I live in and am from DC, where the very first question people ask you after intros is, “So what do you do? My answer has been the same for a while now. It’s either: “I run a health coaching website.” or “I am a health coach.”

Unfortunately, people’s responses have also been the same for a while now.

It starts with: “So you’re vegan?”

And even though that makes me want to give a lengthy lecture on veganism, I’m just like,

“But you eat tofu, right?” So then I get all Tyler on them and I’m like, funny-hell-naw-hell-no-rapper-tyler-the-creator-Favim.com-357923
 And then they’re like, “But at my doctor’s office they tell me meat and fat will give you heart disease.” tumblr_mtlnj5oeoz1qk0j55o2_r1_250
  “You eat meat and fat? But you’re…not fat.”


 “Isn’t eating meat bad for the environment?”

And by then I’m just like,  tumblr_n0mz6utOQi1qf1116o1_400

But they press on. “So like, what do you eat?” And then I go all Ron Swanson.


Being a health coach doesn’t mean everything people think it means.

All it means to me is coming to people and working to make them healthier. I do what works, even if it doesn’t fit someone else’s definition of healthy. It’s about doing what works.




  1. Surfdancer Reply

    One thing I’ve learned in over 20 years as a healthcare professional, sports nutritionist and certified health coach, is that every body has unique physiological needs and genetic predispositions. Epigenetics also effect different people different ways. This is why some do well on seemingly diametric opposite plans:
    Keto/low-fat medditerranean
    High Carb, Low far/Low carb meditterranean

    I’ve also learned to never point fingers and laugh at someone else’s style of eating if it’s working for them and creating a healthy, vibrant body. Meanness sucks universally. Kindness rocks the world.


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