Find out how I healed my cervical dysplasia naturally after having been diagnosed with CIN 2 cells on my cervix – without LEEP procedure!

Edited to add: I am happy to chat and discuss and offer sisterly support, but please do not email or comment asking for medical advice including supplements for you, what I did exactly, how I did it, what you should use, what you should do, etc. I am not a doctor. I am unable and unequipped to offer medical advice. The best advice I have is to see a qualified naturopathic or naturally minded doctor you trust. 

First off, what is cervical dysplasia?

Let’s start with the cervix: The cervix is the lower part of the uterus that leads into the vagina. It’s the cervix that dilates during childbirth to allow the fetus to pass through.

Cervical dysplasia is a condition in which healthy cells on the cervix undergo abnormal changes. In cervical dysplasia, the abnormal cells aren’t cancerous but can develop into cancer.

Ever since being diagnosed with cervical dysplasia, I always imagined I’d write this article.

I wanted to heal from it so badly. Not only did it take a significant amount of time, but it was also incredibly emotional for me. Keep in mind that I am not a doctor. Nothing in this article is meant to prevent, treat or cure disease.

Roughly three and a half years ago I went in for a routine pap smear. One of my girlfriends had just been diagnosed with HPV and mild cervical dysplasia and I wanted to make sure everything was good in that department.

Knowing that up to 75% of adults have HPV, I specifically told my gyno that I wanted to be tested for it. When I received a letter in the mail saying everything was good, I went on with my life.

Until two weeks later when the office called to tell me not that I had slightly abnormal cells on my cervix, but that I had “precancerous lesions.”

Let me tell you what I heard (and why so many women are immediately terrified upon hearing this diagnosis) – “You have cancer.” Seriously, you can’t open with – “You have some abnormal cells.”? You tell me I have precancerous lesions?!

So I went back in for a colposcopy (an exam to more closely examine the cervix) and biopsy. Very little was explained to me.

Do I have cancer? “No, not yet anyway.”

Will this turn into cancer? “Most likely.”

What causes this? “High-grade HPV”

Do I have HPV? My tests came back negative for everything. “You probably do.”

I probably have HPV?

Turns out, they never even tested me for HPV. They assumed I had it because I had abnormal cells on my cervix, but they never once tested.

My results were in and I had CIN 2 cells on my cervix. Better than 3 or 4, not as good as CIN 1.

The doctor told me I immediately had to have a LEEP procedure, using electrosurgical excision and a low-voltage electrified wire loop to cut out the abnormal tissue.

It sounded incredibly painful and I was terrified.

There had to be another way. I asked if this got rid of the cells for good and the doctor said that they could return. Using my basic logical thinking skills, I decided two things:

1 – If the LEEP procedure removes the cells but they can come back anyway, what’s the point? To cut them away every time until I no longer have a cervix?

2 – A LEEP procedure does not address the root cause of this issue. If we don’t address the cause – it’s going to keep happening.

She told me if I had CIN 1, they’d just monitor my cervix with regular paps to make sure it didn’t progress.

So that was my next goal – to not only regress this to CIN 1 but to get rid of it. She gave me three months.

While I ate pretty well at that time, weekends were a free for all. If I wanted wheat, I ate it. If I wanted beer, I drank it. Cupcakes? Oh yeah.

This all stopped immediately.

I ate well throughout the week and carried that right on into the weekend. My diet mostly consisted of:

  • pastured meats and eggs
  • wild seafood
  • very low sugar
  • tons of vegetables
  • healthy fats like grass-fed butter, avocados, coconut oil
  • raw dairy

After extensive research, I also started a supplement regimen:

  • Indole-3-Carbinol, otherwise known as I3C as well as Diindolylmethane, or DIM, have been shown to be beneficial for the reversal.  of cervical dysplasia, I3C and DIM concentrated in cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower, broccoli, and cabbage.
  • Folate – some have even suggested that cervical dysplasia is the result of folate deficiency. While I don’t think it’s that simple, there is strong evidence that folate can help reverse cervical dysplasia.
  • B12 – folate and B12 work synergistically. A study of Indian women demonstrated that B12 and folate supplementation has a beneficial impact on the prevention of cervical cancer.
  • Cod Liver Oil – CLO is a fish oil high in omega-3 fatty acids but it’s also rich in vitamins A and D. Vitamin D is a well-known cancer preventative and immune booster. The omega-3s in fish oil reduces inflammation, which is at the root of any disease. What a lot of people don’t realize is that there are two types of vitamin A – retinol (active form) and beta-carotene (an inactive form that doesn’t convert to retinol very well). Retinol is concentrated in animal foods, like cod liver oil, chicken liver, and egg yolks. You’re not going to get much vitamin A from orange veggies (like carrots). One study found that women with high-grade cervical dysplasia were found to have vitamin A deficiency.

I had read that the cells of the cervix replenish every 7-14 days. During those three months, I did a lot of positive affirmations and tried to keep a level head. I really believed I could reverse it, I had full faith in my natural remedies.

Second Colposcopy

Three months came and went. Scott was a big help since I’m such a worry wort and he’s naturally more carefree. He helped keep me calm. I had made the appointment for my next colposcopy while Scott would be working in LA. I just wanted to get it over with.

Much to my surprise upon showing up at my appointment, they had only scheduled me for a regular pap smear, not a colposcopy. I immediately started crying. In front of people. I didn’t even care.

I had worked myself up so much over the appointment, I’m stressed out for three months, I mentally prepared for the appointment and took off work – and they messed up the procedure and wanted me to reschedule?

My gyno relented, though not without making it known she was pissed she’d have to do a colposcopy at 3 pm (when the office only schedules them until 2:30 pm).

After she muttered “What the f*ck.” under her breath, I actually felt relieved. At least I wouldn’t have to take off work again and wait for another appointment.

My previous colposcopy wasn’t painful, just very uncomfortable. This time was different. Everything was rushed. The gyno was much more aggressive. I was already a nervous wreck.

My eyes were already puffy from crying so much. I was already beaten down before the procedure even began. Which made hearing this much worse,

“You see that?” She snapped angrily, gesturing toward to screen showing my cervix.

“You still have it!” She almost shouted at me.

I broke down crying again. I asked if we could do the biopsy to see if it was still CIN 2 or if it had changed at all.


And that’s when she aggressively cut off a part of my cervix. It was one of the most uncomfortable pains I’ve ever felt. Whereas it was just uncomfortable before, it was actually painful this time around. She did not care about being gentle.

I yelped in pain while two nurses held my hand while I hysterically cried on a table, on my back, my feet in stirrups and my vagina on display. It was traumatizing.

I managed to calm down, get dressed and walk to my car. Where I f*cking unraveled. I couldn’t even call Scott in LA for a good twenty minutes. My mouth couldn’t speak. I was hyperventilating and couldn’t catch my breath.

I was sobbing hysterically. All I could think was: I still have it. I couldn’t get rid of it and I would have to have my insides cut out and I would have to heal from that and forever have scar tissue on my cervix, potentially making it more difficult to get pregnant and more difficult to give birth.

Needless to say, I was losing it.

I managed to call Scott, who calmed me down. But with three thousand miles between us, once I got off the phone, I was a wreck again. In total, I sat in my car crying for an hour and a half.

A few days later, the results of my colposcopy were in.

It had regressed to CIN 1. I was so relieved…for all of about thirty seconds. It turned out that my gyno was still pressing the LEEP procedure. She had originally told me that if I tested CIN 1, we would just wait and see.

I couldn’t understand why now that I had regressed to CIN 1, why we would have to follow through with the LEEP procedure.

She told me that because it was previously CIN 2, we should still do it because it would most likely progress to cancer.

Instead, I researched. I wanted to know the facts.

What causes cervical dysplasia, what are the stages, and can it go away on its own? 

  • Majority of cervical dysplasia is caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV), but not all cases are caused by it (source). I still had no idea if I even had HPV.
  • Generally speaking, the majority of cervical cancer is very slow growing. Even with cervical dysplasia. It can take about ten years to actually progress to cancer (source) so I figured I had some time.
  • Majority of mild dysplasia (CIN 1, like I had) heals on its own.

In fact, according to the National Cancer Institute,

About 70% of ASCUS and CIN 1 lesions regress within 6 years, while about 6% of CIN 1 lesions progress to CIN 3 or worse. In about 10% to 20% of women with CIN 3 lesions, the lesions progress to invasive cancer.

I figured that if 70% of CIN 1 lesions regress within 6 years, and I was already living a healthier lifestyle than most people (I was in school for my holistic nutrition certification at this time) and I was going to take steps to heal naturally as well, then I could do it. I just needed some time.

My gyno’s office hounded me for weeks to get the LEEP procedure. I kept telling them I wouldn’t do it, and they really tried to pressure me and play up the cancer angle.

Finally, I firmly told them to stop calling me, stop leaving me messages, stop pressuring me – I wasn’t getting the procedure.

Nine Months Later

Nine months went by. I continued with the supplements listed above and I had really high hopes for healing my cervical dysplasia naturally. I scheduled a pap smear at a new office, one that was more holistically minded. Or so I thought.

When I went in for the appointment, I introduced myself to the doctor only to be told she wasn’t the doctor but the assistant. That she would be performing my pap. That I wasn’t even going to meet the doctor.

You know when your instincts tell you to run? I didn’t listen.

Despite what I felt, I explained my history to the assistant, including the fact that I was pretty traumatized by my previous gyno and the colonoscopy.

I was so nervous to even get the pap, I was shaking. Also, I explained that I had CIN 2, I had regressed it to CIN 1 and I was hoping to heal it naturally.

To which she responded that that can’t be done.

She said I should’ve gotten the LEEP. That she would do the same exact thing my previous gyno did. That I couldn’t heal. That it would most likely progress to cancer.

I guess it shouldn’t have been much of a surprise when she not only told me she was going to “scrape” cells off of my cervix, but that she was not gentle when she did.

FYI – no woman wants to hear that her insides are going to be “scraped” off.

A couple weeks later I got the results of the pap in the mail – abnormal cells found on the cervix. I hadn’t gotten rid of it. Except, this time I didn’t break down. I felt nothing.

Three Years Later

Since that last pap, I didn’t go back. Not just to that particular office, I mean that I did not get a pap smear at all. I do not recommend this.

I know and knew that I should have been getting regular pap smears, but I was honestly just so traumatized from everything that I’d been through – I just pushed it all into a very small corner of my mind and didn’t acknowledge it.

During those three years, I still ate very well. I switched my supplements regularly. This included trying new ones and giving up old ones.

I started working with and studying essential oils.  I ended up quitting my full-time job to run Ancestral Nutrition (which took an immense amount of stress off of me).

In the time since I got my previous pap in 2012 to my most recent pap, I did a lot of different things on the health and healing front. I kept up with my diet, which again consisted of:

  • tons of vegetables, especially cruciferous
  • no wheat or grains (excluding white rice)
  • bone broth and gelatin (using this bone broth recipe)
  • pastured meats and eggs
  • wild seafood
  • lots of healthy fat (butter, coconut oil, olive oil)
  • fermented foods
  • low sugar (hardly any fruit even)
  • raw dairy
  • fermented foods

Here are some of the supplements I used (I switched them up, I didn’t take all of these all at once):

February 2015

Scott and I are planning on getting knocked up soon, so we went to see a naturopath. This is when the CIN issue came up and she told me what I already knew: that I needed to get a pap immediately.

All of my old fears came flooding back. The pain, the terror, the constant worry that I still had CIN, or worse, cancer.

I left her office and scheduled a pap for the next month. Knowing that the cells on the cervix replenish every 7-14 days, I decided to do whatever I could during that time to make sure I was giving my body the best shot.

Here’s what I took:

I made a mix of coconut oil, lavender, frankincense, and tea tree to apply to an organic tampon and use internally. I did this for five days. Three drops of frankincense diluted with coconut oil around my pelvic bone, on top of my cervix (lower abdomen) the entire month. (Please note that I am not advising you to do this, using oils internally is no joke and has to be done VERY carefully and under the guidance of a professional. This HAS to be done under the supervision of an aromatherapist or naturopathic doctor.)

I was also drinking this tea with this gelatin two to three times a day. I set three reminders every day (9 am, 2 pm, 8 pm) that read:

“Healthy healed beautiful pink donut. I am healthy, I am whole, my cervix is perfect.”

I was told to imagine my cervix as a healthy pink donut. So I did. I was told to repeat these words to myself. I set the reminders because I knew I’d forget otherwise.

And I’d also like to add that during the last several years, my lifestyle drastically went from wild child, party girl, lots of drama, in a horrible relationship to moving out on my own (away from said horrible relationship), calming down, having more fun, meeting Scott, falling in love.

I think that meeting Scott played a big role in my healing. No longer was I stressed, angry and resentful in my relationship. I was happy.

The Results

I originally scheduled my pap with a midwife whose office was…not very helpful. I’ve heard great things about the midwife herself, but when the day rolled around to go get my pap, I called just to confirm the appointment.

They told me she was at a birth and someone was supposed to call me days before to let me know but never did.

So I found a general practitioner that was highly rated on Yelp. She’s from the USSR and had a no-nonsense attitude. I liked that. She was straightforward with me, but not overbearing like the other doctors seemed to be. She told me not to worry, if I had CIN still, we’d deal with it.

The pap itself was quick and I barely felt a thing. After my history with pap smears, colposcopies and pain – I wanted to hug her but figured that would be really weird.

I’d like to say I was totally calm, cool and collected waiting for my results. The reality is that I was once again a complete wreck.

I was still working every day and kept a level head (probably mostly due to Scott being supportive and dousing myself in calming essential oils), but I checked the website where my results were to be posted every day, several times a day, even though I was told they’d take a week.

They took four days.

DIAGNOSIS:     Comment

HPV, high-risk     Negative    Range: Negative
This high-risk HPV test detects thirteen high-risk types

No cervical dysplasia. No HPV. I cried.

I literally broke down crying, but this time it wasn’t because I was freaked out. The relief I felt. I had so much stress built up in me from all of this. I was so worried I’d have to end up getting LEEP, that it had progressed, that it would affect us having a baby. Yeah, I bawled my freaking eyes out.

I’ve literally been thankful every day since. The magnitude of this isn’t lost on me. I’m not sure if it was time, my lifestyle, my diet or the supplements that worked – but I’m pretty positive it was a combination of all of them. And I’ll never know if I even had HPV in the first place.

I’m proud of myself. I’m proud of myself for taking a stand against aggressive doctors at the ripe ol’ age of 23 and telling them I was going to handle it on my own.

For doing the research and trusting my instincts and taking care of myself. I think a lot of people expect doctors to take care of their health when the reality is that your health is determined largely by you alone.

When I was diagnosed, I looked for women like me, who had cured their cervical dysplasia naturally; who turned down conventional treatment.

I found a handful of now-abandoned websites. I want any woman who has been diagnosed with cervical dysplasia to read this. You’re not alone.

Cervical dysplasia is incredibly common but not something that’s often talked about. I’m talking about it. I want to talk about it with you.

Comment below, email me or just reach out. Share your story. Let me know if you want to talk.

It’s scary, but you have options. I’m not saying what worked for me will exactly, definitely work for you. But I am saying this is an issue we should be open about. We should share our experiences. We should be there for one another.

I’m here for you if you want to talk about it!


While I am happy to chat about this topic, I cannot offer medical advice. I am not a doctor. I cannot offer advice on particular supplements to take or a new diet regimen.

Think of it this way – you wouldn’t email a mechanic and say “X, Y, and Z is wrong with my car. What should I do?” There’s no way to answer that. There are too many factors and variables. What kind of car? What year? Be specific about the issue. What fuel do you use?

So I, especially having no idea of someone’s background, age, diet, lifestyle, etc. cannot offer blind advice. I work with people to help them improve their diet and lifestyle. But I cannot offer random information on such a very specific topic.

I mean it literally when I say it’s a good idea to find a naturopath to work with. Get blood work. See what’s lacking. Talk to your doctor. If you don’t like your doctor, find another.

Get a second opinion. It may be more work, it may be more money, but it’s your health. That’s priceless, ya’ll!

How I healed my Cervical Dysplasia Naturally through a healthy lifestyle, supplements and essential oils #holistichealth, #cervicalcancer, #cervicaldysplasia, #naturalhealing

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Find out how I healed my cervical dysplasia naturally after having been diagnosed with CIN 2 cells on my cervix - without LEEP procedure! #healthy #remedies


  1. My mom went through a similar experience and she too healed herself through a natural process. She had dysplaysia and detrimental cancer stage 3c. Here she is 2 years later and she is cancer free. It was a lot of work but she did it without chem. Her Dr told her she’d be dead in a year, well with chemo she probably would have. Fight the fight and keep on fighting. I hope you all have babies soon, you’ll have to fight for them too. I don’t vax because of all of the junk in them. Blessings.

    • dani stout Reply

      That’s amazing! So happy for your family. And thank you!

      • Hi. Did you write the article about healing cervical dyplasia naturally. If so, I would love to chat through email.

      • Much imptessed
        Am diagnosed with vaginal carcinoma atvthe agebof 78
        I am very youthfil also in looks
        Do not want radio and bravjy and also started myself on a healthy
        Dieet, with natural supps and mostly vegatarian
        The csrcinoom is 7 cm and ingrown. I would likevyo know jow your mum best the cancer naturally. Thank youcand greetings. Ankje B

    • Ashleigh Towers Reply

      I just had the LEEP done the day after Christmas. I’ve had abnormal paps ever since I’ve had them, but it wasn’t until I was pregnant with my son in 2009 that I had a pap done and was called back for a colposcopy withOUT a biopsy, and told to return 6 months post labor for the biopsy. I brushed it off for whatever reason until April 2017. My biopsy came back CIN3 and the OB wasn’t thrilled that I was looking into escharotic treatment through a naturopath and had spoken to women who did said treatment and cleared their HPV down to the DNA. So, I’m still processing it, waiting on my AHCC to get here, and trying to determine what else I’m going to do naturally speaking.

      I decided to do the LEEP only because I went SO long without having a PAP done, and wanted to take some kind of action. I, too, don’t believe in scraping away at a part of my body when it’s a virus causing the problem.

      Hoping to start a blog about my experience soon, as I don’t want these options to be unknown.

