I went into reviewing Rodan and Fields with an open mind. I wasn't super familiar with their skincare products or the ingredients. This is not personal. Nor is it a before and after. This is an unbiased review of Rodan + Fields. I do not sell the products. #skincare #beauty

I originally wrote An Unbiased Review of Rodan + Fields back in 2018. At that time, the company was using incredibly toxic ingredients with established studies proving links to cancer, hormone disruption, skin irritation and so much more. Read on to find out if Rodan + Fields is still using those products in 2022. 

Four years ago when I wrote this original review, or exposé if you will, people were MAD. People said I was a liar, people said I was an idiot, people said I was a “dumb bitch.” Listen, you can call me a lot of things. Nosey, inappropriate, over the top – all of that might be true (okay it definitely is true). But there are certain things I am not, those include: a liar, poorly researched, a dumb bitch (although there is an argument that just “bitch” could be an adjective used to describe me).

The truth is that in 2018, Rodan + Fields was using incredibly toxic ingredients including DMDM hydantoin, diazolidinyl urea, parabens, PEGs, sodium laureth sulfate, isoparaffin, hydroquinone and methylisothiazolinone. As of 2022 it looks like they removed these ingredients, which is great news!

Using my years of honing research skills, because yes, it is an absolute skill to be able to effectively find, sort through and comprehend research, I concluded that Rodan + Fields products were not only insanely overpriced, they were toxic to the human body. I found study after study linking these ingredients to cancer, to endocrine disruption, to altered DNA, even to autism and birth defects.

I sourced over 30 studies in addition to using the Environmental Working Group database – a database companies like Rodan + Fields loves to discredit (because it exposes how toxic their products are), but in reality is one of the most legitimate and comprehensive tools we have when it comes to researching, understanding and easily accessing scientific information on ingredients in makeup, cosmetics and skincare.

In response, Rodan + Fields issued a company wide memo about me. I have to say, it’s one of my favorite accomplishments in my career!

Now, Rodan + Fields has reformulated almost all of their products. So let’s dive in.

An Unbiased Review of Rodan + Fields – UPDATED FEBRUARY 2022

Rodan + Fields Ingredients – are they toxic?

I’ve chosen several ingredients that have established data for toxicity. I included each ingredient’s rating from the Environmental Working Group’s Skin Deep database. This database rates the ingredients from 1, being least toxic, to 10, being most toxic. I have also provided peer reviewed studies and scientific data throughout this article and at the bottom of the post. 

The most toxic ingredients in Rodan + Fields products:

  • fragrance
  • PEGs
  • dimethicone
  • retinyl palmitate
  • isoparaffin
  • benzophenone, avobenzone and octocrylene (these are grouped together for a reason, read below)

Next, let’s pick those ingredients apart.


EWG rating: 8

First, the thing we know as a fragrance is actually one of the most dangerous, harmful ingredients in the cosmetics industry. In fact, almost 4,000 chemicals, many of the harmful, can be labeled as “fragrance.”

In addition, roughly 95% of all synthetic fragrance originate from petroleum crude oil. Not only is this environmentally harmful, this process produces carcinogens like benzene and endocrine disruptors like phthalates. Phthalates don’t just disrupt the hormones, they have also been linked to autism and birth defects.

A study from Mount Sinai Children’s Environmental Health Center found that,

“Prenatal exposure to phthalates and delays in learning, including a recent study that shows children exposed to phthalates in the womb are more likely to display autistic like behaviors.”

“Baby boys are more likely to experience changes in their genitals if their mothers were exposed to phthalates during pregnancy (Environmental Health Perspectives paper of the year, 2005).”

Thus, children’s toys do not contain phthalates as of 2008. In addition, Europe has banned the thing we know as “fragrance.”


EWG rating: 4

Otherwise known as PEGs, or polyethylene glycol, PEGs aren’t so much a specific ingredient as they are a formula that helps penetrate the skin. As a result, they allow other ingredients to get to the deep layer of the dermis (like fragrance and isoparaffin).

The big issue with PEGs comes from the manufacturing process, where PEGs can become contaminated with ethylene oxide, a known carcinogen (and rated 10 on EWG). Yet ethylene oxide is not just in PEGs but several other ingredients R+F uses. This includes various polysorbates, sodium laureth sulfates, and dimethicone.

Europe has banned the use of PEGs.


EWG rating: 9

Because retinyl palmitate is a synthetic form of vitamin A, I’ve seen numerous people touting retinyl palmitate or its derivatives as safe.

This is not natural. It’s not the vitamin A found in liver, grass-fed beef, egg yolks, etc. This is a dangerous ingredient.

In addition, retinyl palmitate has been linked to skin cancer, vitamin A toxicity, liver damage and osteoporosis (source). In addition, when exposed to sunlight the retinyl palmitate on the skin can exacerbate the free radical damage. Tumor growth, cell mutation, and reproductive toxicants are linked to this ingredient.

Europe banned Retinyl palmitate by law.


EWG rating: 5-6

In addition, Retinal is also a vitamin A derivative. See above.


People derive paraffin from petroleum. Also known as the gas you put in your car, or kerosene, or diesel fuel. And it’s also in Rodan + Fields products.

Europe banned petroleum products in cosmetics by law.

Benzophenone, Avobenzone and Octocrylene

You may have seen this warning on certain Rodan + Fields products: “WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Benzophenone, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer.”

The use of benzophenone, avobenzone and octocrylene are controversial. It is banned in many countries and even banned in Hawaii because it is so toxic to coral reefs it phsyically damages them. Let me reiterate that: the SPF ingredients in Rodan + Fields products are so toxic that they physically damage coral reefs in the ocean and are banned in Hawaii. Is this something you really want to be putting on your skin everyday?

“Benzophenone is a mutagen, carcinogen, and endocrine disruptor. Its presence in food products or food packaging is banned in the United States. Under California Proposition 65, there is no safe harbor for benzophenone in any personal care products, including sunscreens, anti-aging creams, and moisturizers.”

The issue with octrocrylene is that is breaks down into benzophenone. Furthermore, octocrylene is absorbed through the skin at 14 times higher concentration than the FDA cutoff for systemic exposure. This means that not only are you absorbing this particular chemical when applying it to your skin at 14 times the rate you should be, you are also absorbing all other ingredients in this product including benzophenone, a known carcinogen and endocrine disruptor.  

Scientist Craig Downs, one of the researchers behind the sunscreen bans in Hawaii and Key West who discovered that the ingredients in SPF were killing off coral reefs, has issued a petition to the FDA to stop all sales of SPF products containing octocrylene. 

Craig Downs asserts that we simply don’t have enough information on the safety of octocrylene, while researchers at the Sorbonne University tested 16 products containing octocrylene – all of them tested positive for benzophenone, a known carcinogen.  

The most dangerous Rodan + Fields products:

Has each ingredient been tested for safety? Have the ingredients been tested together for safety? 

No and no. It’s simply impossible for the FDA to keep up with the onslaught of ingredients introduced to the market each year, and absolutely impossible for the organization to test combinations of these ingredients and how they interact with the human body. This is the exact reason I avoid these harsh chemicals and instead use natural products that utilize ingredients with known safety standards like jojoba oil, essential oils and witch hazel. 

