Wondering what a successful breast augmentation with fat transfer looks like? Here’s my breast fat transfer before and after story!

Why I went with Breast Fat Transfer:

After breastfeeding two kids, my boobs were not what they used to be. They took quite a beating. After looking at all of the options to determine which was safest, I got a fat transfer breast augmentation.

Just so you know the backstory: I have nursed two babies. And I’ve pumped for the majority of those feedings. My first son, Everett was born prematurely at 23 weeks (you can read that story here). I pumped for the four and a half months while he was in the hospital. And I pumped for an additional six months when he was out.

My second son, Storm was born at 36 weeks, huge and healthy and screaming. They placed him on my chest and it’s been a party ever since. You can read his birth story here. This kid would party all night long, starving and screaming.

Storm wanted to eat all day long. But he would latch, suck, pull and scream. All. Day. Long. I didn’t know what was wrong. He had severe reflux and despite eliminating basically every food on God’s green earth, it didn’t improve.

At nine weeks old we discovered he had severe tongue and lip ties. I immediately had them corrected, but he never quite learned how to latch properly. We still tried, but I ended up mostly pumping for the next several months.

I expected my boobs to go back to normal…but they never did.

After I finished pumping with my first son, my boobs eventually filled back out. They were smaller, but they were there. This time, I waited for months and months – and my boobs never came back. I was as flat as ever, with some sag to top it off.

a woman in a beige bra and dark jeans taking a selfie in front of the mirror

I researched breast implants and plastic surgeons, but found out breast implants are extremely dangerous and even doctors don’t know what’s in them.

I considered breast implants, but after doing some thorough research, I quickly found out that breast implants are not actually as safe as many doctors think they are. Read more about my experience here.

Breast implant studies have been limited and short-term. There’s a reason hundreds of thousands of women have complained of a set of symptoms that are now classified as breast implant illness. Everything from autoimmune diseases to hair loss to depression. These women aren’t making it up.

I decided on a breast fat transfer procedure with Dr. Bednar in Charlotte, NC.

Dr. Bednar is the doctor when it comes to breast augmentation procedures with fat transfer. Women travel from all over the world to see him. He is kind, his staff (including wife Sylvia) are amazing. They are thorough, informative and above all – they’re nice! They are a group of genuinely kind people.

This is my before and after breast fat transfer:

breast augmentation with breast fat transfer before and after shot in a bikini

Same bathing suit. The picture on left from summer 2019, the picture on right 3 weeks after the breast fat transfer procedure.

a blond woman in a red push up bra

Picture in fancy bra. The marks on my stomach are from the compression garment I pulled down for the photo. I have to wear a compression garment for the liposuction sites.

a blonde woman in a grey sweater showing off her natural looking cleavage after a breast augmentation with fat transfer

In a sweater, you’d never know I had anything done. Breast fat transfer is not obvious at all.

a showing her cleavage in a bikini top after having had breast augmentation  procedure with fat transfer

In another bathing suit.

a woman in a sports bra showing her post-surgery cleavage after breast transfer procedure

In my sports bra.

Is breast fat transfer permanent?

It is important to know that not all the fat injected will survive. The final results are only considered permanent after about 6 months when all of the fat that did not make it has been disposed of naturally.

I’m only three weeks post-op and I hope my boobs don’t lose any more fat. Since the surgery, they, of course, have gone down, with the swelling and all.

That’s one of the cons of breast fat transfer. No one is 100% sure of how much you will retain. However, Dr. Bednar is the most skilled doctor when it comes to both shape and retention.

Here are my six month results.

Here are my results at one year (plus a lump update, a lumpdate if you will).

Do I regret my breast fat transfer procedure?

No! I am so happy I did this and have no regrets.

I didn’t get a breast fat transfer because I hated my body. I did it because I love my body! My body has given me two healthy babies and I’m quite fond of it overall. But there’s no denying my boobs were a wreck after nursing.

It’s hard to feel sexy when you have flat, yet saggy boobs. It’s hard to feel feminine. And honestly, it’s hard to pull off a lot of clothes. I’m not a small woman. I have big hips and huge shoulders and I simply looked disproportionate.

My breasts aren’t huge now, but they’re filled out and they have shape. They don’t look fake, they look and feel natural. And I’m so thankful to Dr. Bednar and his team for giving me my boobs back!

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 This health and fitness blogger shares her experience with breast augmentation with fat transfer procedure which she had done after breastfeeding several children. See her honest before and after shots, learn about pros and cons, risks and side effects,  and find out whether or not she regrets it #breastaugmentation #fattransfer #beforeandafter #makeover #plasticsurgery
 This health and fitness blogger shares her experience with breast augmentation with fat transfer procedure which she had done after breastfeeding several children. See her honest before and after shots, learn about pros and cons, risks and side effects,  and find out whether or not she regrets it #breastaugmentation #fattransfer #beforeandafter #makeover #plasticsurgery
 This health and fitness blogger shares her experience with breast augmentation with fat transfer procedure which she had done after breastfeeding several children. See her honest before and after shots, learn about pros and cons, risks and side effects,  and find out whether or not she regrets it #breastaugmentation #fattransfer #beforeandafter #makeover #plasticsurgery
 This health and fitness blogger shares her experience with breast augmentation with fat transfer procedure which she had done after breastfeeding several children. See her honest before and after shots, learn about pros and cons, risks and side effects,  and find out whether or not she regrets it #breastaugmentation #fattransfer #beforeandafter #makeover #plasticsurgery
 This health and fitness blogger shares her experience with breast augmentation with fat transfer procedure which she had done after breastfeeding several children. See her honest before and after shots, learn about pros and cons, risks and side effects,  and find out whether or not she regrets it #breastaugmentation #fattransfer #beforeandafter #makeover #plasticsurgery


