I get tons of emails about supplements every week. Which do I recommend? Are they organic? Are they food based? Which do I take everyday? Most people just want to know where to find good, healthy supplements from a company they can trust. So I decided to write all about supplements, which to use and where to get them.

Let me introduce you to my secret health weapon: Perfect Supplements. From August 3rd until August 6th – you can get 40% off Perfect Supplements brand products and 10% off all other brands they sell by using code ANCESTRAL10. That’s an INSANE sale. I’m stockin’ up.

They didn’t pay me to write this post. It is not sponsored, although I am one of their affiliates. This company is the BEST in terms of supplements. It’s not an MLM, I’m not trying to sign you up, my goal is not to have you join my team and then start selling supplements and try to in turn get people on your team. NO. None of that nonsense.

These are just honest to goodness supplements from a company filled with good people. They have their own line of products and sell other company’s products as well – but only top of the line, food based, healthy supplements. I never have to worry about the quality of what I’m ordering from Perfect Supplements because they already screen everything for quality. You’re not going to find a subpar supplement on this site. Some of my absolute favorite brands of supplements other than Perfect Supplements are on their site, like Garden of Life, Prescript Assist and Rosita cod liver oil.

But before we go any further, let’s back up a bit. Because you can’t just randomly start buying supplements.

First you need to determine what your body needs and you need to do this by going to your doctor and getting blood work. I always ask for a full blood panel including A1C, cholesterol, vitamin and mineral analysis – the works. This is the only way to determine what you really need. No guesswork.

Once your blood work is back, discuss the supplements you should get with your doctor.

Then, head on over to Perfect Supplements and order yourself some high quality, food based, legit supplements. No fillers. No preservatives. No overly processed byproducts. No bullshit.

There are certain supplements I take everyday that aren’t dependent upon my bloodwork, they’re just supplements that help my body function optimally. They include:


You’ve probably heard me talk about their collagen about a thousand times (check out the articles I’ve written here). It’s great for gut health as well as the integrity of the skin – around the age of 25 we start to lose collagen, which causes wrinkles, fine lines, sagging skin, cellulite and stretch marks. I drink this collagen in my tea every single day.

Liver Detox Support

The Liver Detox Support is something I take daily to help my liver function optimally. The liver can easily get overburdened – it filter out toxins and afterall, we are constantly bombarded with toxins. I take this to help my lil’ liver, which is one of the most important organs. It provides numerous functions and has a big work load!

Aquatic Greens

I take aquatic greens for daily detox support as well. I had mercury fillings and have tested high for mercury in my system; chlorella binds to mercury and flushes it from the system. This is an extremely healthy supplement to take to maintain overall wellness.

Cod Liver Oil

I’ve taken cod liver oil for ages. It’s rich in omega-3s, EPA and DHA. It’s anti-inflammatory, good for brain health, wonderful for heart health and an overall rockstar of a supplement. We take it almost daily. And finally! They’ve made softgels!


Last but sure as hell not least, probiotics! I love my probies. They keep my gut functioning and my mood happy and calm. I recently tried these probiotics from Perfect Supplements and I like them! I also get my Prescript Assist probiotics from them.

After getting blood work, I discovered that I was low in zinc and a bit lower in vitamin D than I’d like to be. Because I also have taken prenatals for years, breastfed and plan on getting pregnant in the future, my doctor agreed it would be best for me to stay on prenatals, so I take those as well. Seriously, get your annual exams, people!

So once you determine what your body needs, get high quality supplements from Perfect Supplements. So many supplements are filled with fillers, preservatives, subpar ingredients and GMOs. They’re garbage. They won’t make you feel, perform or look better.

I trust all of the products from Perfect Supplements (although I do prefer Rosita cod liver oil to Green Pastures cod liver oil). I haven’t tried every single on, but each one I’ve recommended above – I take regularly. This company does not mess around with fillers, GMOs or low quality ingredients – and I love that about them.



  1. Jessica Brooks-Forgan Reply

    This is a great list, thank you. I take most of them, but I’m curious, are they all safe to take during pregnancy (trying right now)? Is there anything additional that is good to take during pregnancy? Thanks in advance!

    • Jessica Brooks-Forgan you should consult with your Doctor or Dietitian before taking any supplementation. There are supplements that can contain herbs that may be harmful. Folic acid is recommend to prevent neural tube defects (NTDs).

      • dani Reply

        I agree, though folate is the natural form of folic acid that needs to be taken to prevent NTDs.

  2. the prenatal that you link to contains 800mcg of folic acid, which you condemn as causing cancer in your review of juice plus+… can you please clarify?

  3. Hi Dani, is there any routine as to when you take all of these supplements during the day? Do you scatter them out trough out the day or take some together? Is there a right way or a wrong way/time of taking them?

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