The family and I just got back from Folly Beach and it was a much needed vacation. My first trimester was a bit challenging – I was incredibly nauseous and had serious food aversions. I ate way more junk food than usual. It was also a bit difficult just because we had such horrible weather. DC was freezing cold all winter and then rained all spring.

This picture was actually taken in my 28th week which is the third trimester but I haven’t been taking regular bump pics! Did anyone slack on these with their second pregnancy? I feel so bad! I had so many more pictures when I was pregnant with Everett.

More and more I feel like I’m connecting with this baby in my belly. It’s not that he wasn’t planned, but I got pregnant so easily that I was just surprised. I thought it would take longer. And because Everett was born so early, I think a part of me has just been subconsciously stressed about this pregnancy and birth.

But the 24th week (when Everett was born) came and went. As I write this, I’m in my 29th week. I started feeling kicks early in my second trimester, around 15 weeks. This was so reassuring.

Compared to my last pregnancy, even before the unexpected water breaking, this pregnancy has been easier in many ways. Prior to getting pregnant with Everett, I had miscarried. I was so terrified of it happening again. I spotted many times and was convinced I was having another miscarriage with Everett. I cried hysterically numerous times.

This time around, no spotting. No weird cramping. Just a healthy baby. And lots of progesterone shots.

Scott has been giving me weekly progesterone shots since 16 weeks. This is to help prevent pre-term labor. The shots aren’t much fun – they’re intramuscular so I can feel the shots going through my skin, then going into my muscle. It’s more gross than anything and it’s something I honestly dread even though most of the time it doesn’t hurt that much.

Anyway, here are some areas I’m focusing on this pregnancy.

Self Care

I’m getting monthly prenatal massages as well as facials. The prenatal massages are AMAZING. I found a massage therapist I absolutely adore. She is incredibly strong and has a massage technique that is both relaxing and intense. She gets into all my knots and isn’t afraid to really work them out – which can definitely hurt. But I leave feeling so amazing.

I’m taking regular epsom salt baths, which are excellent for magnesium levels as well as my aching hips. I’m still working out regularly so I tend to have sore hips and shoulders.

Weight Gain

I honestly don’t pay much attention to weight gain. I think around 26 weeks I had gained 18 pounds.


When we’re in town, which hasn’t been much lately, I’m working out around 3x a week. That will be less this week because after yoga sculpt yesterday I felt like I was coming down with something. The whole family is feeling it now. I worked out 3-5x a week throughout my second trimester.

I did yoga and yoga sculpt, which is a much more intense class that incorporates weights and cardio and is fast paced and I love it.


MARGARITAS. I’m not interested in any food in particular, but I could totally go for a tart, cold margarita. I think a lot of this is the fact that it’s summer and we’ve been spending time at the beach – perfect setting for a marg.

What about you? What self care did you practice during pregnancy? What kind of cravings did you have?

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