Because I appreciate strong women who stand up for what they believe in.


  1. As a mother who has witnessed first hand the devastating effects that vaccinations can have, I thank you. I wish someone would have laid it out for me like this before I vaccinated my first three children…all of whom had negative reactions from Asperger’s Syndrome to autoimmune disease. I did not vaccinate my last three children and they are all healthy and bright. I love all of my children equally and appreciate each one of them for the special people they are, but I do struggle with the guilt that I allowed some of them to be damaged by vaccinations. It is my sincere hope that more people will take the time to do the research for themselves before making the decision to vaccinate. You are your child’s only advocate…

    • dani stout

      This is such an important comment to me. I am so appreciative and thank you for sharing your story!

  2. Danielle Bailey

    Well said! We should all be able to voice our opinions! It is a personal choice that should be respected either way!

  3. I’m sure these ladies are smart, educated woman but they won’t influence my decision to protect my child from unnecessary, and VERY deadly diseases. At the end of the day I couldn’t look at my sick child without horrible guilt, knowing that I could have prevented it in some way.

  4. dani stout

    Thank you for the kind comment! Also, I was introduced to your website last week and love it! Small world.

    • dani stout

      Who said the Amish don’t vaccinate and have zero autism? Because I definitely didn’t.

      In a debate, it’s customary to respond to points that were actually made. I discussed a group of Amish people in Lancaster that have low vaccination rates as well as low rates of autism. And as I stated in the article, this was an anecdotal study but is still significant. I think it’s completely senseless to ignore this significance.

      • Who said the Amish don’t vaccinate? Olmstead did – when he originally released his “study”. He has since retreated from many of his claims as various parties have investigated them and shown his methods to be highly suspect. At best his work is unreliable, at worst it’s unabashedly biased and totally misrepresents the actual autism/vaccination rates in the subject population.

  5. dani stout

    I think it’s ridiculous when a medical doctor is labeled as a “quack” because he/she disagrees with popular opinion. Blaylock isn’t the only doctor that has been outspoken about vaccinations, either.

    Herd immunity is definitely not as well settled as evolution. After all, there’s a reason people need to update their vaccinations every several years.

    The graphs are pulled directly from information from the American Journal of Public Health, Scientific American, New England Journal of Medicine, the CDC, etc. So you’re saying all of these institutions are “quacks?”

  6. Bill Wild

    Well, enjoy your cervical cancer and kids in serious and life threatening pain with measles. Your studies have all been debunked already. Your decisions are hurting society and other people.. some of them being innocent children. Please stop this madness as it affects us all.

    • dani stout

      This comment is disgusting and completely distasteful.

      Nothing I cited has been “debunked,” although I find it’s easy for people who have no knowledge on how to do research or form an educated opinion to simply say the information is debunked, or the person providing it is a quack.

      If you had any actual argument against me, you would use it instead of leaving an asinine comment.

  7. I am a mom to kids who are at immunization age. My kids are 3 and 6 months. They are my world and I love them so dearly it physically hurts to think about. It is so difficult with all the information circulating around to make the right decision for my children regarding immunizations.

    I live in Alberta and we have had two measles outbreaks in the last year. The worst was in my city which coincidentally has a very low immunization rate. I won’t argue with you or pretend to know the facts. I have read/watched countless things on both side of this topic. All of which supports it’s own arguments with “facts” and “studies”.

    I don’t love immunizing them. In fact it usually scares me. But I am doing my best to keep my children safe. I hate that there is a chance that something I am doing to help them could actually harm them or vice-versa.

    All I can say is, it’s much easier to decided to not vaccinate your kids when you don’t have any.

  8. Oh- I forgot to call you “names”
    open minded,
    hey, whats the opposite of a sheep? whatever that word is…

    • dani stout

      Thank you for your comments/compliments!

  9. AWESOME job here.. i really appreciate the extensive sources, charts, and stats. Really, really well done! Pinning and sharing and spreading the word.. ?

  10. dani stout

    Not sure what your point is exactly, but also didn’t read a large portion of this comment because there were literally no paragraphs.

  11. dani stout

    Thanks for sharing! And I’m so sorry about your sons.

  12. Lorraine Penner

    You did a great job at presenting the common sense approach to the TRUTH!
    Thanks again!!!!

  13. dani stout

    How did I contradict myself? I notice that you have no legitimate argument against anything I’ve said, you’ve just hurled insults. I’m going to be a great mother. What a horrible thing to say.

    • Thank you for an informative article! The previous post from a person who wouldn’t share his/her name symbolizes exactly what you mentioned when you asked for an intelligent conversation/debate. That person expressed no intelligence in the response. The fact that you are questioning and researching indicates to me that you will be a great parent!

  14. Oh….and I noticed your sources included several medical/scientific sources including actual government websites!

  15. Kiradele

    I’m a Mom. I’m a doc. My 14
    Year old son was born with autism in 2002, the same time the CDC recommended that the flu shot be given to babies starting at age 6 months with a booster one year later. So my son had a flu shot at 6 and 18 months. I refused the Hep B in the hospital and altered his shot schedule a little bit. God Bless my pediatrician who had a grandchild under the spectrum. But I believed in the flu shot because of my great grand parents. He was a doc and she a librarian. They survived the great influenza epidemic of 1917-1918. She kept a journal that we still have today. He got very sick and she had to turn people away. So I never thought twice about the flu shot. My son
    was confirmed DD by age 18 months and
    ASD by age 2. Jenny McCarthy was an inspiration. I researched everything. Imagine my shock when I read the informed consent copies for the flu shots. In tiny print it said CONTAINS THIMEROSAL. Now we get preservative free flu. I refused the MMR booster and he won’t get the HPV. I refused the varicella. I signed the philosophical waiver.

    It makes me sad that my son was injected with mercury. And what about all the children I’m responsible for as a family doc? I’m home with my son now, but I’ll never blindly follow the CDC again.

    God Bless!

  16. I appreciate this post and all the information presented. I hope more people will share, question, and have an educated not just opinionated conversations on this important subject.

    • dani

      I did get the flu this year. It wasn’t bad.