I’m well into day two and it’s going well so far. While I haven’t eaten the most exciting meals for the past two days, by no means have they been bad meals. They taste good, they’re nourishing, they provide vitamins and minerals, they work.

Last night for dinner I sauteed about a half pound of the ground beef with a little bit of butter. I did add some spices that were around my apartment. I did not factor these into the costs of the week because my spice cabinet was already fully stocked and I probably used about $0.07 worth of spices, if that. I grated a small amount of cheese over the beef and served it with a side of broccoli (also sauteed in a small amount of butter). I topped the beef with homemade pico de gallo. I had some onion and tomato leftover from my lunch earlier in the day, and I grow cilantro in my window.


Broccoli is unpictured. I forgot how filling it is to just eat beef, especially grass-fed beef because it is high in nutrients. I didn’t finish this portion, I stored some in the refrigerator and packed some for lunch today.

For my morning snack I made two hard boiled eggs and 1 slice of cheese. For lunch I packed the leftover beef, sauteed with some onions and potatoes. It turned out that I wasn’t hungry at all this morning, so all of this was my lunch. I didn’t even finish and will be bringing it home to repurpose for a later meal. Lunch was completely satisfying and I’m sufficiently full right now, two hours after eating.

For dinner tonight I plan on cooking up one of the chicken thighs. I’m not sure what the sides will be yet, but it will be a quick, simple dinner that gets the job done.

I do want to clarify some things about this challenge. Of course it is ideal to buy all ogranic, grass-fed and pastured, but it is not a requirement. If a person does not have the means to do so, be it financially or otherwise, that is okay. It is still better to buy inorganic meats and vegetables instead of processed, packaged foods. There is no need to make perfect the enemy of good.

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