If you’re new to AN, you can read about my skin issues here. Basically, I started getting acne in fourth grade and it didn’t stop until my early twenties when I finally figured out that acne is an internal issue, and how to properly take care of my skin externally.

When I say I had skin issues, I don’t mean a few breakouts here and there. I have deep, painful, cystic acne. Like most people who suffer from troubled skin, I had some pretty intense internal issues that I needed to take care of. I was dealing with gut issues, inflammation, high blood sugar and a lack of beneficial gut flora. All of this combined with the fact that I was trying everything under the sun (and I mean everything from creams to pills to spot treatments) just exacerbated my skin issues. I didn’t know that this was an internal issue, I didn’t know that natural products would so drastically help clear my skin. I was put on several rounds Tetracycline. I even took Accutane. Twice! So here are the steps I took to clear my skin.

Step #1

The first step is to get your diet under control. Skin issues are a direct reflection of what is happening internally, so it’s important to make sure you are eating the necessary vitamins and minerals, that you have stabilized blood sugar and that you don’t have an overgrowth of harmful bacteria in your gut. With every $50 Ancestral Organics order, I will send you four weeks of anti-inflammatory meal plans that are delicious, nourishing, healthy and amazing for your skin!

So many people assume that what they eat doesn’t affect acne when the opposite is true. I take specific supplements for acne, as well as essential oils. I only recommend one brand of essential oils, especially if you’re using them internally. Email me at [email protected] if you’d like to discuss this further and the oils and supplements for you specifically. I start every morning with a big glass of water and the juice of half a lemon, which promotes gentle detoxification and stimulates the liver. The liver plays a crucial role in keeping skin clear. An overburdened liver will certainly cause skin issues.

Step #2

Supplements. The reality of the situation is that it’s next to impossible to obtain 100% of our vitamin and mineral needs from our food. I take a multivitamin, probiotic and fish oil daily. This has been so crucial in helping clear my skin and making sure it maintains that clarity. Email at [email protected] and we can discuss the best supplements for you. And if you buy them from me, you can even get my acne program for free.

Step #3

As for external skin care, essential oils are easily my favorite and most effective remedy for clear, healthy skin. I use these essential oil-infused skin care products.

I start by doing an oil cleanse with this cleanser, it removes all makeup, dirt, and grime while providing light exfoliation. I follow that up with this toner, it balances pH and tightens pores. After that, I apply this moisturizer which contains melaleuca, lavender, and frankincense – what I like to refer to as the trifecta of acne. Then I apply this scar + wrinkle essential oil blend to my fine lines and old acne scars.

Melaleuca, or tea tree oil, is a powerful oil that is great for blemishes. It’s great for keeping pores clean. Regular use of melaleuca will promote a much clearer complexion.

Lavender, like melaleuca, has skin-soothing properties. It also is a promotes a healthy inflammatory response. It can soothe the skin, reduce redness and help blemishes recover faster. Because lavender oil is so calming, it also makes it a good option for almost any skin issues you may have.

Frankincense is an essential oil I honestly had no idea was good for skin until I started using it. As it turns out, frankincense can help reduce the appearance of scars. It also controls sebum production, tones skin and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

Other oils that are helpful for troubled skin:

  • lemon
  • lemongrass
  • sandalwood
  • geranium
  • rosewood
  • eucalyptus
  • sandalwood
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Did you know that acne is a sign of something wrong INside your body?! Once you've cleaned up your gut, try these essential oils to help with acne! #skincare, #acne