  1. Yolanda Dobler Reply

    Hi Dani, you look great!! I am a bit smaller than you were. Can you tell me how many sizes you went up? Sorry if you already posted that. If I go up ONE size I will still be small. It seems like you can only go one size up. What are your thoughts? Thank you

    • dani Reply

      Dr. Bednar can help women go up 2-3 sizes. I’d say I’m a C now and was an A before. Many doctors cannot do this though. Dr. Bednar is extremely skilled.

    • Diane Nesheiwat Reply

      Hi, how are you doing now, I removed my implant and did an FT 4 months out and I lost a lot of fat. I may go in for another round after the 6 month mark. I went from a full C with implants and now an A I ca t fill my bras A36 I have gaps. Disappointed, I don’t want to go back to an implant my body always rejected them. I’m wondering if another round of FT would do the trick for more volume.

      • Hi there! What were your final results? Did you lose a lot more after these photos? I have my transfer for end of the month 🙂

        • dani Reply

          There is a link in the post to the final results! Love em!

  2. I think this is a great option and your results look so good! Do you mind sharing how much it costs and what all is involved in the procedure like liposuction,etc. and what the recovery process has been like for you?

    • dani Reply

      It was $11,395 and they liposuctioned fat from my outer thighs and love handles. Recovery has been very smooth! Seriously a breeze compared to a c-section.

    • so its about 6 months later now, curious how much have you retained in size?

  3. Had no idea this was a thing! Thanks for sharing! Can you give us an update after 6 months? I’m also curious if some fat isn’t retained how it might affect the final shape.
    Glad to know there is an alternative to toxic implants! 🙂

      • Thanks for sharing…What are the 6 month results like now? Did they go down a lot?

      • Jenna Espinoza Reply

        5 stars
        Hi, Dani!
        I have been thinking about this procedure for awhile and you inspired me to reach out to Bednar.
        I was just wondering how the pre-op and post-op was for you as far as bruising, pain levels, your diet, and if any pain medications were given 🙂

    • 5 stars
      I am looking into this too. Same issue I have two babies and my boobs are gone. Maybe an A cup. I read on a doctors site here in Indiana that they want you to be at least a B cup to get this is that true? What were you to begin with?

      • dani Reply

        I was an A, a small A! Some doctors honestly just aren’t as good at this procedure, it’s highly specialized.

      • Hi Dani! I am researching this procedure and curious if you have any update after you’ve had your for a few years, thank you!

        • dani Reply

          I have an update you can read with pictures, several actually! They’re on the blog as well.

  4. Did you need to wear the expansion pump bra for several weeks before the surgery for the fat transfer?

    • dani Reply

      Nope! Just compression garment and supportive bra after.

      • Thanks for sharing! I just found out about this compared to a boob job! Do you mind sharing your final results after 6 months ?

  5. I just read this an im so happy you did this,an went about it smartly, Your breast look real I hate breast that look fake ( sorry Ladies) I hope more Doctors start doing this or your Dr in N.C might be overwhelmed, I also cant beleve Dr’s have no idea what they are implanting into womens bodies. that’s insane, As you know I did not breast feed my 3 children 1 reason was when i tried with my first son it hurt so bad i could not take it an i tried a couple times. but i gave up to soon, 2nd reason was my mother in law thaught it was a good idea telling me my husband was drinking more blood then milk an she insisted this happened all the time,that freaked me out very badly, I was a complete dumb ass to have listened to anything that sounded that crazy, But i tend to do that (sorry) Now i feel that my children would be closer with me had i breast feed them. I have felt that way since my beautiful smart baby girl was about 7, I swear it really bothers me an i feel we would all be closer if I had breast feed, Im an idiot what can I say, Im just very happy for the decision you made, I was lucky to have nice breast but that was not the reason i did not breast feed, I had bad advice and no support system of any kind that was in 1982. even one of my Dr’s told me about how easy it was to get pre mixed formula. I just felt there was not enough info given to me on the benefits of breast feeding. I mostly remember a Dr coming in my room with a pre mixed shot when my daughter was born to stop my breast milk an I had not even decided yet, But that pretty much made my mind up. Nobody seemed like it was a bid deal maybe because I spoke of going right back to work when I said I had to go back to work they seemed to assume i was not considering it, I do regret a mean thing I said when I got mad at my daughter I said to her after she hurt my feelings really bad that I was glad i didnt breast feed her, Maybe I would have been a better Mother had I breast fed, Anyway you look amazing Im sure your Mom is really proud of you. J

  6. For some reason your photos wont show up! I have researched this for years and would really want to have this done. is there any way you can repost your pics again? not sure why I cant see them. thank you so much!

