After finding out that I’m a health coach, people usually ask, “So….what do you eat?” Which is a pretty loaded question. So I’ll share with you what I ate yesterday, even though I’m calling this “What I Ate Wednesday.” Can’t beat that alliteration.


Normally I fast to promote autophogy, and because I’m just not hungry at seven in the morning. I always have 1 tbsp of coconut oil, lemon water and I’ll sip on green and milk thistle tea throughout the morning. I was feeling hungry though, so I had two pieces of pastured, local bacon. I get it at the farmers market outside of my building. It’s the best bacon I’ve ever had.


Leftovers! I had some leftover cauliflower rice that was sauteed with peppers and onions. I added chili powder, cumin, grass-fed beef and some jalapenos. It was awesome.


Scott and I were out and about so instead of stopping at a restaurant we ate at Chipotle. If you’re going to eat out or eat fast food, Chipotle is definitely the healthiest option. The meat and dairy are organic/pastured and they try to source local and organic veggies. They do use some vegetable oils, but they have started to label them and replace them for healthier options. I get rice (white rice instead of brown because it’s easier to digest and low in phytic acid), steak, tomatoes, sour cream, guac and lettuce.

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