Earlier this week I was watching an episode of Giada. I freaking love Giada. Her delicious Italian food, her big ol’ boobs, her California inspired style, and her Sunday supper.

It turns out that Giada practices the Italian tradition of having friends and family over on Sundays for a special dinner – which I think sounds AMAZING. Good food, good wine, good people. What’s better? Literally nothing.

So this Sunday I’m planning on making spaghetti, an ode to both Giada and my husband, whose favorite food in the world is spaghetti. I’m pairing it with this amazing chicken I once had at a restaurant. I’ll be using Rao’s marinara (which I forgot to put on the grocery list) and castelvetrano olives. I HATE olives. Except for these olive. They the bomb.

On Sunday I will be meal prepping the following, because meal prepping is LIFE:
-mashed potatoes
-shrimp and veggie stirfry
-bone broth cooked white rice

Seriously, I had dinner on the table tonight in under fifteen minutes with next to nothing in my fridge thanks to last week’s meal prep. I can’t recommend it enough.

In weeks passed the meal plans have skewed a bit more toward the low-carb side. You can totally sub the rice for cauliflower rice and the brown rice spaghetti for zucchini noodles. I simply have lost too much weight being so low-carb so I’m introducing some dense carb sources.

This meal plan is meant to give you ideas and inspiration so tweak it to your needs.

I also highly recommend buying everything you can from your local farmer or farmers market. The meat I get is so different than grocery store meat, the quality difference is effing insane. Plus, it’s often cheaper than at Whole Foods.

Happy meal planning!

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