Essential Weight Loss: Lose Weight and Keep It Off For Life In Just 30 Days


It’s time to take control of your health, your happiness and your life. That starts with loving, respecting and giving yourself the time you deserve to be the best version of yourself.

If you’ve ever tried dieting, diet pills, low-calorie diet food or diet plans that leave you hungry and cranky, you’ve been scammed.

I genuinely wish I could give back the time, the money and the health that people have lost due to these scams. And I see them everyday; a woman ordering egg whites at the coffee shop because she’s on a program that only allows 1,200 calories a day, the lady at the gym who takes unhealthy protein powders because someone told her they’d help her slim down, my cousin who decided to go vegetarian because she thought meat and seafood were affecting her ability to lose weight.

If you have trouble losing weight, if you’ve ever had a diet plan fail you, if you aren’t confident in your body, if you don’t feel amazing physically and emotionally, this program is for you.

So many products and programs are centered around an easy way to make money off of people. My program is based on real food. It’s based on what our ancestors ate before obesity, diabetes, acne, depression or anxiety were even issues that people dealt with. It’s based on science, on traditional wisdom, on what we ate before fad diets and weight loss scams were the norm.

I am here to help you and coach you until you are happy and healthy in your skin. You can be the best version of yourself, and I can get you there in 30 days. You just have to stick with it.

Here is what you get:

  • You will receive weekly meal plans and grocery lists in addition to daily outlines. I will walk you through recipes, how and what to cook each day so you’re never left unprepared. Everything is laid out for you.
  • A printable weekly food journal that I will review each week. This not only helps you stay accountable, it helps me see where you may need some additional help. This is one of the most crucial parts of this program. Food journaling will not only help you stay on track, but recognize everything you’re eating and where/what you need to work on.

You will receive 11 guides to teach you all about healthy living. This includes:

  1. The Kitchen Clean Out Guide: if you don’t have junk food in your kitchen, you won’t eat it! This is a step-by-step guide on how and what to eliminate from your refrigerator and pantry. Everything from canola oil to wheat!
  2. Grocery Shopping Guide: so many people are overwhelmed when it comes to buying groceries, reading labels and knowing what to buy. I will teach you how to easily and effectively grocery shop.
  3. Going Out Guide: you can still go out to eat! You just need to know how and what to order, and which easy substitutions you can make. Have your steak and eat it too!
  4. Time Saving Tips: I know, we are all rushed, busy and too tired to make food. That’s why I give these great tips on how to prep food, prepare in advance, store and generally make your life a whole lot easier.
  5. Non-Toxic Cleaning Guide: a cleaning guide in a nutrition program? Yup! Household cleaning products are some of the biggest toxins we come into contact with. The body cannot heal, detox or lose weight if you’re using them!
  6. Non-Toxic Body Products Guide: another huge source of toxins! The toxins found in body products can congest your liver and disrupt your hormones, both of which are essential to losing weight!
  7. Guide To Healthy Fats: fats are not your enemy! This is not 1983 and I am not a fat-hater. Fats are actually necessary to losing weight! This guide will teach you all about which fats to eat, which to eat raw, and which to cook with!
  8. Grains, Legumes and Carbohydrates Guide: not all carbohydrates are created equal. Find out which are safe starches and which you should avoid for easy, healthy weight loss.
  9. Healthy Booze Guide: this program is alcohol-free, but this is a treat for the end! I teach you which alcohols you should give up and which actually have health benefits! Along with six awesome booze recipes.
  10. Guide To Healthy Sweets: I recommend laying off of the desserts for thirty days, then reintroducing them. You have the rest of your life to eat sweets, you can give it up and just eat natural sugars for four weeks. This guide will teach you which sugars are safe AND it includes my ebook with several grain and sugar free recipes!


Here’s the deal: give me 30 days and I will teach you how to get the body and life you want. Guaranteed.


That’s right. After going through this program, I guarantee that you will never need another diet or weight loss program. As long as you stick to it.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Contact me here to discuss your goals and challenges.
  2. You will receive weekly installments of the program, including meal plans, grocery lists and a food journal.
  3. You will fill out the food journal daily, send it to me weekly and we will discuss how you’re doing and what you may need to work on once a week.

If you’re ready to:

  • transform your body, health and happiness
  • never diet again
  • lose weight from eating real, whole foods
  • feel awesome
  • get off the weight loss roller coaster
  • finally have the body you want
Then this program is for you. We will work together to get you where you need to be.

To purchase this program without supplements or essential oils, click HERE.


Due to the nature of this content and the fact that this program cannot be retracted once purchased, this program is non-refundable.

By purchasing these products and participating in the program, you agree that Danielle Stout is not liable for any potential damages incurred. She is not a doctor or RD, the wellness program is simply meant to guide you to eat well. Any statements made have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and not meant to treat, diagnose or cure you.