My conclusion: An Unbiased Review of Rodan + Fields

Numerous ingredients in these products contain ties to cancer, hormonal disruption, liver damage, skin irritation, eye irritation, breast cancer and birth defects. And this is why I do these reviews. Women deserve to know that they are using products linked to serious diseases. 

As a result, I encourage you to do your own research. Check my facts. Check the numerous sources and studies I’ve provided (all 30+). Double check. Know what you are using on your skin. What you apply to the skin, the body absorbs. This is why I wrote an unbiased review of Rodan + Fields. I want women to know what they’re using on their skin and how it affects them. You deserve that. 

Finally, I hope this review sheds light on these products and the ingredients they contain. Not everyone thinks like me. But I hope I can broaden your horizons.

Are Rodan + Fields products safe?

No. Rodan + Fields uses several toxic chemicals known to be carcinogens and endocrine disrupters that penetrate the skin.

Are Rodan + Fields products non-toxic?

No. Rodan + Fields uses several toxic chemicals known to be carcinogens and endocrine disrupters that penetrate the skin.

Are Rodan + Fields products healthy?

No. Rodan + Fields uses several toxic chemicals known to be carcinogens and endocrine disrupters that penetrate the skin.

Why is Rodan + Fields bad?

Rodan + Fields uses several toxic chemicals known to be carcinogens and endocrine disrupters that penetrate the skin.

Why are Rodan + Fields products so expensive?

Rodan + Fields charges top dollar for an inferior product, likely because they are based on an MLM (multilevel marketing) structure. Their products and the ingredients do not necessitate such a high cost.

Is Rodan + Fields bad?

Yes. Rodan + Fields uses several toxic chemicals known to be carcinogens and endocrine disrupters that penetrate the skin.

Original sources (others in pink above):

OCA & Cancer Prevention Coalition Warn of Hidden Carcinogens in Baby Care AScribe Newswire, Feb 28, 2007

Technical Evaluation Report: Sodium Lauryl Sulfate Compiled by ICF Consulting for the USDA National Organic Program, February 10, 2006




7 Common American Beauty Ingredients That Are Banned in Other Countries
I went into reviewing Rodan and Fields with an open mind. I wasn't super familiar with their skincare products or the ingredients. This is not personal. Nor is it a before and after. This is an unbiased review of Rodan + Fields. I do not sell the products. #skincare #beauty


  1. I just found this article and I can’t thank you enough for what you’re doing. I was wondering if you’ve reviewed, “Paula’s Choice” Skincare or Life Extension Skincare Products? Paula Begoun aka The Beauty Cop (or something similar) started her company Paula’s Choice after seeing so many bad ingredients in other skincare products, so I’ve heard. I just started buying some supplements from Life Extension and they seem to be good products, but have only been taking them for a couple of months so far. I’ve heard that they’re a good, reputable company, so am assuming their products are good too.
    Anyway, those are 2 skincare lines that I’ve always wondered about. I’ve heard they’re supposed to be excellent products, but honestly don’t know. I know I have been taken in a time or two, so I’m really hesitant to even try new things at all anymore.

    Thank YOU so much for what you do,

      • Dani, just because you don’t sell the product youre reviewing, doesn’t mean youre not biased towards or against the product. Its rather misleading to say that you are not biased just because you don’t sell the products you review.

        I dont sell cars, but I do know they are faster than walking. So just because I don’t sell cars means that I’m unbiased towards or against them? No, I’m DEFINITELY biased in favor of cars—they make getting around much easier than walking, yet have never sold a car in my life.

        Its also very suspicious that you have to tell the reading audience that you’re not biased. The funny thing is that you pat yourself on the back in the end and say that not everyone thinks like you. You are absolutely biased. You even tell us that you’re giving a poor review of a COMPETITORS PRODUCT, and that you have invested youre own time and money into owning youre own skincare product line…Heck, even on your products page you advertise “These products work without the use of toxins and chemicals that are so prevalent in the market today.” Yes, you are absolutely biased against Rodan+Fields. Then, if you check out youre other “unbiased” reviews, you see that there is a trend: every review is convenient to your wallet and only your wallet. You even tell us that the thing that attracted you to Young Living Essential Oils is that you kept hearing how people made $100k in their first month of selling.

        And you flat out lie to your readers. You say that you work for a competing skincare company and leave out how you actually OWN THAT COMPETING SKINCARE COMPANY. You are a liar and a manipulator so long as you can financially profit from flat out lying to people by saying your reviews are unbiased….LOL. Reminds me of fast food commercials when they show a soggy, deflated burger as their competitors food, and then a delicious looking, plump burger with all the fixins’ as their delicious hamburger. But I’m guessing Burger Kings review of their competitors soggy burgers is just as unbiased as your reviews are!

        Every one of your “unbiased” reviews is very biased in favor of taking business from one company and putting that money into YOUR pocket. That is the very epitome of “bias,” whether you trash a competitor or say you dont love or hate a product, but sell a better alternative product(s). You’re very biased reviews aren’t surprising. Companies have always used dieting as a way to exploit money out of peoples wallets. It used to be that they sold the best dieting product that helped you lose a zillion pounds with just 1 pill. The scammers got even smarter and instead of just being able to profit off of the 1 pill, now they sell entire lines of products. Trashing your competitors while telling people youre not trashing your competitors is not a new strategy. You have about as much integrity as those companies that tout you can lose weight while eating anything with their miracle pill(and of course you’ll ALWAYS have links to better products that YOU sell, right?).

        • AngelCakes Reply

          5 stars
          I do not understand why people are so violently defending this MLM. That said, as a chemistry major it’s really scary the sheer number of chemicals that are in their products, and not just theirs either, health/skin care products in the U.S. If you think she is being biased literally all you have to do is grab your product, pick an ingredient on the list and research that ingredient. That’s just basic consumer level research you could do on your own instead of bashing the author. And also for the people who were saying that she “lied” to the readers because she owns her own skincare line…it’s literally mentioned in the introduction of this review. She literally mentions that she owns her own skincare line. I think she even bolded it and I feel like she said it at least twice. Maybe you guys just have a reading problem? Seems to be contagious on the internet these days. That and the fact that instead of reading a full article they’ll just find something to nitpick and judge the whole article on that one thing that’s probably taken out of context. SMH anyway. This was a very informative read and a great reminder that I need to double check the ingredients in my skincare products.

          • dani

            Thank you so, so much for this comment! I love every bit of it. So amazing that you’re a chemistry major, you clearly understand more than the average person but you’re right, people could easily do consumer level research. But they don’t want to. And then they get mad at me for providing this information because it jeopardizes the products they use and sell. And yes, I’m always honest about owning my own skincare line! Thanks again for the great comment!

    • Angela Sankovich Reply

      Thank you so very much for this well-cited review. Whistleblow away! I was lead to this article after being invited to a Rodan & Fields skincare event at a bar and smokey. I only mention that to say that the bar they chose to host their skincare event does not offer very healthy menu options, which now makes sense to me based on their standards for skincare ingredients: low.
      One of their products that has exploded in popularity is their eyelash grow gel. Can you please write a review on that alone?

      Thank you again for doing the research for us. We DO deserve to know what is in our skincare. And it kind of makes sense when you look at the gender dysphoria going on in our society, particularly among boys.

