I am addicted to Amazon. Scott thinks I have a problem.

We usually have several boxes delivered during the week. But realistically, I’d be paying much more for several of the items I buy if I bought them at the store. I am an Amazon Prime member. So for $80 a year, I get free two-day shipping on most items. It’s amazing. It saves me time and money.

So first, if you haven’t already, I definitely recommend signing up for Amazon Prime. Second, check out the daily deals!

Amazon always has a tab at the top for daily deals. These items are often discounted to over 50% off. Third, you can do “ship and save.” This allows items to be delivered to you monthly at a discounted cost. For example, I have vitamin K2 delivered to me each month. There are 60 pills, 30 days in a month (or so) and I give Scott and myself 1 pill a day. Here are some other things I buy on Amazon to save money.

Dandelion tea. I make two cups every single morning. One for me, one for Scott. These cost $5 at my local organic market, but they’re about $3.50 when I buy on Amazon. And this is with most teas! I also buy this organic green tea on Amazon.

I buy my soap on Amazon ($20 at Whole Foods).

The same amount of Epsom salt goes for $7, and that brand ain’t even lavender.

This gum! 600 pieces! This is the only gum I eat considering most gum contains GMOs and aspartame. This is SO much cheaper to buy on Amazon.

These go for around $50. Not on Amazon though!

Buying almond flour is SO expensive in the store. It’s unbelievable. I recently saw 1lb go $14.99. This is 5lbs for $35!

Same goes for coconut flour.

This is the brand of coconut milk I use (BPA free!) and they go for about $3.50 when I buy them in store.

Himalayan salt is really pricey to buy in the store. I’ve seen 1/4 lb go for this same price.

Coconut butter is really expensive. Coconut manna is basically the same thing for a lot cheaper.

12 oz of kelp noodles go for $10, this is less than that and you get 16 oz.

Not only is this dishwashing detergent cheaper, it’s the absolute best (and free of chemicals!). We thought we had to get a new dishwasher until we tried these. They literally make the dishes sparkle.

The BEST all-purpose cleaner. I use it in the kitchen, bathroom, living room, everything. I love it. This way you get two for $6!


  1. Thanks so much for the links and product ideas. We also LOVE to shop Amazon. One of the best things is the reviews of products. I have been reassured about some and warned away from others. I always read the one-star reviews!

    • dani stout Reply

      Me too! I will not buy any household products or new food items without looking at reviews first. Those thangs are so helpful!

  2. And if you “ship and save” at least five you get a 15% discount as opposed to just the 5%. Win/Win…

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