I am so, so honored, stoked and thankful that I was able to sit down with Anthony Morrocco, founder of Morrocco Method and pick his brain. Anthony is an expert and a huge fountain of knowledge when it comes to hair care. And the best part? All of his products are truly non-toxic (not to mention the fact that they’re also amazing). We’re not talking about the kind of shampoo that is labeled “all natural” but actually contains carcinogens. Or an organic conditioner that secretly contains hydrolyzed soy protein.

I started using Morrocco Method products after my long hair started breaking off at the ends. I thought I was using a healthy, organic shampoo and conditioner but as it turns out, the products I was using contained harmful carcinogens. Using Morrocco Method products and methods stopped the breakage, healed my hair and actually encouraged growth. This is the only hair care line I will ever use.

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When taking steps toward a healthier life, we have to address all aspects of our health. Not just diet or sleep or exercise, but looking at our health as a whole. One of the most important aspects of health is what we apply to our bodies because what we apply to the skin is absorbed into the bloodstream.

Whether you want to lengthen, strengthen, thicken, beautify or work on your roots, Morrocco Method has a plan for you. You can check out the different kits here.

Points of interest:

    • Which conditioner to use – 22:00
    • What to use to lengthen and strengthen hair 25:30
    • How long does it take to grow hair out 28:25
    • Cut your hair using the lunar cycle to double or triple hair growth 29:15
    • How often to cut your hair 31:35
    • How often to shampoo 38:55
    • Henna and its deep conditioning ability 40:05
    • How to bring out highlights in naturally darker shades 43:30
    • How to get started 47:00

Webinar With Anthony Morrocco: How To Lengthen & Strengthen Hair

Products I use and love:

If you have any questions or need recommendations, please let us know. The team over at Morrocco Method and myself are here to help and would be thrilled to assist you in finding healthy products to fit your hair care needs!



  1. My hair is down to my waist. I have it trimmed straight accross as it makes my braid neater. For years, I would have a slight “u” shape at the bottom, but found that the shorter pieces made my braid messy. There is no way I can cut my own hair the way your videos show because my arms are not long enough etc.

    • dani stout Reply

      You actually don’t need crazy long arms to cut your own hair. You pull it to the front. My video doesn’t demonstrate how to cut hair, there are videos on the Morrocco Method YouTube that demonstrate this technique.

      • Hi Dani,

        I looked at the blunt cut how-to videos and he takes sections of hair and pulls them straight up and trims the ends. My hair is too long for me to reach the very tips if I pull it straight up. My hair is very long — I wrote waist length but out of the braid, it’s below belt buckle — mid backside — very very long and I am afraid that if I trim myself, I’ll mess it up. I go to a salon that caters to long hair so no worries about getting too much cut off but it is expensive and very hard on my limited budget so I only go 2-3 times per year now. Most salons seem to hate long hair — especially on middle aged to older women — and the stylists will ignore the directive to just trim a little and instead cut much more. That is why I am grateful that there is one salon dedicated to long hair in my area.

  2. My Mother and I just started using your products and we love them.
    The store where we purchased your products
    Didn’t know much about the henna. My mother is wondering if the henna will cover grey/white hair? She is now light blond and would like to get away from using chemicals.

  3. Hi Dani,
    I have been using Morocco Method for about 6 months now and I love all the products too. I am wondering what brands you recommend for make up? I want to switch to holistic make up products or start making my own. Do you have any resources?

  4. Is there a natural henna/haircolor for light brown hair that has turned gray?

    • dani stout Reply

      Yes, the light brown color works great for grays!

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