      Conscious Beauty Chic

  2. How can you even claim to be unbiased when you have your own skincare line?
    There’s an immediate conflict of interest and this is simply a subtle way to promote that others use your product line. Well played.

    • dani Reply

      Yes, let’s ignore the multitude of scientific information I provided simply because I make my own skincare line. Even if I’m not unbiased, science doesn’t lie.

      • Dani, I find it odd that other women wouldn’t appreciate you doing the heavy lifting for them. Thank you for doing this review. Owning a skin care line, makes me appreciate your opinon even more. Because you know what ingredients are killing us slowly and what ones aren’t. Thank you for taking the time to dig into these companies. I have a few friends that sell this stuff, and I was always so impressed by the before and after photos. Yet was always wondering just “how bad” this stuff could really be for you, your skin, and your organs absorbing it all. I watched your video on making a healthy shake tonight and was very impressed. 🙂 Keep on with the good work my dear. And by all means, don’t let the MLM followers slow you down. Crazy to read some of their responses. You would think they would want to arm themselves with knowledge? What we put on (and in) our bodies has such a huge impact. Thanks again! Much appreciated!

          • Dani, thank you as Kiley said for putting this all together. As a man I am in the cosmetic minority but appreciate you and will point others to all this “heavy lifting” you’ve done for those that won’t or aren’t able to.

        • Thank you SO MUCH for boiling this all down in one place for us! I have been going out of my way to keep toxins out of my body via what I eat and drink and was just about to blow $195 to poison myself via my skin. I could care less what anyone thinks about your suppossed “bias”. I don’t see it that way at all and I appreciate not having to do all the research myself ?

      • What science? You haven’t said who you’ve polled, and how many people. You give percentages of the Active Ingredient and then naming all the Inactive Ingredients. That’s not science. What are all the other percentages? ).001%? And an Active Ingredient is considered medicated, of course we’re not going to sell an product of 100% Active Ingredient…it’d burn the person’s face off! So lots asked you to do the research. Like 30 people? 100? or millions? How do we know those people aren’t all your customers, that are biased? You know nothing about science, lady. Do your research on how research is done you fool. I work in a real ontological clinical research lab – in Melanoma, btw, and two of my biggest supporters are the two Melanoma Oncologists! Hmmmm….I guess you know more than them, plus two dermatologists. Good try. What’s your background? Besides judging products? Did you get educated? In Oncology? No, huh? Well shut your mouth then.

      • Connie Jackson Reply

        You are exactly right!!!!!! Great job and thank you! I sell Rhonda Allison and am a Licensed Esthetician.

    • Really Rebecca? Why does R&F only sell some items in the US only? The reason is bc other countries have banned certain chemicals that are found in their products. The truth is the truth no matter where it comes from.

      • Sorry, but they actually DO in fact sell in other countries.
        Including Australia and Canada.

        • It is true they sell in other countries. I don’t think she meant they don’t at all. I think she meant that there are quite a few products that can’t be sold in certain countries. For instance in Europe there is Amendment 7 (I believe) that is the beauty initiative. If you google it, I think it will make sense what Amber was getting at.

        • Mackenzie- yes, you’re right, they do sell in these countries, but the products released are different. Some lines are not sold at all in Australia, and the ones which are have slightly different formulations. As a breast cancer survivor and R + F Consultant I find this information extremely helpful. I now know that there are certain products which I can avoid to minimize the risk of breast cancer (e.g. Reverse Exfoliating Wash). I have actually point blank asked the Corporate office for similar advice but was sent a very ‘wishy-washy’ response, obviously designed to dodge litigation.

        • Yes, they do sell in Australia and Canada. But if you look at the total list of products available, Canada and Australia don’t sell all of them because some products have ingredients that are banned in Canada and Australia- so you cannot purchase those items there. The States medical system doesn’t care…they’ll produce and sell anything.

      • Actually in many cases the chemicals used require a doctors prescription so cannot be used commercially. Just because it’s not sold to certain countries doesn’t mean it’s bad or even that it’s banned !

    • There is no real conflict of interest if she is stating the truth, which she did. The cosmetic industry will pull the wool over your eyes if given a chance. I worked for numerous LARGE skin care companies and found them to be very unethical. More money is spent on packaging and advertising than what goes into the jar and consumers put their trust into the celebrities that “use” the products.

      The owners of this company are doctors who clearly no nothing about ingredients. Perhaps they should recall their Code of Ethics….”do no harm”!!

    • No where on here is another product trying to be sold! If you look at the ingredients in these products, those are solid facts. Doesn’t matter who you are or what you sell.. the ingredients speaks for themselves! This reviewer has clearly done her homework and passed along the information we need in one place so WE don’t have to go hunt for it separately! Thank you for this!

    • Grow up!!! There’s no denying the scientific evidence of the harmful effects these chemicals (yes chemicals) can have on us. The fact that she has developed her own skincare line has no relevance to the harm these chemicals can have. Oh, and did you notice that other countries (interestingly USA not included) have banned these chemicals from being used in not only skincare but anything produced. If you think she’s biased, then do your own research. I have and this isn’t the only review of these ingredients that say the same thing. So you focus on the review being biased and not the dangers. Smart.

    • Connie Jackson Reply

      I never got that from her review!!!!! It was simply an excellent review. It was for everyone to do their own due diligence to check ingredients in ANY product to make sure it is clean!!!!!!!

    • 1 star
      She is completely biased, and I wrote up a response that she won’t allow to be published publicly. I went into great detail, too. The type of detail you can’t ignore with a 1-liner like she did with you. Thats the first sign of a scammer. They only like freedom of speech when its convenient to them.

  3. Thank You so much for this review! I think if all of us looking for the truth about the safety of these ingredients are willing to open our eyes we can see these products are not safe! After 2 months of using these products I can truly say I have used more effective natural skincare and using these products is not worth risking my health or the future health of my children. Thank you for opening my eyes!

    • What natural skincare have you found effective? I’ve been using r and f and after reading this I’m thinking I might need to find something else.

  4. Heather M Nicholson Reply

    Meh… I didn’t read it, but someone’s personal blog… I wouldn’t worry about it or the hot pink font. ?? this article wouldn’t exist if RF wasn’t kicking so much butt and if she wasn’t trying to get a little internet famous. She can’t outsmart our Doctors, period.

    • dani Reply

      The items in pink font are links to scientific information linking these ingredients to cancer, birth defects and liver damage. Not sure how anyone isn’t able to realize that those are clearly links. Your doctors are literally using carcinogens. Fact.

    • R and F keeps my in business. I have clients who were on it and all their skin looked the same under my mag lamp. smooth, but full of erythema and inflammation. The ingredients are toxic. There are many lines whose ingredients are toxic. Once my clients have transitioned to professional skin care, their skin is HEALTHY again. Sorry, R and F might be saturated with wanna be estheticians but real esthetician who truly care about their craft stay clear of this company and this crap skin care.

    • Lindy Craft Reply

      I am a Physician and I will be the first person to say just because someone has the word doctor in front of their name doesn’t mean you should automatically trust them. They might have found something that works but that doesn’t mean it’s safe. They are using their title to further their business not improve the medical community.

