Natural hair dyes. We need ’em!

Did you know that typical hair dyes are completely toxic? Probably. But did you know they’ve also been linked to cancer? According to the National Cancer Institute,

Over 5,000 different chemicals are used in hair dye products, some of which are reported to be carcinogenic (cancer-causing) in animals (2, 3). Because so many people use hair dyes, scientists have tried to determine whether exposure to the chemicals in hair coloring products is associated with an increased risk of cancer in people…Over the years, some epidemiologic (population) studies have found an increased risk of bladder cancer in hairdressers and barbers (2, 5). A 2008 report of the Working Group of the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) concluded that some of the chemicals these workers are exposed to occupationally are “probably carcinogenic to humans” (6).

On the plus side, it’s completely possible to dye your hair without toxic chemicals (though don’t fall for the companies that sell hair dyes and call them “all natural”, this essentially means nothing and they’re definitely not all natural). But let’s get one thing out of the way first. I’m going to be completely honest with you; if you have dark brown hair and want to go blonde, it’s not going to happen naturally. It’s just not possible. Not to mention the fact that if you have dark hair, you probably look best with dark hair.

The good news is that if you have light brown hair and want to go blonde, if you have brown hair and want highlights, if you’d like to go a bit red, if you’d like to cover grays, if you’d like to go dark brown, if you’d like to go light brown – there are some awesome, non-toxic options for you.

Let’s start with blonde.

I have naturally dirty blonde hair. It gets light in the summer, to the point where if I spend enough time in the sun it turns a very, very light blonde. There are pictures of me and my best friend from when I was 8 and my head was nearly white. In the winter, however, my hair naturally gets a lot darker. And then I get roots. And then I look terrible.

Luckily, I found a natural way to update my hair color without spending $250 or applying toxic chemicals to my head. Morrocco Method makes amazing henna hair dyes that won’t fry your hair or put toxic chemicals into your bloodstream.

Most store-bought hair dyes are toxic! Keep those chemicals out of your system with these amazing all-natural henna hair color options!


Most store-bought hair dyes are toxic! Keep those chemicals out of your system with these amazing all-natural henna hair color options!

This henna brings out natural highlights and creates a sun-kissed look. It’s made from chamomile and marigold, two of my favorite all-natural ingredients to lighten hair. As a result, you get great color without harming your hair that deeply.

And the best part? It’s under ten bucks! Most importantly, all of Morrocco Method’s henna is made from high quality, non-toxic ingredients and are still amazingly priced. Find the blonde henna HERE.

In addition, I also use a homemade concoction that isn’t as gentle or all-natural, but it gets the job done.

I mix this up in a spray bottle, apply to my roots and sleep in it overnight. I also go out in the sun with it.

Light Brown

Most store-bought hair dyes are toxic! Keep those chemicals out of your system with these amazing all-natural henna hair color options!

Light brown is made up of henna bark and adds warmth to hair while adding moisture. I haven’t personally tried it. Therefore I’m going off of other people’s words when I write that it can make a mousy brown a chestnut brown. Find light brown henna HERE.

Medium Brown

Most store-bought hair dyes are toxic! Keep those chemicals out of your system with these amazing all-natural henna hair color options!

Medium brown enhances the natural shade of brown with indigo, adding shine and warmth. Find medium brown HERE.

Dark Brown

Most store-bought hair dyes are toxic! Keep those chemicals out of your system with these amazing all-natural henna hair color options!

This dark brown shade adds shine and intensity while deeply hydrating the hair. Dark brown henna can be found HERE.


Most store-bought hair dyes are toxic! Keep those chemicals out of your system with these amazing all-natural henna hair color options!

Red henna adds a natural red hue to brown hair, giving it a vibrant update. Find red henna HERE.


Most store-bought hair dyes are toxic! Keep those chemicals out of your system with these amazing all-natural henna hair color options!

Black adds a natural and powerfully dark color to hair. It deepens already dark hair and is great at covering greys. Find black henna HERE.

Photo courtesy of these people.

Most store-bought hair dyes are toxic! Keep those chemicals out of your system with these amazing all-natural henna hair color options!

