Prior to making this perfume, I hadn’t worn perfume in years.

They would always give me a headache, and there’s a reason for this. Most perfumes are made with toxins like petrochemicals, parabens, synthetic musks and several other sketchy ingredients.

The thing I love about the essential oil perfume is not only is it free of toxins, it’s actually good for you! Essential oils are great natural remedies, and the oils I use are extremely pure and potent.

This perfume smells great but can also be used to boost your mood, help you sleep or stop an anxious feeling in their tracks. Yeah, it’s that awesome.

The bright, citrusy scent of lemon will help boost your mood and the vanilla just makes it smell amazing. Unfortunately, the essential oil company I use doesn’t make a vanilla so I bought this one.

The best part is that Scott thought this perfume/body spray smelled great. I’ve even been using it as a room spray and spraying it on our pillows before bed.



Combine all ingredients in the spray bottle and shake before use.

Most perfumes are made with toxins like petrochemicals, parabens, synthetic musks and several other sketchy ingredients. The thing I love about the essential oil perfume is not only is it free of toxins, it’s actually good for you!


    • dani stout Reply

      No you don’t have to, but I recommend avoiding plastic.

  1. is there another base to use besides vodka can I use distilled water?

  2. Could I use vanilla extract if I don’t have vanilla essential oil?

      • Hi, I live in the UK and have been searching for a suitable 100% proof Vodka and wanted to know what you thought about “Stolichnaya 100 Proof”?

        It seems to be just Vodka and nothing else, will this do please?

        • dani stout Reply

          When I drink vodka, which is almost never, I use Stolichnaya.

  3. This sounds fabulous..I think I will make it a solid perfume using sweet almond oil and beeswax…
    I won’t need to use the vodka. :~))

    • You can use witch hazel instead of vodka. It acts to break down the essential oil to make them more fragrant.
      I prefer the smell of witch hazel and its a nice toner for the skin as well.

  4. I can’t buy my favorite perfume from Fruits & Passion; Lemon Vanilla. I will try making this one in a few days when my oils arrive. The vanilla oil is hard to find.
    Have you ever stained anything by spraying over clothing?

  5. Is it possible to use rubbing alcohol as a substitute for the vodka?

    • You may not want to use it if you’ll be spraying around your face/eyes!

    • Rubbing alcohol tends to have a smell to it. You can buy Isopropyl Alcohol online and use it instead of vodka. Distilled water CAN be added to make the alcohol last longer, but should never exceed 5-10% of the overall volume, and should be added a few drops at a time, otherwise it can cause the perfume to go cloudy.
      The other idea is to use a carrier oil (jojoba, sweet almond etc.) and put it in a roller ball bottle.

  6. Jami Shell Reply

    Hello! Can you be descriptive on what vodka to use, please? I don’t know much about alcohol. What proof did you use? Brand you said, svedka?

    • dani stout Reply

      I actually have no idea, any vodka should be fine. And yep, I used Svedka. It’s cheap. I wouldn’t use an expensive bottle to make this.

    • When I went to the liquor store to buy mine, I told them I wanted the smallest, cheapest vodka they had. I also told them I want gonna drink it. It would be used for perfume.

  7. Vodka, or even witch hazel, are necessary for the essential oils to mix well with the water. Doesn’t matter which kind you use

  8. I wonder, is there a particular science behind using the vodka? I’ll definitely try it but I’m curious

    • The alcohol makes the oils last longer. If you use oil in a roll-on bottle it wont last as long as with alcohol. Any common perfume is made with alcohol so it amells stronger and lasts longer

  9. i just made it. The smell is really awesome. Not strong. Sprayed on pillows too. Thanks for sharing! Definitely will be a kiper.

  10. Molly Putz Reply

    Glass blue, brown, or any tinted glass I think may be used for two reasons. 1) glass bottles cannot “absorb” the oils. 2) tinted glass helps defray sun which ultimately eliminates the possibility off changing the oils molecular structure of the oil itself (or something like this…I know it has . To do with preserving the therapeutic capacity and the ‘pure’ quality.

  11. Can you substitute the vodka with rubbing alcohol? I’m underage so I can’t exactly use that.

  12. Clara Stevenson Reply

    Hi I am just learning about essential oils. Thank you for answering a question I had about the color of bottles to use. I am really excited to try your recipe for the perfume. Many Thanks.

  13. I just made this and it smells really nice. Maybe a little too vanilla-y for me– I might try again with more like 20 drops instead of 30. I tried adding more lavender but it just couldn’t battle the vanilla scent. It’s a nice, clean scent but not exactly what I had expected.

    • dani Reply

      Thanks for giving it a try. It’s so easy to personalize!

  14. Diane Donnelly Reply


    Thanks for sharing this perfume! It is absolutely delicious!!!

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  16. Is there any with hazel that dosent have a scent? I tried to make room spray with witch hazel and it seems to leave a scent. So in your personal opinion for this project is vodka better? I’m not using the scents you described I’m going to customize a scent. And I find witch hazel has an after scent. Oh and one more question. Can I uses essential oils and liquid scent for soap making in this recipe?

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  19. I’m making this as a present for my mother, and she hates lavender, but loves lemon. Is there any proportion that would make that work but keep it smelling great?

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