My Beautycounter makeup routine is a non-toxic way to look and feel your best while avoiding harmful ingredients found in most products!

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I’ve really started to fall in love with makeup. But it’s wasn’t until I found Beautycounter that I really felt comfortable using it regularly. Did you know that over 80,000 untested chemicals have been introduced to skincare products in the last 70 years? Or that while Europe bans over 1,400 toxic ingredients from skincare, the US only bans a little over 30? Or that one in three women will develop cancer, majority of which will be a direct result of lifestyle choices?

What we apply to our skin is absorbed by the blood stream. This is why it’s crucial to use truly non-toxic skincare and makeup. It’s something I’ve become incredibly passionate about – because women deserve better.

And if the government and regulatory agencies aren’t going to protect women from toxic ingredients in their skincare products, then you bet you ass I’m going to do everything I can to do that myself.

You can find my in-depth review of Beautycounter and their ingredients HERE.

Get 15% off sitewide and free shipping over $50 for the Black Friday sale – click HERE!

My Beautycounter makeup routine!

First I make sure my face is moisturized well. This is crucial. It will ensure your skin is primed for an application of foundation. This holds the foundation in place and smooths out your skin. Do not skip this step! I use my own line of skincare products, Ancestral Organics. I love this moisturizer.

Always apply a layer of sunscreen over your moisturizer but under your makeup. I use Coola’s matte sunscreen, it acts as a primer for the foundation.

  • Foundation – for medium coverage I use the Tint Skin foundation. To be completely honest, it’s not enough coverage for me (I prefer a heavy coverage) so I will often use or mix it with Jane Iredale’s foundation.
  • Concealer – I have two kids three and under. I NEED a good concealer. This one is my favorite, it covers well and stays put.
  • For powder I’ll use the matte powder or if I want more coverage, the Jane Iredale powder.
  • Bronzer – I love this bronzer, I have it in the shade Dune. It gives you a natural, beautiful glow!
  • Blush – this one is perfect. It has so many shades to adjust to different skin tones. I love the shade Nectar.
  • Highlighter – I don’t often use highlighter, unless we’re going out or on a date. But this one is amazing and takes your glow to the next level. I like the shade Halo.
  • Eyeshadow – I use this palette. I will swipe the color Buff (cream) all over my eyes, the color Cava (golden) on my lids and then use a thin eyeliner pencil to apply a layer of Midnight (black) across my top lashes. I dip the pencil in a little water to make it almost like a liquid shadow. Once it dries, it stays put! I much prefer this to an eyeliner pencil (which tends to bleed) or a liquid eyeliner (which doesn’t have as much control during application).
  • I love this mascara.
  • Brow pencil – brows are the windows to your face! Do not neglect them! Brows can totally change your entire look (for the better). I always fill in my brows with this pencil in shade Light.
  • I have only just started venturing into anything other than chapstick and I love the Beautycounter lip options. In this picture I’m wearing the jellies lip gloss in raspberry. I also love the red lipstick (Girls Night – perfect for the holidays!) and the nude glosses. I almost always wear a nude gloss now.

Please email me at [email protected] if you have any questions or need recommendations! Hope you enjoyed my Beautycounter makeup routine!

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