    • Umm, excuse me, Heather…How can you post a negative review on something you just admitted to have not even read!? No, don’t worry about your kids’ possibility of developing autism and birth defects, or you or a family member contracting breast cancer or other serious health problems. That isn’t a big deal right? Who are you anyway? I applaud this author for unveiling the truth! Which a lot of people, like you tend to ignorantly steer away from and continue to foolishly wonder why you are sick and dying! Please, continue on to go watch your daily dose of E! News wile eating your blue-razzberry pop tarts.

  5. Hi, I live in Australia where Rodan + Fields has just started distributing so I thought I would read your blog. Australia has one of the highest standards in the world for product safety. There is not only one organisation but 2 -3 that work together checking, testing and monitoring all chemical ingredients n skin care products.
    So this is what I have learnt.
    There are a lot of people who state they know about chemicals used in cosmetics and skin care ranges however what you are not telling everyone is the quantity that is used in each product and what the company manufacturing the products have written in their safety comments. I was a little apprehensive after reading your blog however I did do as you suggested and I checked out the ingredients. Let’s take Formaldehyde, this chemical is naturally produced in plants and animals. The most danger is in the gas for hence people should be aware of using hair straightners with this ingredient and then using a blow dryer. All skin care products sold in Australia have to meet the regulations otherwise they are banned or if found out later recalled. The amount of Formaldehyde should be 0.05 per cent to meet Australian regulations. if it is found to be 0.2 percent it has to have a warning on the packaging.
    So this is my point. You should not scare people. You are using media to say organic and natural is best however you are biased for this reason alone. You should have given better examples that are from the agencies in the countries that test the skin care products. You have stated that Retinyl palmitate is banned in Europe. It is actually retinoic aci. Retinyl Palmitate is not banned. Once again there are regulation on the the percentage amount in all skin skin lotions including children.
    I’m sorry to say that you are incorrect in a few details which makes me believe you are incorrect overall. Good luck with your skin care rang and your customers are obviously happy with your products, however Ido believe you should be more analytical and precise with your blog on Rodan + Fields products.

  6. Good job Dani. ???? I appreciate the review and applaud you for posting. I’ve been following you long enough that I know you do not posts these for any type of gain other than awareness. Keep up the good work!

  7. This is so funny. The chemicals listed are in so many other beauty products non-Rodan + Fields, yet they aren’t getting bashing articles, probably because they aren’t a competitor.
    I think if Rodan + Fields was linked to cancer to an extent of concern they wouldn’t be the leading skin care company in North America.

    • dani Reply

      It’s literally a fact that certain ingredients RF uses are carcinogenic. There is no disputing that. The FDA cannot regulate the 80,000+ chemicals on the market and haven’t passed a law concerning safety standards in cosmetics since 1938.

    • Did you really just use the argument that all your other products are flooded with carcinogens so RF is ok??

    • they are only the leading skin care company by their self proclamation, not by skin health and results.

    • R+F is the leading skincare company in North America because most Americans see a before/after images of incredible lash results, clear skin, smooth skin, etc. being shared on social media, want the results, but don’t bother to ask “at what cost”. Numerous ingredients Rodan + Fields uses are linked to cancer and most of their consultants are not educated extensively (if at ALL) in skincare. How I know? I used to be one. The people I worked with had no idea HOW the products did what they did – they just knew they could make money from sharing them with as many people as possible. I don’t think there is a bad bone in most of the consultants bodies. I just know that if MORE of them were educated on ingredients, carcinogens, parabens, sulfates – lots of them would probably have a moral issue selling. It’s why I stopped.

    • They are causing cancer and run a scam like all mlm. They dont have anything other skin care lines already have. Its just the brand name that people who want to be show-off pricks want to use.

    • McDonalds is the leading burger selling company in the world – that doesn’t make it healthy – it makes them better at marketing and deception…

  8. Thank you for this review. I have been using R and F products (a friend sells them) for almost three years. I use organic cleaning products, bath and body products.. grow and preserve my own food… you name it! These are the only chemical things that I use… for the last year I have had a horrible time with my hormones (I am only 33) and have not been able to get pregnant with a third child bc of it. I have had ovarian cysts that keep returning and all sorts of estrogen dominant symptoms. I have a naturopath that keeps fixing me, it lasts a month, than back to it. I FINALLY considered last night perhaps it is the R+F. I am going to discontinue everything starting now and hope I my body can start repairing. I spent hours last night looking up ingredients on the lists and researching them before giving up and just doing a blanket search. This article really helped me realize it is a problem. Thank you!

    • And this is why I am a Beautycounter consultant. This is a human health issue. We deserve better when it comes to the products we use everyday on our skin

    • NKB WOW! I really would love it if you reply to what your results were. Also what kind of hormonal issues were you experiencing? And more info on what the Natureopath did to fix you etc? Great post thank you.

    • NKB. Sorry to hear of your health concerns and hope you are on the road to recovery. How do you feel since dropping R+F products? I’ve been looking into this product and I feel that I’m only scratching the surface here….

    • May I ask how did you find out that all the problems you are having are because of the RF?. I kind of have same stuff happening first I thought it was the vitamins from Costco but RF was my second thought.

    • Thanks for sharing this!! So I used Rodan and Fields Reverse steps 1-3 for one year twice a day. Sept 2017-Oct 2018. I didn’t use step 4 very often. I loved the product felt my skin was becoming brighter and looking amazing. During that same time I also became vegan. About month 11 I started becoming more aware of the products I use so I started googling the ingredients. I came across your review that you used all natural products, grew your own food etc and this was only chemical you used I was amazed because in 2018 this happened to me. In April 2018 and then in June 2018 I had to go to ER for extreme menstual cramps. Pain was horrendous, x rays shows I developed an ovarian cyst. Did not have it before 2018. I too have been trying to get pregnant. Well I had lunch with a friend told her my story and she too has been trying to get pregnant. She had been using the products for one year. The day we ate lunch she stopped using the products and a month later she was pregnant. She thinks the products had something to do with it. Since I stopped using the products a few months back my menstual cramps have decreased. I have no way to link the products to the cyst but it could be a factor. I’m curious if anyone else has experienced something similar.

    • NKB so I’m curious to see if cessation of R+F products cleared up your hormone issues? Like you, I’m toxic free with everything else but so far, I’ve been unable to treat my acne without R+F.

  9. Mary Ellen Reply

    Thank you for this information. People need to know the FDA is not doing their job. There are hundreds of products,possibly thousands that are FDA approved and toxic. Aspartame to name one giant money maker.

  10. Dani,
    Thank you for taking the time for your review.
    I used MK products until I realized what I was using on my Skin verses natural products. People don’t realize the harmful chemicals in some of these products unless you study ingredients or people are informed.
    I’m so glad I use safe products now.
    Again thank you

  11. I am a Health Advocate and teach classes on Detoxing Your Home. The general public is unaware of the toxic chemicals found in everyday items (shampoo, soap, toothpaste, deodorant, detergent, household cleaners, cosmetics, skincare, etc.). The FDA even admits it! You are posting facts and it seems those in opposition are commenting because their eyes have been opened to the truth (and it is probably affecting their bottom line). Now, how can they do business with a guilty conscience?

  12. Great article! I’m huge on which ingredients they use in my products and on my teens! I chose not to use R&F. There’s so many more better lines out there and more affordable!

