I am on a constant learning journey when it comes to health, wellness, happiness and all related fields. I never understand people who go to school for something, and then the learning stops. I am always reading new books, blogs, studies. I’ve read a lot of bad books with a ton of horrible information (one that comes to mind recommended broccoli as an ideal source of protein) and I’ve read a lot of amazing books. So whether you’re starting out on your journey or already well into it, here are some of my favorite books on healthy living.

This one is my absolute favorite. If you’re just starting out, it’s perfect. It will teach you what to eat, why, and what healthy actually is. I cannot say enough good things about this book.

The ultimate guide to traditional eating and recipes:

Such a good intro book if you’re starting out on your journey to health:

To teach you why fat is good and won’t make you fat:

Every mama (and dad) should read this book!

This book is super interesting and teaches you how our ancestors ate to optimize health and beauty.

Recipe Books

For kiddos:

For really delicious recipes:

I actually haven’t read this one but I hear it’s great:

These are just some of my favorite books. I figured I shouldn’t add all 382 of my favorites. If you have another recommendation, comment below!

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