  7. I’d love to hear an update on this. 🙂 I’m probably not done having children but once I am, I may consider doing this. My boobs are wrecked

  8. Kimberly Loose Reply

    Hi, I’m curious how much of the fat from the transfer has been retained. Have you found that they have dropped?

  9. Hi! Thank you so much for this post and you look amazing! I’m considering the same procedure (same story – boobies are not the same after 2 kids) and I’m wondering what other doctors you considered, and if you considered Dr. Khouri (inventor of the BRAVA system)? I want to figure out the short list of the best surgeons who do this and then choose from there but I’m having a hard time figuring out who truly is the best and what is just marketing. Appreciate any insight you have.

  10. Hi – can you share info on what other doctors you considered and what resources you used to find your doctor and how you evaluated him? Also did you consider using the BRAVA system? Thanks and you look amazing

    • dani Reply

      I only considered Dr. Bednar – I did meet with several doctors but he is clearly the best and most skilled. I’m not familliar with the Brava system. And thank you!

    • Hi Katie, I tried Brava about 15 years ago and it did NOT work at all…so much money down the drain and wasted time.

    • This is so helpful! As a mom of 2 littles I have a very similar story. If you’re comfortable sharing- did you find any alternative doctors you considered? I live in LA and would live to stay in state.

  11. 5 stars
    Made me so happy to see the doctor I’ve already chosen did these! I just finished my consult with him tonight!

  12. Wow, they look amazing!! I’d love if you do an updated post now that you’re 3 months out from your surgery. Is there a way to stay updated on this?

  13. Any updates on what fat stayed? Will you loose that fat exercising?

    Any recovery time?

    What scars? Are they visible?

    Any cons to getting this procedure?

    • dani Reply

      Minimal little scars, still a C, you can check out my latest blog on the boobs!

  14. 5 stars
    Hi Dani,
    Did you have major scarring on the breasts? Given that it’s been 4 months since your procedure was wondering if the scarring goes away? Also you were put completely to sleep during this correct? What was the pain like after the surgery?

  15. 5 stars
    Hi Dani,

    Since it’s been 4 months have you still been able to retain the fat. Was wondering if you are still a C or if you noticed a reduction already? Also is the scarring from liposuction sites still noticeable or do they eventually go away

    • dani Reply

      Still a C, you can check out my updated boobs, I posted about them!

      • 5 stars
        Hi Dani,

        Having appointment next week, I am curious if you was still able to retain the fat and size C! I am all for it, my boobs look so sad and soggy lol. Just wanted to make sure they will stay full and pretty like yours :)))

  16. 5 stars
    Hello, what about sensitivity, have you lost any? It’s the biggest reason I don’t want to get implants.

  17. 5 stars
    Do they feel “squishy” to the touch like regular boobs? And can YOU feel the implant inside of you? Like inside of your chest? I’m considering augmentation with fat transfer too, to address volume in the upper poles! And I am very curious about those two questions and I would love your input 🙂 thank you for sharing your story!

  18. I have seriously been wanting to have breast surgery since having my son, but knew that silicone implants were not safe. I am super happy to see that you have had success with this! I live in Michigan though, and not sure I can get the time off to take a trip to NC for the doctor.

  19. Hi, your results look fantastic. My biggest concern about this procedure is the lipo. I have heard it is very painful and can sort of disrupt your connective tissue permanently so that you end up with some weird appearance of the skin as time goes on. Will you speak to the recovery time and pain from the lipo? Thank you.

  20. 5 stars
    I would love to do this! You had outstanding results! Wow! Do you need a lot of fat to do this?

  21. Wondering if they are still a C after this long? How are they holding up form wise too? thanks for posting this!

  22. 5 stars
    Your results are amazing!! I would go with Dr. Bednar, too… curious- I haven’t seen many before/afters of the doner sites; are you happy with the liposuction results? Like you, I’m pretty thin to begin with, so I’d be most nervous about that! Thanks 🙂

  23. Hi Dani, I have the same story almost! Breastfed three babies (cumulative total of 34 months) and my breasts are pathetic, lol. Flat and saggy, just like you said! How many cc’s of fat were they able to graft and transfer to each breast? I found a place in California that does this, but so glad to hear about Dr. Bednar! Much closer to this Louisiana girl.

  24. How many CCs of fat did you get put into each breast? Thanks! It would be really helpful for me to know I’m getting my FT done in a month!

  25. Hello!! I’d love to know how you are liking the results now that it has been a year! How do they look? Would you still recommend?

  26. Hi! Is the doctor you mentioned the one in Charlotte NC? If not can you post a link to him?

  27. Sara Cooper Reply

    Hey, your results are amazing! I’m wanting to travel to see dr bednar too because your results are the best I’ve seen. I’d love to know an update now that it has been this long.

  28. I appreciate this blog as I am feeling the exact same way but don’t know what to do about it. I see all you pictures are 3 weeks after. Now that you are past the 6 month mark and actually years . Would you say your pictures would be the same?

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