    • Hi
      Thank you for sharing your story, it helps me feel like there are others out there in similar situation and there is hope for natural remedy

      My story is this I sent in for routine pap, pap was normal but HPV16 positive . Didn’t know what hpv was until then. My doctor was concerned and said typically immune system fights off HpV. A year later went in for another routine pap . This time pap was abnormal ascus pap and HPV16 was still positive.

      This time I was concerned because pap was abnormal and I had not gotten rid of HPV. I scheduled a colonoscopy 3 months later. I changed my diet, began eating healthy , included supplements vitamin B12 with folate, vitamin s C and d and e and a probiotic .

      Colposcopy results were now dysplasia Cin 2/3 and Doctor wants to do keep.

      I was devastated scared . How could I go from a normal pap to Cin 2/3 in just 1.5 years.

      Is it typical for dysplasia to progress that quickly ?? So I still am waiting it out taking a natural approach to regress it and rid the dysphasia.

      Is it possible to regress dysplasia if hpv16 positive ?

    • Thank you for your story. I had hpv (CIN2)when I was about 22. I didn’t get the LEEP done- I was fortunate enough to have a pretty good dr at the time. It cleared after about a year (roughly), and I am now 39. I had a baby 3 years ago, and today had a Pap smear done. The dr (a new one), told me she saw a tiny white spot on my cervix, and scheduled a biopsy next week. Of course I’m freaking out and it reminds me of all the stress I went through years ago with the first experience. Although I don’t know if it’s reoccurring (after about 15 years!), I’m more worried now about it being actual cervical cancer starting now. Even though my paps were normal for years after, I am now scared as you-know-what. I’ve read all these articles about cancer developing 10-15 years after an hpv diagnosis, but if it clears, I’m not sure how that works. I’ve read it can be dormant in your system. ?

      Anyway, this is sort of a rant because I don’t really have people that can relate. Thank you!

    • jasperharper Reply

      I has suffered for Human papillomavirus HPV) for 2years, I was given some tablets at the hospital but I refused to take it, They said I have to be on it for life so I don’t want take a drugs everyday for life. No point in taking medicine everyday when u won’t get cure from it and I was advice to seek for natural herbal cure, after some time I found DR.OZIGAN is the most trustful herbalist that have herbs to cure wicked symptom’s,I emailed DR.OZIGAN, for 2weeks been his patient he cured my (HPV) with his herbal. I only used his natural herbs for two weeks it was 100% cure. I’m not (HPV) patient anymore. I’m happy about it i finally got cured out of this mess been in my body for 2years. I also recommend you if you’re living with (HPV) or so if you have any problem HIV HERPES CANCER ALS HEPATITIS B DIABETIC COPDyou can contact him, i also want you to be free contact DR OZIGAN with the email attach to my post DR.OZIGANSPIRITUALHOME@GMAIL. COM OR DR.OZIGANSPIRITUALHOME@HOTMAIL. COM or whatapp/call him+2349053097345 or contact me for further assistance via mail: jasperharper01@gmail. com

    • Robyn,
      Im so glad your mom is well.
      Please, ask her to let me know what natural remedies she used.
      Thank you!

    • Hi Dani, not sure if this is still activated. I have just come across your artical – absolutely amazing for you and your family! I’ve had this issue for the past couple of years and I want to try and heal this naturally myself. HPV and CIN1 doctors for years have been confused and have kept telling me it’s CIN1 then last year it was HPV.. just had my current yearly Pap test and now I have both. Not a nice feeling. Have you got any further advise now that your a few years down the track?


    • Wow. Thank you for writing this!! I felt like I was reading my very own story. Sadly the docs won and were able to push me into several procedures which were very painful and only a bandaid as I ended up progressing to stage 1 micro invasive cancer in 2017. I have had the elctrosurgucal loop procedure in 2020 and now just have high grade dysplasia but its not stage 1 micro invasive…. I don’t want more procedures and I’m looking everywhere for natural alternatives so happy to have read this. You make me feel less broken.

  2. I am impressed at your ability to tell your story. For me, having HPV and moderate dysplasia is something I really don’t share with anybody. So very brave of you.

    I’m at work and don’t have time to go into too much detail, but here’s the summary.

    19 years old – Abnormal pap results and several terrible colposcopy experiences. They were so bad that I almost passed out.

    20 years old – LEEP. Way before I was into holistic medicine. Emotionally difficult experience.

    Haze of years where paps were abnormal / some normal, colposcopy or two, I can’t even remember. No more LEEPs.

    24 years old – Pregnant with a normal pap. Consulted with perinatologist who said that, despite the LEEP, my cervix was “sufficient.” Told that they don’t even do LEEPs on 20-year-olds now. Interesting, right?

    25 years old – Labor and delivery. Scar tissue on cervix made things interesting. Very difficult labor and got an epidural. Blessed to have a baby boy.

    28 years old – Pregnant with a normal pap. Wasn’t worried about it this time. Labor and delivery was very difficult, but I did it 100% naturally this time! Had issues with my cervix sticking, my midwife called it a “lip.” It didn’t want to open up. I was stuck at 9 cm for about four hours. Still worth it to do it naturally. Blessed to have a baby girl this time.

    Congratulations on overcoming your cervical issues. I pray that we’ll remain free of this in the future, but only God knows what is in store. I’ll be leaning on Him as my strength no matter what. Praying for you in your life and hoping that you know Jesus as your Lord. <3

    • dani stout Reply

      Thank you so much for sharing your story! And I’m so happy for you! So thankful you had two healthy pregnancies. I’m going to have a natural birth next year so your story is definitely motivating!

      • I’m 22 years old, had my first pap a couple weeks ago – just received the moderate lesion news. I’m pretty spooked and confused but your article has brought me a lot of comfort. Thank you

    • This is amazing and gives me so much hope. I have no one to talk to and am experiencing an intense level of anxiety, stress, and depression because of all of this. Any advice on anything you did differently?

    • Thank you for sharing, I too Trust in Jesus & know He can get me through any trial! God bless

  3. Dani… This is SUCH an incredible story. I know that what you did was against what you (and I) would recommend for others, but I so appreciate your tenacity to trust your intuition and fight this holistically. Quick question. What ratio do you recommend people supplement with flolate and B12 for pre-pregnancy health? Should people refrain from supplementing with folate WITHOUT also supplementing with B12? I typically recommend (and have seen) 800-1200mg of folate as a pre and during pregnancy supplement, but this is the first I’m hearing to take it with b12. Thanks!

    • dani stout Reply

      Hey Noelle – thanks so much! As for B12/folate, it differs for everyone. I like to address how much a person already getting from diet and if possible, have them get blood work done to see where they’re at. If we need to correct an imbalance, I often recommend B12 and folate together since they work synergistically. However sometimes both aren’t necessary. It differs for everyone. Most pregnant women should take both, and both are found in majority of prenatals.

      Also, sorry it took me so long to respond to this! Sometimes my comments pile up and now is definitely one of those times.

      • Hi Dani and Healthy Living Team,

        I constantly read about new health ideas (and I re-read helpful articles like this one), and I found info that L-methylfolate is a ‘predigested’ form of folate, which is good because our bodies will absorb more of it. So I order it and will receive it soon. I first read this article in 2015, and I’ve made healthy eating/supplementation a daily lifestyle choice. I still think I have HPV, but I’ve started using homemade vaginal suppositories with a variety of essential oils, and I will start adding betaglucan to my regimen. I also swallow lots of fresh garlic with water, chopped fine. Sometimes I make a lemon/garlic solution, which I got from Chris Wark’s “Chris Beat Cancer” website. I also consume the bitter apricot seeds. And I do pretty much everything in your article in rounds. Because it’s difficult to do absolutely everything every day. Anyway, that’s my two cent contribution. ?Thank you for writing this article, which started me on my own self-help health journey in 2015.

  4. Great job sticking up for yourself. Thank you for sharing you story. SO many of us young women are dealing with the exact same thing. My sister also refused the LEEP and her CIN 2 was cured as well. My CIN 3 regressed to CIN 1 when I refused the LEEP and took time to treat my body right. Still working on a total cure, but it will come… Maybe I’ll try your pink doughnut mantra with some frankincense!

    • dani stout Reply

      Best of luck to you – let me know if you ever want to chat!

    • Tatsiana DeRosa Reply

      I was diagnosed with severe precancer cells and HPV. They want to do leep as well. I rescheduled three times by now. Western medicine ruined my healthabnd my life. It’s a very long story but vaccines, meds, mri dye, misdiagnosis and wrong treatment all led to myriad chronic conditions. I really have no trust in western docs. If a doc pushes me to get Gardesil not disclosing that my having HPV will make me 47% more prone to cancer… I mean how can you trust these docs who only think about making money off us and ruining our healths. By the way Gardesil killed hundreds of kids. Anyways, I’d hate to do leep but I’m wondering if it’s possible to regress having all these chronic inflammation, heavy metal poisoning, autoimmune dysfunction? My chiro cured her patient of those cells within three weeks with the help of cannabis suppositories. I’m giving it a try. I’m also wondering what are some bad consequences of leep? I know it’s painful and it will be more painful for me since I already suffer from chronic pain daily and recovery prob be longer too, but what are some long term effects?

  5. Much gratitude and love, for writing and sharing your story. My colposcopy for my first high-grade result is this coming Monday. I am electing a natural route also.<3

  6. Nariel Ortiz Reply

    I recently was told I had CIN 2 and CIN 3 cervical dysplasia. To my suprise my doctor was very short telling me only horrible stories and that she wanted to perform the LEEP Procedure ASAP. I told her I would need time to think about it, because after my colposcopy, I did not want anyone taking part of me anymore. I have researched so many naturalistic ways to fight this and I found your blog inspiring. I am hoping that with my changing my diet and taking vitamins, my immune system will fight for me.

    • dani stout Reply

      Wishing you the best!! Thanks for sharing, Nariel!

      • Hi I had a abnormal pap smear about 7 years ago and I took One A Day Women’s vitamins and the next year it was normal. Every year since then they have came back normal. I had one done last month (June) and it came back abnormal and they wanted me to come in for a colposcopy and possibly a biopsy but I cancelled the apt and told them that I was going to wait until next year for my next pap. They told me they wanted to do a follow up pap in six months (December). Just because a pap comes back abnormal, does it mean it is cancerous? I took the Gardasil shots 9 years ago and I thought that was suppose to prevent the HPV.

    • Hi.. I’ve been diagnosed the same as you. Yesterday the dr told me no one has ever regressed from vin 2 or 3.. I’m curious, has yours? Thanks!

  7. Thanks so much for this.

    I am currently in the same situ…High risk HPV and CIN 2. I’m supplementing a huge range of things and have also made my own natural vag suppositories of curcurmin and coconut oil and also EGCG and coconut oil. Hoping this helps me…I’m giving it three months before the next colposcopy.

    I’m going to try your lovely mantra 🙂

    • Hi Sonia,

      How did the turmeric oil/coconut suppositories work for you? I’m about to start them myself. I used the lemongrass/lemon/coconut oil suppositories and it gave me a yeast infection, but then I used boring acid suppositories to clear the yeast infection, so I’m ready to try again.

  8. I’m so grateful my boyfriend came across this article yesterday. I’m not usually one to leave comments on someones blog but I just want to thank you for writing this. My story is so similar to yours, I used to party a lot and not be very healthy then turned my life around met an amazing guy who introduced me to a more holistic lifestyle and I became a personal trainer and plan on doing nutritional medicine. I also had CIN2 and 2 weeks ago had a colposcopy, such an emotional experience that I don’t think you’d ever get used to. However, 2 weeks prior to this my pap test showed that everything was quite inflamed so I was booked in for the colposcopy. The day of the pap test I started taking Methylguard by Thorne, vitamin D and also DIM (mainly for the purpose of detoxing estrogens and leaning my legs out), anyway, when I went in for the colposcopy the Gyno had a look and said ‘oh, it actually doesn’t look too bad’. He did the procedure anyway so now I have to go back in 6 months for a pap test and see what that says but I have wondered if the supplements had something to do with healing it. I’m also determined to heal this, as i know the doctors methods are just temporarily taking care of symptoms and not getting to the root cause. I appreciate you writing this article, it’s helping me stay position about my situation and has made me more determined to heal myself!

    • dani stout Reply

      Congrats! I’m so happy you’re improving your health through a healthy lifestyle. It’s so important. Best of luck!

  9. Hi dani, what an amazing story. Im so happy you made a full recovery that truly is inspiring. I seriously was so happy i stumbled upon your page. Im gonna start off by saying my story is a bit different. I had not been for my routine pap smears for a few years now. I remember when i was about 18 being told I had an abnormal pap and that it could possibly been hpv. The nurse called me over the phone to tell me and said no worries it should clear up on its own youre fine. So of course i just went with it. I was NOT into health or anything of that nature back then! I knew nothing about being healthy or taking care of myself correctly. (Thank god ive changed my ways and grown up).

    Fast forward to 22 I went in to get a pap along with some birth control one day. I remember the pap but never remember getting my results or even asking for them??! Who does that?? SO, now i am 24 and have been having extra white clearish discharge during my cycle, (no smell or anything) and got my period like twice in 1 month. This has happen 2 times now. I also am recovering bulimia after 2 years so i dont know if that has anything to do with it. I am scheduled for a pap in august.

    In the meantime, i am freaking out that something is gonna be so wrong!
    Abnormal cells, cancer, whatever ever could possibly go wrong etc… I have been doing tons of research lately, and have gotten..

    The actual complete vitamin C (500 mg) NOT ascorpic acid, folate(400 mcg), vitamin b12( in the form of sublingual Methylcobalamin supplements. Im gonna get the i3c in a few days. Ive been drinking a high quality organic sencha green tea everyday (rishi tea). eating the steeped leaves after. I take a few teaspoons of organic tumeric root powder everyday mixed with fresh cracked pepper and coconut oil to make it bioavailable in the body. Also every other day i swallow fresh chopped garlic(1 bulb).

    Im doing all of this in hopes to getting a good result when i go in for my appointment because i think it would be really hard for me to take in that i have pre cancerous cells or even worse. I feel i may break down and get scared and go for one of the procedures they want you to get. Which i really DONT wanna do. I know they would pressure me how they did to you and I really cant handle that kind of pressure. Im hoping you can offer me some advise or tell me if their is anything else i can do? Possibly just some reassurance? Im in this all on my own & nobody knows really how scared I am or even whats going on. Any words would be so appreciated. Thank you so much.

    • dani stout Reply

      Hey Angelia,

      This is probably easier said than done, but don’t worry. It’s likely that if your pap was abnormal when you were 22, they would have contacted you for further action. Wait until your appointment before you get worried and start reacting to a problem you may not even have. Your doctor will tell you if anything is amiss, but until then, you could be completely fine. Go to your appointment and try to be patient in the meantime. Try not to freak out, enjoy your summer and eat as healthy as you can. If you have any questions just let me know. Take care!

      • Ok thank you. sorry I know my post was super long! And probably full of grammatical errors! I will for sure come back here and post what happens when I go. Thanks so much for responding. I do have 1 last question if you think you can answer. Do you think im doing enough to prevent it from happening if it turns out I dont have it yet? I did smoke but I quit 2 years ago as well.

        • I have just received the pap results and refused to do the surgical procedure. The gynae was not happy with me.

  10. My story, so far…

    I was diagnosed with HPV a while ago. I’ve had two colposcopies when they found “abnormal” cells. Each time, they looked under the microscope, but didn’t find anything too alarming. My pap last year came back normal. Everything looked fine and I was so relieved.

    Fast forward to this year…
    Had my routine pap a few weeks ago. It came back abnormal. Went in for a colposcopy two weeks later (last week). It was the most horrible experience I’ve ever had. My doctor was very short and “cold” with me. I asked questions and she answered them, but I felt like she was getting annoyed. She said after we got the results back, they’d either tell me to wait until my next pap, or, if it was bad, refer me to an OBGYN.

    I read online that the procedure should take about 15 minutes. Mine took over 30. She removed 3 different cells via forceps (very painful). As soon as she was done, she left. I sat there with her nurse for almost 45 minutes (shaking uncontrollably) before I felt well enough to stand. (I probably should have stayed even longer but I couldn’t stand being in that room anymore.)

    Fast forward to today….
    I got a voice mail around noon from my doctor. She says that she’s going to refer me to an OBGYN (so the results weren’t good), that I will be receiving a call to schedule an appt with an OBGYN, and that she would be gone the rest of the day.

    So now, I’m freaking out. I cannot express to you how pissed I am that she leaves a vague voice mail with my “results” 5 minutes before she leaves for the day. I left a message to have someone/anyone call me to discuss what’s going on. I just received a call to schedule my OBGYN appt and I told them no, not until I talk with someone. That lady told me that the doctor and her nurse were both gone for the day and that I needed to schedule because they “fill up fast”. I refused.

    I guess all I can do at this point is wait.

    • dani stout Reply

      That’s so terrible and I’m so, so sorry you had to go through that. It’s really awful and I’m angry that you were treated that way. Thanks for sharing and please comment or email me at [email protected] for an update or just to chat.

  11. Hello Dani!

    Happy to read your story and it inspired me to tell mine.

    First off I want to say that I have not fully recovered yet from cervical dysplasia, but I have made a remarkable approvement and therefore don’t need a cone biopsy any more! 🙂

    My first abnormal PAP came back a few months after my first child was born, during the pregnancy and before that everything was always fine. I had CIN 2.

    Of course I was super freaked out and scared. We agreed with the doctor that I will be having new PAP test every 6 months. There was no changes, it stayed at CIN2 and the doctor already wanted to make a cone biopsy, but then I got pregnant again, and for sure at that time they did not do this. Instead I had colposcopy and PAP tests every 3 months. I was really hoping that the second delivery will clear my cervix. Unfortunately that did not happen and 3 months after the birth of my second child, I was scheduled for the procedure.

