Paleo Steak Tacos

I eat tacos at least twice a week. These paleo steak  tacos are one of my faves and it’s one I keep on repeat. At least a few times a week my husband will come home and say “What’s for dinner? Is it f*cking tacos again?!” Don’t worry – he’s just kidding. He loves tacos, even though he makes fun of the amount I consume. Do you guys remember a few years ago when the taco diet was a thing? People were losing weight just eating tacos from Taco Bell of all places? TACO BELL. GRADE D MEAT. Meat that’s mostly made up of soy. Total garbage. But I thought to myself, this is a diet I can get on board with. Tacos all day? Sign me up! I’m not sure how tacos originally got the reputation as being a less than healthy food, but they’re actually quite nutritious, especially…

Meal Prep: Taco Salads

I’m tired. You guys – I am NOT the type to complain about my son. He’s awesome. He’s so much fun. But I’m going to be honest, he’s gotten up between 4-10 times in the night the past week and I’m just kind of tired. I KNOW babies wake in the night. We’re working on fixing this issue and it’s not a huge deal. But point being: holy hell am I glad I already meal prepped these taco salads. It’s so nice to just walk to my fridge, shake up one of these salads, pour it in a bowl and devour. Because it’s rill rill tasty. Honestly, they’re SO good. I didn’t use to love salads but that’s because I was doing them all wrong. Like most people, I loaded it with spinach or romaine and only a few other veggies like random tomatoes, some carrots and maybe some chicken.…

Easy, Healthy Chili

I’ve been craving chili like a madwoman for two weeks now, and only recently finally pulled all the ingredients together to make it. I was going to throw all the ingredients in my crock pot and let them simmer for a few hours, which is easy and you can definitely do. But I wanted to eat it as soon as possible, so I just simmered it on the stovetop. [amd-zlrecipe-recipe:12]

Paleo Beef Stroganoff

I love me some Russian food. It’s so filling, hearty and healthy. Most recipes of beef stroganoff (or stroganov) call for flour. I’m not down with flour. It’s not nutrient dense but it is inflammatory, so I avoided it altogether to make this version of paleo beef stroganoff. I also didn’t have any wine, but found that soaking the meat in apple cider vinegar beforehand provided that wine flavor. I actually bought a cheap cut of grass-fed beef (skirt steak) which I always find it tough. I read that marinated it in apple cider vinegar softens the meat, and it definitely did. I just cut the meat into strips, then covered in ACV and some olive oil. Ingredients 1.5 marinated skirt steak (marinate in apple cider vinegar and olive oil) 2 cups mushrooms 1 onion, sliced 1 tbsp butter 1 cup bone broth (I actually used chicken, it’s all I…

Philly Cheesesteak Casserole

One time Scott and I took a day trip to Philly just so I could get a grass-fed cheesesteak and go to a bakery we like. I didn’t eat the sub roll, but holy hell do Philly cheesesteaks taste good. I crave them about once a month, but it’s not always realistic to drop everything and drive to Philly (although it’s definitely fun to do and I highly recommend it). Anyway, I was craving a cheesesteak like crazy last week. I didn’t want to go out and buy one made of CAFO cow and wrapped in a tub of gluten. So I figured I could just make my own version, and it was freaking delicious. Ingredients: 1 green pepper, sliced 1 onion, sliced 1 lb steak, thinly sliced (ask butcher) 2 cups Swiss Directions: Preheat oven to 375. Add the pepper, onion and beef to a baking dish. Mix them…

Spicy Jalapeno Spinach Burgers

Ingredients: 1/2 lb grass-fed ground beef 1-2 jalapenos 1/2 an onion 2 cups raw spinach 2 garlic cloves 1 egg a few drops of liquid smoke (hey, I don’t have a grill!) 1 tbsp Worcershire sauce salt and pepper Directions: The easiest way to prepare this is to blend all of the ingredients together. I did this in the Vitamix. I like to blend my ground beef, it makes it more moist. Alternatively, you could chop all of this and mix it together by hand. Form into 4-5 burgers. Fry in coconut oil, lard, etc. for about two minutes on each side. I served my on spinach salad. I was really into spinach last night.

Szechuan Spicy Beef

Ingredients: 1 4-6 oz flank steak 1 large carrot, peeled into strips using this 1/2 tbsp minced or ground ginger 2 garlic cloves 1 tbsp organic hoisin sauce 2 tbsp chili paste 2 tbsp tamari or coconut aminos 2 tbsp coconut oil Directions: Slice the carrots and steak into thin strips. Heat the oil over high and add the carrots and steak, let it get a little brown and crispy. Add the hoisin sauce, chili paste and tamari or coconut aminos. Let it thicken for about a minute. Add the garlic and ginger. Serve over white rice or cauliflower rice.

Mini Meatloaf With Liver

“THE LOAF, MA!” Is what Scott kept screaming around the apartment last night as I was making this. That man doesn’t even eat meat (which is a story for another time, and sort of the bane of my existence). Lately I’ve been on a huge bison kick. I have had absolutely no desire for beef. I take this to mean my body intuitively knows I need something from bison so it’s turned off my taste for beef for the time being. And I trust my body’s intuition, so I made some bison meatloaf. To up the nutritional value, I added beef liver. And it was freaking awesome. Mini Meatloaf with Liver Ingredients: 1/2 ground beef or bison 1 egg 1/2 cup beef or chicken liver 1 egg 3 tablespoons coconut flour 1/2 onion 1/4 green pepper 1 cup spaghetti sauce 3 tablespoons ketchup Directions: Process or chop the liver into…

Grass-Fed Steak With Bone Marrow

I got my hands on some bone marrow from Whole Foods over the weekend. I remember eating it at restaurants with my dad when I was a kid (probably the most nutritious thing I ate as a kid) and loving it. But prior to last night I haven’t had it in over 15 years, which is pretty regrettable. Bone marrow has long been used in traditional cultures all over the world, and is highly revered for its nutrient density. Each 100 gram portion of it contains roughly 240 IU of vitamin A, 107 mg of phosphorous, trace amounts of minerals like thiamin, niacin and magnesium, as well as 4.5 mg of iron. Bone marrow is also rich in the essential fatty acids docosahexaenoic acid, or DHA, and eicosapentaenoic acid, or EPA. A new body of research maintains that the fat of bone marrow is alkylglycerols, which is also found in liver, breast milk and…