As I write this, I’m sitting on my couch with a blanket over me and it’s after 2pm and I still haven’t gotten dressed. Or brushed my hair. Or put on makeup. BECAUSE I’M AN ADULT.

Just kidding. It’s because I have some horrible effing period cramps.

Throughout my teens, I had terrible periods. Extremely heavy cramping, heavy bleeding, back pain – the works. I now know that it was because my hormones were so unbalanced, mostly due to stress and a terrible diet. Since adapting to a healthier lifestyle years ago, my periods, while still pretty heavy, have been mild in comparison. The cramping improved, and even the cramping I’ve felt today isn’t as bad as what it used to be.

But it’s still pretty bad, which happens once in a while for me. It could be due to a number of things so I don’t stress about it because it’s so rare. But man. Today my cramps were no joke.

So how am I making them go away? What am I using to ease myself out of this lower abdominal annoyance?

17-2-1ClaryCalm. One thing I find interesting is that when I first received CC, I thought it smelled terrible. Like, really bad. But when I opened the bottle today, I thought it smelled amazing. I was immediately attracted to it. Which is so interesting to me! Our bodies intuitively know what they need. It is a blend of:

Clary Sage – balances hormones and eases muscle tension

Lavender – boosts mood, supports hormones

Bergamot – eases tension and boosts mood

Roman Chamomile – relaxes muscles

Cedar Wood – balances hormones

Yland Ylang – promotes relaxation

Geranium – relieves stress and is beneficial to the endocrine system

Fennel – specifically eases menstrual discomfort

Carrot Seed Oil – relaxes muscles

Palmarosa – eases tense muscles and promotes relaxation

Vitex – tones and is great for the uterus

So as opposed to having to buy all of these oils individually, ClaryCalm is a ready-made blend in a convenient roller ball. You can apply to your wrists, neck, abdomen, bottom of feet and inner ankles.

I started writing this about 30 seconds after I applied the CC. I was inspired! It’s been ten minutes and my cramps are already so much better. No joke. When I started writing, I was doing deep breathing exercises to get through the cramps. Now I’m just chillin’ on the couch like a totally normal adult who looks a mess and isn’t wearing pants.

If you suffer from cramps, I suggest purchasing the Cleanse & Restore Kit from doTERRA and adding on ClaryCalm. This way, if you purchase a kit you’ll receive my 21 Day Lifestyle Transformation for FREE which is a guide to help you eat well and balance hormones. Directions are HERE on how to buy a kit, or you could just purchase the ClaryCalm!

Use This To Stop Period Cramps

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