    I was really freaking out, did not want it at all, so after a few days I wrote to cancel. It is then, when I decided to try and heal naturally. Because I was breastfeeding I did not take vitamin A, although it is highly recommended. But I did take vitamin C, B6, B9 (folic acid) and B12. I also took Zinc, Selenium, CoQ10. I ate a lot of cauliflower (every day) but there was no major changes in my diet. I still ate chocolate, chips and candy sometimes when I wanted to. I also kept drinking coffee, but we only drink organic one, so I don’t think that in my case this was a problem, since I read in many articles that people should avoid drinking coffee when wanting to heal the cervix. Just before my last colposcopy I also got homeopathic vaginal capsules from my GP (Weleda – Melisse-Majorana, and Weleda Stibium Metallicum), I also drank a bit of colloidal silver and also applied it on my cervix twice (after that the homeopathical capsules came from Germany and I continued treating with them).

    I was also dealing with some issues I have had with men in my life, since the troubles with reproductive organs should be connected with the opposite sex issues. I forgave everyone and myself for causing me stress and sadness and set these feelings free, it was a huge work I went through. I was actively saying to my cervix that I love and am grateful to her for helping to bring my kids to this world 🙂

    At my last colposcopy the changes were visible, I am on my way to full recovery with just 4 months of treatment, my first abnormal PAP was discovered in 2012. I was tested for HPV about 1,5 years ago and it came back positive for HPV 16, a high risk strain for cervical cancer. I hope that Ii have cleared it from my system as well, I am getting my hpv and pap results in the beginning of August.

    • dani stout Reply

      Thanks so much for sharing! Please keep us updated on your results!

    • Is there any way you can give me the name and adress of your GP? I am dealing with the same issues.

  12. Thank you so much for sharing! It’s hard to not feel like your the only one going through this. Have had several abnormal paps. Luckily I have a great dr, she has monitored me for several years knowing that we wanna expand our family. Just got results that show mild has progressed to moderate and severe, have an appointment to discuss options but I know she wants to do a LEEP. Which is upsetting bc I know she would only recommend that bc she is concerned. I have been an occasional oil user for some time. But I finally flipped the switch and am all in now. I have read of several protocols for hpv and was going to use sandalwood and frank, and will possibly add melaleuca add oregano to my concoction! I have an appt next week and I hope she is accepting of the natural remedies I am wanting to trying. Thank you for this platform and for all of information you have provided.

  13. I just got a call today telling me I am being referred to have the LEEP procedure. I told my pilates instructor and she said “you don’t HAVE to do that.” “WHAT?!” I came home, googled, and found your story. I would LOVE to find out more!!!!!

  14. Hi,
    I have been diagnosed with C3, moderate displazia and scheduled for cone surgery.
    Can you please be more specific about the essential oils treatment (how long do you have to keep the tampons inside) ?
    Many thanks for your precious help.

  15. I loved this post. I am struggling. I had keep procedure 3 years ago and now they want to do full hysterectomy at age 32.

  16. Dear girls, thank you for sharing. I’m going through similar situation and there’s not much to say (unfortunately, we all know how miserably it feels), except that i’m very grateful for all your advices and i hope all of you are well and happy. Much love from the other side of the planet!

  17. This is exactly what I needed to hear. The doctor told me that I have HPV and abnormal cells after an awful experience of them taking the biopsy’s. I am very into essential oils and finally it dawned on me today that I use essential oils for everything else so why no try it on my cervix! That is when I came across your blog and I am SO thrilled. I am going to start doing what you did with my DDR Prime and my LLV and the mix of oils to promote healthy function on my immune system to kick this HPV. Thank you so much for sharing your story so that I do not feel alone in this. It is traumatizing and gut wrenching and it gives me great relief to know someone else has taken their health into their own hands and succeeded.

  18. Hello, I just came across your page and I am going through something very similar. My pap came back with high grade abnormal cells, I had a colposcopy done which showed CIN1 but my doctor is still recommending the LEEP even though my colpo showed mild dysplasia. All the research I have done says they normally just have you re-pap 6-12 months later if its mild. I have the LEEP scheduled but I really really do not want to have it done. I am 30 and I do not have children yet and I do not want to take any chances when it comes to pregnancy.
    I started a vitamin regimen yesterday. Much different from yours but its a lot of vitamins. I am also going in next week to a different gyno for a second opinion. I was wondering if you could tell me what essential oils you used. I have heard there are so many benefits but I do not know a lot about them. I do not have a great diet but I am going to try and change it the best I can. This is so stressful and I am happy to read that I am not the only one that wants to try and cure it on my own. I do not have a lot of support from my boyfriend and family when it comes to doing this naturally. They believe I should just have the procedure to get rid of it.
    Thank you again!!!

  19. Hi!

    I received my results last week from my Pap smear. My pap came back normal but was told I tested positive for the high risk HPV. The same day I also found out I was 4.1 weeks pregnant. I’m freaking out and don’t know what to do. I’ve been researching how to rid it naturally but I’m worried that some supplements etc, can harm my baby. I started on a organic diet that consists of green veggies, berries and trying to stay away from anything processed. Is it safe to apply oils to my skin while pregnant? Any advice on what else I can do that’s safe during pregnancy? Thanks

    Also they didn’t tell me which strain I have. Only that it was a high risk one that can lead to cervical cancer & told me to come back in a year for a Pap smear. I’ve decided I’m going every 3 months to get one.

  20. This was such an awesome, open and comforting read. I found out a few weeks ago that I was pregnant, miscarrying and positive for cervical abnormalities all in one unexpected and utterly depleting doctor’s appointment (I know you can relate!) My husband and I got married less than a year ago and started trying to conceive a few months ago. Like.. why does all this have to be happening now!? Waiting for the biopsy was brutal. My doctor called me to explain that technically my dysplasia is categorized as “high-grade” and therefore I should have the LEEP procedure “according to the the textbook.” However, he was SO AWESOME enough to tell me that until recently, there was a middle-ground categorization – a “moderate” dysplasia – and that technically that’s what I have. He said that given my age (25) and the fact that I have not yet had children, he was hesitant but willing to do more of a wait-and-see. I was immediately relieved, but my husband is still so scared that I am going to die if I don’t have the LEEP now. “If he had to choose, he would choose me over kids,” he says. But I feel like the option of time and natural healing is a major blessing for us. I am a very health-conscious person, but I haven’t made the best decisions lately – BUT THAT CAN CHANGE! I have also gained 40 pounds in about a year and a half, which I am sure has contributed to my disease and can be fixed with a bulk of delicious raw foods. Thank you so much for this article and site!

    One other thing.. my sexual past includes one (or 20..) too many sexual partners and I was date raped several years ago. SO even though I was not tested for HPV either, I am pretty positive that I DO have it. The cancer-causing HPV also causes cancers of the vagina, vulva, anus and throat. Have you read about any other cervical patients with problems or concerns about the other areas? Do you think that such a regime can help reverse or ward off other related cancers (unofficially, of course?) Thanks!

  21. Hi! I just wanted to thank you for this article. I had my second colposcopy yesterday (in the last four years) and was told that my only option might be the removal of cells from my cervix (don’t think it’s called LEEP but it’s the same idea). I’m terrified of that and started googling and found myself here. This makes my heart sing to know people like me have healed themselves naturally! I’m still curious how I should continue my healing. I eat mostly paleo, started taking vitamin c, folic acid, and turmeric yesterday. I’d love to try essential oils to help. Any advice?

    Thank you!

  22. I LOVE your story….Well done! Email me, I’d love to chat. I want to cure this naturally also….
    Thank you ! ?

  23. Thank you for sharing your story, I was diagnosed with HPV my sophomore year of college I was 20. I had the cells removed during another surgery with my gyno, I thought I was okay and my boyfriend and I could not worry. However in may of last year I had another abnormal pap and it was HPV, I do not know what type, I’m so scared to know, I’m so scared of getting Cancer because I’m only 22 and I have so much ahead of me. But I have changed my lifestyle, I eat healthy, exercise, drink lots of water, no soda and barely any alocohol. I have to go back in January for another colposcopy, the biopsy from my last one came back good, I’m so worried I won’t beat this, that it won’t go away. I’m scared all the time. It’s nice to know I’m not the only one, any advice as to what I can do would be great. My boyfriend keeps getting checked and all times he hasn’t had it.

    • dani Reply

      Men can’t be checked for HPV. But try not to stress out, I know that’s SO much easier said than done. But stress makes everything a lot worse. Try to take care of yourself as best you can during this time. Do lots of self love stuff, get a massage, a pedicure, just do stuff that you love and relaxes you. I also suggest trying to find a good naturopathic doctor in your area to work with you on this.

    • How do they check him? I was told theres no test for men? Reply

      How do they test him? I was told theres no test for men?

  24. Words can’t fully describe how much I needed to read your story today! It has given me so much hope!!
    I feel like I could have written it myself, in part, except I am yet to get to my happy ending…..

    I went for my first pap about 2 years ago. It came back abnormal and they wanted to do a colposcopy. The gynaecologist confirmed he could see the abnormal cells, and was going to do the LEEP procedure on the assumption I’d be fine with it. He didn’t ask, he just said “we’ll just to the treatment now,” (explained what would happen) and then said it wouldn’t take long.
    While I was still exposed and with legs in stirrups, I said to him “Erm….am I allowed to refuse the treatment?!”
    He looked shocked (I’m guessing no-one has said that before) and told me I could refuse, but that it really was a very simple procedure and that it would ensure those cells wouldn’t be able to progress any further. I said I wanted time to think about it. He then offered to do a biopsy, but I had heard that taking bits of skin can in itself cause problems where the skin over-compensates in its healing process and creates a form of tumour, and when he told me a biopsy wouldn’t rule out cancer and would only confirm what he and the pap smear were saying, I politely declined.

    I did a load of research, but found only a couple of sites that gave information on how it is possible to heal dysplasia naturally. They didn’t give you a program or a guideline of how much to take of what, how often or roughly for how long…though I guess it must vary from person to person. It just gave a list of things that could help.
    So I half-heartedly started improving my diet and taking some supplements, and started seeing a homeopath.
    I was called back in for another smear, followed by another Colposcopy about 6 months later as my results were still showing abnormal cells.
    I was about to cave in and have the treatment, however I was about to get married, and figured it would ruin our wedding and honeymoon! So I opted to have the procedure done after the wedding.
    But when the day came, I bottled it and didn’t go!
    Now, almost 18months later and many letters requesting I go back for another smear, I finally booked the appointment.
    It got cancelled twice, with no warning, and I had to wait another month to be mid-cycle again.
    I finally got round to it, and they booked me another colposcopy before the results even came in.
    I was hopeful, as I had been drinking a lot of Kefir (fermented milk) the past several months and have been on and off taking extra supplements….however once again, it came back abnormal, and once again, the gynaecologist advised I have the LEEP procedure.
    I asked if I could opt for a “watch and wait” approach, but he said they only really do that with low-grade abnormalities, and that mine was high grade.
    After much conversation and talking to him, I managed to buy myself until after Christmas where I will be called in again, and I have to decide if I’m prepared to bite the bullet and have the LEEP procedure done.

    I have tried to stay positive, and have ordered a nutri-bullet where I intend to make lots of green juices to get as much green, cruciferous veg as possible into my diet. I have also bought 10,000 IU vitamin D tablets, which I will take 2-3 times a week.
    But when I received the gynaecologist’s letter this morning explaining what happened and what is happening next (I believe it is a letter to my Dr. which I’ve been copied in to) my husband could see the look on my face and asked if I wanted a hug. I nodded, and as soon as his arms were around me I burst into tears!!
    I really REALLY don’t want to have this procedure done!!

    I have never found this post before today…..and when I got to the end, I cried my eyes out once again…
    Although I’m scared, and feel like any support from the doctors and friends who feel like I’m not helping myself might be taken away, after reading your story I am more determined than ever to stick to the healthy option and let my body do what it is designed to do when given the right nutrition….and heal itself!!!

    I cannot thank you enough for writing this, and I hope one day soon I will be in a position where I may share my story with a happy ending too.

  25. Hi Dani! LOVE your story! I recently received abnormal pap results with high risk hpv and asc-h squamous cells (precancerous). I am trying to treat it as cervical cancer before my colopscopy in a few weeks. I have some “Cruciferous Complex” supplements I was going to take as I thought they were comparable to the DIM +I3c but now that I have been reading into them more I believe maybe the DIM+i3c are the better to take for the results I received. What are you thoughts on the 2 supplements? Also what are your thoughts on taking Folixnor (folic acid) vs Folate?

    • dani Reply

      I took DIM + I3C, everyone is different though. However folic acid is synthetic and NO ONE should ever take it.

  26. Hi Dani. I am so much happy for you. I was crying while reading your success story, and I am still crying. Your story gave me so much hope. My gyn detect HPV on April, 2014. Of course, me and my boyfriend we were freaket, but she said “It’s not scary, nothing to worry, it will go away, if not I will remove it then I will be gone forever. ” She said it so simply that I didn’t really think about it anymore till she told me recently that it’s moderate and more serious that we have to do LEEP. If I would be a doctor, I would do my best to inform my patient about risks and cause, and would advise to take all the the vitamins that will boost patient’s immune, instead of, just prescribing a folic acid as she did. And it would be gone already! But I am not giving up, I booked an appointment to another gyn, because I want second opinion before LEEP.
    Only thing really bothering me is my relationship. I know I got hpv from my bf, even if I will be treated most likely I will get it again from him. I don’t know what to do in this case.
    (Sorry for my English, I am still learning it)

  27. After getting a colposcopy + biopsy, I went to the OBGYN yesterday for my results. I was diagnosed with CIN2 – CIN3. My doctor suggested I get LEEP or to freeze the lesions. I was planning to have children in the next 2 years, but now I am not sure if that is even going to be possible for me. I just found out yesterday and I am trying to figure out what I need to do to cure myself or prevent from turning into cancer. My doctor didn’t really give me much information. He basically gave me the terms on a piece of paper and told me to “google” it. I don’t know how to tell my family. Thank you for sharing your story. I definitely need a support group for this challenge I’m facing right now.

  28. Thank you thank you THANK YOU for creating this post. I am going through a similar situation, and it is comforting to know that there are others who have dealt with or are dealing with displaysia. Luckily, instead of pushing other procedures, my doctor encouraged me to revamp my diet (lots of broccoli, cauliflower, and “smelly vegetables” 🙂 as well as green tea), start taking supplements like B-complex and D, and go to yoga to center myself. This post is wonderful and I’m sure I’ll be referring back to it as I work my way toward healthy and healed!

  29. Hi! Thank you so much for sharing your story! I was recently told that I have HPV and mild dyplasia. In a few weeks I have to have a colscopy done. I am not looking forward to it at all. I have been treating myself naturally with the following supplements: red marine algae, tumeric, and vitamins. I also looked into womb detox pearls which I just completed. I need this virus out of my system!
    I am glad you created this blog! Thank you. And please let me know if you have any suggestions.

  30. I am so glad i found this article. Thank you for sharing your story. I had hpv for the first time in May 2008. Back then, my doctor just told me i had an inflammed cervix and it was because i had hpv. I was 19 back then and had just had my first baby. The doctor told me i may need to have a biopsy done and for sure i needed to get paps every 3 months to check on my inflammed cervix. I had to change clinics because of insurance reasons and my new doctor checked me every 3 months. Then i remember it went to 6 months then a year. It cleared on its own. Thank you God. Recently, after going through my medical records, i found out it was hpv but not high risk hpv. i had my second baby in November of 2010. I went to my regular paps and everything was normal. I had a pap smear done September 2015 and it came with high risk hpv. I was not told about this since my pap smear was done because of another issue. I ended up switching back to my old doctor in October 2015 and she did a pap again i went ahead and did it and sure enough i get a call that i came back with high risk hpv, she told me she would need to do a colposcopy. I was confused because from my last experience, i expected her to tell me she would just continue to check me every 3 months. But i went ahead and scheduled my colposcopy. It was done November 2015. She had me sign papers saying i gave permission to do i biopsy if needed. That is when i realized this was serious. She sat down with me and explained i she was going to look at my cervix under a microscope and if she saw anything weird she would cut a little piece maybe 2. I went along with what she said. She left the room and i sent a text message to my husband. I was so upset and was holding back tears. I had it done she took the 2 biopsies it hurt but it wasnt something anyone cant handle. She said she would get back to me as soon as the results came back. I received a phone call from her again, sure enough she explaimed i need a leep done. She explained what it was which didnt process through my head, iwas shocked. She said she could go ahead and schedule the leep or if i have questions to make an appointment with her to ask her questions.i scheduled to ask questions. When i got off the phone i was crying my eyes out. I went to my appointment in November she answered all my questions. Basically said i have cin2, that it is serious and this shouldnt be ignored. What i got out of it, was they are removing the part of the cervix with hpv cells. It doesnt guarantee it will be removed. Therefore, i may need another one. It can come back again. The complications are very low such as cervix scarring and having premature labor after having leep done. What scared me the most was that she said she took two biopsies one at 9 0clock and at 2 oclock. She saids 9 oclock came back as cin1 but 2 oclock was cin2. She told me that we cant know if right next to 2 oclock i have cin 3 or 4 or maybe even cancer. .i went on to schedule my leep for December 3rd i believe. Im a procrastinar queen, so the night before i googled natural ways to heal hpv. Of course, i found there is no cure. I did read however, that you may be able to reverse it by strengthening your immune system. So i ended up rescheduling my leep to this month. I have researched how to strengthen it, but i dont know where to begin. I did go get blood work done it came back high b12, ,low vitamin d and bcb was normal. I havent changed my diet, or started taking vitamin supplements. I have my leep scheduled for this Friday, but i really dont want to get it done. Then i debate on if i should get it done or not. I really want it to clear on its own. I would like to try a natural ways first. I am just so overwhelmed and stressed about it. I dont know where to begin. Sorry i just told you my life story, and i am so glad i came across yout article. Thank you!!!!

    • dani Reply

      I’m so sorry you’re going through all of this. I know it’s insanely overwhelming. Please keep us updated and let me know if you have questions or want to chat!

  31. Thank you for sharing your story. I’ve had an abnormal pap for years with one colposcopy showing CIN 2 last year. I opted to hold off on LEEP and my next colposcopy showed CIN 1. I recently had another colposcopy but my doctor said he didn’t see anything major but took a biopsy just in case. He’s talking about the LEEP again and how we should just throw in the towel. I may get a new doctor soon not only for him pushing LEEP but also his colposcopis are painful. I took 800mg ibuprofen and still felt pain! The other gynos I had were much more gental.

