A few months ago I saw something on my son’s foot. To my horror, it was a huge wart. I went to work finding the best natural remedy for plantar warts.

He had several, but this was the biggest one:

I was so grossed out by these huge warts on my toddler’s cute little feet! I have never had warts and as it turns out, they’re really not a huge deal.

If your kid has gone to any play space with mats, there’s a chance they’ve been exposed to the strain of human papilloma virus (HPV) that causes these warts. This is why kids are often encouraged or even required to wear socks in public play spaces.

We’ve been to so many play spaces with mats. Gymnastics, bouncy house parks, random play spaces for kids. Only some ever required sock and I never knew that kids could get warts from the mats. Now, we ALWAYS wear socks in public spaces.

As it turns out, I had bought the Plant Therapy Complete Kid Safe Set. Yeah, I bought it before I even have kids. What can I say? I’m a planner.

I had used the oils on my younger son for calming him and helping him sleep since he’s struggled so much with sleep since he was born. I actually had no idea they had a kiddo essential oil for warts until I rummaged through the bag of them.

I was looking for an anti-viral kid safe oil like oregano oil tea tree, since warts are from a virus. And it turns out they actually had one specifically for warts! You can check it out here.

Here is what the giant wart looked like after two days of applying the wart oil:

Within a week it was completely gone, as were the other smaller warts on his other foot.

I simple applied a bit of the oil every morning and every night before bed. Sometimes I put a bandaid over the warts to ensure the oil was getting straight to the wart all night. Most of the time I just applied the oil to the wart directly and called it a night.

An easy, safe, effective way to get rid of plantar warts. I didn’t have to take him to the doctor, the doctor didn’t have to freeze the warts off, no crying. I can’t recommend the Plant Therapy Kid Safe Set enough!

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