I’ll be honest, I didn’t make a ton of food yesterday because I was feeling super lazy.

Scott and I went on a really long walk earlier in the day (in the hot sun and humidity) and I had been on the go all weekend. The last thing I wanted to do was spend hours cooking and chopping food, but I knew this week would be busy so I didn’t want to be completely unprepared either. Meal plan life doesn’t always go as planned.

I decided to stick with the basics:

  • I chopped one whole head of romaine for salads.
  • Also chopped two whole cucumbers for salads.
  • Even though I didn’t chop the tomatoes in this picture, I sliced ’em up for salads.
  • At the farmers market on Sunday I got a TON of basil for $4. It was insane. The bunch of basil was bigger than Scott’s head, which is really large. I put it in the blender with garlic and olive oil. Instead of chopping basil to add to chicken, salads, fish, etc I now just have to scoop out a spoonful of this. So much easier.
  • Hard boiled eggs. They sort of speak for themselves.
  • Blackberries from the farmers market! I rinsed them, drained them, dried them and put them in this bowl for a quick grab and go snack.
  • Steamed cauliflower. For some reason, even though it’s really easy, steaming cauliflower annoys me. I do not like preparing dinner and having to wait for the damn cauliflower to steam. And it’s so much easier to do the whole head at once. Cauli mash? Good to go. Cauli rice? Comin’ up.

I also made grilled chicken on my amazing grill pan, which is not pictured because I seriously just forgot to take a picture with all the rest of this stuff.


  1. LOVE this!!! THIS is the kind of meal prep planning I NEED! I read your article on not taking the time to plan meals, and can add a list of excuses. (7 of us, 2 toddlers, husband working 7 days a week, 10 hour days – not kidding. No “extra” time, exhausted…) BUT… that also speaks to the need to get this done even more (plan ahead) I do plan ahead to some extent, but the prep work KILLS me. I HATE it. (The prep the evening of, not in advance.) I *really* don’t want to make five meals in one day. I am already cooking a massive amount every day and even after cooking five meals (the times I have successfully gotten meals done in advance,) I’m still stuck with pulling out all the pans etc to re-heat etc, so it only saves a minimal amount… However THIS idea of just doing the prep work, not the whole darn meal – can’t even tell you – this seriously might be the ticket! Thanks for the ideas. Plus, these items are so basic we can use them in multiple recipes (because I wind up changing my mind/menu as plans change) PLEASE please please keep posting on what you are pre-preparing weekly. These two articles were great.

    • (Oh, and they’re very much identical to the foods we eat, so I appreciate that too. Never thought to cook cauli ahead of time – worried it would get mushy or moldy due to the water content after cooking. I hate prepping it though the night of dinner. I despise making salads, yet we eat them nightly. YES – LOVE the idea of prepping the salad etc ahead.)

    • dani stout Reply

      Thank you Raechelle! I’m so so happy it helped. I’ll definitely keep posting my meal prep!

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