an example of what I have read in these feeds: As much as I would like to MAKE AN UNEDUCATED GUESS that the deniers are probably democrats or don’t vote, I have absolutely no data to support my crazy statement and could have also made an assumption based on the personal filter/belief that all or most democrats never or can’t back their decisions with facts. Presenting facts to support a concept or product is not an action influenced by a group you belong to. Presenting unbiased facts is honest research. Everyone should be supportive of honest research. Rather than getting upset, use your energy to seriously find research to support what you beleive. Dani has done so and continues to address ethically those who disagree with her. This entire feed is so educational and entertaining on many levels. Amazing how so many people resort to name calling when they interpret something as offensive. I am sharing this sight with my daughter and students to learn how to debate and how not to debate, good and bad research, the balanced and unbalanced person, Gorilla Marketing, and the list goes on! Keep this feed alive!

      • You mentioned many times in your blog and in responses to others that your objections were only to certain products, ingredients, or processes from Isagenix. I have been using it for about 6 months now. I do not sell or promote it and am not a fanatic or nut like some of the others posting here have been portrayed. I initially started as a serious skeptic, talked reluctantly into it by my wife and sister-in-law. I had a serious weight problem and my health was gradually getting worse. While I may or may not agree that certain Isagenix products are bad or good for me, I have had a significant improvement in my health and weight during this time. What I object to the most in your presentations is the blanket statement, “Isagenix is unhealthy,” while saying that it is certain products and their ingredients or processing you object to. I could find absolutely no reference to one of their flagship products, Product B, anywhere in your site and yet, it is probably the most important of all their offerings. This is probably what has helped me the most of all the Isagenix products, although I have received benefits from others as well.
        I feel you need to publicly clarify your objections to just the ones your actually object to. Posting “Isagenix is unhealthy” as a global statement is misrepresenting and unfair to the company and product and misleading to those searching online for information like I did.

        • dani stout Reply

          Do you also drink their shakes or eat their snacks?

          • Yes, but again you avoid my point. Unless you can prove that EVERY single product that Isagenix makes and sells is unhealthy, you should retract your global statement and apologize.

          • dani stout

            Yeah, I don’t mean that every product is unhealthy. Not sure what I would rename this article to though. Isagenix: Less Than Desirable Ingredients? I’ll just change it to “An Unbiased Review of Isagenix” like I did for Advocare.

      • This is the kind of information I was looking for. I found it very strange how few negative reviews were available for Isagenix system. I am from the “school” of where if something seems too good to be true, it is because it IS too good to be true. 400 dollars for a 30 day system sounds to me like a rotten pyramid scheme with a frantic dietary fad.

        • Annoyed by Isa-maniacs Reply

          From your lips!!! I cannot STAND all the skinny b*tches selling this sh*t all over the place where I live. “Oh you lost 20lbs, that’s great. Where did you lose it from, your soul?” Cause you’re already a size 6 lady.

          They are relentless. One doesn’t even have the energy to work out yet she sucks down those shakes! It’s a SHAKE plan for crying out loud! $400 / month. I don’t get it. A bag of muscle milk is what, $35? How about eat some fruits and veggies. Eat some protein, eat more fruits and veggies and voila! Oh, and workout for 30 mins a day and you’ll lose weight!

      • I think you need to understand that some people cannot and don’t want to live in your lifestyle. no one of your weight and stature would need to do a program like this and it boggles me that thinner people always want to share their input within this scope of feeling.

        Do you know what it feels like when you put a doughnut in your mouth and somehow it feels like it melts away all of the worries in the world? Do you know how it feels to try a ‘lifestyle change’ (because GOD FORBID we call it a diet) and fail miserably and want to run in the direction of food because that provides comfort?

        If you don’t, you need to go take a seat far in the back of the classroom.

        I haven’t read any fatalities from this and you won’t be on it forever. A lot of people don’t feel like they’re starving or depriving themselves when they’re on it (could be the chocolate shakes?) and I know someone who lost 30lbs in 30 days on this. She had so much energy and wanted to workout and wanted to eat that lighter meal.

        Please, take a seat.

        • dani stout Reply

          Maybe you missed the headline that clearly states “DANI STOUT – HOLISTIC HEALTH COACH.” Or maybe you’re unaware of what a health coach is? It’s literally my job to discuss these things and coach people. So using your logic, if someone isn’t overweight and doesn’t have issues with food, they shouldn’t talk about it. That’s asinine.

          It’s also presumptuous to assume that I’ve never had issues with weight or food.

          • Thanks dani. You just saved me over $300. Healthy eating and exercise it is. Also have read that the only research done on isagenix was funded by isagenix. Hmmmmm…..

          • dani stout

            Always happy to save people money! On a side note, I can’t believe it’s that expensive. Even I charge way less than that!

          • The undenatured Reserveage whey protein Dani shows in the video is a poorer copy of ingredients as used in Isagenix Whey Protein and is more expensive. Isagenix use undenatured Whey and has lactase added for digestion. Reserveage has only started in 2008 using same natural supplements as what Isagenix have been producing. How is it ethical to knock the original and promote the newcomer?

          • dani stout

            Did you not read the article or were you not able to understand it? Reserveage is 100x better than Isagenix. Just because Isagenix is an older company does not mean it’s a better company. There is literally no logic in that argument.

          • Not everyone loses 1 pound per day. If you are overweight or obese, losing any weight is healthier than where you are at.

            Lots of people lose 5-7 pounds the first week, due to a complete change from the typical North American diet into flooding your system with superior protein, trace minerals and elite nutrition that it has been lacking. Then it regulates with cleansing, detoxifying and replenishing to 2-4 pounds a week.

            Unhealthy is being obese. Too much pressure on the heart, organs and body systems. That’s unhealthy.

          • dani stout

            What you don’t seem to comprehend is that putting toxins into your body does not “regulate with cleansing, detoxifying and replenishing…”

            That is complete nonsense.

          • Not only are 99% of Isagenix reps not qualified to sell supplements, apparently they have issues with basic math too according to Julie’s answer. she says they don’t lose 1 lb per day…just 5-7lbs in the first week. Pretty sure the math adds up to 1lbs, or close to 1lbs / day.

            The scam here is that this “weight” loss is NOT fat. Eating only 1 small meal per day plus a couple shakes = low carb starvation, which simply depletes glycogen stores. Fighters do this all the time to make weight for a fight as a standard practice. Companies like Isagenix try to pass this off as actual weight loss, which is fraudulent.

            I would lose my personal trainer’s license if I promoted this type of garbage to my clients. 1-2 lbs FAT loss / week from proper nutrition and exercise is the only healthy route.

