After talking to my kids’ dentist recently about how gummy vitamins can cause an increase in cavities, I went in search of the healthiest zero sugar multivitamin for kids. Luckily, it exists, it’s affordable and my kids love it!

My Quest For The Healthiest Zero Sugar Multivitamin For Kids

Okay, I admit I’ve been giving my kids gummy vitamins for years. I don’t want to say negative things about other brands, because I think they are definitely well intentioned AND have good ingredients overall, but it always concerned me that gummy vitamins were basically candy. My kids would beg for them, fiend for them even. I recognized that this was the process with typical high sugar foods – they hijack the brain so you crave more and more.

While I liked that they were taking multivitamins, I recognized that they reacted to them like they would candy. Wanting more and more, getting hyper, getting irritable and even angry when I wouldn’t let them have more. I knew something was up. And I knew it was the sugar content (and probably my kids’ blood sugar too).

Let’s consider that a recent study found that 67% of kids’ diets are made up of ultra-processed foods, mainly refined carbohydrates and sugar. We want to do the best for our kids, and we shouldn’t also be giving them sugar in their dang multivitamins.

Gummy Vitamins Are High In Sugar

A very popular brand of gummy vitamins for kids contains 5 grams of sugar per serving. That might not sound like a lot, but consider that kids shouldn’t have more than 25g per day – and that is actually extremely high. So even with that high amount of sugar, it’s 20% of the daily allowance! In a multivitamin.

Our kids our constantly bombarded with sugar, they shouldn’t be getting added sugar from something that is supposed to make them healthier.

Gummy Vitamins Can Cause Cavities

Cavities happen when sugar is consumed, then that sugar interacts with the bacteria present in the mouth creating acid. This acid then breaks down enamel and causes cavities in the teeth.

Listen, my kids are certainly not sugar-free. They eat candy, they eat cookies with friends, they are obsessed with fruit (yes, even fruit has sugar, and sugar is sugar). I am not better than any other parent.

I just think many parents don’t realize just how much sugar our kids are consuming. Sugar is sneaky and it’s at school, it’s in our snacks, it’s even in our damn multivitamins! We really just have to be as mindful as possible and make an effort to reduce it in their diets.

Enter Hiya Vitamins: The Healthiest Zero Sugar Multivitamin For Kids!

I’m committed to giving my kids multivitamins to keep their immune systems healthy, to keep their brains functioning well and their moods happy and balanced. I had been searching for a good, organic, high quality multivitamin that didn’t have sugar – I just didn’t know it existed! When I heard about Hiya vitamins, I bought some immediately.

Benefits of Hiya vitamins:

  • zero sugar
  • non-GMO
  • eco-friendly
  • no sketchy or processed ingredients
  • made from 12 different organic fruits and vegetables

After I bought some, I reached out to the company to become and affiliate and I genuinely want to introduce more moms to these vitamins. A high quality multivitamin with no sugar is already a dream, but giving our kids multivitamins has so many benefits!

Benefits of giving kids multivitamins:

  • support their immune systems
  • helps balance moods with crucial vitamins like B12 and D (both crucial for brain health)
  • helps fill in any gaps in the diet (my kids eat well but they still aren’t getting every vitamin and mineral through diet alone)
  • supports hormone health
  • balances energy production
  • supports cellular health

Hiya vitamins also don’t cost an arm and a leg, which I appreciate. Because you shouldn’t have to make six figures to afford multivitamins for your kids.

Give Hiya vitamins a try HERE and let me know if you have any questions!

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