Maybe because I’m generally a nosy person, I love seeing what people eat daily and wear everyday. A good what I ate in a day is something I’ll always check out and I love to follow ladies who post their daily outfits on Instagram. While I wouldn’t call myself particularly fashionable, I do like to wear cute clothes and throw on a lil’ makeup everyday to make myself presentable and put best self forward. So I decided I’m going to start sharing what I ate in a day + what I wore. Let’s get to it!

For breakfast I had a smoothie made of carrots, grapefruit, a lil’ mango, hydrolyzed collagen and pineapple along with chicken sausage sauteed with yellow bell pepper, spinach and onion. I topped it with two eggs and some red pepper flakes.

For a snack I had half an avocado topped with sea salt. THE BEST SNACK EVER.

For lunch I had some salad I pre-made which was romaine, grass-fed cottage cheese, dill, oregano, tomatoes, red onion and green pepper. With that I had some lentil spaghetti with grass-fed beef, which I also made in advance. I spend two hours every Sunday prepping food for the week and it saves SO much time. And money.

For dinner I had Siete tacos topped with organic refried beans, chicken, tomatoes, onion, romaine and avocado. On the side I chopped up some jalapeno and served it with some lacose-free organic sour cream (I try to limit my lactose and dairy because I suspect it doesn’t entirely agree with me).

Today’s #momiform: BP black top from Nordstrom, Ambercrombie jeans (seriously the only jeans that fit me well) and low heel booties from Nordstrom. It was cold out when we went on our morning walk (nooo please stay summer) so I dressed a lil’ warmer.

I didn’t include some beef jerkey I snaked on. I also had a ton of water, some kombucha and some water mixed with Natural Calm along with some bedtime tea a couple hours before bed.

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  1. Valleygirl Reply

    I’d love if you shared about meal prepping ahead of time! I am horrible at planning and hence prepping but I know it will help a ton. Not sure where to start. And Abercrombie jeans…I’ll Lee my eyes out for sales. I am pretty tiny in The waist and it’s not earn inpossihle to find a good pair of jeans!

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