          • Chauncey

            True. Max, you shouldn’t lose more than 2 a week. Learned this the hard way

        • Holy Grass-Fed Cow!!! The ONLY reason I stumbled onto Dani’s blog is because a friend gave me a (unsolicited) packet/single serving of Isagenix IsaLean Shake, Natural Berry Harvest, to try.
          Without even reading the individual ingredients my first reaction was, “Uh, I don’t think so”. I am familiar with most of the ingredients but not all and so in my research I found myself reading these comments.
          Wake up folks! One of the reasons we have an obesity epidemic in the U.S. is because of the diet roller-coasters we ride as uninformed consumers. THERE IS NO MAGIC PILL!!
          When the body begins a “detoxification” process of any kind (read: diet change) the initial weight loss is water, not fat. So when you read such wonderful product testimonies about diminished bloating, 5-10 lbs lost ‘first week’, etc. (just examples) you can chalk it up to water weight. This is the point where the roller-coaster comes in – as soon as we stop seeing the big weight loss numbers (number on the scale stops dropping) and we hit a plateau, more often than not, the average person goes back to their old habits.
          Unfortunately, our society has been drawn to the world of “I want it now” which began with fast food and now it’s perpetuated itself into “fast weight loss”.
          There is no healthy fast weight loss. You have to eat a well-balanced diet which includes carbohydrates (45-65% of daily calories), protein (10-20% of daily calories), and fat (20-35% of daily calories) AND you have to physically exercise. Skinny, size 6, people are not necessarily “healthy”.

          I read Dani’s initial article and found it very informative. What I didn’t find was her personal opinion. I’ve also read many of the responses and for those who have blasted back that she is “dangerous” or “uninformed” or “not being factual”, relax. In the business world, especially marketing, bashing competitors is simply bad for business. Stick to the facts (which Dani did) and give others the opportunity to make an informed decision. It may be assumed Dani does not support Isagenix products but, based upon what I’ve read of her initial article and subsequent replies to responses, she isn’t stopping anyone else from their own personal choices. She stated her purpose and delivered information, nothing more and nothing less. That doesn’t mean we’re all going to agree and like it but we can all agree to disagree, if that’s what makes the most sense.
          Lastly, someone mentioned a 30-day cleanse – and here’s where I get on my own soapbox – ARE YOU KIDDING???? That IS a dangerous prospect in and of itself. I’m not prepared to disclose a bunch of research that I don’t have at my fingertips but I will reiterate my earlier point that with good nutrition, the body will cleanse itself.
          My credentials: I am a NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) certified personal trainer and a NPTI (National Personal Training Institute) certified personal trainer and nutrition consultant.
          Healthy eating to All!!

          • Actually losing 1lb per day is unhealthy even if you are overweight. If you are losing any more than 3lb per week you are more than likely losing muscle mass and not fat. Healthy weight loss should be steady and maintainable. You shouldn’t be consuming less than your base metabolic rate unless advised to do so by a qualified health professional – and there are very few situations in which they will advise you to do so.

          • Beautifully said, Paulette. Love your blog, Dani.

      • First I would like to tell you that I am not a distributor nor have I ever sold any Isagenix products. I am however someone that has been using them for the last year.

        Its easy to judge things then we either haven’t tried them or use them ourselves. If you really want to criticize a product you should then try them first then give your analysis.

        I suffered from severe Gluten and Irritable Bowel disease for years, over 5 in fact. And although i was being seen by my family doctor, nutritionists, and had completed all sorts of tests for Intestinal diseases no one was ever to fix me. I couldn’t leave the house without plotting out my route of every bathroom from point A to B, carried around plastic bags in case I needed to go and there was no bathroom around to make a stop at; I was also exhausted all the time, never had any energy. I lived a miserable life.
        Then a friend who had a similar problem on a milder version told me about Isagenix and how much it had helped her so I decided to give it a try.
        Within a week I had more energy, felt like I could ran a marathon, I could eat without immediately running to the bathroom, by the end of the first month my Irritable bowl was gone and so was my gluten sensitivity. In addition I lost 25 pounds which was a bonus.
        One year later I am enjoying life, just went on a work trip to China for 2 weeks, didn’t take any of the products with me was able to eat and try all sorts of new foods and didn’t have a single problem with my bowels.

        I’m not a doctor, neither am I a nutritionist but any product that can improve someones daily life is deserves a bit of respect and a more depth look. These products helped me and maybe not everyone experiences the same results but I’m a believer.

        Thank You

        • dani stout Reply

          I stopped reading after:

          “Its easy to judge things then we either haven’t tried them or use them ourselves. If you really want to criticize a product you should then try them first then give your analysis.”

          I don’t need to try crack to know it’s not good for me.

          • I was sold Isagenix a couple of weeks ago. I was so excited to find a company that had the same way of thinking. Boy was I wrong. I
            have multiple food allergies (including gluten & dairy) Crohn’s disease, and many health concerns involving inflammation along with many other conditions. I honestly don’t know why I made such a horrible mistake.
            I’ve been eating clean whole foods and building a supplement regimen for 10 years. I’ve improved my health 100% each year for the last 11 years. What I have accomplished in 11 years Isagenix has demolished in 2.5 weeks.
            My Crohn’s is flared up so bad I look 6 months pregnant. I haven’t gone in 3 days. I have upped my steroid to a double (short-term) and have been consuming unrefined coconut oil to try to keep from going to the hospital.
            Everything you said it true! I moved here in May and since May (on my own) I have toned up and lost enough to get back into my size 10’s. I was doing well until I met them girls from Isagenix. Here I am 2 weeks later with a possible blockage and now spilling out of my 14’s again!
            I am calling them tomorrow and demanding my money back! I will happily send what’s left (about half) of their products back. When I called the woman (she actually sold me something with dairy in it!) she sent me an article about IBD that recited what I already knew about nutrients and what’s good for my Crohn’s. I was insulted.
            I will never trust what someone says again. I 6cannot believe what’s happened to me. ????

      • Promoting a fundamental misunderstanding of chemistry and nutrition is dangerous, yes. You are just appealing to a different nutriotion religion and draw uneccessary distinctions. There is nothing that indicates “organic” is better than GMO. In fact all the organic products you eat were just genetically modified over hundreds of years by humans through selective breeding.

        So eating “natural” things that are easily pronounacable is better than chemicals? Well natural things are made of chemicals too and while we have common names for them they also have a chemical name.

        Hemlock is a naturally occuring plant, should I eat it? Probably not it will kill me in rather short order.

        Dihydrogen monoxide sounds pretty chemically, ya? Should I avoid it? Probably not, it’s water. Of course water is also toxic, as are most things at sufficient levels.

        Your article is far from unbiased and it highlights distinctions that are not necessarily important for judging potential health risks.

        Some chemicals should be avoided, some should be consumed in moderation. Whether they are produced in nature or synthesized in a lab is probably not the best line to draw. Plenty of chemicals produced by other plants and animals are harmful and plenty of man made ones are safe or even health promoting at moderate doses.

        My post in no way pertains to the isagenix system and it’s potential health benefits or risks.

        • dani stout Reply

          You just said that GMOs are not inherently healthier than organic food. You clearly do not understand the difference between genetic modification and natural hybridization. Nothing else you say is worth reading and you’ve lost all credibility (which you clearly did not have in the first place).

