What I ate + What I wore


What I Ate + What I Wore

Most days, I wear yoga pants and a Lululemon top I found on sale and some Under Armour shoes (shoutout to Kevin Plank – we went to the same high school! Can I be a brand ambassador or something please?). But this day was rainy and ugly and I thought it’d be a good idea to dress a lil’ better and maybe I’d be in a better mood? Am I the only one that is super bummed when it’s rainy out? Pants are from Abercrombie because they’re the only brand of pants that fit me, sandals are Sam Edelman, top from Lush (Nordstrom) and I can’t remember where I got the long cardi but I love it. Phone case from Amazon. Messy room courtesy of my husband. I need a lot of food for breakfast or I’m hungry by 10am. I used to practice intermittent fasting (aka fasting from dinner…


Maybe because I’m generally a nosy person, I love seeing what people eat daily and wear everyday. A good what I ate in a day is something I’ll always check out and I love to follow ladies who post their daily outfits on Instagram. While I wouldn’t call myself particularly fashionable, I do like to wear cute clothes and throw on a lil’ makeup everyday to make myself presentable and put best self forward. So I decided I’m going to start sharing what I ate in a day + what I wore. Let’s get to it! For breakfast I had a smoothie made of carrots, grapefruit, a lil’ mango, hydrolyzed collagen and pineapple along with chicken sausage sauteed with yellow bell pepper, spinach and onion. I topped it with two eggs and some red pepper flakes. For a snack I had half an avocado topped with sea salt. THE BEST…