Scott and I are planning to get knocked up sometime in 2015. Back in the day, like, way back in the day – the time of our ancestors – people actually prepared their bodies for pregnancy. They did not take it lightly and they did not consider it something that should be done randomly. They considered it sacred.

So sacred in fact that there were even specific foods reserved for a couple trying to get pregnant and pregnant women. These foods were extremely nutrient dense and included things like liver, fish eggs and egg yolks. But the big difference between us and our ancestors is not just the food, it’s the fact that we are bombarded with a ton of toxins everyday. We need to take time to remove these toxins before pregnancy to ensure a healthy pregnancy, healthy birth and healthy baby. Here’s how to detox for pregnancy.

Good Diet & Supplements

Obviously, when it comes to detoxing the first step you need to take is your diet. You don’t want to be taking steps to detox while you’re still eating crap. It’s redundant. It all begins with what you put in your mouth. The first step is to buy a water filter. A good one. Yes, they’re pricey but the one I recommend not only filters out fluoride, arsenic and chlorine (in addition to all the other toxins), it has a lifetime warranty. You can order it HERE.

As for your diet itself, most detoxing diets include juice fasts and other weird forms of semi-starvation. This is not safe when preparing for pregnancy! You need to give your body a ton of nutrients to prepare for pregnancy, you do not want to leech nutrients from your system. I recommend a version of the Weston A. Price diet which includes:

  • pastured meat – beef, lamb, chicken, etc. everyday
  • wild seafood – several times a week
  • pastured eggs – at least two a day, the more yolks the better!
  • liver, 2-3 times a week
  • fermented foods – everyday, preferably with each meal
  • bone broth – everyday
  • coconut oil – everyday
  • veggies – everday
  • raw milk, kefir, yogurt, cheese, etc. if you do dairy
  • healthy starches like potatoes, squash, carrots, white rice, taro, etc.

You want to avoid:

  • GMOs
  • sugar
  • bread, pasta
  • vegetable oils
  • booze
  • pasteurized dairy (especially if it’s not organic)
  • fast food
  • cigarettes
  • drugs, even prescription drugs


  • a good prenatal vitamin, I use THIS ONE – this will prepare your body for the necessary nutrient stores
  • cod liver oil – high in omega-3s as well as Vitamins A and D, it is anti-inflammatory and full of the necessary nutrients to grow a healthy baby
  • probiotics – not only help you detox but also promote mental stability, strong immune systems
  • GX Assist – an extremely powerful detox that includes oregano and caprylic acid (found in coconut oil) that cleanses and purifies the digestive tract; I use this for ten days of each month, for three months
  • TerraZyme – a digestive enzyme that helps you break down and absorb your food
  • Zendocrine – another detox supplement that includes rosemary, clove, grapefruit and geranium

Essential Oils

I love essential oils. They’re safe, healthy and all-around awesome. I use them everyday, and especially if I’m having any of the issues below.

Got a head tension? Try past tense.

Upset stomach? Try DigestZen.

Skin issues? Try Melaleuca.

Seasonal threats during Springtime? Try TriEase.

The list goes on. Find out how more about essential oils HERE. Find out how to order essential oils HERE.

Greens Powder

I l-o-v-e TerraGreens. It includes so many antioxidants and herbs and veggies that not only provide the body with a healthy dose of nutrients but also promote detoxification.

Kale, spinach, wheat grass, broccoli, cabbage, dandelion greens! So much good stuff.

How To Detox For Pregnancy - pregnancy is like a marathon, it's going to be a lot more difficult if you don't prepare for it.

Bentonite Clay

Bentonite clay adsorbs toxins like heavy metals, pesticides, yeast, fungus, bacteria, viruses and pathogens, then flushes them out of the body. Bentonite clay is negatively charged which is what allows it to adsorb to the positive charge found in toxins.

Bentonite clay can also be used externally. I use it as a face mask once a week; as it dries it sucks the dirt out of pores, effectively providing a deep clean and tightening pores. It can be used in tooth paste and packed on an infected tooth to help heal the infection.

I recommend taking it about a half tablespoon three times a week and working your way up. You want to make sure your bathroom habits are regular so that you’re effectively getting rid of the toxins.

There are many brands of clay, some of which are great and some of which are only acceptable to use externally. I use THIS brand internally. I actually mix it with the Terra Greens in some kefir and drink it.

Detox Baths

I’ve written about detox baths before. The skin is the largest organ and detox baths literally pull toxins from the skin. I use essential oils for relaxation (lavender and Serenity), epsom salt and an external bentonite clay, like this one. I also recommend THIS to easily remove chlorine from your bath water.

Epsom salt is particularly great for detox baths because epsom salt is magnesium sulfate, or MgSO4. The liver detoxes if two phases. The first phase is oxidation, the second is conjugation. Zinc is a huge player in phase one detoxification, while sulfate is a huge player in phase two. This is why epsom salt is great for detoxification on an internal and external level.

Detox your home

The home can be a huge source of toxins. You want to use non-toxic household products. You can find my favorite non-toxic products HERE.

Detox Your Personal Care & Makeup

The same goes for makeup. Women apply a massive amount of toxins to their skin, which are then absorbed, via their makeup, lotion, shampoo, etc. Use non-toxic makeup! You can find my favorite brands HERE.

How To Detox For Pregnancy - pregnancy is like a marathon, it's going to be a lot more difficult if you don't prepare for it.

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