Well, I am officially tired of eating the same food repetitively. And I really want some organic wine. Last night’s dinner was pretty good though. I made a variation of my meatloaf recipe. I combined ground beef, tomatoes, onion and basil in ramekins and made mini meatloafs. I served it with broccoli which I am now out of. I had the meatloaf for lunch today along with some sauteed potato.

Thank goodness I bought giant bags of onions and potatoes. Otherwise I’d be very low on food. I’m also fortunate that the tomatoes I bought were really large, I’ve been able to ration them pretty well and I think I’ll have enough to last me until Sunday. I’ve only been using a small amount.

Tonight for dinner I’m planning on scrambled eggs. I could eat chicken but I just love eggs. I could eat them all the time and have been snacking on them throughout this challenge. At the beginning of each week I normally prepare food and I always make hard boiled eggs to snack on.

I have not experienced long bouts of hunger during this challenge. This is in part due to the fact that I am not eating a carb heavy diet that spikes blood sugar. I am eating nutrient dense, protein and fat rich foods, which keep me satiated. When I’m hungry, I eat.

After reading about some other SNAP Challenges, it only reinforces how much we need to emphasize meats, healthy fats and vegetables instead of grains, vegetables and otherwise low-fat food; the latter of which are not healthy or satiating.

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