    • dani Reply

      CIN 2 to CIN 1 to not seeing anything at all? Wouldn’t that mean your body healed it?

  32. This was very helpful to me and I needed to leave a comment to thank you for writing it. I had an abnormal pap about two weeks ago, then had a colposcopy to check for abnormal cells. Both times the physicians said they weren’t worried and my pap probably won’t come back with HPV (it did), then the follow up physician said “from what I saw, I’ll probably just call to tell you you’ll need another pap in 6 months.” Instead I got a call from the medical assistant a week later saying there are precancerous cells and they’re referring me to a GYN for more evaluation and possibly laser treatments.

    I’ve been so scared since. I already have terrible panic attacks that have left me home bound at times in my life, and this was the last thing I needed. So now I’m waiting to see the GYN about finding out what’s going on. I am going to try to really clean my diet up and I’ve begun eating vegan for breakfast and dinner each day, really focusing on getting a lot of raw plants in my body.

    Thanks again for this post! I’ve copied the supplements you took (take?) into a note on my phone, so I can buy them soon.

    • dani Reply

      I don’t usually recommend a vegan diet. It can be helpful for serious cancer cases, but majority of the time, the body needs specific nutrients only found in animal foods.

      Best of luck to you!

    • How can vegan be helpful in serious cancers but not otherwise? ? We absolutely not require animal products. They are so harmful to our bodies. Please do your research.

  33. Hello.. I was so scared when the pap test was abnormal on September 2015, its ruin my daily routine. My relationship was in a mess.. I’m so scared that my result CIN 1 will become worst. Will going for colposcopy soon but the fact that i might still have it eventho after 4 month is freaking me out whenever i think about it. Need strenght and hoping that i will be free from cancer. Very sad now and can’t really concentrate with work and relationship.

    • dani Reply

      Talk to your doctor about the risks of CIN1, it’s low. They should’ve discussed that with you. Best of luck!

      • Have you read about the mushroom supplement AHCC which could eradicate HPV? They are conducting a phase 2 clinical trial on the same. Btw, I was diagnosed with CIN 1 and have to follow up with another pap in 6 months.

  34. I was diagnosed with cervical dysplasia last year. But it was mild. I got told to go back within a year. I go back and it’s still there. I’m freaking out.

  35. Thank you so much for writing this! I’ve had a very similar experience, though I’m not quite out of the woods yet. I couldn’t believe the amount of pressure that was put on me to get the LEEP procedure done! I canceled mine and the nurse put it back on the schedule without telling me! I too had to get aggressive to get them to leave me alone about it. They wouldn’t give me the three months I requested to holistically treat, nor would they do a second pulposcopy. They said there was no way my insurance would pay for that and then threatened to kick me out of the practice. Why do they put us under this kind of pressure and duress!??? I’m gearing up to get back on the WAP diet and will also be aggressive with essential oils. I’m sorry for the experiences you’ve had, but am so inspired to find someone else who stuck up for themselves in the face of intimidation and scare tactics. Thanks again for sharing your story!

  36. thank you for your information and sharing your experience. I started using the frankincense administered with a tampon. I started experiencing mild bleeding, as if the vaginal wall was irritated. Could you share any information you have about this?

  37. Hi Dani,
    Thanks for sharing your story!
    Here’s my story (condensed down as much as possible)…
    Back in 2008/2009 I had my first abnormal pap smear. I was in my early 20’s at this point. I had a colposcopy done (horrifying experience, like you experience this doc was not gentle at all) and everything seemed to be ok with the biopsy they took.

    Fast forward to April 2015…7/8 years later…my results came back abnormal. Every single pap before this came back perfectly normal. Thankfully my gyno said that it was very low grade and that he wanted to schedule a colposcopy just to check everything out. Well…my husband and I were going to start trying for a baby in August so he said to give it a few months and if we didn’t get pregnant, he would do the procedure.

    9 months later, January 2016, my husband and I did not get pregnant so I went in for a follow-up pap. Pap results came back at a moderate level. Doc says he must take a look and to schedule the colposcopy. I do, a week later. This time around, the dreaded colposcopy was not as bad although he did have to take a few biopsies so I knew something wasn’t right.

    And my feeling was right, exactly one week later my doctor called and said that it has progressed to high grade and I have to schedule the LEEP as soon as possible which means we will have to put off trying to for a baby 3 or so months.

    A few things. 1. My doc is in his 60’s and is huge on vitamins and holistically healing things before taking meds. He’s old school with a lot of things and I trust him with my life. 2. I wholeheartedly believe that this progressed as fast as it did (9 months from low grade to high grade) because of the stress I was putting on myself not being able to conceive…but 3. If my husband and I were not actively trying for a baby, I may never have caught this.

    So, here’s what my plan is. I’ve been taking the cheapy prenatals for the last 5 months or so. I actually never felt different from them, better or worse, which I thought was odd. I switched up to a food-based prenatal, Rainbow Light Prenatals and within a few days I felt a difference all around in my body, energy level, etc. I’ve also been trying to add in more leafy greens into my diet for natural folate. Knowing that my husband and I cannot “try” for a baby for the next 3 months or so, although this may sound horrible, has released a ton of pressure off my shoulders and I’ve felt much less stressed since finding out about that part.

    I’m glad I found your blog here today. I was looking for success stories!! I am going to go ahead with the LEEP procedure because I do trust my doctor but my hope is that I can clear up as much as possible before the beginning of March so he will not have to take that much off of my cervix. Crossing my fingers over here and trying to stay as calm as possible 🙂

  38. Thank you for this post. I have had 2 colposcopy and have a 3rd scheduled in a month… My HPV test came back negative, but abnormal cells were found on my cervix. I am so ready for my body to heal itself and am definitely heading your advice. I have been using doTerra oils for the last year and am so glad you mentioned oils in your article. Anyhow, I am grateful for your information and am making drastic changes to my diet and supplements to hopefully get my body back on track. Thank you again!

  39. Thank you, thank you, for sharing your story. You wrote about the organic tampon procedure you did, and said to have guidance if done. Can you let me know whose guidance would I look for …. I’m not familiar with who this could be. Does it matter if I’ve never used a tampon? I’m in my 40’s.

  40. Hello Dani

    thank you for your article. I am a causality of refusing to get a pap done because of the pain. I have had regular IVF done where they go in and never have they had any problems with it; as your suggestion it looked like a nice pink donut as they commented about the laser I had on it when I was 23 for an abnormal, so some 16 years later having no signs of scaring. These past few months I have felt a raise rough lump right near the center of it, and of course I’m concerned as this wasn’t there before. I’ve just decided to squash garlic and apply it to it every few hours, it stings a bit at first, but I figure that has to be good. I want to do this for at least the next 7 days – its making me stink but who cares, I am hoping the cells renew themselves before I go and get it tested… I’m sure it’s from all the stress went through at work last year……..I’m not working at the moment and although this is stressful for the money factor at least I can help treat this with garlic in the mean time and see if the lump goes, comes away or who knows what really not until I have that dreaded test.

  41. Hello Dani,
    I am glad i come up on your blog..i was diagnosed of CIN 1..and just done my treatment by laser today.If i am in 20’s or 30’s dont need it but since i am 43 i need to do a procedure like this(.laser).I am glad my Gynco was nice and gentle assurring me all is short ..Im okay..just i felt like having pain like having monthly period..Maybe thinking positive and being thankful bcos I discovered it so early.. (CIN1)…AND ..Im so glad i read your story and how you believed healing naturally.Felt your pain too by your bad experienced through this..keep be strong and inspiration to others….Iwant to do same with you..Having good healthy life style ,taking supplements.etc….I do hope the best result after 1 month …I hope and pray that after you will knew ,you have this kind of adnormalities in our cervix ,that the we need more to be strong ,positive and ask God to give as wisdom and to face confidently ..I believe nothing is impossible to God.To those you believe, trust and obey..BON COURAGE !

  42. HI Dani-
    Thanks so much for sharing your story. As a Holistic Health Coach and Essential Oils advocate, I am feeling you right now! I was diagnosed with HPV (sorta) and CIN2 recently. It was all really scary and I can empathize on the call and only hearing cancer!??@#! I could then empathize with some of my clients when they received diagnoses and just following doctors orders, without doing any research of their own. I played the victim role for about a day, then went ahead with the biopsy, which led to the suggestion of the LEEP procedure. As of now, it is scheduled in 9 days from now, however, I have recently had a change of heart, and am contacting my doctor about postponing. Thank you for the encouragement to stay strong and trust our natural instincts and the health tips. It is so important to not let fear win, and just trust. Also… sistas gotta stick together!

  43. Thank you, this is really helpful and very encouraging as I have just been diagnosed with the same thing.

  44. i have the same issue. im having CN2. i dont want to go for surgery as well. all gynecologist that i spoke with are all telling me to do surgery. I dont know whom i can talked to. i would need your support and advise.

  45. Thank you thank you THANK YOU for writing about your experience! I was just notified by my doctor this morning that my latest pap came back “markedly abnormal” and that the results “strongly suggested” precancerous cells and HPV. I am a firm believer in the healing power of nutrition and I would VERY MUCH like to avoid cryosurgery or LEEP. Getting a PAP smear is awful enough! I, too, eat a pretty healthy, whole foods diet already. No wheat, limited carbs, etc., but I do have rather a penchant for the drinks. Like you, I am in a transitional phase in my life. I have been living alone in a long distance relationship and on a shoestring budget but still partying too much (despite the fact that I should have outgrown the partying a decade ago). But now I have a big-girl job, my boyfriend and I are moving into a beautiful house together, and life feels like it’s falling into place. I think this test result is a blessing in disguise, in a way, because it will only motivate me to take better care of myself. I am so glad to read that others have successfully taken an alternative path. It gives me hope and already I feel less freaked out about it. I have identified an integrative specialist in the town I am moving to who I believe will work with me on a natural treatment. It won’t be cheap, but hopefully, it will be worth it.

  46. Thank you for publishing this! I was recently diagnosed with dysplasia and felt like I was going crazy with how much it’s freaking me out. It’s so comforting to know I’m not the only feeling this way! I’ve already bought some of the supplements you recommend and will definitely start healing meditation. Best wishes in your baby making!!

  47. Thank you for sharing your story. I am going through the same thing. Got a hpv positive pap in October 2014 and just recently had colposcopy and came back as high grade changes. I refuse to let this get the best of me so I’ll do everything in my power to get healthy and suppress this virus. I am taking AHCC and multi vitamin and monolaurin and vitamin d, b12, folate, c, DIM, drinking tea, stopped taking birth control which I think will be huge because I’ve read it deplete vitamins in your body. When did you take the DIM and did you take it with food or empty stomach? Also, my next pap is in August, should I take all of these supplements until then? I was pretty healthy before, but now I’m cutting out coffee, alcohol, and trying to really load up on leafy greens, etc. thanks!

    • dani Reply

      These were the things I did, they’re not to be used as instructions for what you should do. Everyone is different. I can’t make recommendations for supplements without working with someone one on one. I recommend finding a naturopathic doctor in your area to work with. Best of luck!

      • Hi Dani,
        Would u list the brand of the supplements and everything that u took? Appreciated

  48. As I read you I can completly relate, I am so glad I found this article, as I am experiencing such a similar path as you did…right now waiting for the colposcopy results…my gyn is an amazing human being but it was a terrible experience…thanks for you words they bring light, blessings to you!

  49. I get you….just had the colposcopy yesterday, it was a somewhat painful and sad experience, feeling kind of emotional, thanks for the light, your article has gave me hope and guidance. Blessings!!!

  50. Thankyou so much for sharing your story. I went to the gyne today and the gyne said she suspect I have progressed from CIN1 to CIN2. I will be getting the results next week, but right now I just don’t know how to deal with it as my immune system has always been weak. I feel more motivated now after reading your story. It’s good to hear that eating healthy can make a difference. I’m really sorry that your first few gyne experiences were terrible, but I’m so happy that everything turned out well for you. I’m hoping it will improve for me too. Anyways just wanted to let you know that your story has touched me and I haven’t really got the chance to cry since talking to my gyne but now I think I’m more ready to deal with the results–whether is be CN1 or CN2.

  51. Thanks for Sharing Dani — I was recently diagnosed with CIN 2 at a yearly pap. Last year I was diagnosed with high-risk HPV and CIN 1. They gave me DIM and told me to wait it out a year. I really was hopeful that the DIM and time would take care of things, so getting this diagnosis was really disheartening.

    They prescribed a LEEP procedure, and like you, I feel really terrified and uncomfortable about the procedure and the associated risks. I’ve been doing a lot of research and have been working on changing my lifestyle — I started hot yoga classes, am taking a number of immune-boosting supplements, eating a lot of vegetables, quit drinking alcohol and coffee, etc. I was feeling hopeful that I could heal this myself but I had a conversation with the doctor today, who is still pushing the LEEP on me. He told me that I shouldn’t wait it out because it might progress quickly to CIN 3. He told me that once its past CIN 1, it’s too late to try to heal it naturally.

    Reading your story has reinvigorated me and made me feel like I have a chance to heal it after all. I think I’ll give it 6 months of intensive immune-boosting/healing and then readdress…. Do you think vaginal suppositories are especially helpful in healing? If so what do you suggest? So far I’m just working on diet/nutrition/exercise/stress relief/etc.

    Thank you for your help and positivity!!

  52. Wow!!! Just wow! Kudos to you for staying the course. I don’t have this but I do have what’s called incompetent cervix, and is usually caused by the LEEP procedure. I’m currently 32 weeks prego in the hospital on bedrest with a cerclage placed. I’m going to pass your story along to a couple of support groups that I’m in on Facebook for incompetent cervix. I’ve “heard” a lot of women in these groups talk about the LEEP procedure but never really knew what all it entailed. I really believe these cervical issues are a lot more common than what “we” know. I also believe, just like you, that we ourselves can heal our bodies if we just stop and think for a minute about what we’re really doing to them. I started researching how to get myself off of blood pressure, depression, and asthma meds about a year and a half ago. I’m proud to say that when I found out I was pregnant in October (big surprise), I hadn’t been on any of those meds in several months. Anyway, thank you again for sharing this!!! So inspiring!!!

    • dani Reply

      Congrats on getting off those meds! That’s wonderful. Hope all goes well with your pregnancy and you have a healthy lil’ baby!

  53. Thank you for sharing your story. My gyno pressured me into a LEEP. Thankfully, my period arrived days before so he cancelled. A pap from a week before came back as ASCUS. That is the closest to normal I’ve ever been so my gyno talked to a pathologist and the pathologist recommended waiting. I’m hopeful! I’m taking probiotics now and will start I3C, folate and B12! I’m determined to kick this to the curb!

  54. Karen Kimball Reply

    I am happy to read this and felt compelled to comment. My history: I was diagnosed with HPV when I was in my early 20’s – almost 30 years ago! I had cervical changes and pre-cancerous lesions which were treated at that time. In the years since, I had several abnormal pap tests and several colposcopies. I have always tried to eat a (mostly) healthy diet, and have always taken supplements and exercised.
    Flash forward a “few” years, to last year when I turned 50. It had been a few years since my last pap test and I had them check everything. I wanted to know exactly what type of HPV virus I had so I could know my risk of cervical cancer.
    I had been taking DIM-Plus for menopause symptoms along with cod liver oil and several of the supplements/vitamins you mentioned in your article. My husband and I had switched to a paleo type diet.

    Long story short, my test results came back that I didn’t have HPV at all. Negative. I had read about the HPV virus “disappearing” after many years, but didn’t believe that it would actually happen. Whether it goes dormant or the body fights it off, I don’t know. I just know that, as far as the tests go, I no longer have HPV.

    So I would like to encourage younger women to stay healthy, stay on supplements and do try DIM-Plus if you have cervical changes. The studies are out there and I really believe it made a difference with me.

    Thanks and best wishes!

    • dani Reply

      Congrats, that’s amazing and I’m so happy for you! Thank you for sharing!

  55. I am 31 years old and have two beautiful daughters. I had not had a routine pap since my first daughter which was 10 years ago, so I decided the fall of 2014 to get a checkup. I went in for the pap and received a call a couple weeks later saying I needed to come back in for a colposcopy. Had the colposcopy and biopsy and waited for the results, CIN2 high grade dysplasia and borderline CIN3. My doctor said my best options were the LEEP or hysterectomy if I was finished having children. I thought the LEEP was my only decision because I haven’t fully decided on future children. The LEEP procedure was the worst thing I have ever gone through, it felt similar to a horror scene where they are cutting your body parts, I felt every bit of the procedure and just knew everyone could hear me screaming in the waiting room. I was still bleeding two weeks after my procedure and my dr told me I was too tense during the procedure and my body was slower than normal healing. 6mths later I am back in for another pap and results are again positive for HPV but she wanted me to wait 6mths before I came back. 6mths go by and I am back in the dr office for a pap and results are again positive for HPV and abnormal cells. I go in for another colposcopy and she said she doesn’t see any lesions and I can continue checkups every 6 months or if I do not want to have anymore children, she recommends the hysterectomy. I have never felt comfortable with this dr since this whole process started. I am going to seek a second opinion and find a dr I am comfortable with. there has to be another way.

    • dani Reply

      Yes, second opinions are always a good idea. Find out all of your options. Best of luck!

  56. Thank you for sharing your incredible story. I’m scheduled for a polposcopy on Monday and I too want to treat this naturally. I’d like to contact you further depending on my results if that’s ok? ?

  57. Alyssa Goodwine Reply

    I am right now, going through the same issues. Your story definitely gives me hope. At 22, I had severe cervical dysplasia and had to have the Leep. I went back for my pap this year and of course, abnormal cells, but now only mild dysplasia. Instead of diving right in to another Leep she wants me to wait it out 6 months to see if my body will heal on its own. Since I am young and have not yet had children, she wants to save my cervix to have less problems with pregnancy and delivery. I am glad to have a Doctor who is looking out for my best interest and not just shoving the surgery down my throat. Thanks for the hope!