    • dani stout Reply

      Bceuase doTERRA has amazing, healthy products and Isagenix doesn’t. They’re COMPLETELY different companies – one has nothing to do with the other.

      • dani stout Reply

        I haven’t tried them but I’ve heard great things. The whey is grass-fed.

  1. What about people like me who need to lose 100 lbs? I have been doing Atkins for a month now and no weight loss. 30 days is hardly going to get it.

    • dani stout Reply

      I’m not a huge fan of Atkins. The thirty days is to teach you how to eat well to support weight loss. It’s not a program that you do for thirty days then abandon, it’s a program you do for thirty days and continue for the rest of your life.

  2. Janet Pierce Reply

    Is there a main website where we can go on and see all the products that they have, and what they are for? Sounds interesting, but having been one that has tried just about everything, including many supplements from MLM companies that haven’t worked, I’m just alittle skeptical. I also have over 100 lbs to lose, and have health issues as well. Not really bad ones, but enough that it makes it hard for me to lose weight. I have a friend who is trying to get me to try her MLM supplements which are very expensive, but then I got this, and not sure which one will be better for me, if either one. Just like to know the facts before I step off again into something that may not work for me.

    • dani stout Reply

      Yep, here’s the website:

      I completely understand where you’re coming from and that you want to learn more to make the best decision for yourself, that’s awesome! I will say that I only recommend products that I use myself and for my family, and I’m extremely picky about what I put into my body. The other good thing about this program is that it comes with the meals plans, guides and weekly coaching from me, this way we can help you stay accountable and stay on track.

      If you have any questions at all, just let me know.

  3. I lost 58 pounds but over time I regained 17 back. I’m having a hard time losing that, is this a program that could help?

    • dani stout Reply

      How did you go about losing 58 lbs, and what about your diet/lifestyle changed that you gained 17 lbs back?

      I’d love to hear about your eating habits. I’m sure my program would be a great fit for you – but I’d like to hear from you first so we can make sure that it is. The fact that is also comes with really great supplements that support weight loss also makes a huge difference. The meal plans coupled with the supplements has worked well for so many people and helped them lose weight, clear skin, boost energy, etc.

      If you have any other questions just let me know. Talk to you soon!


  4. Is there a way to do this without giving my social? I have no desire to sell the product. And if I change my mind, I will give my social then. But there is no reason for them to have it up front.

    • dani stout Reply

      Unfortunately not, they always ask for it. By no means do you have to promote or sell products, but doTERRA just asks this info of everyone. Let me know if you have more questions!

  5. I am frustrated beyond belief at trying to lose the same 20 pounds. I make healthy food choices, work out on a regular basis and just can’t take it off and keep it off. Out of desperation, I used MediFast. Although I did not like putting those chemicals into my body, I was pleased that 15 ponds came off. But then they came back.

    Two weeks ago, I started with Isagenix. I’m not sure yet if it’s working, and that could be because I’m having a difficult time letting go of my morning coffee ritual. I would like to know more about your program and why I should choose it rather than opt for another month of Isagenix. Thank you.

    • dani stout Reply

      I’m not sure if you’ve read my review of Isagenix, but you can find it here:

      I definitely am not a fan of meal replacement shakes for a few reasons, one being that they’re not a long-term solution. I can’t tell you how many people have told me “I lost ten pounds but I gained 30.” It’s not realistic (or healthy) to rely on meal replacement shakes, especially over a long period of time. Not to mention the fact that Isagenix contains synthetic vitamins, denatured proteins, unhealthy sweeteners and preservatives.

      What a lot of people don’t realize is that losing weight is a result of health. That’s the only way to safely and effectively lose weight and keep it off. It’s not about a diet or meal replacement shakes, it’s about eat real, unprocessed food that your body thrives on! And it’s about enjoying your food!

      My program is about eating well and enjoying it. It’s about eating real food that supports your body, and it includes amazing food-based supplements that I take too (and I’m VERY picky about supplements)!

      Isagenix may be a quick fix, but I personally don’t think it’s a long-term solution. My program offer meal plans, grocery lists, daily directions and weekly coaching. I coach you through everything to help you stay accountable and see what isn’t working for your body.

      If you have any questions just let me know. Talk to you soon!

  6. dani stout Reply

    Hi! You should have been contacted by whoever you signed up with. That person should be guiding you on any questions you may have with your kit. Of course I’m happy to help, just letting you know that the person you signed up with should be coaching you (that’s what I do for people who sign up with me).

    You can add the Slim and Sassy to a glass of water, start with about 4 drops and work your way up to 8.

    Happy birthday!

