People tout yogurt as a health food.

It’s a perfect snack, a low-fat solution to your sugar cravings. Unfortunately, most are not healthy at all.

Here are yogurt’s common ingredients:

  • aspartame, sucralose (linked to tumors)
  • GMOs
  • cornstarch
  • sugar from GM sugarbeets
  • preservatives
  • dyes
  • fructose (toxic, causes fatty liver disease)

Here are the ingredients in a few very popular yogurts.

Light and Fit:


Yoplait (Weight Watchers approved!):


What about Activia? It’s supposed to balance your gut flora, right? Wrong.


Dannon Oikos:


Let’s not forget that low-fat and no-fat foods contain harmful fillers. The fat is where the good stuff is, like vitamins and minerals! Why would we want to remove such a beneficial part? Additionally, unless yogurt is organic or grass-fed, you can bet your boots that the dairy is from conventional cows. Farmers feed them genetically modified corn and soy, and pump them full of antibiotics and hormones.

Don’t get me wrong, I love yogurt.

I buy the raw grass-fed stuff from a local farm, full of fat and vitamins. I add some raw, local honey. It isn’t processed or low-fat, it doesn’t contain sugar that is most likely from GM sugarbeets, it doesn’t contain fillers. It does contain live cultures that are good for your gut. Just make sure you’re buying grass-fed or at least organic yogurt, and always check the ingredients!