You guys are my people. You’ve read my blog, maybe you’ve even bought some of my products. You consoled me when I had a miscarriage. You congratulated me when I had my son and prayed with me because he arrived really, really early. Even if we don’t know each other in person, the internet is a weird and wonderful place where we get to know each other and become friends. I thought it would be fun to share a bit more about myself, so here are twenty things you don’t know about me.

Or maybe more. I honestly didn’t count.


I will be 30 in a few months!

I met my husband when I was 23, we’ve been together for over 6 years. He is 8 years older than me and the best person in the world. Like seriously, I love that man so much.

We had the worst wedding. Everyone loved it except for me. The venue messed up so many details that I had put so much time, effort, money and thought into. They also ruined the menu. I can get over a lot of things, but don’t fuck with my food. I was pissed!

I was homeless when I was 19 and did lots of couch hopping. It was a weird time in my life.

I not so secretly want to live near the beach. Like I want a house on the beach with every room overlooking the ocean.

I’m from Silver Spring, MD. Right outside of DC. DMV for life – even if I get my beach house.

I have 2.5 brothers. Two whole, one half that I’ve only met a few times. I’ve always wanted a sister!

I’ve been working since I was 11 years-old. It used to make me mad that my mom made me start working so young, but now I think it’s part of the reason I started my own business – so I’m thankful.

I NEEDED to start my own business. I cannot take orders from other people. I literally can’t even follow the directions on a box of cake. This is why I’m so bad at baking. I have to do my own thing, always.

My husband is my business manager. He handles all the finances, and thank God, because I suck at math. I’m not his main gig though, he’s the CFO of a record label and cosmetics company.

When I was 13, I was obsessed with this local DC punk band. Ten years later, I unknowingly started dating the bass player of the band and only figured this out the first time I went to his apartment and he had a framed Affront poster. Then I married him.

Around 11-12 years-old I started getting into a lot of punk and hardcore music. I went to tons of basement shows and shows around DC. It was my favorite. I still always listened to gangster rap though.

My first musical gift was a Nonchalant cassette tape from my brother when I was like, 6.

I have been on my own and parent-less since I was 16 years-old. It’s one of the best things that ever happened to me.

I had a really traumatic childhood. My father wasn’t around and my mother was an abusive, clinically insane drug addict.

I’m extremely judgmental. I’m working on it.

If I weren’t a holistic nutritionist, I’d want to be a professional hip hop dancer.

I have a core group of close friends that I absolutely adore.

I used to want four kids. After my last pregnancy, which did NOT go as planned, we’re trying to figure out if we want two or three. Anyone care to weigh in on this?? I need some input!

I’m super, incredibly anti-racist, anti-fascist. I have a black lives matter sign in my front yard. What happened in Charlottesville really upset me and made me concerned for our country.

I was mostly raised by my grandmother, who lived with us on and off growing up. I love her so much. She has dementia now but it only really affects her short-term memory.

I used to think that relationships where couples got along well and didn’t fight constantly and were just in love were made up or fake. Then I met my husband and we didn’t have a single fight for the first year of dating. I loved him immediately. Like, since our first date. On our second or third date I texted my friend and said “He dances to rap music with me. I’m going to marry this man.” Even now, after six years, we barely fight and we just have an amazing time together. He is the best father and we’re just a good team. I think the secret of marriage is to marry the right person.

I get fired up about SO. MANY. THINGS. I have really strong opinions and I’m not afraid to voice them. Check out the comments section of any of my meal replacement articles. I’m like this in real life too, but on even more topics. Politics? Yep. Racism? Yep. The treatment of the elderly? Oh hell yeah.

Speaking of the elderly, they’re my favorite. I LOVE old people.

OKAY. Now please tell me things about yourselves! I challenge you to share three facts about yourself! Aaaand go!


  1. Girl!! I had no idea you were from Silver Spring. I grew up in Chevy Chase, and now live in Bethesda (no, I didn’t go very far) – ha! such a small world!!

  2. Ginnie Nichols Reply

    I literally found you today perusing the web looking for ways to improve my life physically and mentally and I love you already. I love your spunk, dedication and overall willingness to help people be better versions of themselves, which is why I am here and starting this journey TODAY!

    3 things about me:

    1. I am hysterically and irrationally afraid of bats! Like I become a completely hysterical lunatic who runs for her life and leaves her children behind to fend for themselves. (yes, I know worst mom EVER!!)

    2. I am a total geek who never ever wants to stop learning ever!!

    3. My mom taught me when I was very young, no idea what age, just young, to say the McDonald’s Two All Beef Patty blah blah motto, theme, song, whatever it is completely backwards and to this day, I have never forgotten it, and I’m getting pretty old.

    Looking forward to learning so much more from you, God bless!

    Ginnie Nichols

  3. I’ve always wanted to be professional hip hop dancer as well!
    My favorite scents are fresh-cut grass and burning leaves.
    I traveled abroad in Spain for a semester, but I should have totally stayed a year.

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