          • bee valentine

            Dani, bless your sanity. The Iso-maniacs are afraid their get-rich-quick bubble will burst and have sounded the alarm for their trolls to flood your site with ritualize testimonial after testimonial. There’s no magic here, no secret of science and no common sense. It’s water loss, temporary and an unhealthy way to live over extended periods. Nothing more than Stepford Wives pushing temporary weight loss plans. They are a tenacious bunch and some of them, downright clueless.

          • Chauncey Freeman

            There isnt any independent research I could find showing GMO’s lead to health problems. If you know of any blind studies showing otherwise, please share. I am all for Whole Foods and also making sure we can get them as toxin free as possible. However, I have yet to see any supporting research of people get sick or dying from GMO’s.

      • I’m not for or against this product, just came across your blog while doing some research to find out what it was. I do believe in healthy eating, and that natural, truly organic and seasonal food is best.
        I don’t agree that what is essentially an opinion piece should be passed off as anything but that. This is especially the case when the list of sources does not contain one recognised, peer reviewed journal article, but instead copy and pasted web links.
        There are many, many poor people out there desperately looking for a solution to their obesity, and many of these programs will work for different people. Presenting opinion as fact, and robbing these people of the opportunity to try something that may save their life, is immoral. Perhaps your way of life will suit some other people, but maybe others will need to try something different. They deserve to read truly unbiased reviews of products, and try at their own discretion.

        • dani stout Reply

          You clearly need to learn the difference between opinion and fact. I provided facts supported by research (apparently PubMed and Harvard aren’t up to your standards?) and basic nutritional science. Just because you don’t know how to properly research or recognize research does not mean that I don’t either.

          How do these products benefit the poor when they’re some of the most overpriced, expensive products on the market? I mean really, you make no sense.

          I’m immoral for highlighting the fact that people who know nothing about nutrition are often duped into buying these products that are touted as healthy when they’re anything but? For giving people the tools to recognize unhealthy ingredients in their overpriced protein shakes? Mind you – I give away all of this information for free, and I’m immoral?

          • Your Harvard source is a blog, hardly peer reviewed, and there doesn’t appear to be any articles from pubmed in your source list. You’ve quoted from ‘Butter Believer’.
            Also, yes, it is immoral to provide free advice, when you try to pass that advice off as fact, and pad out your blog entry with emotive phrases like rancid and gasoline-like.
            You’ve compared these programs, that some people have had great results from, to anorexia…..

          • This is seriously the best factual article and comment thread I have read in awhile. I can’t work out why everyone is getting so fired up at you Dani when you have just presented the scientific facts. Actually, I can because these facts potentially are going to financially impact some Isa consultants who are clearly in defense mode.

      • Collette Youngblood Reply

        I LOVE this response! These Network Marketing people are so certain they are “right” that they have forgotten to do the research themselves. Ingredients cannot lie. Your article was so accurate I actually did a little SNAP right after I read it. YES. LOVE. IT. Carry on! There is good work to be done and Good real food to eat!

      • I notice you didn’t answer the question about your qualifications. You’re like a “life” coach. The glasses make you look smarter. You’re blog doesn’t.

        • dani stout Reply

          I’ve answered this question million times. Like honestly, how can anyone even accuse me of not answering this question? Not to mention the fact that common sense would dictate simply looking at my about page to see that I am a CERTIFIED NUTRITION CONSULTANT.

          Also, your improper use of “you’re” when telling me my blog is essentially stupid, is HILARIOUS.

        • bee valentine Reply

          Terry, when people get personal, it’s because they have no effective argument to put forward and thus, spent, resort to rudeness. You need to lie down and mind your p’s and q’s.

      • I love what you have written, it’s wonderful but it’s a shame that you advertised your own program on there, it just gives them a reason to say you are only putting down isagenix to sell your own product. Drives me nuts the shit they carry on with and I know your products are the best way to get healthy but they will use anything to support their argument!

      • You say your review is unbiassed, however it clearly is not since you go on to promote your own system. An unbiassed review has nothing to gain from it’s review and you clearly do. You are treading on thin ice by making claims about soy and gluten being in the products, when the label on the front clearly states “Free of Gluten and Soy”. And like Tanya says, what ARE your credentials to be making such false claims. You make strong assumptions about natural flavours and what some do, but that doesn’t mean that Isagenix does the same thing.

        Now, don’t even get me started on the whole organic movement. Everyone knows that no organic farm out there is 100% free of pollutants and pesticides. As much as the organic farmer tries to be free of pesticides there is no guarantee. You see, the farmer next to him might use pesticides and depending on environmental conditions i.e., wind, rain, those pesticides and pollutants can easily end up on an “organic crop”. And there are no governmental controls in place to govern the whole organic market.

        • dani stout Reply

          1) The word unbiased does not have the word ASS in it. One s.

          2) Were you unable to read the ingredients in the FiberSnack and SlimCake? Wheat and soy, homie.

          3) Again, common sense would dictate my credentials are detailed in the “about” page.

          4) The USDA governs organic and what can and cannot receive the organic seal. Organic food undergoes rigorous testing in which farmers, usually small scale, are required to pay fees and provide a ton of paperwork.

          And lastly, I’m really tired of people saying I make false claims. The ingredient lists are pulled DIRECTLY from the Isagenix website. How is that a false claim? If you have an issue with the ingredients they use, take it up with them. Shouldn’t this be the obvious course of action instead of attacking me for reviewing the ingredients they use?

          • I feel sorry for you getting all this negative shit thrown at you. I read your creds and the isa website. I saw the ingredient lists. These isa people who get on their high horse over a review, need to take 10 chill pills and have a nap, not have a go at you. I looked into it after a presentation I went to last week. I stumbled onto your blog and man, am I glad I did. I was gonna sign up. But I didnt like the idea of being stuck in a year long contract. I live in New Zealand and it costs $702, delivered. For 1 month of shakes and pills galore. Frecking ridiculously priced . Not for the average joe blo. Far too expensive, even for me and my hubby earns over $2,600 a fortnight. So its not that we cant afford I just refuse to pay over $700 for shakes.Dont need to get personal either guys! Keep mean names and comments to yourself. I was taught, if you cant say anything nice, then dont say anything at all!! Eli, grow up. Your acting like a 5 year calling people names because you have no real idea about anything thats been said here. You go Dani!! I appreciate your honest review of ingredients. And I learnt some stuff too.

          • dani stout

            DAYUM that’s expensive. Thanks Helen!

      • The only people that would have valid arguments on this terrible product are the people involved with making money out of it.
        There is absolutely nothing healthy about “meal replacement” period!
        “Food doesnt meet our daily needs”
        Youre clearly not eating the right foods or amounts of foods. Isagenix and the delusional people that back it all have dollar signs in the eyes for all the wrong reasons. Youre not “helping” youre “friends” simply misleading them.