  58. I’m glad i found someone else’s experience with cervical dysplasia. All those same emotions can rushing at me all at once.. it’s a very scary ordeal. I’ve had normal paps since I was 19. This was the first time it came back abnormal. They mentioned ASCUS. So, I had to follow up and get a colposcopy. I’m waiting on the results of the biopsy they took. I hope all is in my favor. This has made me so worried, I have lost sleep over this. I’m not a smoker, but my husband is. I dont know if that affects me too?

    • dani Reply

      I know it’s easier said than done but try to relax. I think waiting is one of the hardest parts!

  59. Hi, I recently got diagnosed with CIN 3 and I am freaking out about the LEEP procedure. Colposcopy was painful and I hear the LEEP procedure hurts more so I am beyond nervous about it. I am also freaking out on the fact that my doctor says that if we don’t do this procedure it can quickly progress to cancer. I want to get a second opinion but the word “cancer” really freaks me out and I feel desperate for any type of help or time. I am only 25 and a mother of 2. I could not imagine not living a long life to see my boys grow. I have been doing a lot of research and I generally eat healthy but now more than ever I have been trying to implement more healthy foods and trying to get rid of bad habits. Your story gives me hope in trying to control this and God willing maybe even get rid of it completely! I read somewhere that naturopathic doctors make organic recepies that may help treat cervical dysplasia so I am currently working on meeting with one soon. If anyone here has suggestion please feel free to let me know. Like I said I am desperate and really freaking out about all this. I never in my life thought I would go through this and I am still in awe with the news.

    • dani Reply

      I think it’s a good idea to get a second opinion and seek out a naturopath. Of course, listen to and work with your doctor. Have you been tested for strains of HPV? Some are worse and more severe than others. Best of luck!

  60. Thank you guys soo much for sharing your stories. This really gives me hope to be strong with myself and fo my body.
    It all started with pain on my lower abdomen, i had to do pelvic-abdomenal scan and this revealed cyst on my right ovary but my doctor said it was small and there was no cause for alarm or to operate on it.
    Then I had couple of test done and I was asked if i have ever done a pap smear (which was No), so my doctor advised me to have one done.
    My doctor was very nice and calm with me, I had the procedure done and waited for results to come out. To my shock the doctor told me I had abnormal pap smear( I began to get scared and worried). I was advised by my uncle who is also a physician to have a colopscopy and cone biospy which I did, results came out and it turned out to still be abnormal with mild CN1 dysplasia, at this point I was really scared and worried I started googling about everything. Prior to me having colopscopy and cone biospy procedures, I had started my research in abnormal pap smear and HPV virus. My doctor said I have the virus and my results were still abnormal.
    Now due to my age (24yrs) my doctor advised I come back after 6months for another test and that he didn’t want to go ahead with cryosurgery due to my age and the long run effect, but My uncle who was a physician wanted me to do the surgery. My fears and worry were, would this affect child birth and my chances of getting pregnant? After long research of reading and praying to God, I had to let the doctor know that I would wait for 6months and that I’m not in a hurry to do the surgery.
    I believe soo much in the name and blood of Jesus Christ and that my body is perfect, complete and is the temple of the Lord. Therefore I am so sure my body would fight this thing. I declare to my body everyday that I don’t have HVP and i dont have mild cervical dysplasia.
    I am going back in 6months time and when I have the results done i believe by faith that the Lord Jesus Christ who is the greatest physical would heal me.

    • dani Reply

      If you have to have dysplasia, you want CIN1, it’s the least serious/advanced. It’s important to know which strain of HPV you have, I suggest finding this out. Some are more serious than others. Best of luck!

  61. I am SO happy to stumble across this post. I was diagnosed with CIN2 and it was surreal. My body was completely healthy until I got married and stopped using protection. My husband feels horrible because he believes he gave it to me, but unfortunately there’s no way to test men. Everything happened so fast! The Pap, the colp., then the LEEP. I refused to have the LEEP done. I told the Lord what’s the purpose of believing in your Word if you can’t heal me? So I’m putting my faith in full action declaring and decreeing healing in my body. I’m eating better (more of a paleo/vegetarian diet) and taking vitamin supplements daily along with exercising. I’m also looking for ANOTHER gynecologist because I just didn’t feel a connection with my current one. I’m not saying she’s not good, but having a GYN is probably the most intimate doctor a woman will ever have—they are all between your legs! So, I need to feel comfortable and supported no matter what. I’m waiting until the Fall to have another check up. Thank you for sharing your story! It’s been hard keeping this under wraps. Not something you just spill out to all of your family and friends so I have been feeling alone about the matter, but this post was a blessing! Thank you!

    • dani Reply

      Yes! I think one of the best things women can do is find a gyno they’re not just comfortable with, but connect with. This person literally goes inside of you and sees your most intimate parts. It’s critical to have someone you trust. Have you been tested for HPV/which strain? This is critical.

  62. I just found out I have HPV. They did a colposcopy and found ore abnormal cells. No. Cancerous. They want to do the TCA treatment. Which is burning my cervix with acidic acid to get rid of the cells. I don’t have a good feeling in my stomach. Not because I’m scared fully but because it doesn’t sound safe or right. Can I heal this 0n my own???

    • dani Reply

      I’m sorry Sammy. Unfortunately no one is able to predict whether you can heal it on your own. You do have some option. You can get a second opinion, start working with a naturopath and find out which strain of HPV you have. Some are much more severe than others. Let me know if you have any questions. Best of luck!

  63. Could you give us an update? Did you get another pap smear and HPV test after a year or six months? Also, which type of HPV did you have? Thank you!

    • dani Reply

      Hi Gwen, this info is actually within the article in more detail than I could explain in a comment.

  64. Last year, I found out I have lsil. I was told also that they pre-cancerous cells, but there is nothing to worry about. It’ll go away in a year. It’s been a year and I still have it. I don’t have multiple partners. I’ve been with the same one for over a year. It terrified me to think that maybe in the future I could have cancer? Of course all of what the “doctor” was saying was incredibly vague. I’m in the military, and needless to say, our medical team is definitely not up to par. It’s so inspiring to read this because I honestly don’t trust doctors. Not that there are positive things that come from medical practice, but for the most part it seems they want to pump your body with nonsense, or they really just don’t know what they’re talking about. There is no “natural” way to heal your body. Prior to me joining the military, I was on a diet called “Whole 30”. It was THE BEST thing that ever happened to me. I ate nothing but organic meats, fruits, veggies…..EVERYTHING. It changed my life. I have psoriasis and eczema, and bad allergy issues every single morning. Just annoying things in life where the doctors will tell you there is no cure. “Whole 30” healed all of that. Completely took away my “no cure” psoriasis and eczema. Just by completely changing my lifestyle. Knowing all of this, and going through that, I wanted to badly to think that I could do the same thing with my recently diagnoses of lsil. It’s been SUPER hard because I’m still living in the dorms in the military. So I’m subject to eating there food which is so processed and disgusting. Instantly my same issues came back, and on top of that I found out I have lsil. I’m waiting to move off base (that’s when you get you’re able to cook for yourself). In the meantime, I can only do so much with what I put in my body. It’s SO helpful to read that there is hope. Thank you so much for your inspiring story. I feel like I have more research to do, but you definitely gave me something to look forward too. I’ll let you know if my next pap comes back clear!:)

    • dani Reply

      That’s amazing! Food is truly medicine. It makes such a huge difference in our health and well-being. Whole30 is great. I’m so happy you found it. At your next pap appointment, request to be tested for which strain of HPV you have – if any. Some are more severe than others. Best of luck!

  65. Thank you for you blog post. I am 12 weeks pregnant with #2 and just terrified. Had my routine pap 1.5 years after my last one that was done in pregnancy and I was told was normal in August 2014. I get the dreaded call a few days ago that I have low grade abnormal cells and no further information AND that since my 2014 test had been abnormal they want to do a colposcopy. I was shocked… these people had told me that it was normal in 2014!!! She said it has progressed. I’m in a state of disbelief and terrified. I have always been so healthy. I have really been trying to talk to other women in similar situations to no avail. I also immediately looked up natural remedies (since that is what I prefer to ANYTHING artificial such as cutting etc. my colposcopy is scheduled for June 16- a month after they called me to tell me the results so I get to freak out for a month too! Anyway that day I went out and bought broccoli, spinach, chicken breast to help my diet. My diet always has been fairly healthy but I will step it up now. In my semi- terrified state my question is what natural steps can I take right now to help my cells heal? I would greatly appreciate any supplement advice, essential oils or anything else. Thank you so much in advance for your advice.

  66. Age 23 and I’m truly scared. I’m speechless, unsure what to do. Month ago I was positive for HPV but I have no symptoms at all. He was very aggressively cut off a part of my cervix. I agree it was one of the most uncomfortable pains I’ve ever felt in my life. After 9 days after the colposcopy I had to return to his office to find out my results if I’m high-risk or solid answer but his words ” your 1% away from cancer” a lot want through my mind (holding back the tears trying to stay strong) then he rushed me into a room with all these nurses to set up an appointment for LEEP. The weird thing no one could explain what’s happening but only showed me a video. They told me this will help me out what LEEP is. I feel like I was misdiagnosed. Scared to see another gynecologist because I don’t want to go through that pain again. After 7 years going to the gynecologist this is the first pap was abnormal. What I read from the beginning from your experience feels like I’m going through it right now. About the mail and the phone call to all the testing. Sad part I’m going through this alone because I’m ashamed to tell anyone and deep down I truly don’t want to go through LEEP. I want kids in my future. What should I do?! Young and confused

    • dani Reply

      I can’t tell you what to do but that seems VERY odd to me. The doctor couldn’t tell you if you were high risk or low risk but that you’re 1% away from cancer? That’s insane. There’s no way to even decide that – especially if he can’t even determine if you’re high or low risk! I personally would find another gyno immediately and ask your currect doctor to send the new doctor your results.

  67. Thank you so much for sharing your story!
    I am 23 years old and was diagnosed with CIN 1 roughly 6 months ago. My doctor (all this through e-mail) said that most of the time, these things go away on their own. She e-mailed me my results and said to come back in a year for another pap. If things didn’t look better, then we could discuss other options. I found your blog by chance and I am so happy that I did!! Your story gives me hope that I can cure my CIN 1 through lifestyle and diet.
    For the last couple of months, I have been experiencing heavy amounts of discharge. Did you experience this as well? Is there something I can do to lessen the amount of discharge or is this just a symptom?
    Thank you!!!

  68. Hi Dani. Your story has inspired me. When the GYN recommended I get a cone biopsy done for CIN 2-3, I was all for it. I already have 2 children, I just wanted it out of me. Then I started doing research and found your story along with others who healed it naturally. I’d like to know if you had an ECC done during your colposcopy? My doc told me there was HSIL, CIN 2-3 found in the opening of my cervix (endocervical). I would like to know if it’s too late for me if it’s already made its way in there…

    After seeking a second opinion from another GYN, she told me to get a LEEP done instead of a cone since it is less invasive. The first doc made it sound like the best choice was the cone procedure. He was not very informative. My LEEP is scheduled for June 7th, but after doing the research I want to try and beat this myself. I’m just super scared right now and reading your story has given me hope.

  69. I’m glad I found your article. Every time I venture to the doctor I feel this same way over and over again.

  70. Hi Dani, I too was just diagnosed with high grade and have been on an emotional roller coaster. Your post really blessed me.m, and I’m going to do some more research to see what natural supplements and changes I need to make. Thank you

  71. Mollison Norwood Reply

    I AM SO THANKFUL THAT I FOUND YOUR ARTICLE! I was diagnosed with CIN2 about 10 months ago after having a colposcopy & biopsy done.. and was immediately told to have a LEEP procedure. I’m only 23.. I’ve never been pregnant.. So I was extremely worried as to what this would do to by body and my future (hopefully) family. I went to an Oncologist and she recommended that we keep close watch to make sure nothing progresses. I went back today for another pap to a new doctor and she was absolutely shocked when I told her I have CIN2 and haven’t been ‘treated’. She said that if I still have abnormal cells and we proceed with another colposcopy and biopsy that still show CIN2 or worse, that I have to have a LEEP ASAP because who knows when it could turn into cancer. Frightening. I am now SO RELIEVED that there’s hope other than having my cervix invaded and I am going to try your diet and supplements you took the first time around and see if it works for me! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for sharing this. <3

  72. Hi, I was just looking for something on the internet that would calm me down while I wait for my second 6-months follow up pap smear results and I found your article. I can relate a lot since I’m very nervous as well, I’m trying to control myself on calling the doctor’s office to see if my results are ready, even though I got my pap smear on Tuesday. Somehow I prefer me calling them than they calling me with bad news as it happened last year. They say it takes two weeks to get the results but I believe that when they are abnormal the lab sends the results to the office in 2-3 days (at least for my experience with my doctor’s office in the past). Last year I got an abnormal result CNI 1 and the doctor recommended cryotherapy after confirming the results with a byopsy (which btw it was extremely painful, maybe my nerves didn’t help either). Cryotherapy wasn’t that bad, just mild cramps that day and an entire month of a very uncomfortable discharge. 6 months later my pap smear was normal but the doctor wants a second normal result to go back to a yearly check. I did my research on cryotherapy and it didn’t look such an aggressive treatment so I went for it. My doctor is nice but I’ve noticed that almost all doctors here in the US are very impersonal and they don’t really care about making you feel confident and safe (I’m from latin america where doctors are mostly friendly). I started laughing when you mentioned that when they called you with the bad news all you heard was “you have cancer”, the same happened to really? can you be any more insensitive and careless?.. she just kept talking and I suddenly felt that I forgot to speak English completely.. cuz I couldn’t understand a word after I heard ..”pre cancerous cells”. I guess they are so used to deal with that that somehow they forget they are calling people with feelings and fears. I don’t know, I think they should be more people oriented. Of course having a normal pap smear last time doesn’t help my nerves, I’m still paranoid and I’m scared that I’ll be worrying about this for the rest of my life. So I’m trying to eat better, to workout regularly, mainly yoga which also helps with my anxiety a lot and I’m trying to be positive and only have happy thoughts. Honestly this is the best I think that we can all do.
    I want to start trying for a baby next year so hopefully all goes well and I only get normal pap smears results from now on. Thanks for this article, I’ll do some research on the supplements you mentioned and will now be more confident that habit changes can improve your life and health.

  73. Hannah Grajko Reply

    I just cried a lot while reading this. Thank you so much for writing this piece. Thank you for your bravery, your persistence, and your commitment to treating your body like the sacred temple that it is.

    I am in the same boat currently, and felt so much pressure to get the LEEP done. I wholeheartedly believed that my doctor was more open-minded and respectful of my desire to treat ailments naturally. I was wrong.

    After being diagnosed with PCOS in 2010, I was told the only was to deal with it was by essentially covering up the symptoms with hormonal birth control. After a massive freak-out and existential crisis, I decided I was committed to curing myself naturally. I went to see a holistic nutritionist, and everything changed from there. I was put on pharmaceutical-grade supplements for detox (chlorophyll, fish oil, digestive enzymes), and the most significant one, Chaste tree (this is currently the only one I still take from that regimen). I completely changed my diet to paleo, exercised with high intensity regularly, and meditated on the beauty and health of my body as a true blessing. Within 6 months, my period was back (after being gone for over a year), acne was essentially gone, energy and sex drive were WAY up, and I had such a deeper understanding of and spiritual connection with my body.

    Now comes the time to take on a similar situation, and trust that my body has the wisdom to heal so long as I give it what it needs. Due to financial concerns, I am going to wait to see a naturopath for 6 months to see if I can make any progress on my own. I am going to get back to the strict paleo diet, start taking DIM and I3C (, B12 Folate (, and fish oil (along with my regular probiotics, chaste tree, and turmeric supreme). I am also going to try to go to an infrared sauna at least twice a week for detox, in addition to 4 yoga classes and 4 high-intensity exercise sessions (Freeletics) a week.

    Healing can be done! We are living proof of that. It just takes listening to our bodies, and treating them as the divine beings they are. If anyone has extra advice or tips out there, PLEASE share! <3

  74. Perfect timing. So thankful for all the info, your story, all the comments.
    I’ve been Sleepless for days. Since May (almost 5 months) ive been undergoing pap smears, culpos, d&c 7/29 (and bled 13 days, then my regular cycle started) and now my doctor wants to do a leep. I have no desire for children at 45. he says “no hysterectomy as my uterus is normal”. Says cervix is the concern. Have always had heavy periods and been requesting a hysterectomy for months because of that. Then my Pap showed HPV & CIN 3. have always had normal paps. Leep surg is tentatively scheduled for September 1st. I’ve been an oncology nurse for 20 years and feel anxious and eager to get rid of these pre-cancerous cells. in my mind they’re continuing to grow in my body. Scared! I’d rather have a hysterectomy to prevent the cells from coming back in other areas. I’m so ready to be done with biopsies and stressful results. Plan to call my insurance tomorrow to find out if a hysterectomy would be covered given the diagnosis of severe dysplasia. After all my doctor is a male he’s not been wearing a pad for several months!! Any input or feedback is appreciated. please keep me in your prayers. My nerves are shot! Thx, Kim
    [email protected]

  75. Thank you so much for writing this. I am finding so much comfort in this. I just got a letter in the mail 3 weeks ago that mildly abnormal cells showed up on my Pap test. My doctor says to come back in 6 months and he isn’t highly concerned right now so I’m definitely going to use some of your suggestions. Thank you thank you ??

  76. really hate it when People preach that they are healthy and share their “secrets” and then mention raw butter, meat, and fish in the same line.

    Not cool. Not cool at all.

    Watch Cowspiracy and soon – What The Health….read The China Study.

    meat and dairy are horrible for the environment – for every pound of “wild caught fish” five pounds of sea life are killed and discarded. Dolphins, sea turtles , sharks, whales.

    animal protein is extremely acidic and causes cancer. and you do realize we are the only species to drink another species breastmilk – as well as take babies away from their mothers so we can have the mother’s milk???

    please educate yourself before “educating” others

  77. Thank you so much for sharing your story! My story starts off quite similar, having not had a pap in quite some time to being diagnosed with low grade dysplasia. I don’t even think they tested me for HPV only assumed I had it.

