My Book


Clear skin, healthy hair and maintaining weight loss really isn’t hard – but if you told me that ten years ago, I’d probably slap you.

Throughout my early teens and into my early twenties, I struggled with severe acne, hair that would break and refuse to grow, headaches, imbalanced hormones, mood swings and a general sense of un-wellness. I thought I ate healthy, but my skin continued to breakout and my weight continued to fluctuate.

The problem was, I ate what most people consider a really healthy diet. I woke up and made myself a big fruit smoothie for breakfast. I had a turkey sandwich on whole grain bread for lunch. I made lean meats, veggies and more whole grains for dinner. I avoided fat, I never ate red meat, and I wouldn’t even think of going near fermented foods or organ meats.

The problem with this diet, despite the fact that most would consider it healthy, is it’s anything but. This type of diet spikes the blood sugar and sets you up for some pretty significant nutrient deficiencies along with imbalanced gut flora. The body needs fat. It needs red meat. It needs the probiotics found in fermented food, especially if you suffer from acne.

This way of eating has been forgotten. Our ancestors didn’t have acne, hair growth and weight loss problems. They had clear skin, healthy hair and lean, strong bodies. They weren’t prone to getting sick. And they sure as hell didn’t avoid meat or fat, in fact they ate a lot of it.

This book will teach you how to eat to:

  • clear acne
  • reduce or eliminate cellulite
  • prevent or reduce wrinkles
  • maintain soft, supple skin
  • strengthen and grow hair
  • maintain healthy, hydrated hair
  • reduce or eliminate acne scars
  • maintain a healthy body weight without dieting
  • how to make delicious, ancestral recipes
  • find out why the typical modern diet is designed to keep us tired, fat and sick

And the good news is that I priced this book so everyone can afford it. Everyone should be able to afford the truth about nutrition and what it actually takes to be healthy. Get the book HERE!