      • Gary Brever Reply

        First off, a little reference point as to who I am. I’m an organic vegetable farmer. I’ve owned and operated one of the most successful farms in the state of MN for the past 14 years. I was named “Outstanding Farmer of the Year” and Edible Twin Cities “Farm Hero of the Year” among other accolades.
        Before Isagenix I ate VERY healthily (Organic vegetables from our farm, pasture raised meats, whole grains, etc). I also was very active physically (vegetable farming is very labor intensive and during the winter time I went to the gym three or four times a week to do intense cardio). Despite these efforts, I wasn’t just overweight, but I was in the obese category ( I was 60lbs overweight).
        I was introduced to Isagenix by sister who is a massage therapist. She shed about 55 lbs in the course of 4 months and really kept off the weight. I was always very excited for her, but for a long while I wasn’t interested in having to do anything with Isagenix. I thought I could merely, “pull myself up from my bootstraps” and do it on my own, just by eating clean and exercising.
        It took my wife and I a long time to get started. In the meantime we did look at the company and the ingredients and we were blown away by the quality— sourced organically, no GMO’s, no synthetic sweeteners or artificial flavors/preservatives. The whey we discovered was sourced from New Zealand, grass fed cows. We were blown away!!
        I decided to give it a try for myself in January of 2013. In the first week I shed 10lbs. That was great, but what’s more is that I had energy and vitality that I hadn’t felt in, well…. I had never felt that clear and full of energy! I continued on the first month and shed 30lbs in my first 30 days. I went on to shed a total of 60lbs.
        I look and feel 15 years younger. I’m in the best shape of my life. I can easily get up in the morning and run 10 miles (and am fast— I never even realized I had that kind of speed). I set out to put different goals in front of me including getting into weight lifting and Crossfit.
        In addition to my journey, I started sharing my story with others and helping them do the same. I have now personally helped dozens of people shed 10, 20, 30, 40 and even (3 people) have shed over 70lbs! They’ve taken back control over their health and their lives. They feel good about themselves, they are happier than they have been for years and they are OPTIMISTIC about LIFE!
        Isagenix is a real blessing for our world. It’s tool. It’s a solution of good science mixed with nature to assist people to better health when quite frankly right now people are needing something simple to help them get back on track.
        Is it the end all and be all? It never claims to be. It’s a door opener though… it get’s people feeling better, putting better nutrition in their bodies and gets them active.
        I’ve met the most wonderful people on the planet in this company. People setting out and doing the work of creating positive change in other’s lives. If you are doing the same thing in your own work… BRAVO to you! There’s no need to try to tear someone else down or a company down when there’s clearly (over 400 people have shed over a 100lbs!) tens of thousands of people who are benefitting.
        I urge this of you…. stretch your mind a bit. Realize that sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know. Realize too that the best way to build yourself and what you are doing up is to not tear other people down.
        Here’s my story in video form from last year. Know that my journey has gone on and developed even further after this and this video is due for an update soon.

        • dani stout Reply

          Being an organic vegetable farmer does not automatically mean you eat well. You can eat 100% organic and still not be eating right. It doesn’t mean you know about nutritional science or how to properly fuel your body. Though as someone who’s an organic vegetable farmer, I’d expect more. These products source whey from across the globe, which then has to travel all the way to the US – they use canola, wheat and soy, none of which are specified as organic and all of which destroy topsoil.

          The products are not organic, they’re not even certified GMO-free. They do contain preservatives. Did you not read the ingredient labels I very clearly displayed?

          You lost weight on it. Duh. This does not make the product healthy. It does not make the product environmentally friendly.

          You sell the stuff. This is why you support the product. Let’s just call it like it is, Gary. Because we both know it’s not “good science mixed with nature.”

      • Yay Dani!
        “whole, unprocessed, organic, local and sustainably raised food” IS the way to go and sooooo many people still do not understand the full truth of this idea.

        Thanks for your honest review. I support you!

        So many do not understand the damage that synthetic vitamins, artificial sweeteners, preservatives, soy, gluten and processed sugar are doing to our health and the real danger involved in our constant consumption of these and other synthetics and even so-called “all natural” products we can barely pronounce the names of.

        Thank you for your time and energy and for the still rare (but growing every day) perspective that choosing whole unprocessed foods over “quick-fix” weight loss programs and products is the MUCH better and safer way.

        • Amen, Stacy! You said it!

          When you challenge a way people think and what they have been led to believe their entire life, it scares them to think they’ve been lied to (medical field, food manufacturers–I mean, really? If the food has been manufactured and made in a factory, how CAN that be REAL food?, people and corporations and chemical companies “out to feed the world and raise more food”–how is that working out for us, when we have people literally starving all over the world?). The whole concept of everything people have been told, taught, and have done their entire life isn’t necessarily the right or correct thing to be doing.

          It is what someone SAYS we should be doing.

          What people fail to realize is that for at least the past 60 years, corporations have taken over our food, our farming, our medical field. Basically, our life. THEY dictate what we should eat, what we should feel, what we should wear, what we should buy, basically, how we should live our lives. It’s called consumerism, and consumerism means dollars, which help keep the corporate board members happy and insanely rich.

          It’s only been lately that the lies and deceits they’ve been telling us are finally being shown as just that–lies and deceits. And people don’t like to be told they’ve been lied to. So they resist and complain and fight to the nth degree, because they don’t want to admit that they can’t think for themselves.

          Our human bodies were never meant to run on synthetics and manmade foodstuffs and chemicals and pesticides. Our bodies have no mechanisms in which to use those unnatural and unhealthy, toxic products. That is why more and more people are ending up with a laundry list of chronic dis-eases (usually more than one) and autoimmune diseases.

      • Yes excellent reply and for my own personal reasons, Thank You for posting this! So many people do not understand these things especially with fructose overload on the liver.