    About 2 years ago, I decided I should have a physical and get on top of my health again since it had been a number of years. My insurance considered a gynecologist a specialist so I saw a general doctor instead. My pap came back with abnormal cells and she recommended I see a gynecologist for further review. I made my appointment and before I new it I was having a biopsy done! Completely freaked me out and the doctor was not sympathetic at all. I had no idea what my options were or what I needed to do.

    Since then, I had a routine pap every 6 months and colposcopy & biopsy every year. They said they were just going to watch it in case it progresses. Throughout my appointments, different nurse practitioners said that it wouldn’t be a problem if I were to get pregnant. I was 34 years old, still wanting to start a family! So, my husband and I tried got pregnant rather quickly, just this year in Feb/March.

    Last week, at 28 weeks, I was given another pap. The results came back with now high grade dysplasia! My gyno has now recommended that I see a specialist who will perform a colposcopy. She doesn’t think there is much that can be done as I’m nearing the end of my pregnancy but this still worries me. I don’t even want the biopsy–is it necessary during pregnancy?? She said that it’s not unusual that my condition has gotten worse since your immune system is weakened by pregnancy, but I so badly want these precancerous cells to go away. This stress will not help me or the baby. Is it safe to add supplements to my prenatal vitamin? I haven’t asked my doctor anything specific but the response so far has been that my prenatal should be enough and not to add anything except the fish oils they recommend. Perhaps some folate or B12?

    I’m glad to know that I can put off a LEEP procedure. I really want to try to heal this naturally as I am not done having children (this is only my first)!

  78. Holy crap this sounds like my life right now. I’ve been dealing with this for 6 years and a year ago started taking the supplements you have listed here.
    Today I went from lsil to cin1 and i lost it, I’ve been bawling my eyes out. This has reassured me big time, if it takes about six years then I’m hopeful. I changed my diet when I was diagnosed and ive only had one normal test since but now it’s progressed a bit.
    Im kind of at a loss but I’m going to start doing the imagining it healthy because I always forget.
    Thank you for writing this…I really needed to read this.

  79. Erica Sanchez Reply

    Omg as I was reading your story it felt as if I had written it myself. I went through the exact same thing only difference was I did get a leep. I didn’t know what to do I was scared all I would see was CANCER. I was only 20 at the time. After that I got me a new OB-GYN, he wasn’t to happy about the fact that the other made me get a Leep at such a young age. He said it normally heals on its own that we would monitor it because I had tested positive for hpv. So i started using essential oils like you mentioned. Years later and I’ve had normal paps. I still dread the day my pap smear appointments come along because of all the fear it left in me. Now it’s every 3 years I need to get checked so I won’t be getting one till 2018 but I still use my oils and I keep my faith. Think positive my OB-GYN says when he’s about to do the procedure he tells me that everything’s going to come out normal and that helps all the time. Im so glade I found your story. I wrote mine about 2 years ago and it’s still saved in my computer under my (abnormal pap journey) maybe one day I’ll upload it.

  80. I want to do what you did. I too am a spiritual person and believe in my body’s ability to heal itself. When I saw your results, I cried too. I trust I will see the same results. Thank you for your story.

  81. Hi, I’m si glad I found your page! Two years ago I was diagnosed with HPV 18( high risk strain) I got pregnant with my second child that year and gave birth last year in June 2015
    I had a pap smear about 4 mo after having my son and came back high grade lesions so my dr did a colpo which came back negative…so my dr said bc of tbe contradiction she wanted to do the leep surgery so I had it Dec of last year the biopsy came back negative,I WAS RELIEVED! But when I went back 6mo later this July, My results were abnormal so they did another colpo which showed mild dysplasia in the uterine canal and outer part of the cervix…so now turns out I’m CIN 1!!!! I am floored,haven’t been myself since this diagnosis. My dr just referred me to a gynecological oncologist, but he reassured me that this is not cancer…but precancerous abnormality.Im confused, why is sending me there? Is he suspicious that I already have cancer, bc he said they would better advise me on what treatment to do next,due to the fact that the abnormal cells were found in the canal, so bc of that he wants a more expert opinion… I don’t know what to think and I need some advice and support, I feel awful and depressed over this and I worry about my 2 kids growing without me, that’s a terrifying thought!!! Please give some word of hope. I am 45 yrs old , and to make matters worse I have type 2 diabetes, possible localized scleroderma of the lower legs and just found out I have gallstones,haven’t even dealt with that yet…I just ask God why did I get so sick all of a sudden??? Pls give me some advice on what to do, I am desperate!

    Thank you!

  82. I healed myself naturally from CIN 2/3 at the age of 33 following the birth of my second child and going through post partum depression, little sleep, so basically lots of stress and extra hormones. None of the doctors had my back or believed that it could be done, but I believed in myself and my body. I was told again and again that when you get to be my age your body has a more difficult time getting rid of the hpv virus. I just got the news today that my pap was normal and I tested negative for hpv. I have been getting abnormal paps for several years but they always said low grade dysplasia and it had just become the “norm” for me. When I went to the doc for my pap during my 2nd pregnancy it came back with these same results i was so used to hearing. After the baby came i had the colpo and thats when I was told it was a CIN 2/3. My last colpo happened 3 years earlier after my first child was born and the results were a CIN 1. It was getting worse. So they wanted to do a LEEP. Not me. I wanted to try to get control over this on my own, naturally, before going down that road. Plus I wanted to get rid of the root cause, the hpv virus needed to be gone from my body. Otherwise, you get the LEEP, it comes back, your in the same position, it’s totally pointless. I wish more doctors would talk about nutrition to women going through this bc it is so incredibly important and it is just so wrong that they don’t push nutrition harder in these situations. To this day, none of the doctors I saw showed any interest in what I was eating specifically. Nobody supported me. The midwives that delivered my baby blew me off not returning my phone calls. I had to search and search for a doctor that seemed like they might be supportive somewhat but knowing that ultimately none of them would be entirely into what I was doing because I was not doing what their “procedure” said to do in my circumstances. Just remember if you are going through anything that the doctors work for YOU. They like to try to tell you what to do, but it is always your choice and you need to get the facts, research, and be in control of your own health. So, after refusing the LEEP, I read and searched and read and learned all I could about diets for healing cervicle dysplasia and hpv naturally. I was also breastfeeding, so many things I couldn’t take or eat bc of that reason such as green tea, so I drank rooibos instead. But I would have drank tons of green tea if I could had. So No caffeine (since breastfeeding) No alcohol, no smoking, no birth control (bad bad), no soy (flax seeds, sunflower seeds), no bread, no dairy, no meat, absolutely no sugar. I became a vegetarian or basically vegan except I ate eggs, honey, and butter. I also tried to get everything organic. Lots of veggies and fruits and chickpeas were eaten. This extreme diet change did not come easy at all. I was not much of a cook and having 2 kids to look after that weren’t eating what i was eating had me in the kitchen all the time, but i thought of this as a lesson from the Universe to learn to love my body and care about what I put into it. Praying over my food to heal my body and learning to be more of a cook which I can now pass along and teach my girls that i wasn’t taught how to do by my own mom and I greatful for that as well. This diet was very difficult to get used to, but I looked at this as a lifestyle change not a temporary thing. It has been 14 months since that CIN 2/3 test result. Since I looked at this in the long term I was not 100% strict at following this diet. I occasionally had a sweet treat like a tiny slice of cake over the holidays or a slice of my kids organic non-gmo pizza cause it was hard, but my life and not getting cancer is pretty important to me so…I did my absolute best. Everyday for breakfast I had a green smoothie with fresh ginger root, chia seeds, blueberry, raspberry, banana, kale spinach. I took a multi- vitamin, folic acid, b complex, vitamin c, grapeseed extract. I also drank a glass of water or almond milk with a tsp of turmeric powder everyday (really bad tasting but really good at fighting hpv) and a swig of acv everyday. I made a lot of indian food at home cause it was what I found that was yummy and easy to make loaded with veggies and good for you spices like turmeric, fresh ginger, fresh garlic, curry powder, chili powder. Lots of cruciferous veggies. I focused on relieving stress by taking up yoga and meditation, journaling every morning to help empty my mind. My next appt was 3 months later and I had an abnormal pap – could not rule out high grade dysplasia, and colpo came back as lots of inflammation (probably due to breastfeeding). Breastfeeding made it difficult to ensure we were seeing everything right but I wasn’t going to stop. The next appointment was 3 months after that and this doctor was not liking that I was telling her what I wanted to do instead of doing what they wanted me to do, but she was nice about it and showed concern and care. I get it, but I believed in my bodies abilities to heal itself. The results came back as CIN 1 but my pap still said the same could not rule out high grade dysplasia. Very confusing for everyone. The doctor was also consulting with a oncology gynecologist about my results. I thought about it and took those results to mean that something was happening and from all the good lifestyle changes and my diet it could only be getting better. So after those results she did not want to “play this game” with me anymore and scheduled my next testing 6 months out with the oncologist that speciacervical cancer. I kept up all the good vibes for my health and today I got the call that I am hpv negative! Hope this helps someone. These stories gave me hope. Get serious about what you are putting in your body.

  83. Thank you, for sharing your story.
    Hi, where can I buy the anti-inflammatory oils.
    I would like to try the organic tampon cure. I called that. because I believe and I have faith in natural cures. I’m like you I think we need to stop this from the root . I had the Leep done a couple of weeks ago. My OB-GYN , say that my results are dysplasia 3 and that I should just take everything out. But I’m gonna try your method and then I’ll see him in 6 months.

  84. !!!! THANK GOD I FOUND THIS article!! I had recently (2 months ago) had an abnormal pap with HPV. Went in for the Colposcopy 2 weeks later which wasn’t to bad ( I’m a huge baby) Doctor took 6 biopsies of my cervix and said she saw a lot of abnormal tissue on my cervix. I had really bad cramping after for a few hours and my brother had to drive me home. I even drank a glass of wine and took a pain pill before procedure and that didn’t really help until later, but most of the pain was after procedure. Not trying to scare anyone. They don’t usually take 6 biopsies. SOO… 2 days later my results came back with CIN2 and my doctor said that I really need to have the leep procedure done, I was scared shitless because I am 28 and have been trying to conceive. She said in rare cases the leep can cause pregnancy problems, or make it hard to conceive and very rarely cause infertility! I spent a few days doing A LOT of googling and research, that is when I came across this article. I asked my doctor about going the holistic route ( after already scheduling my leep) she said she didn’t believe the holistic route would work that it usually doesn’t and the pre cancer will turn into cancer but that if I wanted to try it I could come back in 6 months for another pap, but that she didn’t suggest I do that. WELL… I have decided to take my chances since in the past I have had abnormal paps refused the colp, came back 4 months later and pap was normal. ( years ago) I had not been taking very good care of myself the few months before my pap and I truly believe that had a lot to do with it! After doing a lot of research this is what I have been doing and started this week. I have to say that I did NOT CONSULT anything with a physician, THIS was my own research and what I feel is best for me at this time to cure the CIN 2. Consult with your doctor before taking any of the following because some of them have bad interactions with certain medications and so on!!!
    I have been drinking TEA at least 4 times a day and I am mixing ROSE HIP, TUMERIC, OOLONG, JASMINE, & GREEN TEAS. I add Honey and the following supplements: CATS CLAW, RED CLOVER, BLACK COHOSH & WHOLE MACA ROOT of the supplements in liquid form. I only had the supplements in the tea twice a day. I also take DAILY : B6 ,B12 ,FOLIC ACID, VITAMIN D, 5,000 MGS OF VITAMIN C, PROBIOTICS, SALMON OIL PILLS, COCONUT OIL PILLS AND A MULTI VITAMIN. On top of all that I drink 2 shots of Apple cider vinegar ( suppose to kill cancer cells) I have been eating tons of hummus, fruits, veggies, lemon water, fish, healthy meats and a lot of fresh eggs ( from my chickens). I also believe in the power of positive thinking! I am picturing my cervix healthy and zapping the bad cells away! Started exercising, stretching, meditating, and yoga! I WILL GET RID OF THIS NON SENSE IN THE NEXT 6 MONTHS AND MAKE MY DOCTOR THINK TWICE ABOUT HOLISTIC HEALING!!!!!!! All the things I mentioned are “suppose” to be cancer curing and for cervical cancer in particular! I am still looking into going to see a holistic doctor to double check my concoctions and see what more I can add in the mix! Good luck to everyone and A BIG THANK YOU to the woman that wrote this article! Its a life changer! : ) I like hearing peoples story’s feel free to email me! [email protected]

  85. I am in a similar situation now and it really freaks me out. My first colposcopy showed CIN1 but as of the last colposcopy it is showing as a moderate CIN2. But they weren’t able to do a biopsy in my second colposcopy because i am pregnant, so when the doctor says he has a strong impression it has progressed I can’t be 100% sure. I have to go back again soon so they can do another colposcopy no biopsy and I am freaking out. I see the supplements you have listed and I am hoping to see if my Nurse Practitioner will OK them for during pregnancy. I really appreciate this article as it helps to know that there is a chance to naturally resolve this. Thank you!

  86. Thank you for posting your story! I might be in the rare camp that got a second opinion on my CIN II where the doctor is against doing a LEEP and electing to closely monitor the situation. My doctor said CIN II can really go both ways- clear up or slowly progress, but either way will take some time. It’s been a stressful few months from diagnosis to going over possible treatment options but I’m so glad I found your post! I am curious if you’ve looked into oregano oil since it’s supposed to be very potent, or if you just use the oils listed as those are the best choices for cervical dysplasia?

    • dani Reply

      I love oregano oil but it’s best to work closely with a professional when using essential oils.

  87. Anna Sayre Reply

    I just wanted to say, thanks so much for this story. I am at the beginning of it now and hoping to turn things around myself. Two days ago I was inconsolable, but your story gives me hope and strength that I can beat this without invasive surgery.

  88. I so hope you are still checking this blog. I just found it as I was “researching” because I was just diagnosed with CIN 2 and am scheduled to have the LEEP on Dec 6, 2016. I was diagnosed CIN 1 (HPV positive) last year but was told “we will watch it.” 3 Paps, 2 colposcopies and a punch biopsy later, it has gotten worst since last year. I am terrified of this going all the way to cancer. I am going to try some of your natural remedies, pray and believe.

  89. Wanda Long Reply

    I was diagnosed with hpv last year during a routine pap. They simply ordered another pap in 6 months and that one came back negative. This year during my routine pap, they said the hpv is attacking my cervix and I have abnormal cells. They want to do a colposcopy, but I am not a fan of them cutting out anything or aggravating an area that needs to heal. I was going to do the same attempt at a natural approach and just back in about 6 months for another pap. I, however, am soon to be 63 years old. I’ve never had any other issues and in general have been in good health with the exception of lots of back pain due to disc buldges, degenerative arthritis, and herniated discs. I don’t take any medication. I only drink apple cider vinegar mixed with water daily. Do you think it’s smart to not have the colposcopy and go back for another pap?

    • dani Reply

      I think it’s best to work with a doctor you trust and respect. If this isn’t your current doctor, get a second opinion and discuss your concerns with them.

  90. Thank you for sharing your story, I find it’s a subject that isn’t openly discussed until there’s an issue, even amongst close friends. I wish I’d found this article a few days ago as I was such a mess preparing myself for my results. I don’t have many friends who have gone through this, so your words have been a great comfort to me.

    Three weeks had passed since my colposcopy, still no phone call. I plucked up the courage to call them myself – the results were in, consultation scheduled December 12th. As you know sitting in the waiting room alone can very scary. I was diagnosed with CIN1. Relieved that it wasn’t CIN2 or 3, and still in shock from the whole ordeal, I was hardly in the right state of mind to question my doctor any further. She was pretty vague when I asked what ‘the next steps’ were – responding with, “take some multivitamins and we’ll see you in three months”…”Sounds good,” I thought. I woke up this morning however feeling pretty angry and misinformed. There are more options here, why weren’t they addressed? I feel cheated. I’m young, fit and healthy and determined to reexamine my lifestyle in an attempt to prevent the symptoms from progressing into CIN2.

    I’ve since researched countless diet plans that help CIN1 regress. I know as a medical professional there are certain rules and reasons you must adhere to, but I find it remarkable that she didn’t think to suggest these options to me. Following my consultation, she wrote out my prescription for a three month supply of contraceptive pills. I’m now equally confused as I’ve come to understand that there are certain pills which should be avoided if diagnosed with CIN1? If you could shed a light on this I’d be so grateful!

  91. When I first got my biopsy results 6 months ago and they came back as CIN 2, I went on the internet to search for a natural way to make it regress, and that’s when I found your page. Your experience was practically identical to mine, I was 23 at the time of my first biopsy also. I started taking the cod liver oil, B-12, DIM-I3C, and I also added selenium to that. I did that during the 6 months time that the doctor gave me for my next colposcopy and biopsy. Today I got the call and the doctor said it is gone. I just really want to thank you for making this post because it really gave me hope and it worked! During the 2nd biopsy I told the doctor I was taking some of these pills and he told me how bad of an idea that was. Well, look who called me a week or so later to tell me I no longer have CIN 2 or CIN 1 for that matter.

  92. I’m now and have been in this boat for over 13 years. I had the LEEP done about 13 years ago and struggled on and off with abnormal paps over the last 13 years. The last 3-4 years have been great though, no abnormal paps. That is until about 6 months ago. Had a pap come back abnormal, had a colposcopy and they said it was mild grade and follow up in 6 months. Well here I am 6 months later, had the repap and got the dreaded phone call yesterday. Needless to say it’s still abnormal and the nurse I talked to said this pap is worse than the last. What the heck does that even mean? The scariest part for me right now is there’s a small possibility I could be pregnant so I’m freaking out about what I can do to help heal my body. If I am indeed pregnant they won’t do a colposcopy so I won’t know how bad the cells are and I’ll have to wait 9 months to know. I don’t know I guess I’m just scared. I want to try and eat better and follow what you did, just don’t really know where to start. Also, do you if drinking coffee is bad while trying to heal? Thanks so much in advance.

  93. Thank you for sharing this!! I really appreciate the time line you provided as well as all the dietary changes and supplements you implemented. It’s amazing how so many women with this diagnosis are told that a LEEP procedure is their only option…or else cancer. It is so fear inducing.
    I also have healed myself from cervical dysplasia and have shared a little bit of my story :

    Your article is inspiring me to craft my story into writing.
    Much love.

