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Seven Day Free Meal Plan

My seven day meal plan will be delivered right to your inbox. So many people think that eating well is hard, and it can be but meal plans have helped me SO much. Every single week I make a meal plan so I know exactly what to cook and which groceries to buy. I highly recommend doing this to stay healthy, to save money and keep your energy up. Failing to prepare is preparing to fail!

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  1. So excited to have come across your website and all this delicious and fun information!!

  2. Kmberly Flores Reply

    Hi how do you make the protein shake i was trying to write it all down But lost track.

  3. i have tried vegan and vegetarian diets and found them to be unsustainable. after reading about the gaps diet I googled “does a vegan diet destroy your gut” and found your post about being vegetarian. i’m excited to look through your site and check out the free meal plan. Thank you much!!

  4. Thanks for all your diligent non GMO work and Organic help and sharing!!!

  5. looking forward to seeing this plan and trying some of these recipes.

  6. Thanks Dani?? You give me hope. My hubby and I are Reiki Masters, crystal healers and we call ourselves flexaterians. We eat organic whole food, no factory-farmed animals and we eat healthy fats like avocados and raw coconut oil , and raw olive oil daily. We are 60 yrs young, and doing our best to love each other and take care of ourselves. And Dani, you are an Angel. Thank you for doing the work & sharing your love! Your help is much appreciated by us.

    • dani stout Reply

      Thank you! Such a kind comment. I appreciate it!

  7. Thanks so much for helping me understand what food choices to consider. It has helped me and my friends a lot. Thanks for the free meal plan! I had a question. Which salads on your website are more easy to make? I am terrible at cooking.

    • dani stout Reply

      If you put “salad” into the search bar they’ll all pop up. Honestly they’re all very easy to make.

  8. I have downloaded the 7 day eating plan. I see that there are 4 meals that include bacon. Every nutrition book I have read says to avoid bacon as one of the worst things you can eat. I am just curious your reasoning/justification why it is okay to eat bacon as part of a healthy diet.

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