      • Hi Dani,

        I first came across your website when I was researching Isagenix and whether to do the program or not (the 30 day cleanse). To sum things up, I have tried EVERYTHING under the sun, eat organic to minimize toxins, have recovered from fibromyalgia through serious detoxing and naturopathic and homeopathic protocols. Many years. Changed my life for the better but pregnancies really make me pack on weight, despite eating low carb, eating “clean”, staying away from allergens (I need to avoid wheat as I am intolerant to it: I can gain 5 lbs of water-weight overnight from eating it). After my third pregnancy nothing worked to take off the weight. Paleo, eating a non-allergenic diet given to me by my naturopath, etc. Was desperate and tried intermittent fasting (too stressful for women on the adrenals: worked at first, then backfired) and Carb Nite (very, very low carb) as well as other ketogenic diets. I had major issues after a few months on those ketogenic diets with dumping minerals and becoming electrolyte imbalanced, despite supplementing very carefully with minerals, etc. So it was a tough decision when I decided to try Isagenix. I went off the ketogenic diets because I just couldn’t stay on them anymore and the electrolyte imbalance was causing me to have high blood pressure, heart palpitations, and slightly high cholesterol (just above normal) from releasing the fat rapidly in my system (I lost 20 lbs in a month). I had to stop. I got IVs at my naturopath’s to restore some of my electrolytes, cleansed my liver, and began to eat normally (still low-carb but some carbs, gluten-free: coconut and almond flour, brown rice, salads, omega 3s, grass-fed meats). Sadly, I gained most of the weight back (15 lbs) that I had lost in only 2 months. I still had 60 lbs to lose, so I decided to try Isagenix as I did not know what else to do. I saw your website and agreed with what you were saying, as I know a lot about holistic health, but I just HAD to try something. All the “after” pictures and testimonials from even people I knew on the program were too much to resist and I figured that I had to try it for myself. Let me begin by saying that I KNOW I am extremely carbohydrate sensitive, but I wanted to try this anyway since low carb was not working for me. So I initially lost 21 lbs in the first 5 weeks and then plateaued for the rest of the almost-4 months. I cleansed for 2 days at a time, 3 times a month. I did what they said. Ate what they said to eat (and it’s expensive!!!!!), when they said to eat it. I worked out. Nothing. The weight was no longer coming off my waist, hips, or thighs. Very frustrating. I know I have a tendency to be a bit low thyroid so wondered if it that was the culprit. Went for a blood test and was SHOCKED at the results: now I have high cholesterol, high triglycerides, slightly high ALT readings, slightly high hemoglobin readings. My mineral levels went back up to normal for potassium, magnesium, and calcium, but not for sodium or chloride. My blood pressure is normal, thankfully, but now all these other problems have come up!! At first, upon reading the results of my blood test, I was floored and scared. But now I feel mad. And I know I will fix this but it’s very maddening that Isagenix puts these things into their products in the first place! Let’s start with fructose. It’s toxic to the liver. Voila! Mine is reeling from all the fructose that I have since found on almost all their product labels. My blood sugar is perfect (4.7) but my triglycerides sure aren’t. The rancid fats messed with my previously perfect HDL and low LDL to a now low HDL and high LDL!!!!! The cleanse drinks did not deal with getting rid of my previously somewhat high cholesterol (from the fat released in my bloodstream last year by the rapid weight loss) and instead have made my ALT numbers go up, as well as triglycerides: on the cleanse days (which I stupidly did for 2 days, up to the day before my blood test) are very sweet and you only consume them 4 times a day, plus small amounts of dark chocolate and “Snacks” which are chewable tablets (sweet, again) to help curb hunger. I am MAD, MAD, MAD that I let myself be taken in by the Isagenix hype. I realize that it works for some people, but it sure did not work for me and has messed up my health. I am off these products as of today (got my blood test yesterday) and am back to eating low-carb but with REAL foods, taking my fish oil, etc. I will be also going to my doctor again and my naturopath to help me restore my liver and overall health. Be careful–this is what I would advise to ANYONE thinking about Isagenix. It’s expensive, full of sugar, and if you are a carbohydrate-sensitive person, no matter what the dieticians say on their website, you may have trouble with the constant (supposed “low-carb” and low-calorie) intake of sugar all day long. For people like me, small amounts all day keep my blood sugar up (even if it’s not considered “high” by diabetic standards) and don’t allow me to lose weight. The fructose is TOXIC to the liver, as you have stated here, Dani, and obviously this is why my liver is in a terrible state right now. OK, someone out there may be reading this and saying, hey! You haven’t been diagnosed with liver disease, cyrrhosis, etc. so why am I freaking out? Well, I’ll tell you. Other than slightly higher cholesterol from the rapid weight loss that was detected in my blood tests in August of 2014, I had NO issues. Triglycerides perfect, ALT levels perfect in the middle of normal range, HDL cholesterol higher than LDL and in a good range, low LDL cholesterol. In just over 5 months since starting in late September, now I have these abnormal readings coming up and my doctor calls me and tells me to come in as we need to discuss these readings. The only thing I did in those 5 months was do Isagenix! Lesson learned. Thanks, Dani, for the passion you demonstrate at getting the word out there. I wish everyone out there who does Isagenix luck: I hope it works for you. Perhaps just doing the one month 30-day cleanse would have been enough, but for people like me who have a lot of weight to lose, I was advised to stay on it for the long-term until the weight comes off. That did not happen for me. Thanks for reading this.

      • Thank you for this article. I tried the Isagenex thing and found it way over priced as well as plane not liking it. I put it in my head that I don’t need any new fad or shake that if I eat right and WORK for it I can lose weight in a much more healthy manner.

        But one thing that you didn’t touch on that I was curious about is the way Isagenex encourages constant cleanses and basically starves people who are using it. Is there any insight you have on that?

        • dani stout Reply

          I’m actually not familiar with the cleanses they do, can you send me a link or give me a bit more info?

      • I completely agree with everything you wrote in the article bec everything you wrote is the truth. I recently came across an article where isagenix claimed they could not verify if their ingredients were GMO free bec there isn’t accurate testing. I have a new product I bought sitting on my desk called vital proteins which is labeled GMO free. I also have a protein powder in my closet at home which is GMO free and labeled. Isagenix is another gimmick….ANYONE who calorie reduces will lose weight it’s a no brainer!! besides the fact that their ingredients are ok at best they are super effing expensive. and FYI to other readers our bodies are quite capable of removing free radicals on a daily basis if it weren’t we’d be all sick or dead. there are tons of other ways to detox free radicals and heavy metals out of your body; try juicing fresh vegetables and fruits. Dark green vegetables especially cilantro pull heavy metals from the body plus they are loaded with LIVE nutrients. lets be honest if it’s in a can and can sit on a shelf for years how loaded with nutrients can it be. Isagenix is a money making tool for primarily the people at the top! end of story.
        btw I’ve been a personal trainer, avid bodybuilder and overall healthy person for 30 years. I’ve seen all kinds of “fads” come and go. Nothing beats good Hard training and live foods with healthy proteins and healthy fats!

      • Dani, your reply is spot on! In my experience, all the Isagenix people try to scare us into thinking that there is no way our bodies can rid themselves of all the environmental toxins we are exposed to. I agree that the environment has become very polluted and that we are exposed to more toxins than ever before, but as long as you eat healthy, unprocessed and sustainable food, your liver can do a pretty good job of getting rid of things that are not not supposed to be there.

        And Tanya Hicks, if you are questioning anyone’s credentials as a nutritionist, you should also question the folks selling Isagenix who claim to be experts because they watched a 30 minute video

      • Hail Dani, well done for exposing it for exactly what it is, agree with you whole heartedly!

      • Great work Dani!!!!!

        Amazing article, VERY ACCURATE! Although some have been brainwashed by these MLM companies and may not like to hear it, others will certainly benefit from getting unbiased honest information. You are doing a wonderful thing. Keep up the good work and don’t let the naysayers get to you.

        Be well!

      • Hello Dani,
        Firstly, I would like to say thank-you for your article. It highlights some pertinent points and details some of the shortcoming of the ingredients in the Isagenix range. Personally, as a trained naturopath, nutritionist and BHSc, I find the inclusion of fructose the most shocking.

        I would encourage you however to use less emotive language to support an unbiased view. Also, it would be great to see the use of peer reviewed, credible references (rather than the likes of WebMD) and to have the references cited on text. This would give more weight to the perspective you portray on your reviews.