    • What other lines have you found effective? I’ve been using r and f and after reading this I’m thinking I might need to find something else.

      • I have fallen in love with the products from CRUNCHI! They’re a high performance, boutique style makeup and skin care line, produced by two mothers in FL. Completely toxin free, consciously packaged, no green washed preservatives like phenoxyethanol, cruelty free, Leaping Bunny Certified, and the list goes on!

  13. Can I get a link to where you sell your skin care line? I am looking for a natural, non-toxic skin care line. Some how in the process I stumbled on your blog. I would to get more info. I am finding lots of lines claiming to be natural or organic, but have yet to find one that is also non-toxic. Non-toxic is of high importance to me.

    Good job on the Rodan + Fields review, I thought it was well written and thought out! You will always get backlash no matter how you present the facts, but you did a great job!

  14. I found this informative. I am really happy you did the research on the hydroquinone piece you highlighted. As a Licensed Esthetician myself, I have seen first hand, the effect hydroquinone has on the skin. Not so pretty later on… the before and after pics the R&F reps use in their MLM company (notorious for being more hype than anything) are showing significant changes in pigmentation (not sure if they edit/enhance all their pics, but a few have been busted doing this) which is what draws people in is the lightening of the sun damage…. The ingredients they are using are NOT therapeutic though… it’s quite the opposite actually. Doctors may have created this skincare line, but if an Esthetician who stands nothing to gain from her true break down of the ingredients says it’s bad for you, you best believe the humble Esthetician and her many sources vs the money hungry Doctor’s who cooked up this whole “pack mentality” business platform. Doctors have not got a great track record in regard to giving patients things that may help in the here and now, but cause a laundry list of other problems later. The fact that this was made by a Dr, only turns me away even more. Great article to whoever wrote this. I appreciate your hard work and for allowing me to gain even more knowledge on this particular topic.

  15. Annonomous Reply

    Dani. Thank you for taking the time to review these products. I almost purchased (caved) into their hyped up sales tactics when a coworker suddenly became a consultant for R+F. I’m so glad you took the time to create a transparent view of what R+F is selling (Banned Chemicals).
    That being said I’m sure their products work wonders for some people and that is fine but after feeling like my skin was literally burning off with a sample of their sooth regiment I am confident that this is NOT FOR ME. I’ve read a few very disturbing experiences online from people who have tried R+F and all I can say to anyone remotely interested is to please do a little research before buying into the hype. Some of the side effects are pretty nasty. Certainly not worth the money to say the least.

    • dani Reply

      Yes! The products may work, they may be amazing – but that doesn’t mean they are safe!

    • You’re a Certified Nutrition Consultant who sells her own skincare line, and your “safe effective results” are based on what clinical study and how long? You are not an organic chemist or anyone with extensive background in knowing that if the ingredients listed above are FORMULATED RIGHT in a product, the harmful effects potentially created if they were standalone can be neutralized.

      Simple no brainer example: water can be toxic in inproper amounts. Enough said on that one.

      Rodan+Fields work with scientists to formulate their products to be effective and safe as possible, following FDA guidelines. It has to go through stringent ingredient testing and data reviews before finally clinical testing NOT on animals but humans to see how their products actually work on the species that it will be used on—humans. You can’t just blindly put a product on the market without proper testing to be a legit company.

      ALMOST ALL of your references cite other citations. You haven’t even cited actual case studies on why countries banned certain products. If you did, you’d have to read the connclusion and find that if certain other ingredients (ironically some listed above), it would decrease the side effects of another “harmful” ingredient (also mentioned above). Like I said, companies like Rodan+Field are trying to formilate their products based on studies and knowledge in science. That’s what makes products of higher quality. Science my dear. This article is misleading.

      Make sure you don’t cite references from resources based on resources LOL. You’re left with being just an opinion, not entirely FACT BASED. So I agree with you on one thing, people should do their research but unfortunately, yours is not based on research my dear.

      People need to know every skin is different. People have different number of receptors and sensitivities from others. I’ve reacted to several organic, all natural products rated zero on EWG.

      Like i said, right formulation. You’ Not a scientist. One thing I do agree with you though—yes, people should do their research and this article is not research, and yes I have a medical background.

  16. Thank you Dani for this post. I am an Esthetician and I only use Certified Organic products on my clients because I know there are so many toxic chemicals in non-organic skincare. I care about my clients and I use only the best products that are safe and effective.

    Some people will never believe what you say even if you post the facts. I applaud you for your unbiased opinion and I will definitely share this information.

    Thank you.

    • dani Reply

      Thanks Denise! And kudos to you for caring so much about your clients!

  17. Im an esthetician and always searching for information, including ingredients. Yes, those are the ingredients that you can find anywhere and that is scary. I always read labels before purchasing the products, inc my skincare studio line. Unfortunately, medicine is a business. You buy the cream, use it, get sick, go to the doctor, you are prescribed the medication, and you are hooked.

  18. Yeah … not unbiased at all. Somewhat informative (i.e. links to journals of medicine. …. Links to Cosmo & Huffpuff, not so much) But, this article is DRIPPING with bias. Why? Because, you can literally call out every cosmetic company over any product (shampoo, lotion, soap, toothpaste, OTC pharmaceutical, makeup, etc and you chose to call out 1. Just RF. You could have called it …. “An unbiased review of common cosmetic ingredients” but instead you only chose the top dog. Well played. And biased. Anything is toxic in the right amount. The key is finding safe levels to obtain benefit without being harmful. Example: Is petroleum harmful? ….. Sure, if eat a gallon of it or drink your gasoline. But, mixing it with some antibiotic and putting it on an open wound to prevent infection (Neosporin) …. helpful. See how that works?

    • dani Reply

      How exactly would I call out every single cosmetic company? That’s asinine. And impossible.

      Also there’s this insane idea that RF users have that you have to actually consume the ingredients for them to have a negative effect. This is not how science works. No one is studying the ingestion of these products, they’re studying the topical application because that’s how the products are used. That is what produced these results, topical application – not ingestion.

      You can say I’m biased but the science speaks for itself.

      • Even if you did use Neosporin for a cut you’re not using it every day and for years!!! R&F products are what you put on your face 2x daily EVERY DAY!!!! Terrible comparison IMHO

    • Peg Trueman Reply

      Good job! Some people just dont clearly get it! Your information was informative….you answered questions about R and F!!! Thank you!

    • There is no “safe” amount to use without expecting harm especially if the products are not necessary. Most skin can be cleared with dietary and organic methods versus putting straight up poison on your face. Go head and continue to use it. My guess based on your response you work for them, poisoning innocent people who have no idea what you are coercing them to put into their bodies.

  19. This blog references citations of citations. Authors using valid researched based information should directly cite the origin from which the information was obtained. Not another article that cited another article. While I do not entirely disagree with all this referenced information, there are errors in this review. If you read the RBAs you can see that one of the referenced ingredients is in a different state. The article studied the harmful effects of inhalation, not topical application. Also, using Cosmopolitan and The Huffington Post to back your review shows the true intelligence and validity of this author’s findings.

    • dani Reply

      So because I used Cosmopolitan and HuffPo in two out of my 30+ citations my work should be ignored and people should assume I’m an idiot? Sure, that makes a ton of sense.