  94. Hi Dani

    Thank you odor sharing this. I really have been going through a lot of turmoil lately around CIN1 diagnosis and chronic cervicitis. I had the dysplasia diagnosis since I was 16 and a virgin but the chronic cervicitis I know came after being involved with a promiscuous partner. In a nutshell, I’ve been to many doctors to help me heal, disappointingly, many female doctors have been abrasive and have given up. Now I am seeing a thorough doctor who is recc’g cryosurgery. Then she mentioned a cone biopsy which is like a special type of LEEP. I am getting terrified. I know I can heal. I really feel like I need support though and I am reaching out for a circle of women to stand with me. I know I can heal. I believe in our dynamic bodies. I want to ask you what advice would you give someone like me who has already started lifestyle changes including diet, (not much supplementation, even though I have almost everything you listed in my cabinet but I’m terrified of combining without guidance). I feel like I’m becoming more and more afraid and I have a little girl who I want to be here for. Thanks for your discussion and thanks again for your story because surfing the web for answers can be so scary especially when I keep reading that blasted “C” word! Much love…

  95. I know this is an old post, but so happy I stumbled upon it and definitely wanted to comment.

    My history with HPV and abnormal cells is a long and confusing one. I was first diagnosed HPV positive in 2011, the first spring after graduating college. I was immediately called in for a colpo which found abnormal cells that I was never consulted about again. The next year I had my own big girl insurance and switched to a new doctor in my network, when I told him I had HPV he literally said, “oh it’s the gift that keeps on giving” …I will never forget that. He was so relaxed about it and said so many women my age clear it naturally, nothing to worry about. Had my annual pap and another with him the next year – never told me I was now testing HPV negative. For over 2 years I thought I still had HPV active in my body and truthfully didn’t know what that meant.

    Fast forward to 2015, I moved in with my now fiancé, started a new job in a new state. Established with a new doc, had all my records sent over and again said “hey btw, I have HPV”. When I received the results from that app and heard I was HPV negative I was overjoyed but confused. My doc went through all my records, showed me I was testing negative but also said that although I was HPV negative I was testing with ASCUS abnormal cells.

    Well after battling viral meningitis last winter my immune system was shot – so no surprise when my annual pal rolled this summer that my HPV was back. It was active again and causing irregular cells. I was referred to a specialist for my second colpo.

    In September I was finally diagnosed with high risk HPV and CIN 3 – I cried almost every day leading up to my LEEP procedure. Thankfully my surgeon is amazing, calming and very educational; she’s taking the time to explain my choices, options and how to defend my body against the virus.

    I had always eaten pretty clean but went through a round of Whole 30, gave my diet another facelift and started taking AHCC, DIM Plus, Probiotics, a women’s multi and B12/Folic Acid. I started exercising more and really put myself first. My fiancé has been so supportive.

    Now we get to today (SORRY THIS IS SO LONG!) and I just got the results from my first post-LEEP pap…not the worst but not what I wanted of have been working for. Still HPV+ and with A-Typical cells. My doctor made it clear that it was not dysplasia yet and said we will re-pap in 4 months.

    I can help but feel defeated. I want so badly to heal myself. I’m getting married next summer and want children. I don’t understand why my body doesn’t agree.

    Very long story short, your post has brought me comfort because it proves this is not an overnight or 3-month fix, it takes time. I scheduled an appointment with a nutritionist, so hoping to start there. Thanks for listening/reading, and reminding people like me that we are not alone.

  96. I am 32 years old, and was diagnosed, with stage cervical dysplasia CIN3 due to HPV high risk strains.
    I had received an abnormal pap smear in my early 20’s. This same sample was also tested for high-risk HPV (human papillomavirus). I found out I was HPV positive, but my doctor did not inform me which strain, or what my risks were. I had never heard of the virus before, and did not really know what it all meant. My doctor did tell me HPV could cause cancer.
    At the time, my doctor did perform a colposcopy, to look more closely at my cervix, and she collected a biopsy sample. That follow-up test came back with “low grade dysplasia” (cervical pre-cancer) but we didn’t do any further treatment at that time, just “watched” it, to see if it would regress on its own. My pap smears eventually went back to normal and I did not continue HPV testing (knowing what I know now, I wish I would have).
    Approximately 10 years later, near the end of my pregnancy, I had another abnormal pap. My OB-GYN retested me for high-risk HPV which was positive for HPV 16 and these HPV test results were given to me while I was still in the hospital, right after my son was born. Up until that point, I hadn’t had a repeat HPV test until my pregnancy (I hadn’t been advised to either) and all my Pap tests had been normal before I was subsequently diagnosed with pre-cancerous cells.
    For my cervical dysplasia and HPV high risk strains, I started treatments Cervugid Ovules and Isoprinosine Tablets recommended by obgyn. I ended up having a total of 3courses of treatments.
    My last treatment was on January, 2016. I am now aprox one year cervical dysplasia-free and free of HPV (human papilloma virus). I am just thankful I am alive! I try to eat healthy. I see my doctor every six months.
    My advice to every female is this: get Pap smears regularly! It is so important!

  97. June Strickland Reply

    So glad I found this.
    It just occurred to me, that Pap smear didn’t use to be painful. The word is “smear” for goodness sakes.
    But the last two I’ve received were very uncomfortable.
    In December of 2015, I had a pap scheduled and forgotten about it. My husband was very amorous that morning. Yes. We had wild sex. Then just four hours later I had a Pap smear.
    A month later the doctor called and acted like I was dying and said I had sever dysplasia.
    She scared me to death.
    Well long story short, my insurance would never approve the colposcopy and the 7 planned biopsies. (Yes the doctor said 7). So my husband and I researched and started on a regimen.
    I just took another Pap smear less than a month ago. It hurt terribly. AGAIN!! WHAT ABOUT SMEAR??
    It felt like she scraped me to the bone. She said I had a lesion.
    Well the results are in: I now have only MILD dysplasia!!! Yayayayayay!
    So we reversed it in a year!!
    But the doctor wants to do colposcopy anyway and the business people aren’t even nice.
    I said today that if my insurance company doesn’t approve the procedure than I’m not having it done.
    You’d think I cursed them.
    You know what I think?
    I think there’s a hell of a lot of money involved in scraping a women’s insides instead of taking a smear culture!! Thousands even.
    Thank you for your site. I plan on following your lead and taking back my power!
    Also, I’m almost sure I’m herpes positive (my husband of 30 years is) and that I’m HPV positive but nobody’s interested in doing test for that! wonder shy that is? Must not be any money in those tests!

  98. Thank you so much for sharing this with us all. And thanks to all the women who shared their stories and to the ones who will. It makes such a difference to see that I am not alone. Cause that’s how I’ve been feeling often…

    Last October I went to a new gynaecologist as the usual one didn’t have appointments available and I was about to leave the country. I told her that I’ve had to get pap tests every 6 months or so because my other doctor always told me that the results weren’t clear. In that moment, while I was saying it, I realised something didn’t make sense. The new gyno did the whole procedure and was very nice to me. She also told me I should get the results of the past tests from the other doctor. After a couple days she called with the results: PapIV. She urged me to go get a colposcopy and in any case get a conization. I remember the terror going through my body when I hung up. After a couple days I went to pick up the old tests from the other doctor. At night, when I sat down on my bed to get prepared for the colposcopy on the following day, I went through the old tests. It was a list of PapIII and HPV high risk positive. 3 years of lies right in front of me. Nobody had told me the truth about the dysplasia and the virus. I really don’t know why… and I was so furious I could barely breathe.
    Since the new gyno had called me, no matter what she had said, my body kept on telling me NO. They won’t cut off pieces of my womb just because this is the standard (that’s the word they used). The gyno at the colposcopy kept on telling me that if the results were again PapIV, I would have to get the operation. She tried to scare me telling me with the case of an older woman who had a mild dysplasia, didn’t get the conization and now after 15 years (!) had cancer. As if she could prove that was the point. Eventually she told me that 1 in 100 patients with my results develop cancer (not die from – but develop it). That means that 99 women who get the operation, the fear and the damage, get it for nothing but feeding the medical system and the system that keep us women in fear of our own wisdom.
    In the meanwhile, I got the results of the biopsy: nothing. It said there was nothing. The pap test results only came 5 weeks later, when I had already moved. The result was: PapIV. I stared at the letter from the doctor saying that – basically – they had no clue. They were suggesting to either operate or wait and see. I couldn’t believe it! Wait and see? It’s my body, my health, my life!
    I briefly went to a fourth gyno who’s also a naturopath and got vitamin C and propolis. I read for hours on the internet and decided to trust my body and do what felt right. I am taking a multivitamin, Indole-3-carbinol and curcumin powder. I am also working with a healer and using vaginal steam baths and yoni eggs. I am re-building my connection to my womb. Soon I will be looking for a new doctor here in Spain and hope I will find the best support. I do believe it will eventually lead to the virus clearing out my system and the dysplasia getting better.
    In a way, I feel grateful to this experience that got me much more into my feminine power.
    I wish for doctors to be more human and see the patient as another human with whom they car work. I wish for us all more trust in our own body wisdom and deep healing.

    Thank you so much for this space ?

  99. I was diagnosed with hpv and mild dysplasia about 2 months ago and it’s been very difficult. Thank you for sharing your story as I hope to cure my dysplasia through being more healthy.
    . I been drinking plenty of different type of vitamins and eating greens with little lean meats. I am hoping this will help…..

    I wanted to ask if you have abnormal bleeding? I noticed that I have pink spotting with my discharge more often now. Is that a symptoms you had? I just feel like it’s getting worst instead of better even though I am working out and eating better….

    Thank you again for your story again.

    I just received my results from a biopsy/colposcopy I had done last week and I have CIN 3 cells. I have spent most of my evening crying hysterically as the past few weeks have been horrible experiences at the doctor ( similar to yours…). I am 25 and they are pushing for the LEEP. My doctor did say that there is a 50-70% chance of women under the age of 27 to clear it on their own. I just feel a bit lost as to which direction to take… I want to badly to reverse it on my own but fear going back in a few months to find it has progressed to cancer. The LEEP just seems so invasive and I very much so want to be able to have children. Reading your story was incredibly inspirational and I enjoyed getting a few laughs out, in an otherwise very sad evening. Thank you. Women need other women, we need to know we are not alone.

  101. Thank you for sharing your story. I am working on reversing my mild cervical dysplasia. I have been working with whole food supplements (I really love vitamin code), NAC, zinc, as well as others scattered throughout the day. I’ve also moved onto making suppositories which contain tea tree, lavender, organic cacao and extra virgin coconut oil. My doctor has not been much help sadly aside from saying that I should not smoke and reduce stress. No supplements, not even a talk of vag pack or talk of getting off of hormonal birth control, so I decided to do all of this myself. I’ve also been working toward eating more cruciferous veggies, less sugar, and green tea. I’m working on finding a new doctor after this colposcopy at the end of the month. The only good thing about the doctor I am seeing now is she does not push for LEEP unless it were to get worse, and so she likes to monitor, which is fine. I’m not giving into LEEP, plan to heal my body and feel like mindset is everything in healing as well.

    • dani Reply

      Good for you girl! I do recommend finding and working with a good doctor, if you can. Best of luck!

  102. Thank you for sharing your story and keeping this post active. <3 I found out I have CIN1 about 4 months ago. I knew straight away that I wanted to treat this naturally much to chagrin of the gyno and GP who won't stop hassling me (I no longer answer their calls.) Soon after I saw a Naturapath who was lovely, she asked me to keep a food diary and started me on B12 supplements. I was doing really well for about a month, ate only organically, lots of broccoli and sauerkraut, cut out sugar as much as possible, did a lot of visualizations and affirmations as well as self-reiki treatments. I was feeling great about it all, very positive and level headed. But soon after I moved interstate and then had to make a lot trips between states and that threw everything into chaos. About a month ago I had another papsmear and it showed that I still am at CIN1, which I was relieved to hear, but things have finally settled and it's now time to get back to it. I'm really greatful to have found your post and will be looking into the supplements you mentioned. <3

  103. I was diagnosed with mild to moderate cervical dysplasia on January 14, 2016. I’m 32, and I would consider myself relatively healthy. I went to the University of Illinois Medical Center, where my pap came back with abnormalities. My primary care physician recommended I have a colposcopy to investigate further.
    At the colpo, the doctor applied the acetic acid solution and the iodine and my cervix showed that I had potentially precancerous cells. She wanted to take a small sample via a minor biopsy. I am not good with biopsies and had a major anxiety attack and begged her to let me come back when I am more mentally prepared to have a piece of my cervix ripped out without any painkillers or anesthesia. She asked what I would need to better prepare myself for it and I told her some Xanax would help. Now, I do not take Xanax or any anxiety meds daily; however, I have requested them for breast biopsies in the past and my doctor has always given me a tiny prescription for the procedure. Luckily, this doctor did too. If you’re scared to have this procedure done, don’t hesitate to ask your doctor for Xanax or a mild sedative to help you.
    A week later, with a little Xanax in me, I showed up again for the biopsy. And to be totally honest, I didn’t feel a thing. I am sure I still wouldn’t have felt it without the Xanax but my mind was really overreacting to the thought of it!
    The next day, I learned that I had mild to moderate cervical dysplasia and they wanted to perform a LEEP procedure on me, which is basically a procedure where they either freeze or burn off the affected tissue. Sounds harmless, right? Remove the precancerous cells and avoid getting cancer? WRONG.
    After much research, I learned that LEEP procedures cause a significant amount of scarring, can cause complications with pregnancies, and don’t guarantee to remove all the precancerous cells, nor do they guarantee that they won’t come back. If they do come back, they will do another LEEP.
    I searched for alternative treatments. I didn’t even know if I had any options. My doctor made it sound like I didn’t. She made it sound like I needed to urgently have this procedure done before my dysplasia turned into cancer.
    After crying and crying and crying and feeling alone and feeling like I should probably do what she says, despite my intuition telling me not to, I calmed down and hit the Internet. Online, I found dozens of women sharing their cervical dysplasia stories with CERVUGID Ovules and Isoprinosine Tablets and guess what—THESE WOMEN REVERSED THEIR DYSPLASIA. Meaning, they went against their conventional doctors’ wishes, found a new approach, avoided the LEEP and had completely normal paps.
    I wanted to be one of these women. If you are at this stage in your dysplasia journey, I highly recommend checking out a few of these stories, or do a search on cervical dysplasia. There are hundreds of posts where women share their stories on reversing dysplasia with these medicines from Europe.
    Also other doctors (open minded), have helped hundreds of women reverse their cervical dysplasia. You may find women referring to this protocol.

  104. I first found this blog last year and have bookmarked it to read it often for encouragement. In 2015 I had my first abnormal pap that was cin2 and a few months later had a colposcopy that came back normal, they kept saying it was HPV but I asked if I was tested for it and they said no but that I had it because of the abnormal pap. I didn’t go back to any dr until late last year where they did another pap and HPV test and told me it was cin3 and I was negative for HPV but they wanted to start a procedure to cut off the cells and I decided I didn’t want it and that’s when I found this blog. I began a cruciferous vegetables diet, 1 tsp of turmeric powder daily, stopped using tampons and switched to a reusable menstrual cup and started taking a multivitamin. I also started telling myself regularly while looking in a mirror that I am healthy, my cervix is healthy and healing and prayed healing over my body. I just had a pap last month, 5 month since my last pap and today I got a call about those results. I have gone from cin3 to mild atypical cells. I asked what that means in regards to my last results and the nurse said it is a very large improvement, there are no longer any precancerous cells but still some slight abnormalities, I no longer need any procedures that would cut off parts of me. They scheduled another colposcopy for next month but told me there will be no biopsy done but only to look at what’s still affected. They told me to continue what I’m doing in regards to self healing and at this rate my next exam in 6 months could be normal. I know I am not completely healed just yet but to go from being told I needed those procedures cause this was going to turn into cancer to now showing drastic improvement and healing has made me very happy. I wish all ladies the best through these difficult times and so glad to see so many find healing without the terrible procedures. Thank you for this blog, it is very inspiring.

  105. Wow I’m so glad I’ve come across this.
    I had an abnormal Pap 3 years ago, the year after was normal and then last year came back abormal again so because of that I was sent off for a colposcopy which upon looking at my cervix it looked normal apparently, the smear said different “high grade abnormal changes” so they rescheduled me for today March 2017. So in the meantime I’ve fallen pregnant and am currently 12w5d and have been stressing about today’s appt, anyway, it was the most uncomfortable colposcopy/smear I’ve had, I cried the whole way through it. This time they could see an abnormal change on the cervix and took a smear, they can’t biopsy being pregnant. So now I need to anxiously wait for the result even though we know it’s still high grade changes. No one has ever mentioned CIN1, 2 or 3 to me so I’ll be sure to ask about it when they call with my results. What I was told though was that I’ll need to go back in 4 or 5 months for another check up and if it’s still bad or worsened then they will need to look at taking baby out early to treat me.

    Needless to say I was a mess this afternoon and I don’t know what to do! My anxiety has skyrocketed and the fear of this developing into cervical cancer scares the life out of me, especially since there’s nothing that can be done whilst I’m pregnant.

    Any info or tips you have would be greatly appreciated

  106. Hi there! I thought your story was very inspiring! Thanks so much for that!
    I wanted to ask you a few questions about your previous condition.
    I was showering a couple of days ago and I felt a couple of bumps on/near the opening of my urethra. They felt exactly like little pimples. I was too terrified to look at it in a mirror. So I went to the women’s clinic to get a pap smear. I don’t live in America so they had to ship my sample to Hawaii to get get tested. It’s going to take a awhile. But I wanted to ask if you might have had a similar experience during your dysplasia condition?
    Also, if you don’t mind me asking, during the in between time frame of your dysplasia diagnosis and your symptom free diagnosis, how was physical intimacy for you? Did you have to use a condom or not? I ask because I’ve been with my partner for over 13 years and we haven’t been physically intimate in a long while.
    Any advice you could give me would be extremely helpful! Thanks so much!

  107. Amy nguyen Reply

    Hi i have been dignosed with HPV CIN 1 for a year and a half. Im very stress. Can you please tell me wat i should do

    • dani Reply

      Hi Amy, I cannot diagnose long-distance. You’ll want to consult a doctor or naturopath locally.