Most store-bought hair dyes are toxic! Keep those chemicals out of your system with these amazing all-natural henna hair color options! #naturalbeauty #haircare #hairdye #henna


  1. HI, I have brown hair with lots of grey i am 62 have being henning very succefully but no my hair is going very orangre,and not very flattering please help thankyou Karin.

    • dani stout Reply

      I’d definitely recommend one of the above hennas, they cover grey well.

    • You can use additives to alter the henna color in your mix, like chamomile and lemon juice with blond enhancing henna, or hibiscus/red zinger tea/beet powder to enhance red henna, and coffee (not decaf) brewed for an hour beforehand to darken red henna and brown henna mixes. Also, i always add two tbsp of ACV to my mix to help the tannin known as hennotannic acid adhere to my hair better (this more than hot water is necessary for the extraction of the color molecule from the cassia plant) my mom tells me this step is important in covering and adhering the color to her grays. also because her hair is naturally grey/whiting the red will come out orange if coffee or beet is not added to her dye mixture. also some henna companies add salts or metals to their henna which will obscure the color predominately on lighter hair, and will wonk up the oxidation process. I personally use Rainbow henna at the moment because my local natural market supplies it for pretty cheep, I like the colors it’s henna fades to, and I know it’s safe, but there are many good products and you might want to try a different one than the one that’s been turning your hair orange. Morrocco method, the affiliate company this blogger recommends above is good too. I’ve used their product and it also has no no metallic salts, no ammonia, no PPD, ect. Best of luck :]

  2. So I have medium to dark brown hair and I want to cover my gray on top, Should I use the dark brown? and what else goes in the mix? if I order it what else do I need? Thanks for your help 🙂

    • dani stout Reply

      I don’t use that one so I’m not sure what goes into the mix. I have heard it’s great for covering greys. If you just want the henna, that’s all you need to order.

  3. The original color of my hairs are dark brown/black, and I have got quite a lot grey hairs now all over my head. Could you please suggest me any henna that could cover my grey hairs. Please bear in mind, i don’t want my hairs to look red/golden after applying heena (did once in the past).

    Thank you

  4. Do you experience hair fall when you use the homemade concoction with peroxide? I used Sun in and saw more hair falling but I’m not sure if that was caused by the peroxide in it. Do you know if food grade peroxide is safe from this aspect to apply to roots? Thank you

    • dani stout Reply

      I actually don’t use that anymore and exclusively use the blonde henna. Didn’t experience hair fall though. Breakage – yes.

  5. do you know how this product works with curly hair? Does it affect the curls?

    • dani stout Reply

      It’s great for curls! Super conditioning and doesn’t do any damage to curliness.

    • I recently used a black henna product (different brand) over my naturally brown very curly hair, ending up with a rich brown look. I’ve been thrilled by how my hair is healthy and shiny. Definitely love henna now!

  6. i have brown hair (medium) could i use the blonde henna to go light brown or get highlights? or the light brown henna?

    • dani stout Reply

      The light blonde will definitely bring out highlights in your hair. I’m not sure exactly how much it would lighten it because I don’t have brown hair but from what it did to my blonde/light brown hair, I definitely think it would work for you.

      • If I want just highlights, do I apply it with a highlight techinique or all over treatment and it will just lighten some pieces?

        • dani Reply

          I’m not sure, it really depends on your hair and hair color.

  7. My hair is blond/red/brown depending on the season which comes out more. Summer more blond spring and fall more red but Windermere light brown. What would you recommend?

  8. I have used black hair dye 3 times and each time a reaction has occurred. Not a good one either. IF I choose to try the Henna, will that give me a allergic reaction? I have naturally red hair, but like to under coat Black. Thank you.

    • dani stout Reply

      I have used it with no problems, I’ve actually never heard of anyone having a bad reaction to this particular brand of henna since it’s 100% plant based.