  7. dani stout Reply

    My program is based around real food – not diet, not calorie counting, not shakes, etc. It’s an attainable and lifelong way to keep weight off while supporting your body with the best nutrition and supplements available. Let me know if you’d like to try it!

  8. Hi Dani

    Is the 30 day program suitable for someone who is a busy working mom, with two kids and a husband to feed also? They are not particularly fussy eaters, although Mr 4 year old is not great with veges, and he does love his carbs!


    • dani stout Reply

      Absolutely! It comes with meal plans, grocery lists and daily guidelines that teach you how to prepare all of the food.

  9. I am interested and doing the 30 day program and wondering if any of the supplements would be bad if I’m breastfeeding. And what is the difference between the 21 day and this particular one? My husband and I are trying to get in shape and healthy and be healthy for kids.

    • dani stout Reply

      They’re similar programs but EWL is geared more toward weight loss but I can easily tailor the 21DLT for you. Also the 21DLT doesn’t come with supplements, which are safe but you should of course check with your doctor first.

  10. Reviewed your information above: I have been eating organic since January 2014, watching calories, working out, doing all the “right things”. I am in my late 50’s and need to lose 40+ pounds and have not lost any weight with my current regiment. Being “post menopausal”, is this something I am going to have to live with or can your products and coaching work for my age demographic? I had been looking into Isagenix and after my husband shared your review of product content, that doesn’t seem to be a viable answer. Very discouraged….

    • dani stout Reply

      I’d love to know what your diet is like now, feel free to shoot me an email at

      I’ve worked with women (and men) in their fifties and I know that these supplements work well for those that are post menopausal. Diet is going to make a huge difference as well. Just let me know your typical diet/foods and we can go from there!

  11. I have an 8 mo. baby girl and am looking to lose some extra baby weight before we start to try for another one. Would this program and supplements be safe to do while breastfeeding my daughter?


    • dani stout Reply

      They should be but I recommend checking with your doctor first.

  12. New to your blog! Is there anyway to join the program without giving you social?
    Forgive me if you have answered this already.

    • dani stout Reply

      You’re not giving me your social, but you can join a Wellness Advocate and just change your home country to “Global Access Country.”

  13. peta holland kelly Reply

    hello – can i do this if I’m in australia? i was looking into isagenix as well – but now I’m not so sure!

    • dani stout Reply

      Absolutely! We have a growing Australian market!

  14. Is there any way to do this program without purchasing the kit? I just bought the GX and PB Assist as well as the Zendocrine and Terrazyme supplements. I also have the LLV on order for my upcoming monthly order. I have lost about 25 lbs and have 20 more to go but am stuck (been at current weight for several months and can’t get past the plateau). I am frustrated and tired of trying to figure it out on my own (I have tried several different ways to lose). I also emailed you earlier this week about my skin issues that I want to take care of with food. I would love to work with you!

  15. Hi, Id like to do this but I do not know my social security number. Would rather not explain. Would it be possible to join as a “preferred member?”

    • dani stout Reply

      Sign up under “Global Access Country” and you won’t have to provide it. Let me know if you need any help!

  16. Hi Dani,

    I am interested in your programs, but I am wondering which program would be better for me and why?

    I am looking to loose weight, I would say twenty pounds, and then I am more focused on being healthy and toning my body. Because of past health issues, my doctor has warned me not to participate in a ‘high protein diet.’ Feel free to email me directly any thoughts you have or further questions I could answer to be pointed in the right direction. Thank you!

  17. Hi, Dani,
    What is the difference between this and the 21 day lifestyle transformation? They seem to have a similar focus, both of which are what I’m going for: I need to change how my husband and I are eating, get healthy, and we need to lose weight.


    • dani stout Reply

      This is geared more toward weight loss and also includes weekly coaching and check ins with me.

  18. Hi,

    I would like to know more about your program. Is the 30days programme suitable for diabetic people.? Although i have diabetic but still i couldnt control my food intake. I love to eat. Is your program can help in controlling my apetite?


    • dani stout Reply

      Absolutely! The program in general is low GI and nutrient dense to control cravings and overeating.

      • So if I just purchase the kit, that automatically enrolls me for your 30 day program?

        • dani stout Reply

          Yep! Once you receive your kit you can sign up for the weekly meal plans, but I’ll have some homework for you before that!

  19. dani stout Reply

    Hey Alison,

    1. I haven’t heard of them, do you have a link to the ingredients of a specific product you’d like reviewed?

    2. Nope, I recommend taking them for at least three months, but it’s completely up to you. I will say that I plan on using essential oils for the rest of my life because they’re so much healthier and more effective than over the counter medicine. But you don’t need to take the supplements forever.

    2. I’ve worked with some pretty picky people and it hasn’t been much of an issue to swap out the foods I recommend for versions of vegetables/proteins you may like. If you email me a list of foods you definitely don’t like at we can come up with a plan for you.

