Most days, I wear yoga pants and a Lululemon top I found on sale and some Under Armour shoes (shoutout to Kevin Plank – we went to the same high school! Can I be a brand ambassador or something please?).

But this day was rainy and ugly and I thought it’d be a good idea to dress a lil’ better and maybe I’d be in a better mood? Am I the only one that is super bummed when it’s rainy out?

Pants are from Abercrombie because they’re the only brand of pants that fit me, sandals are Sam Edelman, top from Lush (Nordstrom) and I can’t remember where I got the long cardi but I love it. Phone case from Amazon. Messy room courtesy of my husband.

I need a lot of food for breakfast or I’m hungry by 10am. I used to practice intermittent fasting (aka fasting from dinner the night before until lunchtime the next day) because I just wasn’t hungry in the morning, but ever since I got pregnant and had my son, I NEED a big breakfast. And I’m not even breastfeeding anymore. It just fuels me.

This is loose organic sausage from the farmers market sautéed with onion, a yellow bell pepper tomato and spinach. I topped it with two eggs I cooked in butter.

Sometimes, you just want a sandwich. I’m not one of those nutritionists who never eats bread and tells people to 100% avoid it. I like bread. I just choose healthier bread, in this case, Canyon Bakehouse 7 grain. It’s gluten-free, has pretty clean ingredients and tastes just like regular ol’ bread. And it doesn’t fall the eff apart when you eat it like most gluten-free breads. This sandwich had avocado oil mayo, organic turkey, tomato, spinach and some organic Swiss cheese. Actually it was all organic. That’s how I roll.

On the side I had carrots with harissa hummus from a local restaurant and a Bubbie’s pickle for some probiotics. And because pickles are the best (no, not pregnant).

I really didn’t feel like cooking dinner. It was a rainy day and had been a rainy week. I desperately wanted it to be sunny so we could go up the street to my favorite restaurant and eat on their cute lil’ well decorated back patio that makes me feel like I’m in southern California. Instead we settled for eating indoors.

They had a softshell crab special that they said they could make gluten-free. Since it’s the end of crab season, I went for it. It was awesome. Also had a couple glasses of sauvignon blanc.


So there you go, a day of healthy eats – restaurant fare included. It’s really not hard to eat well at restaurants, just ask for substitutions! Don’t worry about being annoying, you can’t possibly be as annoying as I am in restaurants (hi, I’d like this but can you exclude the agave and no gluten and I’ll take that but leave out the soy sauce and can you add a jalapeno thanks so much!).

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