It’s April, it’s sunny, and here in Charleston it’s HOT. It’s basically the best. And also the perfect time to make a gluten-free spring charcuterie board. Here’s how!

Hi. I’m not sure if you’re new to my blog or if this is your 100th visit here. Either way, my name is Dani and I love a good goddamn charcuterie board. I make them at snack time for my kids (okay and for me). I make them for happy hour, before dinner, at every holiday and birthday and sometimes in lieu of an actual lunch.

I like the versatility, the color, the indulgent feeling you get from a charcuterie board. Like you’re at a fancy restaurant, even if you’re in sweatpants watching Gilmore Girls for the two hundred and thiry third time. No, just me?

Now I’m onto Ginny and Georgia so whatever.

How to make a Gluten-Free Spring Charcuterie Board:

No recipe is even really necessary for this, but here are some of my favorite charcuterie board items with spring specific ingredients

  • radishes are best this time of year (I used Easter egg radishes and lined the board with them)
  • my favorite hummus brand is Cedar’s and I purchased their lemon hummus for this board, so springy
  • I snagged some of my favorite cheeses for this board including brie, Klaire raw milk truffle gouda, herbs de Provence Bellavitano and dill havarti
  • look for the perfectly springy carrots
  • I love prosciutto and it’s so nicely pink, but use whatever you like
  • for the crackers I used Simple Mills grain-free cheddar crackers (they’re like healthy Cheez Its)

And check out my keto, gluten and dairy-free charcuterie board HERE!

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