    No problem!

  20. I have over 100 lbs to lose.. I have been using Protein Powder, just the kind you buy at the grocery store but am starting to realize that although it is ‘sugar free’ the main ingredient is maltodextrin which I just learnt is processed just like sugar.
    So I like having a shake in the morning because its fast and easy. I am a single mom of a 2 yr old, work 9-5 and am on somewhat of a limited budget, though I have some money to spare to invest in becoming healthier. How much time would you say is needed in food prep and exercise in the program you’re offering??

    • dani stout Reply

      Do you have a free day? I take about an hour or at most two hours to prepare a ton of food for the week. It makes it MUCH easier and you’re all prepared for the week!

  21. I just want to say that I have been following Dani’s free 7 day meal plan (tweaking it to fit my eating habits) and in a week have lost 5 lbs. I am no longer eating low fat, non-fat foods, GMO foods and have cut out processed foods and wheat (I have been a Weight Watcher for many, many years, so to be able to change my eating “attitude” has been huge). Eating real foods is the way to go. I plan on signing up for the 30 day weight loss program to help me lose the 10 – 15 lbs that I need to and then continue with eating real foods……. Thanks Dani for opening my eyes to real foods again!!!

  22. dani stout Reply

    1) Yes.

    2) Yes, but then we should get you setup with a kit in which you’ll actually use all of the products.

    3) It’s not possible to target body fat. You lose weight all over, not just in one place.

    4) doTERRA makes a protein shake that I recommend post workout, not as a meal replacement. Agave is high in fructose, stevia is a leaf and is very low in fructose. I do recommend grass-fed whey proteins.

  23. Is this program would work for who needs to gain weight? I have local fat only in my belly area (from pregnancy) but my legs and arms are skinny. I do have a personal trainer but usually their diet consists in eggs, chicken and sweet potatoes, veggies, salads and of course whey protein. Also she added supplements too. I did my best to buy everything organic and natural though! I love it your recipe for protein shake.

  24. dani stout Reply

    I prefer doTERRA’s products and business practices. I also really love the community that came with joining doTERRA and the fact that they third party test each batch of oils not once but seven times.

  25. Do you have some before and after photos of people who have done your program and some testimonials please? I have seen so many success stories with Isagenix of people releasing weight and keeping it off for good. The people look really healthy and happy too.

  26. Hi Dani,

    I am 45, tomorrow. I need to lose about 30 lbs I work an insane schedule, HATE to cook and I eat like a 3 year old that has no adult supervision! I love potatoes but could probably give up almost any other food. I love chicken,beef, most vegetables and fruits.

    I am not organized and again, I hate to cook! I love the idea of the EO’s and the real food idea but am scared to invest a ton of money into something if it won’t work because of my disorganization and work schedule. I really do want to lose the weight, but do you really think this could work for me???

    I had a hysterectomy 12 years ago and do not take hormone replacements, never have. I want to know if you think some of these more natural products and healthier eating would help? I am a retail store/sales manger, so I have a seriously chaotic schedule (as stated a few times) and have to eat at various times. There is no set schedule in my life… Can this REALLY work for someone like me? And how much do you believe I can lose by June, if I start next week and follow 100%?!?!


    P.s. Please e mail your response:)

  27. dani stout Reply

    I can offer advice on workouts as well as pre and post workout meals.

  28. If I start with the cleanse and restore kit for $195, then will it cost me $195 dollars a month to continue to take the supplements?
    Do you take the supplements in this kit daily as part of your wellness routine? If so, have you noticed any difference, or is it something that you can’t really measure by how you feel? Thank you

    • dani stout Reply

      Nope, it will differ each month. Also you don’t need everything in the kit each month. I do keep up with the Lifelong Vitality Vitamins and I recommend doing that for most people. I do notice a difference, basically everyone I know that takes LLV regularly swears by it. Clearer skin, more energy, better sleep, etc.

      Let me know if you have any other questions and if you’d like to setup a call to chat about it.

  29. dani stout Reply

    Hey Sandra,

    If you’re willing to commit then I say go for it! I will be there to help you as well as do weekly check ins to keep you accountable. And you can absolutely order doTERRA in Canada. Let me know if you have any other questions!


  30. How do I find out pricing on the kit and the add-ons before I give all my info? I’d rather not give it all away just to find out I can’t afford it.

    • dani stout Reply

      The kit is $195, I can give you the prices of any other product as well, just let me know which you’re interested in.

  31. Just a shout out to the supplements! I just started taking the Vitality Pak March 1st. I have lost 6lbs in 2 months doing nothing but taking the supplements. I’m still eating what I want (I actually don’t eat alot of junk). They are amazing. Imagine following this program.

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