This week I made:

  • cauliflower rice
  • jap chae (recipe will be up tomorrow!)
  • split pea soup in my crockpot
  • hard boiled eggs

Here’s how I did it:

First, I got the soup going. I love my crockpot. I chopped an onion and celery and tossed ’em in. Then I added a bag of almost empty carrots and broccoli. I added the rest of my split peas, a bunch of bone broth and a ham hock. I popped the top on, turned it on high and got it out three hours later.

It really was as simple as that. I pulled all the meat off the ham hock, which was a lot. You really don’t need specific recipes to make simple meals like this.

Second, I made a ton of jap chae. It basically involves sauteeing a bunch of vegetables and steak and tossing it all with coconut aminos and sweet potato noodles. It’s super easy and you can check back tomorrow for the recipe.

While I was making the jap chae, the hard boiled eggs were cooking. I take them out of the fridge for a snack whenever I’m kind of hungry.

Lastly I sauteed a big ol’ bag of cauliflower rice in avocado oil. I added some salt and cumin and cooked until it all just started to soften. This was for side dishes and it worked out so well. I just had to take out individual portions and heat them up.

Groceries needed for this:

  • bone broth
  • ham hock
  • bag of carrots and broccoli
  • split peas
  • onion
  • carrots
  • eggs
  • sweet potato noodles
  • snap peas
  • red onion
  • bell pepper
  • garlic
  • coconut aminos
  • cauliflower rice

All of this took me about an hour and a half. I did it while my laundry was going and then I was set for the week. Meal prep is so easy – it saves time and money. I highly recommend doing this on Saturday or Sunday so you have food ready to go for the week!


  1. Waooo amazing recipes. I will cook it for family.Please Keep us aware of your concept for cooking. The ingredient which you have used in recipe are healthy for body fitness.


  2. I have a question for you regarding meal prep companies. I used my fit foods some time ago and saw a great deal of progress as far as weight loss and eating clean (I think). My fit has since gone out of business and I have been in search of a similar service, there are a lot of companies out there but of the few that I have tried, have been able to deliver the result that My Fit did. My question is are you familiar with and do you recommend meal prep companies to help with creating a healthy life style? I coach basketball at a division 1 institution and my life style is very on the go, long days and lots of travel and so the last thing I want to do is cook when I get home. Would love to hear your thoughts, suggestions and recommendations. Thank you

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