  108. Thank you so much for this article. You gave me hope and real practical and tangible I advice I can apply to my own situation. I am so happy you persevered, you have probably healed more women than actually comment. Thank you 🙂 soo much.

  109. Thank you so much for this incredible honest post! I have recently been diagnosed with CIN 2, and with things being absolutely terrible with my job, stress of trying to find a new job, having slipped into unhealthy habits over the last 4 years (gaining 50 lbs after loosing 60), the results were quite the traumatic experience. I have a Dr. appointment to discuss the route I want to take, and have been trying to see what other women my age have done. I am a single 32 year old female, never married, no children, and still hopeful that I might get to have a family of my own. I have wanted to get myself back into shape, and this may be the impetus to get there.
    I would love to hear more about your use of supplements and healthy diet.

  110. emmanuella Reply

    I had an abnormal pap and I had cin2 my gut was telling me not to do the leep but I ended up doing it, I ended up having the procedure done twice and now third time around there are abnormal cin2 cells again. I refuse to have another leep because I want to have kids someday. I am going to try this natural route for a little and see what happens

  111. Thank you for your story.
    I wanted to know if the actual tiny biopsy they take during the colposcopy causes any type of permenant damage? Does your cervix regenerate that area they cut, i.e. Cells replacing every 7-14 days. Or do you have a scar like a blemish left over?
    I can’t seem to find anything on this. Thank you!

    • dani Reply

      That’s a great question, I’m really not sure. I would imagine it does scar, it’s skin afterall.

  112. Thanks so much for sharing your story! You should be incredibly proud for what you have achieved. Your story, along with the many comments on this thread are reflective of the horrifically emotional experiences we are being put through. The reality is that HPV is a gray area in medicine and young women are being pushed through this system unnecessarily in cases.

    I myself had my first pap in August. Letter asking me to come for colposcopy received in October. I had my colposcopy (terribly uncomfortable, no aneshtic) in Jan which returned CIN1 changes although recommending I come in for the loop/lletz procedure. Confused by the treatment recommendation for what was a ‘low grade change’ I went and met with my doctor. My main concern was pregnancy complications later in life. My doctor was surprised by the treatment recommendations but advised it was preventative and that there would be no risk for me.

    I attended my treatment for the loop/lletz procedure only to be told my changes were, in fact, CIN2 and that is why I had been invited in. My letter along with what my doctor received certainly said CIN1. I met with the doctor and explained my concerns relating to the error. He accepted there was a mistake made and was unsure as to how that happened. I refused to have the procedure as I wanted to be retested. He could not perform another biopsy and took a picture of my cervix to revert back to the team that decide treatment options.

    I will not be going back for a treatment through Cervical Check. I’m 27 with a pretty care free lifestyle in terms of drinking, smoking, diet, exercise. I truly believe that if I make significant lifestyle changes I can combat this. I am going for a second opinion with a private gyno.

    I do not want someone chopping at my cervix in an establishment that cannot document test results accurately.

    Please keep sharing your stories 🙂 x

  113. Holly Love Reply

    I love your story. Very similar to two experiences I’ve had with refusing colposcopy and choosing to CLEAN UP MY ACT and get a repeat pap instead! In one case I was lucky enough to have a completely normal pap smear on the first repeat. Five years ago I refused a hysteroscopy for a uterine polyp, and am back in the same boat right now as doctors try and convince me I need this invasive procedure. I have made a career out of researching the issue more than you could possibly imagine. The takeaway is that doctors don’t always recommend the best thing at the best time, and don’t always believe in the body’s ability to heal without their intervention. WE must often do that believing for ourselves! Over-screening and over-recommendation of procedures is a big issue. We need to always be very aware of how to combine what is available with the right to say no, in order to take advantage of the best of both worlds of western modern medicine vs. intuition and natural/alternative healing. Thank you again for sharing your story; it’s so helpful not just for women but anyone who wants to take a more active role in their health and well-being!

  114. Your story has cheered me up and Iam genuinly very pleased for you. In 2015 July I had my repeat smear test at the age of 28 (having pink discharge in between periods also) and it came back with abnormal cells CIN II dyskariosis and HPV high risk. Omg my world has collapsed there and then. From being a happy go lucky, positive person- i was broken in half. I couldnt go to sleep without researching and reading about abnormal cells. Waking up thinking about it it was just destroying me. 2 weeks later i had app with colposcopist at Liverpool womens hospital. Catriona her name was. What an amazing person to make u feel at ease. She has proceeded Loop excision and sent it for biopsy. Could not feel any pain I was that much in shock and had local anaesthetic. Biopsy came back saying all abnormal cells were removed. Hpv high risk still present. I have researched tons of info and came across Judith Smith research on women With HPV in America using AHCC supplement which are Active Hexose Correlated compound (mushroom mycelia compound) not sure if they are from reishi or shittake mushroom families. Research suggested taking 3000mg a day. Which is 6 caps per day at 500mg each. So ofcourse I went on and bought quite a few on amazon. Quality of life labs kinoko Gold brand. I have taken it for 6 months. FIRST SPREAD DURING DAY on an empty stomach and then 6 at once as Dr Judith Smith recommended in reply to my email. It cost me around £120 a month but I did not care about price I was so scared and worried I was prepared to do anything. 6 months later I went to see my colposcopist for a follow up and examination revealed no abnormalities and HPV was NOT present. I have also tried eating healthy. Drinking frozen berries smoothies. Apparently raspberries are great for cervix and kale kale kale girls its horrible but apparently very good for u. Did I not bork when made a fresh smoothie with kale and broccoli. Omg couldnt have a lot of those… so anyway… not sure if AHCC has cleared my hpv or just gone naturally but thats my story. They say hpv stays dormant in ur body. I hope it gets erradicated one day with some new research. As for today I have noticed pink disharge again during last few days. And I feel sick with worry. Thats why on internete reading and researching. Have booked for a smear test and feel very upset and scared. I know people say stay positive and worry when it happens but how can I tell that my worried self… all Iam thinking is “what if….”
    Look after your self girls and keep healthy.

  115. I am so happy I found your website and read your story 🙂 I hate you had to endure such emotional and physical pain to get where you are now. Sometimes it’s these scares in life that push you to be your best self. 🙁 I left very confident and now am searching for vitamin regimens (thanks to your list!) and healthy natural remedies for my soon-to-be beautiful pink donut. 😉 Maybe in the future when I am much older a LEEP might make sense to me. But as of right now, I will take advantage of my youth and healthy lifestyle to really see a change in my cervical dysplasia for good instead of relying on the modern medical world to solve it.

  116. Thank you for sharing your story. I recently was diagnosed with CIN2 and am seeking information, so this was very helpful. Luckily, my network consists of many holistic healers and I will implement whatever dietary and lifestyle changes may assist in body’s natural healing process. I admire your tenacity and strength and hope to follow suit!

  117. I appreciate your story. I have had my 2nd abnormal pap. My first being 6 months ago. They did test for HPV and it was negative. I have a colposcopy scheduled next week. Feeling nervous because my mom had precancerous cells and ended up getting a full hysterectomy. She also was HPV negative. I truly believe that HPV does not cause cervical cancer. I have been trying to research it. I have read how 80% of women hav HPV so makes sense that so many woman who have cervical cancer and precancers are HVP positive. But you can find some HPV negative cases as well. Just not as many. Whatever my results next week I really do not want surgeries or poisons pumped into my body. Your story has really encouraged me that no matter what results I get that I can get healthy naturally. I am very curious if anyone out there has done any research on HPV-negative cervical cancers……

  118. Great story. Thanks for sharing. I’m currently taking a B-Complex, and within that B-Complex, there is Folic Acid, but I read your comment and then researched that Folic Acid is the synthetic version of Folate and that it isn’t good for us and that no one should take it. The Vitamin Code Prenatal that you were taking has Folic Acid in it opposed to Folate…so would you say it’s okay to take a vitamin that list Folic Acid in it opposed to Folate?

    Also, while researching stuff, I read that I3C isn’t a good supplement to take, however; DIM is. Could you help me on this? Thanks again for your help and I’m so happy to hear that you’re healed! All glory to God in allowing our bodies to naturally heal themselves!

  119. I’m so glad I came across your article. I knew there had to be someone else out there thinking there are successful alternatives for treatment. I was diagnosed with HPV16 and CIN 1 and I was freaking out, my colposcopy/biopsy was excruciatingly painful and I never want to experience that again. I will do and try everything I can to make this go away or prevent it from escalating. I was already eating fairly healthy, grain free, dairy free and sugar free. I now started the AutoImmune Protocol, hoping that will make a difference. I have an appointment with a holistic doctor next week and will inquire about the supplements you mention as well. I’m going to nip this in the bud! My cervix will be healthy again! Thank you again for putting your story out there.

    • I’m so happy to have found your blog!
      And so happy for your success!

      I had my annual pap last Monday, and the results were in yesterday:

      1. ASCUS
      2. Negative for HPV.

      My doctor is on vacation until next week so I won’t know anything until then. I’m 40 years old and have never had an abnormal pap so… this news was a little unsettling.

      I haven’t been extremely worried about it because I know the body is capable of healing itself given it is receiving what it needs, and what it’s lacking.

      But this blog is heaven sent!

  120. I also recently decided against a LEEP for CIN2 (that healed from CIN3 so I am confident I can continue to heal given time). My reasoning also included that I used cervical fluid and basal body temping for birth control. A LEEP procedure cuts off all those glands that produce cervical fluid at the tip of the cervix and would radically (and perhaps permanently) change my ability to monitor my body and prevent pregnancy. Since the LEEP also can cause cervical incontienence (leading to premature labor, which I have already struggled with in my most recent pregnancy), if I accidentally became pregnant bc of my inability to correctly monitor my body’s signals of fertility before my cervix has fully healed, there is an elevated risk that I could lose the pregnancy in the second or even the third trimester 🙁 As a mother of three, this is a very frightening prospect.

    Cervical cancer is a slow moving disease. Prostate cancer is similarly slow moving and recent studies have shown great success with a “regularlymonitor & wait and see” approach with prostate cancers in otherwise healthy men. I plan to apply the same logic to actively monitoring my cervical dyplasia… I can only hope that the gender inequalities in our U.S. healthcare system (most recently, our national healthcare plan covers erectile dysfunction but C-Section and Sexual Assault are both catagorized as “pre-existing conditions” and are not covered) come to an end. And/Or, that the medical community comes around to recognize this “actively monitor and wait” option for women as well and stop hounding women (and treating them as if they are not intelligent enough to be in command of the medical treatments for their own bodies) into invasive medical procedures for cervical dysphasia.

  121. Hello brave woman . I’m glad to found you . My Daugther with just 25 yrs old
    Wad diagnostic with stage 0 (melanoma) and cevere dysplasia . The LEEP was done last week and yesterday her Dr call her with the biopsy results explaining that even they take off with the leep all the melanoma still appear the stage 3 . I can’t understand this because how she know that she still have it if she is not looking inside her now just looking at leep biopsy . Also she told my daugther that just tobacco and not sleep well turn the dysphasia worse , she told her that drink occasionally is not bad. I’m like you , I believe that we are what we eat . Can you please help my younger daugther tonunderstand the importance of a great nutrition and follow a regimen with supplements that can heal her completely?
    God bless you

  122. Thank you so much for sharing. I also broke down when I had my LEEP procedure following abnormal Pap smear tests. I had a miscarriage prior to the procedure and when I did have to have the LEEP I had to have it under general anesthetic. I broke down, when they told me that I could Miscarry again. Just waiting for another Pap smear at the end of the month with the gyno so I hope everything is clear so that my husband and I can be blessed with a baby that we do desperately want in our lives. I’ve also been having holistic fertility treatment and I strongly believe you are what you eat and everything is linked to the digestive system. And I have cut down on wheat, cows milk although I do eat yogurt and cheese, and write a gratitude log. I feel like medical professionals would tell me the truth about the bloods they kept saying everything is fine but I knew that something is missing only to also find out from my therapist that I have under active thyroid!!!! Drs said that was fine. What is fine in a general text book isn’t fine for you as an individual. I wish that medical professionals would do the job they are paid to do…

  123. ElectricBx Reply

    Your story is very uplifting…
    Thank you for sharing. I am 32 yrs old, a month and a half ago I went for a check up with the genocologyst, my first one in 5 years, it never occurred to me to have asked for a HPV test (this is important to note women after 30 yrs of age are given that exam with the Pap smear, because they are in high risk for cervical cancer, cervical cells are infected with a high-risk type of human papillomavirus) After the 1 week, I was called from the office to inform me that my Pap test came abnormal, they needed me to go back asap, I couldn’t because of my period. And a colopscospy was going to be done for further studies. 3 weeks later I am at the doctor office, and she gives me the news that I am positive HR HPV… but the test was unclear wether I have cancerous cells. The Gynecologists tells me that it should go on it’s one, should go back in a year for a test. At the moment I didn’t know what to said, everything was happening so fast, the world pause for a moment. What was I going to tell to my patner, what I was to do… wait a year… wait a year. A lot of things can happen in a year. It has being the most dreadful news for me. I am still in a state of a shock, and disbelief. I never had signs of HPV (not all HPV have symptom). Am still filtering this.
    Thankfully I found this site.
    Trying to change my eating habits, my lifestyle, become more spiritual and not stress a lot. Have read some articles about the healing powers of natural medicine.
    I will do a 180 degree change in my life to take control of my body, health because afte all this is an infection that can be turn inactive in the body

  124. Hi Dani,

    I am extremely scared when I first got the pap smear results. It shows ASUCS and LSIL. I want to improve my situation naturally. However, I am unable to find any naturopath doctors in India near my place.
    Could you please help me in figuring out the supplements I should start taking?
    Doctor said it’s wait n watch thing. I can’t leave it on fate.
    Please help me to get started with.

  125. Pica Margarida Reply

    Thank you for writing this! Thank you! Hope you are feeling great and healthy.
    I had a pap – it came HSIL high lesion on epithelial cells… I was called urgently to a colposcopy and realized then it was serious when he said “blablabla …biopsy”.
    I am waiting for the results and trying to keep positive and I am also convinced I can kick this out of me – so I’m keeping my fingers crossed for him to say at least: “come back in 3 months”
    Kisses and good energy from Portugal to all of you!

  126. Hello everyone,

    Im 26 and I just got my colposcopy/biopsy done yesterday… Im really upset because I was keeping it to myself and had only told my brother and my fiance. I just told my mom but I dont want her to tell my family. I was told its at level 2? The doctors I see are not so great at explaining things and Im not so great on what i need to ask.

    My fiance and I were looking forward to having children and now Ive been feeling a bit discouraged though my fiance is real supportive and hopeful that all will be well… i just want to know which foods I should eat/cut out and supplements and also. I dont like how the treatments sound and my biopsy hurt (I cried during and after) I was very emotional and it felt like they took 5 pieces after I heard her say 3, 12 and 6 (i assume are the location of the cervix).

    My maternal grandmother died of uterine cancer and Im trying my best to pray and stay positive but honestly, I dont want to be scared…

    Are there any questions I should be asking?

  127. I was advised by my OBGYN that my HPV results were positive when I was 21. I got the LEEP, came back a few months later (to give my cervix time to heal), but it didn’t go anywhere. It sounded like if anything, it got worse. We did a biopsy and she called me about a week later saying it was “severe dysplasia”. When I asked what that meant I was told, “it’s really close to cancer.” My gyno told me that she could see where the abnormal cells were kindof in a cluster I guess? Pardon my lack of medical jargon. 🙁 So she wanted to do another biopsy after a month (again to give my cervix time to heal) to try and completely remove the area. I just went in for that second biopsy on Wednesday. I guess I have to wait a few weeks, again, and then go back for a pap to see what’s going on. I’m so scared honestly. I’m now 23 and feel like it’s never going to go away. The LEEP supposedly has a high success rate, yet I’m still here and now with scarring on my cervix from the procedure. However, it’s so refreshing to read your story. I’m happy that you beat it, it almost gives me a sliver of hope. Finger crossed I guess.

  128. Thank you for sharing your story. Thank you for your courage to be so vulnerable and real in your story, it is encouraging and so helpful to me. Thank you!

  129. I had an appointment for a colposcopy today. Not my first. I’ve been down this road far too many times before. In 2008 I had my first LEEP. 2012 I had my second LEEP. Today, while being checked in for my appointment, the receptionist used no discretion in announcing I was visiting for a colposcopy, within earshot of other patients waiting for their appointments. Then after being told to take a seat, she loudly calls my name and tells me not to per because they need to run a pregnancy test before the procedure. Again, no discretion. Why do I even bother signing a HIPAA form? Then the nurse calls for me and asks if I’ve taken my Misoprostol, medicine used to dilate your vagina if you’re having an IUD inserted. Completely unrelated to the reason for my visit. I look at her with a question on my face and she apologizes and mutters something about it being Friday. Then I’m taken back to the room, the examination table and purple paper modesty cloth are looking more intimidating than usual. I’m asked if I’ve had a colposcopy before and I answer “yes unfortunately”. I question if there is any way to numb me or make the procedure less painful. I become angry with the lame response, I’m told the amount of time it would take to numb me would take longer than the procedure itself. Given this information I grow even angrier and I state that the patients’ comfort should be more important than the amount of time it takes for the doctor to numb me. she then goes on to tell me something different, she tells me that numbing me would be more painful than the procedure itself, and I start laughing because I’ve been battling this thing for 9 years, I’ve been through numerous colposcopies and LEEPS. I’ve also had my appendix out, I’ve had kidney stones removed, I’ve had considerable lacerations on a finger that required a needle to numb for stitches to go in, and of all those experiences, I have to say, I dread the biopsy/colposcopy the most. Absorbing this new information from the nurse how about why patients are not provided a numbing agent, she begins her spiel about signing a consent form for a pregnancy test. I tell her there is absolutely zero chance that I’m pregnant and I’m told I still have to sign the consent form anyway and urinate in a cup. By this point I made up my mind, I told her I’m done I’m not doing this anymore. She asked if I want to speak to a doctor and I told her no. As I’m leaving I tell her I’m sick of fighting this thing.