I know I say I love things a lot, but I REALLY love going to the beach. There’s something so fun and special about going to the beach for me. Scott and I both love it and will regularly decide on a Friday to go to the beach for the weekend. This time around, I rented a beach house with a big group of our friends. I figured it would be an awesome way to kick off the summer.

In addition to bringing a ton of food, booze (just organic wine!) and snacks to the beach, I never go without my healthy, non-toxic beach essentials. Everything from suncreen to fake tanner (a healthy version) to lavender/peppermint mist. These are some of the products in my beach bag and I wouldn’t head to the beach without ’em.

Yes, I am wearing sunglasses in this video. Yes, I did have bags under my eyes from my cat waking me up at five in the morning.



Coola Spray On

Coola Cucumber SPF Moisturizer

Jane Iredale SPF Foundation


Earth Mama Lotion

Peppermint & Lavender Body Mist

Organic Tanner


Water Bottle (not exact but similar)


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