      PS – not sure why people hate on these billion dollar publications with an entire team of fact checkers. They’re not scientific, but they’re legit publications.

  20. Michelle Butler Reply

    Great read, thanks for posting. People need to get over themselves. It’s not personal – it is science. Most skin care products have ingredients that link to cancer. You post facts, and most individuals can’t take your posts because they feel victimized since they either sell or know someone who is in the business – get over yourself people. Keep being real, Dani.

    • dani Reply

      THANK YOU! So true – it’s not personal, it’s science!

  21. I would really be interested in seeing what you can find out about the ingredients in the Lash Boost. I know many that use that product and it has always concerned me putting it so close to my eyes. Please do a review! Thanks!

  22. Thank you for this post and for taking the time to help make people more aware of the chemicals they are using in their beauty products. Of course there will always be people that are ignorant and subjective and sadly it is their own choice to be so. I majored in the biological sciences and have learned how to set fallacies aside and research unbiased, double-blind placebo peer review research articles and am conducting research myself. A good site i could suggest are the cochrane reviews. Cheers.

  23. This is exactly why I stopped using these products. R&F also mentions on their website: “WARNING: This product can expose you to chemicals including Benzophenone, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, visit the Proposition 65 website.” After reading and researching just this ingredient, I immediately stopped using their products. I am now careful and research ingredients of the cosmetics I use.

    • That prop 65 warning is on everything I. California. It’s on every apartment building, Disneyland, furniture. They’re tying to add it to coffee.

    • Marci Badgerow Reply

      You realize that Disneyland has Prop 65 warnings all over the park, they require Starbucks to have Prop 65 labeling. They label practically EVERYTHING with that warning. So much so that if you ask California residents, they don’t take it seriously. The law is a joke.

      In regards to toxic ingredients, did you know that water is toxic if you drink too much? At what quantities are these ingredients cancerous or toxic? This ‘unbiased’ review is full of big scary words and questionable resources. But, let’s get down to brass tacks, shall we? Rodan + Fields is developed by Doctors of Dermatology, who employ scientists who test products for YEARS to ensure efficacy and that there are no ill side effects. They are incredibly well respected and have put their names on these products. Look at everything with perspective- if you use the appropriate amount of product and not tubs of it a day, you are fine. If you have a reaction to a product (gasp – even an ‘organic’ product can cause an allergic reaction), stop using it. Common sense and not listening to someone who clearly has her own agenda, people.

  24. Thank you for your detailed research! I’m a registered nurse, and an Australian R+F Consultant. I’m well aware there’s a number of R+F products which haven’t been and WONT be released here (Lash Boost, Reverse Lightening, Unblemish) because of our TGA restrictions.
    I use these products (and sell them) because I’ve not found anything to be as effective (yet!) but also want to be well informed for my clients sake. I appreciate the effort you’ve gone to and will follow up the links to better educate myself x

  25. I also want to thank you for writing this! I have been considering R+F. Some friends of mine are doing really well and loving the business and the products. I have been to several presentations but I had reservations. I went to EWG cosmetic database and searched by products and they don’t have any current ratings for the individual products, so I was flying blind. Because you took the time to lay this all out, I was able to confirm my doubts about this being right for me. I am committed to healthy ingredients in every other way, so I would never be able to promote these products. I thought “Darn, I wish there was another company that had a similar structure to R&F but that was committed to healthy ingredients.” Then I hunted around on EWG and found one! I don’t want this to be seen as a disingenuous plug so I won’t name them but they are out there and I am so grateful that YOU led me to them today!!!!

  26. Thank you so much for doing the foot work for me to easily see why the ingredients are harmful. I’ve been on a journey to clean living and being able to know what ingredients are harmful and why making it such a relief to be able to read a short and sweet and to the point article without having to stress and spend hours and hours of research. I will continue to research from here but I appreciate you taking the time and effort to put forth to help people like me have a healthy home and be able to share this info with friends and family to keep them healthy as well with a hand up by you taking the time to make this information available. Makes it much easier to not just purchase something and try it without really knowing why the ingredients are harmful, I can for sure say that their line is one I will not buy. Blessings to you for being a voice!

  27. The fact is a lot of people are looking for the eternal youthful look and believes that if you can buy it then it must be safe. Who wants to take the time to read and understand every ingredient. People are. busy enough and trust. I am a consultant with L’BRI PURE n’ NATURAL Skincare and find learning this information to be very helpful and enlightening. Thank you!!!

  28. Thank you so much with this!!!!! I’ve been looking & trying to research more about R & F before using, & this just verified everything for me. I was considering being a consultant in this, and I wanted to look into it more & see what ingredients were in it. Very little info on what they use, which made me fell uneasy. I’m glad I found your page. I really felt something was missing about this brand, like they were hiding something. Now I’m confident to not consider going this route. Thanks so much for this & the time you took to look into these ingredients. There will be haters, but haters gonna hate no matter what. You just gotta be yourself & do what’s right! Thank you again for that!

  29. You suggest this is science but you don’t explain that the basic principal in toxicology is the dose makes the poison. For example there is formaldehyde in apples! So based on the suggestions of your article apples cause cancer. Additionally our own bodies naturally produce formaldehyde. I think you are chemicals as a scare tactic which is not scientific at all. If you want to educate you need to include principals of exposure and toxicology to truly understand the risk of exposure to the chemicals listed.

  30. I’m sure you did and will get some hate for this post due to the fact that you have your own skin line. In my opinion, however, this makes you more credible as a source who is knowledgeable about the science behind skin care. THANK YOU for this post. I have been curious about and wanting an open, honest (yet credible) review of the R&F line for a while. Too many cosmetic and derm companies boast immediate results knowing most women are not aware of the long term health effects of the chemicals that create “magic” overnight. I appreciate you sharing this information simply for the sake of educating women about healthy skincare. 🙂

  31. Disclaimer: this is not an attack. 🙂 If you are such a proponent of science, (and I am, too) then where are the studies on all of these “all natural” ingredients? I’ve seen some, but it is largely unregulated and not all tested because, as you stated about chemicals, there are thousands of them and thousands of “natural” extracts/chemicals. It’s not entirely possible to regulate and test everything. Poison Ivy is “natural” but not good for us. Nerium comes from a highly toxic plant. Is that good for us because their science says so? I am not hating on this article at all and very much appreciate the research you have done. However, I do believe there is a balance. Many studies on chemicals test them in very high doses. Even water is toxic if you have too much. That doesn’t mean that small amounts are harmful, but they might be harmful to those who have compromised immune systems to begin with. Some chemicals have proven to actually be very beneficial. I personally used many many all-natural/organic products on my skin for a long time and didn’t see much of a difference. I finally found R+F, and it has done wonders for my skin. I was very hesitant, but I am super careful with my food, cleaning products, water I drink, etc., so I figured the tiny amounts of potentially harmful chemicals in these products would be fine. Our bodies are very VERY good at filtering out toxins, unless you overload your system of course, and that level may be different for everyone. I say listen to your body. Do what it tells you to. Thank you for your article and for starting some much-needed discussion!

  32. Thank you! I don’t need to go any further researching the ingredients. I knew some of these already through my own research over the years and have changed my products. I won’t list what I use because I’m not promoting either. Just like to educate people how harmful these ingredients are and their effects. Your article is well written!

