Don’t want to fall off the fitness wagon this Christmas? Here’s how to stay healthy and fit during the holidays and still enjoy yourself, according to a holistic nutritionist

Healthy Holidays Guide: How to Stay Healthy, Happy and Fit during the Holiday Season!

Tis the season to be jolly – and also the season most people undo a lot of the hard work they put in all through the year.

Use these tips to maintain your healthy lifestyle and stay active through this time of neverending festivities, sweet treats and rich meals.

Bring your own dessert, appetizer or dish to a party – you’ll have healthier treats and the host will love you.

Whenever I go to a holiday party, I always bring a lil’ something I know I’ll feel good about snacking on.

This includes stuffed mushrooms, veggie tray with Tessemae’s ranch, a healthy lil’ charcuterie plate, gluten-free cookies, etc.

This way I know I’ll definitely have a healthy option and won’t be stuck with food that is full of gluten, dairy or sugar.

organizer for workouts during holidays season

Plan ahead and schedule workouts 5x a week.

This is CRUCIAL. I would never workout if I didn’t plan them. I’m a busy mom that works from home, if a workout isn’t in my planner, it isn’t going to happen.

I use this Lilly Pulitzer planner. I usually do yoga and will sit down every Sunday night and pick five times that either my husband or mother in law can watch my son so I can go get my sweat on.

Schedule your workouts!

Eat prior to going to holiday parties.

I never go to a holiday party hungry. This would lead to eating a lot of food I don’t normally eat and that isn’t particularly filling or healthy.

Most holiday parties are loaded with desserts, maybe a few dips and other random foods. You never know what you’re going to get.

Always eat a good, healthy, filling meal prior to a party. Then you can choose what really looks good at the party and eat that as a treat!

two glasses of red wine with Christmas lights in the background

Don’t go overboard on booze.

People looove to drink during the holidays – myself included! I love a good, organic red wine this time of year.

Drinking can easily go overboard during the holiday season. People love to make holiday themed shots and throw a ton of drinks back at parties.

Stick to a three drink maximum and spread it out over the night.

Drink a glass of water between each drink.

This will help you stay hydrated and fight off any potential hangover!

Give up the guilt.

The holidays are not a time for guilt or “cheat meals.” I don’t even believe in cheat meals. There’s eating well with the occasional treat sprinkled in.

Let’s not assign guilt to our food by labeling them as something negative like “a cheat.”

One of my favorite things about the holidays is that it’s a time to indulge. I bake more, I have good wine, I’ll make rich, hearty dishes. Enjoy it!


vegetables on a wooden cutting board ready for healthy holidays meal prep

Eat well throughout the week; meal planning helps.

Just like I schedule my workouts, I also schedule what I’m going to eat throughout the week with healthy holidays meal planning.

Every Friday I make a meal plan and I go to the farmers market on Saturday. Sunday morning I pick up whatever the farmers market didn’t have and spend an hour or two meal prepping.

This makes eating well so much easier, cheaper and healthier. Plan ahead!

a woman under a tree writing a food journal

Keep a food journal.

At this point, I’ve worked with hundreds of people over the years. One common thing I find is that the majority of people think they eat really well. In reality, this isn’t exactly true.

Can you remember what you had for lunch two days ago? Or that snack you had three days ago? What about yesterday’s dinner? Or breakfast four days ago?

Chances are – you don’t remember. It’s hard to keep mental track of everything we eat.

Many people think, “Okay, everything in moderation.” Which becomes a problem when junk food is eaten every day, which it normally is, you may just not remember it.

My husband always says, “One cupcake won’t hurt me.” And I say, “But yesterday you had those cookies and the day before it was that big biscuit and over the weekend you had waffles AND pancakes!”

It adds up! A food journal will help you identify what you’re really eating.

Choose what to splurge on.

If you absolutely love sugar cookies this time of year or pecan pie or mulled wine – have it! Don’t deprive yourself.

I love to make healthier versions of my favorite treats like these gluten-free sugar cookies. It’s not at all healthy to obsess over food, calories, carbs, etc. This is unhealthy behavior any time of year.

It’s okay to eat the food you love during your healthy holidays. Just do it mindfully.

a girl admiring the Christmas decoration in the streets

Savor the season.

Healthy holidays don’t need to be any less exciting and festive!  The holidays are my absolute favorite time of the year! And it all goes by so quickly. Savor every second.

Plan holiday-themed dinners, get-togethers, even host your own holiday party. Go see a light display. Go ice skating. Get a tree. Play Christmas music ALL THE TIME. Drink it up. Because the holidays go by quickly. Enjoy every minute!


How to stay fit happy and healthy during the holiday season #health, #christmas
10 Tips for Staying Healthy, Fit and Happy this holiday season! Beat the post Christmas blues by treating your body and mind right during the festive season #christmas, #fitness

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  1. Holiday season and staying healthy, sounds impossible to me. You shared many great tips that totally inspiring. Getting up early is my ultimate resolution. I woke up today at exact 7 a.m, a good start actually. Never feels good before the way I am now.

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