Subway touts itself as a healthy fast food joint, with commercials of foot long sandwiches that are somehow healthy because they’re low-fat. Their slogan is “Eat Fresh.” Unfortunately there is nothing fresh or healthy about Subway. In fact, it’s just as unhealthy as Burger King or McDonald’s. So why then, is the American Heart Association endorsing Subway as healthy food? Well, because they get paid to. The AHA does not have the best interest of the American people in mind. Just like the FDA, the USDA and the American Dietetic Association, these organizations are corrupt. They do not operate from a position of safety, they operate to make money. According to USA Today, the AHA heartcheck costs $700,000 annually. That’s a lot of dough for the AHA; what does it matter if Americans are duped in the process?

The AHA obviously does not keep up with modern nutrition, they still cling to the fallacy that fat is bad (though apparently soybean and canola oils are safe?) and that calories are all that matters when it comes to healthy eating. Here are their “wellness” stipulations:
ahaCaptureWhat about eating non-processed foods? Avoiding GMOs, additives, preservatives and all around fake food? Well, that doesn’t really matter to the American Heart Association. Here are the ingredients in the “healthier” bread options:



And here are the ingredients in the bread used at McDonald’s:



Not so different, huh? Both contain processed wheat, genetically modified soy, DATEM (a dangerous food additive) and a ton of other processed ingredients. This is not real food. This is not healthy food. This is the food that causes cancer and heart disease. But at least it’s low-cal.

Long gone are the days when the ingredient list for turkey was just turkey.


Yum! More GMOs! Think egg whites are healthier? Think again, amigo.


hamCapture chickCapture

Twenty three ingredients in chicken breast strips! Twenty three! Here is the ingredient list for chicken at McDonald’s:


It is not saturated fat from healthy animals that causes heart disease, it’s vegetable oils like soy and canola. These oils are extremely high in the inflammatory omega-6 fatty acid and also cause arterial calcification, both of which contribute to heart disease.

According to the Burnside Research Laboratory at University of Illinois,

Cigarette smoke and trans fatty acids, found in partially hydrogenated soybean oil, both inhibit the synthesis of prostacyclin, which inhibits blood clotting. By increasing the ratio of thromboxane to prostacyclin, these factors interact to interrupt blood flow, thereby contributing to heart attack and sudden death… Along with the consumption of trans fatty acids from partially hydrogenated vegetable oil, these diet and lifestyle factors likely underlie the persistent national burden of heart disease.

Let me reiterate, healthy saturated fat from pastured animals or wild seafood is not unhealthy. It is some of the most nutritious food you can eat. It does not cause heart disease. Processed, hydrogenated and oxidized fats (like canola and soy) are the “bad cholesterol” that will cause heart disease. Oxidized fat is directly linked to atherosclerosis. In addition to the soy and canola oil used by Subway (and McDonald’s) the processed ingredients in these “foods” will eventually cause degenerative diseases, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer and will destroy the gut; thus negatively effecting the immune system. Eating food like this will rob you of your health. Boycott Subway, ignore the AHA and eat real food with heart healthy saturated fat.




  1. Hi Dani, thank you for the article. Could you provide sources for your information? For example, the source for the AHA charging $700,000 for permission on food sponsorship?

  2. Arthur Sturges Reply

    Subway beef seems good, but there is no ingredient list for that shown here.

    • dani Reply

      Nope, their beef is wildly unhealthy.

      ROAST BEEF Fully cooked sliced roast beef upon cooking contains up to 10% solution of water, salt,
      dextrose, corn syrup, sodium phosphates, garlic powder, onion powder, natural flavor. Coated with:
      natural flavor, potato maltodextrin, salt, spices, garlic powder, onion powder, sugar.


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