Since I’ve recently began falling in love with the world of essential oils, I came across some diffuser necklaces (that were not cheap, might I add). Diffuser necklaces are made of clay, you drop whichever essential oil you’d like on them and you can smell the oil throughout the day. This has been amazing for me. I’ve been using my favorite, lavender oil, and it keeps me calm and relaxed throughout the day; I’ve also noticed it keeps me pretty chill during stressful situations.

Anyway, after discovering that diffuser necklaces are just made of clay and not some sort of fancy gold that allows them to diffuse scent all day long, I figured I could make a diffuser necklace myself and save a ton of money. And that’s exactly what I did.

First, I ordered some kid’s clay for under five bucks, you can get it HERE. You don’t need to add water, bake it, make it, or anything. It’s already made for you, so you just form the clay into any shape you’d like and let it dry overnight. I used a pen to make the holes in the necklaces, you can use a pencil, the end of a makeup brush, a chopstick, etc. I used THIS for the string.

I admit, I am not at all artistic, but I thought my necklaces were pretty cute. Here are my works of art drying out:


To diffuse, just add 2-3 drops of oil on the necklace. Find out which oils I recommend by emailing me at [email protected]. Lavender is good for stress and anxiousness, InTune is good for focusing, Breathe promotes healthy breathing (I often diffuse it to maintain clear airways and promote deep breathing), and so on.

To learn more about essential oils, read about them HERE and join my Facebook group HERE. Also, if you’re interested in ordering the oils, you will receive a FREE spot in my program, The 21 Day Lifestyle Transformation as well as a free spot in my upcoming weight loss program. Make sure to leave a comment, email or join the Facebook group for more info!


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