The average woman uses up to 515 chemicals per day on her skin.

FIVE HUNDRED AND FIFTEEN. Where’s the “natural beauty” in that?

The skin absorbs whatever is applied to it. So even if you’re eating a mostly organic and local diet, if you use toxic body products you’re still ingesting chemicals. But this doesn’t take away from the fact that the first step to natural beauty is a healthy diet. I firmly believe that beauty is a direct result of health. Eating healthy fats, organic veggies and nutrient dense proteins will provide clear and hydrated skin, strong nails and great hair. Not only that, but diet directly influences mood. Happiness is hot, y’all.

Here’s the good news: most organic, chemical-free makeup and body products are way cheaper than their toxic counterparts. Here is a list of some of my favorites, all of which are much more effective than the chemical laden junk.

The big daddy of ’em all: Coconut Oil.

Coconut oil is great internally and externally. It kills yeast, fungi, viruses, and bacteria.

Externally, it’s extremely moisturizing. I love it in my homemade body scrub. I use it as a lotion, hair mask, hair moisturizer (particularly on my ends) and makeup remover.

Aztec Healing Clay

This face mask is nuts. As it dries, it tightens and you can literally feel it pulling the dirt out of your pores.

I suggest doing this once a week. It really is so effective for a deep clean.

Jane Iredale

Jane Iredale is my favorite brand of makeup. Everything I’ve tried has been amazing.

Since I had such bad acne as a kid/teenager, I still have a lot of scars and big pores. This foundation provides full covers and stays. Not like those watery foundations that fall off within the hour. This stuff is thick, a little goes a really long way. I’ve had this same foundation for six months and still have a lot left.

*The cream blush makes your face GLOW.

Baking Soda

Who knew baking soda was so awesome? I use it for two things: exfoliating and washing my hair. Baking soda cleanses the hair without stripping it of its natural oils.

I also use it when my pores are feeling clogged and I quickly want to exfoliate. It’s also effective for scarring.

Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV is extremely healthy. It helps digest food, reduces heartburn… ACV is great for hair as well, you can use it after washing your hair with baking soda.

I use it every night after I oil cleanse. It balances the pH of skin and tightens pores. It also helps detoxify, boost metabolism, relieve heartburn and improves digestion.

Desert Essence Shampoo and Conditioner

This is one of the better shampoos I’ve found in terms of being non-toxic and still effective. I use the coconut one for dry hair and it works well for me.

Organic Oils (argan, tamanu, jojoba, almond, etc)

Oils are the best, they’re so versatile. I use oil to:

  • cleanse my skin
  • heal acne scars
  • improve and prevent fine lines
  • give my hair shine
  • tame frizz
  • as lotion

Contrary to popular belief, using oil on the oily skin does not encourage skin to produce more oil. I have very oily skin, which has significantly improved since I started oil cleansing. If you’d like to learn more about oil cleansing, eating well, clearing acne, preventing and reducing wrinkles, the no ‘poo hair cleansing method and so much more, I suggest checking out The Skintervention Guide.


  1. Another great one : active charcoal!

    I use it as a scrub, face mask and to clean my teeth. Makes them whiter in just 2 min 🙂

    And of course internally when feeling bloated… 😉

    Greets from Belgium!

  2. I use everything all-natural/things from my kitchen…but unfortunately I have bad build up on my scalp…I wash my hair with Acure shampoo and conditioner 1-2 times a week… the build up is bad even after I wash it….also my ends (and I recently cut 3 1/2 inches off!) are still matting together and when I shower I’m pulling out a lot of hair because it’s so tangled…I’m just trying to get my hippie on…but not at the expense of ruining my ‘do! I’ve also tried the baking soda/ACV but I only stuck with it like a month… Any ideas?..PS I HAVE A TON OF HAIR and it grows about an inch a month. 😛

    • dani stout Reply

      For dryness I absolutely recommend weekly coconut oil hair masks. Actually, do this several times a week and sleep it in. I do this and it doesn’t get on my pillows.

      Have your tried a purifying shampoo? You can find them on Amazon and they are specifically designed to remove buildup.

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