First, let me say that I don’t believe in diets. But in its simplest form, a diet is just the basis of what you eat. So while I say diet to simplify things, I mean lifestyle. Diets are temporary and usually involve counting, restricting and guilt. I do not endorse diets in my practice or my life. It’s all about a healthy lifestyle, which is why I’m releasing my e-book next month on how to eat like your ancestors for glowing skin, beautiful hair and radiant health. Make sure you’re signed up for my newsletter for the details!

Yesterday it dawned on me that my wedding is a short three months away. My diet is already pretty clean and my workout routine is pretty basic, but some days I just skip it altogether. But because I want to be in the best shape possible for my wedding, with glowing skin and super healthy hair, I’ve decided to go the full mile and get my ass in gear.

This means a lil’ less wine, a lil’ more working out and regular face and hair masks. I plan on doing a post on my beauty routine in the future, so for this article I’ll just stick to “diet” and exercise.

I personally feel best when eating a good amount of fat and protein and a smaller amount of carbs. Everyone will vary on their macros but I find that not limiting my fat or protein while eating a small amount of carbs is best for my digestion, my skin, my energy and fat (not muscle!) loss.

The most important thing about your diet when it comes to getting in the best shape is to EAT REAL FOOD. Not low-fat, not 100 calorie snack packs, not soy because you heard it’s healthier than meat. It isn’t. Eating food that is organic and unprocessed, as close to its natural form as possible is ideal. For example, take this graphic I made on how to pack a paleo lunch:

Great tips and ideas for getting into wedding shape! Find out what I'm eating and how I'm exercising.

This doesn’t only apply to lunches, all meals should have protein, fat and carbs from real food sources. When foods are processed to be lower calorie, lower carb or lower fat, these foods have been processed and the body does not recognize or utilize them.

Hunger is the body’s way of signaling that it needs nutrients, so when you eat nutrient dense foods like seafood, butter, eggs, nuts and veggies, these foods will keep you fuller for longer. Whereas eating nutrient depleted food like low-fat yogurt, granola, cereal, “diet” foods and meat replacements like soy will not only cause you to eat more, but eat more often.

Here are some of my favorite, easy and quick meals:


  • scrambled eggs and veggies
  • a spinach and smoked salmon omelet
  • sweet potato hash with poached eggs
  • leftover chicken tossed with onions, spinach and tomatoes
  • sautéed mushrooms with scrambled eggs
  • pastured bacon and eggs


  • pesto chicken salad over mixed greens
  • fish or chicken lettuce wraps
  • shrimp salad in avocado cups
  • half a sweet potato with leftover chicken or beef
  • BLT lettuce wraps
  • buffalo shrimp and spinach salad


  • roasted salmon and veggies
  • grass-fed steak with broccoli and sweet potato mash
  • fish tacos in lettuce wraps
  • pork chops with cauliflower mash and green beans
  • bunless burgers with sweet potato fries
  • shrimp or beef stir fry
  • lamb chops with roasted potatoes and asparagus

Notice how all of these foods are unprocessed? There is no diet that will do for you what eating real food does. Make sure you’re signed up for my newsletter so you’ll know when my new e-book is available! It will have a ton of recipes for the radiant health, clear skin and great hair.


While most pre-wedding exercise advice consists of cardio, mine consists of actually building muscles. Lifting weights will not make you bulky, this is a huge misconception. Cardio does not build muscles, it will not make you toned. Lifting weights effectively builds muscles while maximizing fat loss.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to recommend going out and getting a gym membership. I personally don’t have one, but I do use THESE adjustable weights.

I workout Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursday and Fridays. Some days I lift weights, some days I go on walks, some days I do yoga, some days I go hiking. It’s all about enjoying your workouts and changing them up so that you don’t get bored or burnt out.

I also do tabata workouts, which are so effective and save a ton of time. Simply put, tabata is a particular movement, like doing squats with weights, 20 second on with 10 seconds rest for four minutes straight. Do the heaviest you are able to without hurting yourself, but don’t slack off. Because this is only a four minute exercise, you really want to make it count.

You can do tabatas with any workout, squats, lunges, push ups, chin ups, sit ups, crunches, anything. Focus on a particular body part per day, for example I focus on lower body one day, upper body another. Here is an example:

Great tips and ideas for getting into wedding shape! Find out what I'm eating and how I'm exercising.

The best way to prepare for your wedding is to simply take care of yourself. Not only will you look better, you’ll feel better both physically and emotionally. Your motivation shouldn’t just be to look good on your big day, you should be motivated to be the healthiest version of yourself so you and your partner can live a long, healthy life together!

Pre-Wedding Diet and Workout Routine - get into shape for the big day with my healthy diet and workout tips #bride, #workout</div

Wedding Workout Routine - get into the shape of your life for the big day with my healthy diet and easy workout tips #bride, #workout


  1. Thank you! I needed to read this and refresh back to real foods versus all the fad diets!

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