  33. Rachael Dougherty Reply

    Hi thank you for this information, I was considering selling for R+F and now I am not interested. I was wondering if Retinoid Ester is the same as Rential as mentioned in your article? I will await your reply-thank you again for taking the time to research the products and the ingredients and the effects and writing this-you rock!

  34. This is amazing. I love your reviews. I’ve noticed my hair lightly thinning over time, so I’ve kind of been on a hair product bender lately – trying different products (one at a time) to see which ones react best with my scalp and I’m always on the lookout for ingredients that might be instigators of potential hair loss.

    You brought up a couple ingredients which I’ve seen before but never realized how harmful they are. THANKS!

  35. Thanks for this review – I started questioning the ingredients when someone who sells this product kept popping up on my insta feed claiming it to be plant based holistic skin care! The first ingredient I put into my chemical maze app came up as petroleum based! I felt like calling her out on it but seems that these Roden & field consultants are blind sided by this multi level selling Pyrimd scheme like system choosing to ignore the ingredients ??

  36. This article is great. Only a person in the business, making good products could write this review.
    It would have taken me forever to find all this information on my own & trying to understand it. Thank you for doing all this work. Now I am going to go find your line!

  37. I’d be interested to see results, before and afters of all organic skincare users that everyone is touting.

  38. Great review. I started searching for alternatives to R&D after learning more about the harmful active ingredients on my own. And then ran across this blog post! Thanks for breaking things down. Now I have a question: I want to find a new product line (not random items from different retailers) that are free of all of the known harmful ingredients listed above. I appreciated your “daily routine” on your website, but that’s not quite what I’m looking for. Any recommendations for a cleanser/ toner/ AM( w/ sunscreen) & PM lotion combo from the same line? With options for add-ons geared towards anti-aging?

  39. I really appreciate the effort you took to write this. It is exactly what I needed tody as I once again look at the physically improved faces of several of my friends who are selling R&F.

  40. Ruth Hancock Reply

    Hi please can you email me when you see this as I need some advice xx

  41. Thank You! I hadn’t had time to do this research on my own but had a feeling this was not a clean line. I have been using organic for the past 10 yrs. Of course over the course of that time I have had several R&F reps approach me. Now when I kindly decline the offer to try RF I have the data to explain why I decline! Thank you soooooo much.

  42. Dani, thank you your unbiased review as it has definitely opened MY eyes. Here’s a question. What cosmetic products in your opinion do not contain any of the above harmful chemicals?

    I am also looking into your own skin care line. Amazing…!!

  43. Thanks for the info! Does your line of cosmetics help with melasma?

  44. Thank you for the info! Have u rated any products that actually help with the fine lines that aren’t harmful? Anything you can recommend?

    Thank you!

  45. I have so many friends that sell this, I have lost count. I used it a few years back. But it only irritated my peri oral dermatitis and never helped my wrinkles. The Reverse line never helped me either. Guess what? The reps-have lots of private ways to chat-and they are using the reverse products ALL THE TIME. And telling their customers that too! ? And to make matters WORSE, when you use the Reverse Toner AND the Reverse treatment as they tell you to do- w hydroq-you are getting 4% not 2. 4% is a doctor prescribed dose level meant for short periods of time. Think about that. Best part? These “sales” ladies have figured out a way to really bleach out those tough spots by layering the Reverse toner and treatment together and then putting saran wrap on the spot to further the process along. Lord. I can’t even. ?????

    And people trust these women bc they are doctors? ? Doctors are a part of the problem. Some of them. If these doctors really cared about the health of the women buying and selling-they would clean up these products.

    I always laugh when the sales people get on a blog to defend their products. Ladies-there is no escaping the truth. The scientific data is piling up on these ingredients. If the FDA and govt are not going to protect us-then we must. Look at the EU. If R+F is sold over there-it will be TOTALLY DIFFERENT PRODUCTS. Take a look at their ingredient list. Not the same. We get the unregulated crap. The EU gets the safe stuff.
    Arm yourselves with GOOD truth. It is tough, but once you get it, truly eye opening.
    Thanks Dani!!!!

  46. Hi there!!! Thank you for doing the work that it takes to hopefully wake folks up about their ingredients in their skincare. I’ve been an Esthetician for 20 years and have only used organic european skincare on myself and my clients. It is work to get people to realize that their prolonged exposure to chemicals can eventually take a toll on their overall health.

  47. Sadly, just about everything we consume and come into contact with is slowly killing us these days. Including our cell phones with Wi-Fi constantly coming at us throughout the day. No one is safe.

  48. It may be the #1 skincare company in the US because of great marketing. Europe has banned so many of the chemicals in food and healthcare products that the US FDA allows! All of the chemicals are contributing to disease and being unhealthy. Changing skincare & cosmetics to NOn toxic ingredients is an essential lifestyle change!! Thanks for the info, will be following you.

  49. Sugar is a carcinogen yet people don’t question sugar as an ingredient in skincare or their diets. This article is a review of individual ingredients and not the formulation or quality of actual RF products. The fact is RF is #1 because they are effective and touting they are anything less than safe without knowledge of their potency or addressing how these ingredients react with other chemicals is not scientific.

  50. I began researching their product a little more after reading on their own website that products “may contain benzene, known in California to cause cancer”… or something along those lines. Thanks for the great info!

  51. Years ago after a divorce & financial struggle, a friend of mine strongly pursued & encouraged me to join R&F as a sales consultant. I went to a few meetings at the lavish home of the person who first transformed sales to MLM and is now at the top of the heap with thousands of consultants under her (they vehemently oppose the term pyramid). I received a nice little packet teaching me how to “persuade” others to become consultants under me, or as part of my team, as they like to call it. I also learned of the tremendous cost I would have to incur to become a rep & the high expectations & requirements they had for new reps to bring other new consultants on board within a very short period of time. Basically I was expected to gather all my friends and relatives and get at least 2 per week to join as consultants. Then I was expected to hit the malls and find strangers to join. The material I read in that packet caused me to reconsider & ask questions. After a bit of research, I asked the “Fearless” leader about sales in Europe and why the products were only sold in the US at that time. She appeared aggitated that I questioned anything and politely talked in circles clearly avoiding answering the questions. Probably because she knew their ingredients were banned in Europe. I knew then that kind of business “opportunity” was not the answer to my prayers, PTL! She seemed more a leader of a religious cult with frequent references to God. When I refused to attend any more meetings (my friend was required to bring at least 2 new potential sales consultants to each weekly meeting), she asked numerous times for contact info of my friends & family. Of course I didn’t give it to her and blocked her from my friends list on Facebook. Since she wasn’t able to persuade me to join, she quit contacting me altogether. I’m better off. Hope she is too but doubt it. Meanwhile their “Fearless” leader keeps making more & more money off the time, effort & expense of so many others and aquires more ostentatious homes and autos all under the guise of “helping” others (while they make her rich). It’s almost funny how R&F consultants (sheeple) are so sensitive to any questioning or shining a spotlight on the products or the business model. In addition to ingredients that are not healthy, the products are way over priced & from what I hear, difficult to return if necessary. Buyer beware.

