For the past several months, DC has basically been Antarctica. It seems like winter has been so long, so cold, so grey and so unending. At first I love winter, the holidays, the snow. But by February, I’m over it. I just want summer to be here. Especially because winter doesn’t do my skin any favors.

It’s been so dry that it itches. Like, really itches. Keeps me up when I’m trying to fall asleep because it’s so freaking itchy. And it doesn’t help that I take a million really hot showers every winter just to warm myself up. In fact, that makes the whole situation way worse.

Which is how I got the genius idea of making my soap super moisturizing. This is pretty much the easiest thing ever and I’m not sure how I didn’t think of it sooner. You probably have these items laying around your house, and if you don’t have doTERRA’s lavender essential oil, I highly recommend buying it. It smells amazing and is so soothing to the skin.



  1. Simply combine each ingredient and give it a shake.
  2. Shake before using to incorporate the oil and soap.


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