    • These formulas aren’t just henna. Henna, indigo and cassia powders
      are green powders, similar in appearance, because they are all dried powdered leaves, and all
      contain dye molecules that can safely and effectively dye hair. The green chlorophyll in the
      leaves hides the dye molecules. Cassia contains a yellow dye molecule. Henna contains a red-orange
      dye molecule. A dark blue dye molecule can be derived from indigo. Maybe the indigo is causing the reaction. A good place to learn about henna is

  9. hello,
    My hair used to be in between light and med brown before it started graying. My hair grows fast and I cant afford going to the hairdresser because I need to color it every 2-3 weeks. My hair is very dry, curly and frizzy and pretty thick but not as thick as it used to be. What would you recommend to touch up my 1/4 inch hair growth?

    • I like it on the lighter brown side so my grays roots don’t show in a week

      • dani stout Reply

        I think the light brown option would be great for you.

  10. laura hall Reply

    Hi my hair is naturally dirty blonde..but it is currently dyed a sunlight very light blonde with a store brand dye.I would like to start dying it naturally with blonde henna.Would it be ok to put the henna on my new growth and existing hair color ?

  11. hi!
    I have dirty blonde hair and would like to have it a little bit lighter in some areas like highlights… But I have very thin hair and I haven’t died it before because I am scared my hair is to fragile for dyes… Is this henna die safer than others? Will it cause any breakage/ frying at all?

  12. hi my hair is naturally light brown but for the past two years I have been dying it red. I’m now growing it out and I do have a lot of my natural hair back but the ends are copper/orange. If I wanted to go liger and put the light blonde on, will it go a funny colour because of the copper ?

    • dani stout Reply

      Not sure, I have blond hair so I can’t definitely say.

  13. For blonde, would you need specifically those ingredients? Like the oils and tea?

  14. So If i were to use the light blonde henna for my dark brown hair, It wouldn’t work to lighten up my hair color to a blond hair color?

    • dani stout Reply

      I’m not positive. It would probably help lighten and bring out natural highlights, but it’s not like bleaching your hair.

  15. Is there a way to bleach your hair naturally? I use the mix of the lightening bleach from the package of the splat hair dye, it makes my scalp burn and my skin wherever it touches red

  16. I have completed chemotherapy about 4 weeks ago. My hair is growing back but it is almost black and a LOT of gray. I still have to go through radiation treatments but would so like to color my hair and stop wearing hats. Is this safe for me.

    • dani Reply

      Henna is very safe but you can run it by your doctor.

  17. I have course Asian hair. I am about 80% white and trying to go all white BUT it’s very difficult getting there. I have stopped coloring my hair for the same reason most do – chemicals. I feel I’m too young (though I’m not) to go white but would like to make the transition where I don’t feel ugly as I do right now. I also don’t want my hair to look red. Should I start with light brown?
    Thank you

  18. Hi I have light brown hair with natural blonde highlights and very light natural red highlights and I wanted to use the natural red as an hombre or dip dye and I was wondering if that would work. Also how long will the henna stay in?
    Thank You

    • dani Reply

      It’s permanent, so a while. I honestly have no idea if hombre would work.

  19. I have grey hair with natural black. I need to change my grey hair to medium brown.Which one should I use.

    Can I use this for my grey beard also?

  20. I have red/brownish hair (almost copper), and I want it to be a brighter and deeper red. Which would help meet that goal? And if I don’t like it, how long before it will come out? Thanks!

  21. What if I already have dyed, bleach hair? Can I use theither henna

  22. Hi

    My hair colour is black/brown and I dyed my hair brown colour. I like ash colour. Can you suggest henna for my hair and please make sure , it should be without chemical because I don’t want any more grey hair.


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  24. Patricia Pearson Reply

    Hi ,I’m a natural redhead,but the older I got the red is gone.I have Gary hair.I have been coloring it my self with Chemicals .I wa my to go with out chemical coloring. I would like to get a very light soft auburn. The strawberry blond is what I have now and it is to brassy. MyComplexion is very light.What color should I buy?

  25. Hiii!! I love that this website exists:)!! SoOoo… I have an ombre look going on right now. My roots are medium brown and my bottom is blonde. I want to move away from pricey salons and also be more nurturing to my hair. Could I use a medium brown henna on my blonde hair? I’m wondering if it would take nicely… Please help and thank you so much in advance<3

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