        Reviews and blogs such as yours can be a wonderful tool for consumers, patients and indeed other healthcare professionals. I hope you see my comment as a positive one, driven by a desire to encourage health reviews that support a whole food diet and are difficult to refute.
        Thanks, Abbie

      • all the products are gmo soy and gluten free you are very inaccurate . seems to me like you are putting down a successful healthy way of living that has helped so many people to promote yourself and your shakes – you may want to look at the labels again and the ingredients i can send you a picture of a can if you would like but you are ruining a business that helps people become healthy and improves their lives. shame on you! you should check the website i posted out , maybe you will change to isagenix and rewrite your inaccurate report.

      • Sue Williams Reply

        I find the Isagenix review accurate regarding ingredients of Isagenix. It seems in multiple blogs/article comments that those who sell products for profit become overly defensive/angry if you do not agree. Working in the health care field as an RN, I have met a multitude of people from different educational levels and cultural backgrounds. You acknowledge their beliefs and propose other options that have scientifically proven facts that actually prove what you tell them. There is no valid scientific studies on Isagenix. Truthful products do not necessitate rude, offensive, threatening, disparaging remarks, etc. be made at anyone who does not agree. The products speak for their self –just as natural healthy foods do. When I read angry and emotional comments made at someone who does not agree with a product reviewer, I know they would not be so upset if the product they sold or used was valid.

      • Thank you so much for posting this article, Dani!!! This is not good stuff, it’s filled with all the things I’ve eliminated from my diet in the last few months because they created problems. Those who are defending it are ill-informed, in denial, or have invested money in this and don’t care about the truth.

      • The fact that you offer your own product on ancestral-nutrition, with “no refunds” (taken off your disclaimer) proves how unbiased you are. Isagenix offers 30 day money back guarantee. Nice try. Also, I’ll add the “we can work something out”. Sounds flaky

      • Thank you for this article. I just started this program and am not feeling right – I have 2 doctors concerned I am adding more sugar than I was consuming and that the corn products used are GMO. I am stopping and will not be pressured into something That will possibly help me lose weight but not goin health.

      • I am using the Iagenix Program. I joined because I met a friend, who has loss a ton of weight. I’ve been going to a Physical Trainer for 1 1/2 years and not firming up as I’d like. I have a hard time doing the PT’s meal plan because I no longer cook consistently, so I decide to try this weight plan of Iasgenix. I didn’t have a lot of weight to lose, but although I was getting stronger with my PT, I wasn’t toning up and losing the fat I wanted to lose.

        Here’s what is happening with me on Isagenix! I constantly have diahrrea!!! and no it isn’t just when I cleanse. Cleansing, I didn’t get diarrhea until 2 days after.

    • I am a doctor of chiropractic and I agree with Dani!! I am sick of these mlms coming into my office and trying to educate me on nutrition. A whole food organic diet is the way to go! I do have An open mind and gave isagenix a try and sent it back after trying for 20 days because I know there are better products out there that are half the cost. Anyone who does not have a whole food diet will see effects of weight lose and detoxification with any product. Save your money and your life by not depending on these silly products. I will say that isagenix is better than some of the other products, body by vi, herbal ice etc but not by much. The reason why people get upset is because they are trying to make money promoting these products. Don’t fret over the person who called you evil dani!

      • dani stout Reply

        I agree – there are worse products out there, but there are also better, and a healthy diet is the best option.

        Thank you!

      • Not true Riley…Most people associated with Isagenix share it because they feel awesome and their lives have been changed. Not all…most. I share it because it has truly changed my life. I am an RN and I would encourage you to do your due diligence and study the facts and ingredients and how they are processed. John Anderson is a genius. He extracts the nutrients from food sources. They are not chemical based. But as you know from chemistry even nutrients from food sources have chemical names…remember organic chemistry? The whey protein used is undenatured and 99% lactose free. That is a fact.
        Don’t let all of the MLM companies out there narrow your field of vision. Be teachable…look at the stories. Look at the facts….do your own research. Isagenix will hold up to the test. I know it
        I seriously encourage you to not lump Isagenix in with every other MLM company. (Yes there are a lot of bad ones.) You may miss out something INCREDIBLE because you put your walls up and let your hair raise on end just because a product in sold through direct sales.

        • dani stout Reply

          “I am an RN and I would encourage you to do your due diligence and study the facts and ingredients and how they are processed.”

          I would encourage you to do the same. Isagenix contains soy, gluten, denatured proteins (what do you think non-dat dry milk is?) and rancid vegetable oils. These are facts.

        • Where on earth is RANCID in any of this??

          I love that in your add you are promoting a “miracle pill” GARCINIA CAMBOGIA









          I’D SAY YOUR A FRAUD

    • Mark Featherstone Reply

      What “IS” your credentials? an English teacher? what does “MEED” the needs of our society? You better “DO” some accurate research, or better yet, conduct some accurate research. I know a lot of people that are taking all of these supplements and it is terribly disgusting and not natural.

    • you are ridiculous. Do some research before you speak. The author is right, this product is not labelled as NON GMO because it does contain GMO ingredients. THINK before you speak.

    • All you stupid isagenix people are the SAME.
      and you guys do have a habit of replacing your CHILDREN’S meals with these shakes and bars. For that my friends 4 yr old hasn’t grown a freaking inch since he was 2! That’s her poor decision due to brain washing by her own father who is an invester for the company. Rich man just trying to make money off of ya, doesn’t even give back to the community.
      And is on a mission to brain wash all of you dumb people who is willing to believe this crap!
      I see what it can do to people. I know someone who’s 26 yrs old and 80lbs because that’s all she eats and drinks, and a child that hadn’t really grown, when he should have…
      It’s sad

      • I give the shakes to my kids and of course they also eat plenty of real food. My daughter who has always been small and had asthma and chest colds has stopped getting sick and shot up in the last few months. We were eating an organic, whole food diet before we started Isagenix. I took a very long time to sign on because of the fact that it IS a network marketing company and I am very well-versed in nutrition and supplementation. (Incidentally, I think it is INSANE to think that you can live in this toxic world and be able to effectively detox and fill your nutritional needs without SOME sort of vitamin or mineral supplementation, whether it be through soaking in salts or imbibing) We were using ALL of the holistic tricks and we were still getting sick on a regular basis. Since being on isagenix I have noticed that it has fixed a long-time hormonal balance that I was suffering from–which was making my periods really rough. I also feel as if sickness cannot get a hold in my body. In addition to that, I have had all of the other benefits you would expect taking high-quality supplements. I am happier, sleeping better, have more energy etc. In the interest of full-disclosure, I am “selling” the product. I have helped a number of people get better from-long term illness as well as lose weight with this line.

    • Hey Tanya – You are narrow minded and brain washed!!! I think toxic is already taken control of your brain…

    • You can’t just write “Fact:” and it be true, where are your resources and your qualifications?? This is the kind of uneducated response that makes false information continue to be spread. There is obviously no reason to argue with you as you are clearly one of those people who are always right even when smacked in the face with some contradicting evidence. I wonder if back in the day you would have been on the ‘world is flat’ commonsense bandwagon.

      Great article and a lot to think about

      • dani stout Reply

        You’re absolutely right. You can’t write “fact” and automatically make something true.

        That’s why I provided studies and scientific analysis to back up my facts. And Jesus, if you want my qualifications, for the millionth time, common sense would dictate just looking on my “about” page. Certified Nutritional Consultant! So I also have a clinical knowledge of that facts I’ve provided.

