Eat Organic and Local

Eating organic foods that have been grown without cancer causing pesticides, fungicides and herbicides is the first step you can take when it comes to preventing cancer. Many studies have established a direct link between pesticides and leukemia, lymphoma, breast, liver, lung, brain, prostate and several other cancers. Eating organic food is more expensive, but it literally prevents cancer. I don’t know about you, but I’d rather avoid cancer, which costs more money in the long run than organic food.

Eat Unprocessed Organic Foods

Many people make the mistake of buying junk food just because it is organic. While it’s a step up from conventional junk food and it’s fine in moderation, do not make your diet the same old junk food just because it’s organic. Chips, sodas, diet bars, cookies, candies, crackers, etc should not replace unprocessed food in your diet just because it’s organic.

Eliminate Fluoride

Fluoride is extremely toxic. It’s not only in water, but it’s also found in common products like toothpaste. Fluoride interferes with the reproductive and nervous systems, lowers IQ, has been linked to hyperthyroidism and interferes with bone density and causes arthritis. I use this fluoride-free toothpaste.

Exercise, Move, Play

Exercising, moving and playing is a great way to prevent cancer. The lymphatic system is like the garbage pickup of the human body. It flushes out dead blood cells, pathogens, viruses, bacteria, etc. Unlike blood, the lymphatic system has no pump. We need to assist the lymph system with movement and the best way to do this is by exercise. Furthermore, exercise releases endorphins, improves circulation and cardiovascular health and boosts mood. All of this prevents cancer.

Live a Low-Stress Life, Be Thankful

Did you know that your thoughts create a physical response within your body? Some people even believe that cancer is a result of negative or stuck emotions, anger, anxiety and depression. When you think negative and stressful thoughts, you create a stress response within your body. It’s normal to feel stress, anxiety and depression on occasion and it’s actual necessary. It’s a part of being human. But when you are constantly feeling these negative emotions, it poses a serious risk to your health. If you have issues with this, I suggest checking out my post on anxiety and reading The Mood Cure.

Use Non-Toxic Body Products

In Ditch The Diet I cover non-toxic body products, non-toxic makeup and non-toxic cleaning. There are so many chemicals in body products, it’s unbelievable. What is applied to the skin is absorbed by the skin (in under thirty seconds). There are sulfates, sulfites, parabens and tons of other toxins in body products. It is important to simplify your products and only use organic. A good rule is: if you can’t safely eat it, don’t apply it to your skin.

Use Non-Toxic Cleaning Supplies

Just like with the body products, cleaning products can also be full of toxic chemicals. They also contain endocrine disruptors which interfere with hormone production. Having balanced hormones is crucial to level moods, weight management and yes, even preventing cancer!

Use Non-Toxic Kitchen, Cooking and Storage Products

Using non-Teflon pans, minimizing plastics and reducing toxins in your kitchen is a great step in preventing cancer. These products release toxins into your food. To minimize the risk and reduce these toxins, check out my Real Food Kitchen Guide. It will help you replace toxic products with safe, effective and non-toxic versions.

Filter Your Water

There are so many sketchy toxins and chemical in water. It’s polluted. There are even prescription drugs found in tap water; not to mention fluoride and chlorine. This is an expensive filter but it is the absolute best.

Take Extra Preventative Measures

I drink green tea as well as dandelion tea or milk thistle tea every morning, make sure I eat a good amount of probiotics (or supplement with a good probiotic), eat coconut oil, drink vegetable juice, and sometimes take Essiac tea or a bentonite clay supplement. Essiac is deeply detoxifying, people even claim it’s helped cure them of cancer.



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    • dani stout Reply

      I would invest in one of these water filters. They’re expensive but will last forever and they remove flouride. Are you using flouride free toothpaste?

      Berkey Water Filters

      • I do use a Brita filter but I know that it doesn’t take out the fluoride. Glad to know you don’t think I should pull out my teeth. haha I will look into those filters. I was thinking of the Kangen filter. Would I need to use something like a Fluoride filter first and then do the Kangen? I live in a condo so I am not sure about a big fluoride water filter. 🙂

        Do you know if people who have fluorosis in their teeth have more of those medical issues mentioned in the article? Thanks

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