Lately, I’ve been all about making smoothies.

Don’t get me wrong – not the smoothies that contain a shit ton of sugar (even if it’s from fruit, three cups of fruit is way too much). Not low fat smoothies either. If you’re not consuming fat with your smoothies, you’re not absorbing the fat-soluble vitamins. I love a good smoothie.

The smoothies I’m making are a great way to get extra veggies into your diet.

They actually make an awesome snack. I add chlorella, bentonite and diatomaceous earth because I’m planning on getting knocked up in the not so distant future and these are extremely detoxifying. The chlorella removes mercury while the bentonite and diatomaceous earth remove harmful bacteria, yeast, and toxins.

Lastly, I also add gelatin, because it’s awesome for the gut, your bones, skin, and cartilage. When I’m in the mood for a smoothie or just want a snack, I’ll grab one of these from the freezer and add raw goat yogurt.


Smoothie Packs - make 12 smoothies in 20 minutes that are low-sugar, paleo and-super healthy!