    • Funny, my doctor advised me not to use any meal replacements or supplements of any kind!!!!! Get your facts straight!

    • It is a pyramid scheme!!!!!!!! My sister got hoodwinked into a couple of yrs ago and found out the hard way, I have tried them and could not stomach the taste of any of them. I would have rather ate dirt!!!!

    • mike thorpe Reply

      halu tanya…but tanya – you are an advocate/supporter of the Isagenix. Of course you will have a subjective rebuttal. And if you was a past student of mine at JCU you would know that research can be undertaken without being a specialist. The research gives you the information for an informed opinion. Profiling you as you have profiled/judged this lady – a supporter of De Generes has their head in the sand…the audience are paid monkeys similar to Isagenix supporters…

    • Keep fighting the good fight Dani! Fun to read this battle of comments 🙂

        • I have been taking the isagenix essential vitamins and feel great on them. My libido is off the charts! I don’t sell the products at all but I’m wondering is there another multi vitamin you would recommend that’s much healthier? I’m open to suggestions. Thank you!

    • What really amazes me with isogenix has no actual legitimate proof that their products work when the suggest the meal replacement injunction with an exercise and calorie controlled diet WTF no wounder the weight stripes off. If you actually look into credible research databases isogenix is not listed but yet the hoax on google and through the isogenix has produce this “so called reseach” which I suggest is backed by isogenix. One thing I find bizarre they claim that isogenic detoxifies our bodies well WTF are our liver and kidneys for. These quick fixes are a money making scheme which is not even approved by the AGA therefore not creditable what so ever.

    • Patrice Cervantes Reply


      I just wanted to thank you for your review of Isagenix. I have been doing some research because some close friends have been pushing this product on me. However, with both parents as personal trainers and a history of being in top shape, I know that this is not the right choice. I’m too nice to let my friends down without some real facts to back up my reasons why and your review gave me a lot to work with!

      Shakes, fads, and quick fixes are temporary fixes to a bigger issue in my opinion. Yeah, I can detox, drink shakes and a few healthy meals a day but am I willing to do that for the rest of my life so I can lose weight? Hell no. I’ll stick to eating 6 times a day, eating my dozen egg whites and veggies, chicken and tilapia. I’d rather invest my money in real food.


    • Hey there,

      I just happened upon this blog when researching if Isagenix can actually cause weight gain.

      Yes, I said weight gain.

      I have been an associate of Isagenix for the past 13 months and I dutifully get my autoships every 29 days and order the required amount of product to maintain my discount.

      The ingredients listed are accurate. There is also stevia in this product, which is all natural.

      I initially lost 13 lbs with an original weight of 148 lbs. I was 45 y/o, 5’8 and athletic.
      I did not have much to lose, I just wanted to firm up.

      I started this program with the 30 day cleanse and it was very easy. I still spend roughly $250.00/month in purchases to keep my shakes coming.

      I am addicted to the ease of use with this product because it is much easier to mix a shake than plan and cook a healthy meal, especially at my place of business and with the hours I work. I felt good knowing that I was getting a nutritional meal replacement.

      That being said, I now cannot lose any weight at all. I have blossomed from my usual 135lbs to almost 150lbs, and my abdomen is distended significantly. My medical checkup is clear except for 2 adhesions on my liver, perfectly round, which I never had before this year.

      I do believe the Isalean shakes can cause bloating, because that is how I feel. Bloated. Constipated. I can no longer button jeans that fit me fine up until they reached my distended belly. This is in the wake of drinking adequate water and exercising and confirming ( on multiple occasions) that I am not pregnant (which would make me very happy if I were).

      I am concerned now because all I am eating some days are the Isagenix shakes in the morning and at lunch with some healthy snacks in between. My calories are easy to control with Isagenix.

      I believe this program is great as a kick-start to begin weight loss but for long term one must have another solution, i.e. a good clean eating program.

      Dani, thank you for your blog. I’m glad I found you. Keep up the good work.


      • dani stout Reply

        Thanks for the great comment and for sharing your story! I really appreciate it, hopefully it will help people.

    • MaltyChick Reply

      The people touting the benefits of Isagenix are not nutritionists either. It’s formulated by chemists.

    • Agree, you should really educate yourself on the nutritional system and the science of the body!

    • You ask what credentials the blog poster has which is probably reasonable, but then fail to provide your own bonafides or credentials as you proceed to criticize this persons obvious fairly unbiased general information, which by the way does not require the need to have any particular certification to provide for it is available webwide as well as through professional health resources.

      Any educated person with sufficient knowledge of health, nutrition or medicine can provide information like this blogger has and it is just as legitimate as any health or other professional could give.

      Where is your data or information to refute what this person has so carefully provided?

      The danger is NOT this blogger but people like you who doubt anyone who is willing and able to challenge the notion that big business and commercial enterprises in agriculture are not causing mahem and risks to the health of consumers by nefarious food processing and food additive practices. Consumers have been too used to just trusting manufacturers and not questioning what goes in to the food and other products we eat.

      Instead of criticizing in an unqualified way you should compliment this person for taking the time and trouble to bring to light some very disturbing facts (that are supported by the references provided).

      And in case you question my qualifications I am a retired military health care provider with training and experience in nutrition and exercise science and environmental health.

      • dani Reply

        “The danger is NOT this blogger but people like you who doubt anyone who is willing and able to challenge the notion that big business and commercial enterprises in agriculture are not causing mahem and risks to the health of consumers by nefarious food processing and food additive practices. Consumers have been too used to just trusting manufacturers and not questioning what goes in to the food and other products we eat.”

        YES!! Thank you for the amazing comment.

    • I find it interesting that the very people who accuse the author of giving inaccurate information do not bother to cite the source for their own. I found the author extremely unbiased, and also very helpful.

    • Heidi Motschenbacher Reply

      I’d like to know exactly where you get your research that verified that today’s foods are not as nutrient dense as they used to be. That might (MIGHT) be true of GMO and/or conventionally grown produce, but organic? No. If you disagree, show credible evidence. Just because someone’s story (ie sales pitch) is good, doesn’t mean it’s true.

    • I can tell you are part of the MLM cult mindset. Believe whatever they tell you so you can sell and make money. Sadly, most MLM sales people barely make enough to cover their own purchases.

    • I have actually taking Isagenix to a nutritionist and she told me how horrible it was. I even had it tested on me through Nutrition Response Testing ( NRT) and it was a fail, my body did not like it. So she is absolutely right. The stuff is pure crap. Do a standard process cleanse instead. The company is very reputable and only give accounts to nutritionist and nutrition student. That in it’s self tells you how good their products are. There is no pyramid scheme involved. Isagenix doesn’t care about your health they only want to make money that is why there products are crap. Synthetic vitamins are used and synthetic vitamins have been shown to cause disease ( ex. Synthetic vitamin E has been shown to increase your risk of heart disease where whole food vitamin E has been shown to decrease heart disease. See the difference. I have messed up my endocrine system from using things like herbal life and other “natural” weight loss supplements. I only take whole food supplements now.

