Week 10: Lots of nausea. I don’t know what a small, medium to moderate amount of puking is. Majority of women I’ve talked to have told me that they often felt nauseous during pregnancy but never actually puked. I’m vomiting around four times a week. So maybe that’s moderate?

11: I have to pee all the time. I’ve had to pee all the time since about week six. I pee in the morning, before bed, and pee between three and four times a night. Am I even drinking this much fluid? Where is all this urine coming from?

12: Peeing and puking. This is the reality of pregnancy.

Cravings + Food

Week 10: None.

11: None.

12: Burgers. I discussed this with Scott, who said it’s not so much that I’m craving burgers – it’s that I’m always down to eat burgers. Which is true. I do love me a good grass-fed cheeseburger on a gluten-free bun.


Week 10: Nervous. Always nervous. Feeling a bit less anxious because I’m not in the double digits.

11: Still nervous. Feeling better as we end the first trimester.

12: Somehow…my nervousness is dissipating. Which is so rare for me. But as we get closer and closer to exiting the first trimester, the less nervous I feel.


Week 10: Going to my normal full body conditioning classes at the gym twice a week. I’m also going to a spin class, which I don’t love and don’t find to be a particularly good workout – but it gets me sweaty and moving. So I figure if nothing else, I’m detoxing through the sweat that seeps out of me during spin class.

11: Same.

12: Same.

Weight Gain

Week 10: None

11: None

12: None

Again, this is not purposeful!

For some reason in my head – I thought that when I hit double digits in weeks, I’d be gaining weight and showing. Neither has happened. From what I’ve read, by week 12 you, your partner, your family, and close friends can tell you’re pregnant. To others, it just might look like you have a pooch. Well, week 12 is here my friends and nothin’.

I’m excited for my belly to come in, but at 12 weeks the baby is only the size of a lime. So I’m just trying to embrace every stage of pregnancy, because I’m sure when my stomach is big and my skin is stretching and itchy – I’ll think back to this time when I was complaining about not showing at all.

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