  52. It always amazes me at these types of claims. Beauty products work only on the outer layers of skin. The scientific truth is your skin is designed to keep things out not in. Absorption and penetration are two entirely different things and it is simply NOT TRUE that all skincare chemicals make it to the bloodstream. Penetration is when a chemical makes it into the deeper layers of the skin while absorption is when the chemical actually makes it into the bloodstream. These two terms are often used interchangeably, and that’s just not correct. Again, an important note is that most chemicals, even if they can penetrate to the deepest levels of the skin, are too big to be absorbed directly into the bloodstream.

    Your skin is an amazing organ that will filter the outside world from hitting your internal one. If this was not the case you would not be able to take a shower as water would absorb into the blood stream and you simply would not survive your next shower. How about the makeup you wear, you’d have to apply makeup every thirty minutes as it would just disappear into your skin!!! Or think about all the kids that do not like broccoli, you could simply get them to have broccoli nutrients by rubbing broccoli on their skin. Or think about why medications have to be given intravenously or through a intramuscular needle. If most chemicals were absorbed into the bloodstream then there would be more topically applied medicines, like aspirin or insulin patches. This is why there are needles for medications to get through to the dermis or directly into the vein, since no-one ‘likes’ needles, we would have thousands of topical medications if it was as simple as putting something on our skin. In reality, there are very few topical medications. How nice it would be to rub Tylenol on the skin rather than swallow a pill. Further, the toxicity of an ingredient is in the amount absorbed and accumulated, or “the dose makes the poison”. As a species we require oxygen at 21% in the atmosphere. 100% oxygen will kill us. That doesn’t make oxygen evil or toxic. It simply means there is a correct amount that is not toxic.

    Beauty products are specifically trying to keep certain chemical ingredients in the upper layers of the skin. Cosmetic chemists do not want skincare products to enter your bloodstream because then THEY BECOME DRUGS! Please get educated on human skin anatomy – any chemical that’s going to make it from outside of our bodies all the way into our bloodstream has a long way to go. The layers are made up of human cells which are very complex structures with lots of barriers preventing chemicals from moving in, around and out of them easily. And IF a chemical makes it below the outer layers they encounter enzymes that can break down or inactivate toxic chemicals.

    To be fair, I am not saying that all skincare ingredients stay in the outer layers (most do however). For example, retinoids but again with the proper education you know if a retinoid should or should not be used. What is unfair is to label all skincare chemical ingredients as cancer causing!

    It’s not easy for ingredients to penetrate through the skin because of it’s “brick and mortar” structure.
    An ingredient has to have the right size and the right compatibility with skin lipids to “slip through.”
    Its also important to realize that the risk of an ingredient penetrating skin is factored into the safety assessment done on cosmetic ingredients. The regulatory bodies that determine the safety of cosmetic ingredients certainly factor skin penetration and absorption into their assessment.

    Bottom line, use what you are comfortable using on your skin but for Pete’s sake stop throwing pitchforks at skincare companies.

  53. My father sent this to me as my EX uses R&F and so does my 12 year old daughter, im not nor have i been a fan. Now i have some DATA to back up why i dont want her to use it. Oddly enough my EX has recently suffered from Optic Neuritis and now im wondering if this could be a direct link to it.

  54. What inaccurate, self serving TOTALLY bias garbage! Before you believe a word…check some of the facts. The ingredients are totally safe and not “Banned in Europe” at all. I’m presums she means the European Union as opposed to the whole of Europe geographically…???. This garbage is a typically example of the misinformation posing as facts, all over the net. By all means research the ingredients in the products you use but don’t believe the utter tripe this lady is writing in order to scare you into buying her products. Don’t be a dope! Go ask a scientist!

    • dani Reply

      You do realize I literally provided numerous studies and scientific information to back up all of the information I provided?

    • Maria, I was using R&F products and when I saw on their ingredient list that several of my products couldn’t be sold in the State of California due to containing cancer causing agents, I was alarmed. I don’t live in California but in Texas. The thing that bothers me is why if R&F is so healthy won’t California allow it to be sold in their state? Maybe they’ve done some testing that cost their state money and our FDA isn’t willing to spend the money to prove or disprove the safety of R&F. For myself I chose to believe the reports coming from California since the FDA hasn’t done their own studies. I’m not picking on R&F because I’m sure there’s other skin care products out there we shouldn’t be using. And I just bet those can’t be sold in California either.

    • We are using around 3,000 harmful chemicals in U.S.A. that has been banned in Canada! I also offer 100% harsh chemical free skin care & make-up, I have 3granddaughter’s that are teen’s & I care very much what they use on there skin since it take’s 1 minute to get into your bloodstream! I also care about all tweens & teens, if you don’t then don’t put down something you have no knowledge in!

  55. Such a thorough review thank you! Love the fact that you include the various research articles and links for independent research and validity clarification. Thank you!

  56. I became a R&F Consultant, and still am. I can tell you that I experienced some very significant results as well as many other women who use these products. However, I did have concerns about the ingredients which were confirmed when I used the Soothe product on my granddaughter and she screamed bloody murder because instead of soothing her skin it literally burned her! So from then on, in good conscience I couldn’t promote selling this regimen. But, as a consenting adult and making my own choices, I continued using the Redefine regimen twice a day. I was perfectly healthty when I first started using R&F but over the course of about 9 mos to a year, I started experiencing significant health issues as well severe hair loss. Funny thing is, my husband commented that he thought it had to do with the skin care product I was using. I thought he was crazy (lol) but decided to stop using R&F products and go a more natural route. It took quite awhile after stopping the usage of R&F, but I am now experiencing regrowth of my hair and my health has improved greatly. Granted, I made some other changes as well, but I often wonder if it had to do with the chemicals from my skin care regimen? I don’t know, but what I do know, is the whole experience made me more aware of what I was putting on and in my body. So the long and the short of it, I’m not mad at you for doing a review and pointing out what many of us have wondered about, namely, what is in the product. Which as a Consultant, I had worried about because I had more than one customer experience skin irritation from the Reverse regimen and burning sensation of their eyes from the eye cream. Not the intended reaction but very real nonetheless. There is a demographic of users that experience great results from this product, I know because I was one of them, and they won’t be swayed by your review. Consultants will continue to make a good income (as I did), and I am okay with that. We all have the choice to make informed decisions, not just based on what you present but for us to do our own research if we feel the need. And for those of us who don’t, I’m okay with going with the information from your efforts. Thank you for doing this, and yes, I have free will and may just buy some of your products regardless if anyone thinks your review was biased or a conflict. I for one don’t really care! Thank you!

  57. Hi! So I just checked the first three ingredients that you listed as unsafe. I looked on Rodan and Fields website and looked at that particular product to see if the unsafe ingredient was listed – and it’s not. For example:
    1. DMDM Hydantoin found in Unblemish Toner – this is not included in the ingredients posted on their website
    2. Sodium Laureth Sulfate found in Unblemish Wash – this is not included in the ingredients posted on their website
    3. Diazolidinyl Urea found in Reverse Wash – this is not included in the ingredients posted on their website

    I checked these because I personally use these products. However, the ingredients you posted do not match the ingredients R+F posted. Can you tell me when you acquired those ingredients from their products?
    Perhaps R+F reformulated most of their products. I’m not sure. I’m just curious.