    • Speaking of “credentials” …. Where might someone be able to review your own?

    • Tamara Laschinsky Reply

      I tend to agree….just taking snapshots of ingredients list and saying what WebMD says about certain ingredients can be harmful when you post to be an ‘expert’. Any item in the wrong quantities (water incl.) can be harmful…

      You need to take into account how long someone is using a product, how much, are they doing other exercise etc. If someone’s diet only consisted of Isagenix I don’t think that would be good, however, a few items a day to help with energy, lower caloric intake while still giving high protein and helping someone get the energy to have longer days and exercise is a healthy thing.

      No, not everyone has time or money to buy all the ingredients and prep them to make their own shakes. Also, the protein bars are awesome and I know many people who eat them as a better alternative to eating fast food (these are often guys who are driving all day long and just don’t take time to make lunches so they do the fast food routine). These bars are a much better option.

      so you say “unbiased” and while you are using info right from the web site, it’s how you presented it that turns it very biased indeed. Isagenix also has many programs and fitness support programs that you can join – all of which to support and encourage people to reach their fitness goals…so I think that dedication should be rewarded…not put down. Just saying.

    • Read the labels and do your own research moron. Labels tell you what’s there. Science tells you if it’s good or bad. You have been deceived and now you want attack the credibility of the author. Typical.

    • Appreciate you sharing this. Very helpful. I am not a fan of some of the ingredients you mentioned either. I will be doing research into this. I have bought isagenix products have not shared it with anyone yet. What I do find interesting is everyone who puts down other companies says don’t take shakes etc they always have there own agenda to make money. I see you are no different since you have the best way so buy something from you since you know the better way…. something to think about

    • Thank you for writing such an informative and well-researched article. I have been saying this for years about Isagenix and you put it in such a wonderful and easy to understand format. I used to rep for a company called Biopharma Scientific. They were a wonderful, ethical whole-food non-MLM supplement company until they were sold and started to also compromise their sourcing of ingredients. Prior to that however, for 10 years, they were producing amazing products. At the time I worked with them as the Hawaii distributor, I made several trips to their headquarters in San Diego and met with their head formulator to discuss and learn about the particulars of each product. Isagenix came up one day in our training session and he told me and I quote, “I was their head formulator and I had to leave because what they were putting in their products was so un-ethical that I could not sleep at night.” There is a huge concentration of canoe club paddlers here that push it as “great nutrition for athletes” and get very rich off of signing up all their fellow club members. It’s disgusting stuff. I bought a month supply once years ago because my best friend’s Mom was selling it. I am a elite level athlete and wellness coach who eats very clean and only uses the cleanest and highest quality supplements. I immediately felt the chemicals in my body and felt so awful, I returned everything and said look, I’d rather lose money that put this crap in my body. What people don’t understand and what you so perfectly pointed out is that we cannot trust labels and we don’t always understand what these ingredients are or what they do! Thank you thank you thank you. I am going to do a blog post on my site about your article and also share it on social media. Well done. Aloha, Alyssa

    • What a snotty know-it-all piece of shit person you are, just disgusted by reading your “responses”. All you do is brush people off with some invented crap. I have nothing to do with isagenix and was looking for info against it – NOT found in your article, by the way – yeah, the one you’ve “researched”(my ass), it’s just a bunch of voodoo crap with no rhyme or reason, I have no idea why you claim all their ingredients are “not naturally occurring” and your claim about folic acid is simply idiotic: folic acid actually absorbs better than folate and DOES occur naturally in plenty of foods, you are simply full of utter shit, lady, using the fact that none of the readers of your hot air balloon blog have any brains of their own and typing up utter baloney to aggrandize yourself with outlandish claims.

    • Kathy Wilkes Reply

      Tanya HIcks, I am aware of how old your comment is but I just had to respond to your allegations towards Dani.
      You point out absolutely nothing specific in a factual manner. To dispute or debunk ones assessment is tolerated by most open minded human beings, however, you specified nothing that you took issue with, just an overall attack- that you will spread her blog around to medical professionals. Why don’t you list the medical professionals, and what they take issue with? THat would then make you a little more credible. The way you presented yourself, is one that makes money selling this garbage to people who take your bait.

    • agree, Garden of Life has a certified organic non gmo plant based protein, great for vegetarians like me to get much needed protein in. I also agree that Isagenix is excellent for McDonald’s KFC or any junkfood ppl lifestyles. Not only is Isagenix a step above an otherwise toxic lifestyle, but it offers them a guide on how often to eat, and a discipline that they most likely never have attempted. Furthermore there is hope that they will eventually take their health further by Educating themselves, and posing these exact questions above and study/research. There is nothing quite like ingesting organic whole non processed foods, to live a healthy prosperous lifestyle. Thank you for sharing your research. Food for thought.

    • Just wanted to compliment this blogger for being honest and having the strength to consistently defend her views! I’ve been reading tons of reviews on protein powders and am super grateful to finally find some truth on the web! Kudos and keep up the good work :).

    • My mother believes that this brand relieves mental illnesses, such as depression and anxiety, she also believes it can cure my eating disorders, that cause internal bleeding. I myself doubt that such a product can be made to relieve both mental and physical illnesses. She said that her friends that have been doing this program have recently got off of depression and anxiety medicines. Which I find kind of unlikely, at the very least. My mother thinks that I should take this product, and is technically forcing this on me. I told her about hundred times that I believe eating healthier would be a better fix, than this program. I also told her that maybe therapy for my anxiety and depression would be even better than this, but she thinks its just a waste. I really would wish that there was some more research in this product on how it helps the immune, digestive system and the brain itself. But I myself is not the best researcher.

      • dani Reply

        Jayden, please see a professional therapist. These products do not cure depression or anxiety. Please, I beg of you, find a good doctor that you trust, one that will work with you to achieve your mental and physical goals in a healthy manner.

    • I dare you to try putting the 30 day system in your body in addition to what you currently consume OR replace 2 snacks/meals with shakes (not focused on the AMAZING weight balance, cherry on the top component) and tell me as you vlog about it and tell me that you dont FEEL. A difference. What have you got to lose? Besides body fat? You have everything to gain… including lean muscle, amazing skin that people will absolutely notice, and energy?? Unless your pride interferes with the potential for you to eat some tasty humble pie to balance out your life… oh and it’d balance that cortisol that is clearly out of whack. I can feel your angsty energy through each word. Let me know! I would bring popcorn to that show!

  2. Amazing, really! Way to put it all out there.

    “Like Herbalife, Isagenix may be an effective weight loss tool. So is anorexia. Does that make it healthy? Does that mean a person should use it to lose weight? No.”

      • I was nearly dead when I started Isagenix 3 years ago. Now I an healthy and in the best condition of my life. It is sad that you bash products that work so you can charge people $80 an hour to coach them. Shame on you. You are evil.

        • dani stout Reply

          I understand that you know nothing about basic nutrition and how damaging the ingredients in Isagenix are to the humany body, but to call me evil a bit of a stretch, don’t ya think?